Is Zaha really being considered to replace Arsenal’s Sanchez?

Wilfried Zaha is supposedly being eyed by Arsenal as a possible replacement for Alexis Sanchez.

The Crystal Palace midfielder has been a rare positive for their relegation-threatened side, with the winger contributing two of their four league goals so far this campaign.

Zaha has been rated highly in the United Kingdom for some time, and was even signed by Manchester United previously, but he wasn’t given a fair shot, and was sent out on loan after only half a season, before being allowed to re-join Crystal Palace a year after he had left them.

The Ivory Coast international is now earning praise once again, and is supposedly under the watchful eye of Arsenal, but the reports claiming he could be signed to replace Alexis Sanchez seem rather over-the-top.

The Chilean brings flair, brings goals, and instills fear in defenders, while also having the character of a born winner, and while Zaha is talented, he isn’t a scratch on Alexis.

The level of talent that the former Barcelona star holds is in a bracket filled by only few players, and I’m afraid that Zaha coming in his place would only highlight how far Arsenal have fallen.

The likes of Julian Draxler, Marco Asensio, Isco or maybe even Nabil Fekir would be much better options to actually fill the hole left by Sanchez’s departure, while Zaha would pose way too big a risk.

Is Zaha really good enough for a first-team role in a top side? Does he deserve another shot with a big side after United failed to give him a fair shot?

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  1. redmau5 says:

    zaha would prefer a champions league team

    but then again id prefer a young pamela anderson with low self esteem

    take what u can get wilfried

  2. Maks says:

    Ha ha ha Za Ha HaHa Za Ha

  3. Kedar Damle says:

    Zahara is good talent but cannot replace Sanchez…. There has to be someone who has that spark which Sanchez holds…. The spark which we saw against Stoke City Last Stadium when he was limping off due to injury and 10 seconds later he scored spectacular solo effort goal…. I think Draxler, Lemar could may be replace Sanchez… To add depth in the squad we can buy Zaha but not as replacement of Sanchez…

    1. Oluwafemi says:

      Zaha is replacing Walcott but honestly £35m is a lot of money for Wenger to spend on a replacement player, so I doubt this transfer is more than just a rumour.

  4. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Fancies Zaha so it saves him making a bid for Lemar. Just another money saving exercise. Kroenke and the board like

  5. barryglik says:

    120 games 15 goals.
    Does not score enough.
    Arsenal already has injury prone
    hardly ever scores 16 mill Wellbeck.
    Arsenal also has goal scoring machine 50 mill Lacazette.
    16 mill super striker Perez on loan.
    Giroud is probably the best at 31 years old.
    Theo Walcott is ready to surge again…. maybe.
    Asano the Japanese Messi.
    Akpom is probably as good so why spend 20 mill when Akpom is free?
    Iwobi is another fast pacy elusive player as good as Zaha and he’s free.
    Nketiah +Nelson are as good as Zaha was at 17-18…and they are free.
    I actually agree with Wenger. he has the talent in the front line
    He just needs to get them to hit top form.
    Replacing Ozil is more challenging so if Wenger does buy I think he will
    get a quality AM mind you with Cazorla finished we actually need two quality mids.
    But we have Rambo Elneny and Wilshere and Nwakali.
    May be we don’t need any additions?

  6. Gabo says:

    Titi, a failure at Juve
    Sanchez, a bench warmer at Barca
    Saha failed at ManU 1st time around means he’s ready for the big leagues now,

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Zaha would be us embracing the fall from top four, it is an Eve Wham type move. Big clubs would have him in reserve for times when their top two choices are injured, and if he does well then make him second substitute. Mediocrity written all over this, and he wouldn’t even sell shirts unless Africa start drinking the kool aid.

  8. Jeremy says:

    I tired of seeing us trying for poor man star players just bec we are saving money for Kroenke.

    We can get him cheaper if Palace gets relegated but it’s not a sure thing.

    Seriously, he may not be good enough.

  9. Mr pat says:

    Who in their silly minds putting stories like this, I bet it’s his agent bottom line he ain’t good enough don’t even think about it

  10. Ivan says:

    No way is Wilfred Zaha a top player. He would be like a more expensive Gervinho.

  11. ruelando says:

    Zaha would be a good buy, yes he is not the goal scorer Sanchez is, but sanchez was not a regular goalscorer until Arsenal. Zaha has become a more matured player and can only get better with arsenal

  12. Oluwafemi says:

    Zaha is not coming over to replace Sanchez. Clearly, Sanchez is of the same quality as Zaha but surely we can do a pot worse than a replacement for Walcott in Zaha. Walcott is who Zaha is replacing not Sanchez.

    1. Oluwafemi says:

      But honestly £35m is too expensive (Wenger standard) for a replacement

      1. Midkemma says:

        Swap Wenger standard to Gazidis standard and I would agree with you.

        If Wenger had the final say on everything then why did AFC buy Welbroke instead of getting a 12 month loan which Wenger wanted?
        Why would he talk to Xhaka and buy Elneny then buy Xhaka anyway?
        Why buy Perez if he wasn’t going to play him and want him gone in 12 months?

        Wenger wants the good players but because AFC do not buy them, Wenger gets slated with the players who are bought and lacking.

        While I am upset we had such a poor transfer window this last one, I am glad we didn’t buy 3 average players which would sit around and get paid for having a laugh. That has happened in the past and now we are suffering from it, having a bloated squad and needing to sell before buy (BS argument IMO but wouldn’t be the case if trash wasn’t bought to begin with!).
        We got Lacazette who we all want to see play the full 90 mins, someone who looks worthy to wear our badge. Record signing, more than £35 million to replace Giroud who Wenger trusts.

  13. Ack77 says:

    Zaha to replace walcott would be OK. Defenders shit themselves when Zaha runs at them. We lack these type of players.

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