Is Wilshere why Arsenal boss won’t cover Cazorla in transfer window?

I am sure that every Arsenal fan has heard the awful news about Santi Cazorla, confirming once again that the Gunners have either the worst luck in the world or an underlying problem on the injury front. With the Spaniard having to go under the knife to sort out what first seemed to be a minor ankle problem we are going to be without him for around three months and knowing our luck that could turn out to be much longer.

So it was hardly surprising to hear the football press ask Arsene Wenger what he was going to do and whether the upcoming winter transfer window would see him try to sign a replacement for the super Spaniard. That does not appear to be on the cards, though, as Talksport reports that Wenger feels he has enough options in the squad to cover Cazorla.

He said, “No not really no. In midfield we have options.

“In January you will not necessarily find a Cazorla even if you wanted to.”

I agree that it would be difficult but it sounds like Wenger is not even going to try and with the Spaniard nearing the end of his current contract with the boss unsure whether he will take up the option of another year that seems a bit odd, as Wenger also spoke in an report about how different Santi is to the others like Ramsey and Xhaka.

He said, “When I play Santi most of the time I have Coquelin because he is a really defensive breaker of attacks. He gives Santi more freedom. He is a more offensive player first although he is disciplined tactically. He is not a ball winner but a more creative player.

“We are close with the balance as Xhaka in midfield is moving upwards. He has a different influence to Santi. Santi is more of a guy who gets out of very tight situations with a very short technique, right and left foot, while Xhaka has a pass and is not a dribbler. He passes through the lines.”

Arsenal do have another player like that but it is Jack Wilshere who is currently on loan with Bournemouth. Do you think that Wilshere’s ever improving form and fitness is the reason Wenger is not looking to the transfer market? Could he be thinking of cutting the loan deal short in January? Or is perhaps just the idea of having him back next season be enough to stop Wenger looking to replace Cazorla?


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  1. John Legend says:

    Xhaka and Ramsey should step up.
    Arsene will not buy any replacement.
    If those two Guys step up, Coquelin or Elnenly can play in the DM role alongside them.

  2. John Legend says:

    BTW, Last season, I remember Westham fans saying something like “officially, Payet is better than Ozil” after winning whatever it is he won. I’m sure they know the better player now, I’m sure they know the player with better class now.

    1. Sam, need a striker says:

      Payet is a top player playing for a second ranked team, one has to be honest …

      1. John Legend says:

        I know he is a good player. and I never said he is not. My point is that Ozil is of better quality and class.

  3. Budd says:

    What a stupid undocumented article. Jack Wilshere can’t return in the January window, he is for the whole season with rhe Cherries. Unless you want to pay some money for your own player who will return nevertheless in the summer.

  4. David says:

    Off topic.
    i wish Wenger don’t play Alexis in Switzerland. just bc any injury to him we are done.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Good win for the gunz……. Will do well for most of their confidences…bye guyz

  6. lucia says:

    What baffles me is why is no one talking about gabriel’s performance. He looks like he is been playing there for ages. Pace,power,acceleration, physicality,height. Didn’t put a foot wrong all night. Won all his aerial duels was calm in his passing, went forward and recovered well. I feel sorry for jenkinson though as I can see he is way down the pecking other.
    Special mention to xhaka that guy was solid gone about his business and his passes was great turned defence into attack. And credit to wenger played coquelin in front of xhaka and that unleashed the beast in coquelin whom I thought was the heart of our midfield. For once in a long while we looked like we could score each time we went forward..special mention to monreal was super good all only downside was Walcot the guy was invisible but I will forgive him. Ox was miss and hit but burst into the scene for the last couple of 20 to 30 mins.
    The difference this season was squad depth and dare I say it mustafi is a bargain..that guy is Taylor made for epl. His forward passes is crisp. For once wenger made the right choice in selecting the first 11.
    Coyg unto the next one.

    1. Robkrieger says:

      Spot on, with Gabriel on the right side, I have less sleepless night. Jenkinson had his fair chance, he did his best to take it, but perhaps technically and going forward he just didn’t have enough to get the job done right. I think Wenger realized this in the cup-game against SOT and it will be sad to see him leave, but as he showed at West Ham last season, he will have plenty to offer other teams on a somewhat lower level. No shame in that at all and I wish him the best. Gabriel however will be crucial, if he he is not 1. pick for the team himself he will be the no.1 reserve in three positions.

  7. Jansen says:

    I think, on paper, Jack would be the closest thing to Santi in terms of dribbling and close control. I am not sure if he has the tactical discipline since it seemed he prefers to play further up the pitch. He might be able to convert to the role after a learning curve.

    One thing is for certain in my mind, when both fit, Wilshire is head and shoulders ahead of Ramsey who just doesn’t have a football mind or any discipline at all, so he leaves his DM partner exposed when he plays in Santi’s role.

    1. rkw says:

      Exactly … What wenger doesn’t have is the option of replacing santi with like for like … Given that is key to arsenals style of play it’s a real,indication of wenger’s refusal to acknowledge his own mistakes and Panglossian stupidity … The fact that we were matched for possession by the hammers should ring alarm bells and see who could be brought in at Xmas if wilshere is a definite no return … Just thankful that Sanchez and ozil are still fit

      1. G-Rude says:

        We win 5-1, second in the table, unbeaten since start of season, and you call Wenger stupid. I think you should look at yourself in the mirror sometime.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    I seen someone write in here yesterday saying che looked the stuff of champions. I’ve just seen the highlights and city should have been four up before they even got the first real chance. Stuff of champs, that match could have went either way, prob should have went cities though. That made me feel better, because when you here clowns waving the white flag and then you see three one away from home, well, you believe it. People should never go too much by anyone on here, you’re better off keeping an open mind.

  9. Robkrieger says:

    I know I’ll receive hate-mail over this, but the one player in the squad, who can dribble and move the ball through a tight space and replace Santi, is non of our exiting midfield-options, but Alexis. I’d hate to see him deployed away from the striker position though, and he himself would probably refuse agree to do so.

  10. janamejayen says:

    If possible to recall, wenger should recall Jon toral. He has only had 4 appearances in his loan spell with Granada. This is creating a gnabry like situation. Instead of wasting him there if possible to recall, it would some back up in jan month with elneny also out

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