Is Wrighty’s theory right about same old Arsenal?

THe former Arsenal striker Ian Wright was clearly as naffed off as the rest of us after watching Arsenal crash to another shocking and shambolic defeat in the Champions League. With two games against the on fire Bayern Munich next up, our chances of qualifying are slim at best and Wrighty could not hide his dismay as he spoke after the game.

As well as reserving a special criticism for Arsene Wenger and his dodgy decision to play David Ospina instead of Petr Cech, the former Gunner was scathing about the whole team. And it is the same old problems that keep coming up. He referred to other recent failures like Monaco in the last 16 last season and the Premier League opener with West Ham and he gave a theory about why these things keep happening.

It’s all about expectations he says. The theory is that when we are up against it and the pressure is off then the team performs, but when we are expected to win important games the team does not perform. There are certainly pl;enty of incidents over the years to back up Wrighty’s claim and it is hard to argue against.

If Ian is right, how can the problem be fixed? Is it the players, the manager, the transfer policy or a combination of all three?

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      1. Wenger out. How bad could it get from now?
        We might not even make Thursday night football.
        Ie…We loose 2 matches to Bayern, Loose to Olympiacos away, and draw with Dynamo at the Emirates. That’s 1 point.
        Not good enough for Thursday night.

          1. Thursday football would seriously hamper our league form, would prefer to go out of comp and concentrate entirely on prem.

    1. We can make Wenger leave. The fans are the only people who care for Arsenal without being paid to do so. If Every fan at the Emirates sings Wenger out every week, you will be surprised how it might actually work. Is there really anything to lose? It cannot be much worse than it is now. Average sides win at the Emirates with ease…

      1. “The fans are the only people who care for Arsenal without being paid to do so”, I always say that. Actually, the fans are the club. This is overly embarrassing.

      2. Tired to advocate for that many times but it always falls on death ears. After two good results the fans will be like Wenger is a god and forget about all the gaps in our team. The old man is tired he should really leave and take a well deserved break away from football.

        Hate Madrid fans all you want but they run the club, not Perez, not the coach’s or some evil invincible board taking people for a ride.


      Reality check: we bought nobody in the summer after finishing 3rd last year. Only the simpleton could create a scenario where we showed some advancement.

      Budd, Josh, Midkemma, all the usual numpties waxing lyrical after wins vs bottom half teams seem to be very quiet lately. That’s what happens when reality trumps the fantasy you’ve been spewing all summer. “We don’t need benzema ….don’t need a dm”. Yep we sure don’t…

      Not only is the squad missing some vital element, but the manager is frankly past doing the best for Arsenal football team. Klopp should’ve been THE transfer of our summer. But nope, when you have a look at us again this year it’s same old stuff. 1 point from 2 games top 6 teams (who are both garbage versions of themselves), and lost both CL matches. Brilliant stuff from the Arsenal.

      “We will compete with Bayern” – Gazidis said upon building the Emirates. *insert meme here*

      1. One thing you can’t accuse me is coming here after we win. Because that’s not true. I come only after loses. And I think you talk out of your ar$e because I was quite active from Monday on.

        1. Yea Budd, it must be me talking out my rear…

          Not like you sit talking up Wenger and saying we’re set to compete. What would you call that? Back to your cave until you can dig up some quasi-reason to worship at Wengers feet once again.

  1. Another visible problem is set pieces : we cannot defend from it and we rarely score from them (well that excludes own goals)…

    1. what do our players practice on during training sessions?
      The evidence of the end result is shown on the pitch on match days!
      As the saying goes ” Practice makes perfect ”
      Which obviously means that Arsenal do not practice on set pieces, at all… it’s beyond a joke!

      Maybe thats too boring for our selfie superstars?

  2. Arsenal need a personel change from top to bottom starting with:
    1) The Board – no money spent when we needed it to give us a shot at competing to win but again price the fans out of watching at the Emirates, pocket the money and sit back watch Wenger make them millions like the puppet he is!
    2) Steve Bould – Could someone please tell me what his job actually is at Arsenal? Was he not brought into sharpen up the defence? Well news flash, hes failing miserably! We are going backwards on our defending but he is just a yes man to you know who like everyone else.
    3) Striking Coaches – Henry just here so not going to judge him but we cant hit a barnyard door apart from Alexis but hes naturally that way! Not one with composure or natural ability. (Maybe Walcott but he misses too many also)
    4) Arsene Wenger – God where do i begin!! He has been holding us back and iv mentioned loads on here before as to why. Last night proves everything that is wrong with Arsenal and its down to one man with too much power at the club and thats him! He shouldve left last summer after fa cup vs Hull but he has ruined his Legacy at Arsenal by thinking he knows best when actually he has been found out properly this season… we all knew he wasnt going to do anything this year.

    So basically a total revamp to the backroom staff. Get winners in this beautiful club and use the platform we have now to set up any good manager with fresh ideas on top of the clubs philosophy to go on and create something speacial.

    1. Also dont see the purpose of Bould – (got slated last time for saying this – apparently i should look at the clean sheets we had since his arrival)…but my point is we very vulnerable at set pieces and that Zonal marking cost us alot of goals…

      1. You could see the Zonal marking last night and its so obv to everyteam the big men are going to get a good run unmarked to cause havok… man on man make them work for the space!!

    2. Disappointed with Bouldy….once a fighter now just happy to be a yes man, arrange the cones, carry the kits and collect his £10k plus weekly wage packet!

  3. Arsenal are flat track bullies they will beat a Leicester side who in reality will be pleased with just surviving relegation and then lose the important games against teams like Man United,Chelsea or Barcelona!

  4. Ox looked devastated after the first goal. I knew we lost the game when I have seen his face. And to think Ox put a very good performance in defending until the first goal. I was about to give him praises here for the work rate but now is too late. We are a morale team. A shock is hard to absorb but two is impossible.
    But there’s something else I wonder. I was watching the tunnel cam prior to the game and remained perplex on how our players laughed with the opponents, scratching belly and tell family stories. I don’t mean our players should be disrespectful but not so familiar with the opponents. None of them looked focused enough, they came as for a party. If you see the tunnel cams when Vieira was the captain you’d see on their faces that they were there to eat the opposition. I am getting too old and probably senile if I believe that we should do the same again.

        1. Well, u couldn’t have had ur eyes on the game all through without noticing that. I think Arsene is tired. The problem is that he doesn’t think he’s primarily at fault for our failings. Let’s stop talking about the board, money and blablabla. Arsene is just tired.

  5. If wenger loves Arsenal so much he should just resign. I wonder why he trys so hard to prove a point by staying at Arsenal. I beleive we have a squad to win trophies with like 3 additions, but the coach and his poor mentality are holding us back.

    Same old Arsenal, it was like watching a repeat of the Monaco or West Ham game. As soon as Arsenal faces a team with a game plan and one that doesn’t make so much errors at the back as we do we fall. Arsenal can have 50 set pieces in the game and cant score while our opponents can have only two and score from both. This comes down to what these lads do on the training ground, if something does not work why not try something else. I will encourage others to look at the positioning on our players when taking a set piece, the are so dispersed and don’t really know what they are supposed to do.

    Wenger has done a lot for the club but its time to go, Bold looks clueless too just getting a free front sit on the bench.

    1. @007
      Thats cause opponents go more direct with set pieces and we, well decide that a 1 meter pass is sufficient and try to score again from open play, even with teams that are busy parking the bus – that only works when you have Messi, Neyma, Xavi, Inesta and Saurez in the same team)
      And you right, i dont think we ever practice scoring from set pieces in training.

      1. I really hate this zonal marking that week in week out costs us games. Even when attacking a set piece or throwing the ball into the box towards the end of the game our players don’t know how to position themselves to heard the ball or re-bounds.

        We things stand we are heading into Lpools current position (without the old European trophies ofcourse). Sanchez looked so disappointed after the 2nd goal I felt sorry for him and more sorry for us the fans.

  6. this is what we should do
    sell ramsey 15mil
    sell cazorla 12mil
    sell ozil 7mil
    sell wilshere 13mil
    sell chambers 5mil
    sell debuchy 3mil
    sell campbell 1 mil
    sell ospina 2mil
    sell chamberlain 8 mil
    sell giroud 3.5 mil

    release mertz flamini rosicky arteta
    buy griezzman pogba stones cavarlho and give welbeck a second chance
    simples simples simples

        1. Yep… 7mil for a guy who’s created the most chances IN THE LEAGUE this year, supplying forwards you constantly feel the need to slag off… Sounds about right

    1. Bit OTT considering we all go mad on here about wenger but thats laughable… were angry not stupid. One thing wenger did teach us is not to throw money away.

      1. wenger taught us not to waste money lol??
        the guy just spent
        16 mil on chambers
        16 mil on welbeck
        42mil on ozil (who by the way admitted he is not worth that kind of money)
        12 mil on debuchy
        11mil on cech
        now if that is not extravagance stupidity sarcastic stupidity and ironical i do not know what is
        If there is one thing wenger taught us is let the sleeping dogs lie .we have put up with this nonsense for 19 years now and have been made fun of

        1. haha 19 years?? You’re counting his entire time….?
          Yeah he’s been horrible, record F.A. Cups, titles, an unbeaten season, a new stadium, a record for Champions League qualification, Champions League final. What a numpty…

        2. Wenger has been fantastic for Arsenal over the 19years and tbh he knows how to look after money the right way his only problem he doesnt spend enough. The transfer market is not accurate to the real valuations of players we all know this as does ozil u mentioned, thats what madrid wanted so is bale worth 85m more than ronaldo?? How about sterling 49m??

          U want to talk about runnin a club on limited finances and the right way then Arsenes ur man… us fans appreciate what he has done with the invincibles, emirates move, players he nutured into superstars but we want to win trophies like we did before. Its not stupidity pal it common sense that he is an expert in making and saving money no doubt! He isnt the same coach as he has the burden of the whole runnin of the club and Arsenal would not be where they are because nobody else wouldve kept us in the top 4 all this time with no money!!

          Bdw 19years of this u say we have only been crap since we moved to the Emirates so get ur facts right about the club n wenger before u flap ur gums at what arsene has done! Change is needed and im the 1st to always comment on this topic… we all agree he has runs his course at arsenal but dont get on like he has done nothing for the club

    1. @Gunner
      And there you have it in a nutshell.
      They have come to depend on Alexis to bail them out of the fire. Sad when the rest of the team just stands by and watch, while he fights to get us back into the match…

      1. @NY_Gunner
        Was really disappointing how he worked his butt out to get us the equalizing goal and we commit the dreadful basic error of conceding just after scoring..

        1. dont be too disappointed…alexis will leave in the summer if we dont sustain title challenge.

          he turned down juve and psg…who now wouldnt have him…bayern psg –
          hes just shows time and time again the hunger we lack in this team

          last night was beyond humiliating

          1. @muffdiver
            Exactly. Tired of watching our guys shoulders drop as soon as we go behind. If Alexis was not on the pitch we would have given up the ghost after the 2nd goal…

  7. I have said many times here that our Problem in Arsenal is Arsene Wenger. With same Board now, all U need is a manager who’s ambitious, demand transfers, identify players needed & signing them.
    Arsene need to leave. Can’t motivate the players or the team anymore. Wenger Out, Wenger Out, Wenger Out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. bad as it sounds, this competition was beyond us. minute transfer window closed an we bought no one except a keeper

      so yes league challenge will do 😉

      cant wait to play robben lewandowski vidal and gotze- yaaaaaaay lol

  8. Solution? My God. Who doesn’t know? Wenger is the problem. Get him out. How you get one of the best goalkeepers and bench him in the most prestigious club competition. A goalkeeper that has experience and can organize your defence. Insane.

  9. Why is it that Wenger and the board are the only ones who don’t see anything wrong with the team?
    Wenger out. How bad could it get from now?
    We might not even make Thursday night football.
    Ie…We loose 2 matches to Bayern, Loose to Olympiacos away, and draw with Dynamo at the Emirates. That’s 1 point.
    Not good enough for Thursday night.

    1. I think the best thing to do is to look forward to the Bayern game and pray Olympiakos don’t win over in Zagreb as that will be that as they say. Unless the unlikely happens ..we can turn over Bayern.

      Next up Manu, I think admin needs to get the pre-game stuff going quickly. Manu is a big one, that loss was embarrassing ..hurt badly. Manu I want to see Ozil bloody step up. Alexis and Walcott are starting to get a relationship going and what a ball from Sanchez. Really looking forward to allot more of Alexis and Theo with their devastating movement and pace. Ramsey, well we can see why Wenger loves having him out there, not just his passing but his overall effort is tremendous. Would love to see him back in the goals. Arsenal to shoot down the red devils ..COYG.

        1. Hahaha. … ???

          You earlier stated that. ..
          you are just tired and dissapointed.. right?
          Thats just a typical feeling that is associated with depression.. You also suffer from contradictinglitis
          And chronic hypocritious ???

          I suggest that you take a week off from supporting Arsenal and if the symptoms are still there,
          Then try having a day off from being a …… ?

          1. @fatboy gooney
            You got me mixed up with some weak minded punk.
            Sad attempt too. I would have expected better from you Fatboy…

    1. @josh37
      For real. Constant digging up of the negative and laying it on way too thick. Sad part being, it’s a collective whiney moany depression. Not an optimistic soul in the bunch…

  10. I think there is something with the board that is the problem and I think they pay AW 8.5 million a year to be their fall guy. I have no idea about our financials but I am guessing we have nowhere near the cash we claim we do. But in saying that AW has lost the plot with tactics, to bench Cech in a CL game is crazy. His tactics on top of that are old and tired…..he plays one style and that’s it. Everyone knows how to play against us. He even subs at the same time in virtually every game

    We again have injuries mounting up, again our injuries take longer to heal than first reported etc. Yet they insist the squad doesn’t need strengthening?

    Something from the very top at out club stinks and my guess is it’s something to do with the yank putting constraints on the team. That’s the guy who should go first and get Usmanov in, at least he is a passionate supporter. As for AW it really is about time he changed his way of playing…..he is 15 years out of date and things have moved on now.

    Get home from the game at 11 last night, in work this morning running the gauntlet of shame over our loss…’s not on Arsenal…..we should not be losing games like last night.

  11. To be honest I think we have enough to hold BM at home and the other games we will win so 8 points is good.

  12. I don’t think our European adventure is over yet. We need those two teams to at least draw one game against one another which I think they will. We will need to get something from one of Bayern games also and hope the Greeks don’t win both games against Zagreb. Ideally if Zagreb and Greeks win one game apiece we wouldn’t even have to get something off of Bayern as we could go through on six points depending scoreline.

    This is all going on the basis that atleast one giant club does it’s job in dismantling these two minnows.

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