It appears as if mediocrity is only accepted at the Emirates (Opinion)

We can barely breath without hearing news of another major club (and Tottenham) being in talks with a new manager, sacking their current operator, or agreeing terms, meanwhile Arsenal continue to accept mediocrity under Mikel Arteta.

Of course, it remains way too early to know if the Gunners hierarchy’s decision is the correct one, but even if Arteta did manage to guide our club back into Europe next season, and maybe even into the Champions League places inside the next 3-5 years, the question mark would still remain on whether we did the right thing.

Other clubs are not sitting on their laurels however as they seek out the improvements that their clubs need.

Juventus are expected to announce the return of Max Allegri, meaning that Andrea Pirlo is to be moved on after just one year in which he had to juggle more difficulties than our current boss, yet still managed to guide them to lift the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana, and all whilst securing Champions League football in the process.

The strength of the Premier League cannot be compared to that of Serie A, but the facts remain. Two trophies and a Champions League place are a thing of dreams for most managers and clubs.

Real Madrid are parting ways with Zinedine Zidane, with his replacement yet to be announced, and his future club also unknown, Spurs sacked Jose Mourinho before their League Cup final clash, and Inter Milan even came for the head of Antonio Conte after they finally won their first domestic league title in over a decade.

It is hard to keep up with all the changes that are ongoing, while at Arsenal, we’ve taken a major step backwards, our first year without European football in 25 years is ahead of us, yet we appear to have no intention of looking into improving our manager?

In football, it isn’t always about loyalty as proven by Chelsea, but it is about going after what is out there. If there is a better striker available for a price you can afford, you have to at least attempt to improve your team. If you have an inexperienced manager who is doing ‘OK’, and a number of proven managers appear on the market, you do not simply ignore it.


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  1. Conte left Inter over plan to sell 80 M of players this summer, so he will ask for a huge budget and I don’t think Arsenal have it due to no European competition. Moreover, Conte needs a strong and skillful CF like Costa or Lukaku, so he’ll have better chance of winning trophies with someone like Kane in the front line

    About Zidane, Tuchel obviously has more tactical knowledge than him and he was lucky to have such powerful CF like Benzema. We have no one similar to the prime Diego Costa, Lukaku, Kane, Benzema, Havertz, Jimenez and Cavani

    Emery has proven that the players’ attitude were the problems and we’re the second-best team in England, behind Manchester City for 2021 results alone. We also won four EPL games in a row, so we shouldn’t break the good momentum and Arteta must be supported in player transfers

    1. “Obviously Tuchel has more tactical knowledge than Zidane”😂even though it was a trophyless season for RM it was Zidane’s best as a manager he finished runner up to AM by 2 points and reached the CL semis with an ageing team ravaged by injuries most of the season at one stage they had over 10 first team players injured and didn’t have enough subs if you ask PSG fans about Tuchel they’ll tell you that he is a p….sorry i mean mentally weak that as soon as things get tough he loses it and starts complaining making excuses blaming everyone/everything watch!

        1. GAI
          Don’t forget Tuchel also outclassed Pep in two fixtures.
          With your logic, Tuchel obviously has more tactical knowledge than Pep right?

          You need to think well if you think in one direction always.

          Arteta outclassed Klopp in his first two matches in Arsenal, so tell me what happened after that?

        2. Emery out performed Tuchel at PSG and Arsenal sacked him in less than 18 months.
          Antonio Conte had the balls to stand up to the Board at Inter Milan, when they were going to decimate the team that won the League. Standing by your principles won’t get you a job at Arsenal, but that’s what this Club needs.

    2. Emery was right.The players was the problem Villareal had NEVER won a Trophy in their History Emery done that for them which shows us up

    3. Gotanidea, as usual you are again wrong on both fronts. First Conte has proved winning league title with inter that he can manage the club with same resources and spending power as Arsenal I would actually say we have more spending power then inter, second he is not leaving because he wants bigger budget he is leaving because inter want to dismantle the team and sell the stars to bring their spending down. Any manager who won the title would atleast want to keep most of his playing eleven in tact so he does not start from scratch again and not everyone is like Arteta who gets millions to spend in transfer window even though he failed miserably in season. Also that shows Conte is not a yes man like Arteta and he won’t commit to tasks he can not perform just to get the job. Second you said Tuchel is better then Zidane 😂🤣😂 really??. This shows how much football knowledge you have Zidane has won 11 major trophies, first manager to win three champions League back to back and also 2 league titles. You can not win this without being tactical and technically sound. He even managed to steady the ship when Ronaldo left and Madrid were struggling with cycles of other managers. So your logic is because tuchel won two ties against him that proves tuchel is a better manager ?? 😂. Now I know why you think Arteta is good for us and he has new ideas because Areta did beat pep’s city in FA cup. I would love to see any so called more brilliant technical manager to perform same feats as Zidane did. Also he went into champions League this season and almost win the league without spending a penny in transfer market not to mention with a squad which is clearly over the hill with its age (grandpas).

        1. Deal may not happen..
          Arsenal’s asking price is 21 M GBP , however Roma is willing to pay 10 plus bonuses..
          10 is too low.. we can keep Xhaka.. no need to sell Xhaka for that low price..

          1. When are we going to sell him then or should we keep him to let him go for nothing or later pay him to leave for free

          2. But surely if other clubs realise he’s on the market they will come flooding in given his amazing talent … if my understanding of economics is correct a perfectly vertical supply curve us rising demand and his price will sky rocket … or perhaps there’s something wrong with my assumptions … like the only people who rate him highly are a bunch of delusional fans on JA .. cut the difference and sell for 15 and celebrate seeing the back of the ultimate footballing fraud

        2. Best news I’ve heard yet. Xhaka’s style would fit right in , in Italian football And he would be a young pup compared to some of the other aging driftwood ending their careers in that league. My daughter who is a Roma fan more than Arsenal would be in deep depression tough. First Mourinho and now hopefully Xhaka. Hope they strike a deal.

      1. Logic
        Today proves how low GAI football knowledge is about football.

        And to GAI
        Crediting Benzema for Zidane’s success as if Benzema wasn’t at Madrid when the club changed coach and failed miserably until Zidane came back to steady the ship.

        If you want to support Arteta, nobody is disturbing you to, but playing down another coach success and crediting only the player(As if Auba wasn’t the success behind Arteta FA cup win) for getting that success is out of the line.

        Arteta beat some big managers when he first came to the club with the said Dross players but couldn’t repeat that after signing 7 players of his own. Why is that? His tactical nous has left him?

        Tuchel won against Pep this season doesn’t mean he’s doing it next season or even in the CL final.

        What has Tuchel done in his life compare to Zidane before brandishing him a tactical and knowledgeable manager than Zidane.

        Just so you know, none of Ancelloti and Mourinho(both great managers) did what Zidane did at Madrid and yet both had the same players as Zidane and spend more money on players than Zidane.

    4. Gal you are talking rubbish, Emery failed at Arsenal because he was spanish and had poor translation to English, he failed to get his point across. We lost 6 games in the league, got knocked out of 3 cups and Arteta got beat by the coach he replaced with a far superior team for Arteta. How is that good? You still haven’t told us Artetas interesting tactics we haven’t seen yet either.

      1. Reggie God will bless u for speaking out the truth against idiotic fans like GAI and his fellow mediocre arteta fans calling for arteta to be supported instead been sacked. Emery is a serial winner that has won it all in top division clubs he has been at.psg,Sevilla ,villareal except arsenal the reason becos arsenal refused to sign the Calibre of players he wanted to enable him actualize his winning strategy. Emery asked for skillfull strong ,attacking and holding mildfiders instead arsenal gave him d lazy ozil,Ramsey u name it .emery asked for zaha that can score goals ,Pierce through stubborn opposite defense,wreck havocs to defenders,create scoring opportunities that will win u games instead arsenal gave him Nicholas pepe. A rough diamond that still needs smoothening. tell me how cud emery have succeeded at arsenal with this calibres of players at his disposal?

    5. In the last 4 years

      City spend about 450m and won 10 Trophies

      Utd spend about 420m and won Zero Trophy

      Arsenal spend about 410m and won Zero Trophy

    6. It’s quite simple though, if you want your players to play like £50m+ players, then it would be good to buy £50m+ players.

      I mean I want my girl to have sex like a porn star, the reality is if she could, she would be with a fella with much more cash than me, driving a ferrari and hung like a donkey.

      We have a keeper that cannot play football, defenders that come on a free, midfielders that we borrow from bigger clubs and forwards in their 30s.

  2. Patrick oh Patrick, not to dis you, look at the stars of what happened between Dec. and end of season. Count the amount of player mistakes, as coaches do, you chance formation until you get to the real thing. Arteta is still somewhat new, and his, all his players had to learn from scratch as to what he requires. Pepe only now coming into the game, SMR, getting closer to be the player Arteta wants. The defence far better that most clubs in the EPL. Just something, if you play all player(10 infield) players and GK are involved with play, most modern day players need to learn from scratch and accept that the team will be open for a counter. So, how bad was Arteta. Not bad enough to be chased away. Bad enough to be kept as this group of players are busy get together.

  3. Let’s sign better players.Especially EPL based players then give Arteta 15 games to proof himself.

    3 midfielders (bissuoma, Buendia and Ruben neves)

    2 defenders (Quality Right back and an experienced Left back.

    There could be swap deals to achieve our targets.

    #Edu and arteta don’t meses up this time around.

  4. As is usual for these recent years the Arsenal, owners, board and manager all are perfumed with mediocrity. There is no inner urgency, no will to buy the best, no urge to dominate, no urge to entertain….it’s sad because the blind are leading the blind and they just cannot see what is obvious to the supporters. Arsenal have a football disease caused by a poor owner, poor board and poor manager. I hope they find a cure.

    1. Sean, I always knew the Board, owners and manager “stank”, but I hadn’t realised they were “perfumed with mediocrity”! 😁

  5. This is one of the worst Arsenal sides I have ever witnessed. Not in quality but in attitude, will to win, turn up at important games, motivation etc. etc. There are a few quality players especially in some of the youngsters who are in danger of being overplayed. When results don’t matter we suddenly win 5 meaningless games in a row at the end of the season I will sit and take notice if we win the FIRST 5 games of next season. The sad fact is, we have become a mid table side with a mountain to climb to even get back to our previous default position of top 4 in the EPL. I will ask this question, what top player would want to sign for a club in our current position and with the tight fisted owner we currently endure?

    1. 👍👍👍 Absolutely bang on, Andrew!! And we’re supposed to be chuffed with 5 meaningless wins, when Villarreal was the one we all wanted. I’m afraid the way our season ended hasn’t sat well with me at all….

      1. Sue, You forgot the 2nd in league in 23 games, a meaning less stat that some are beating their chest on here 😂🤣. Some are even saying we finished with more points so future looks bright…hahaha. Areta and his fan base don’t see the problem so if you can not see it you can not fix it. Tell me a single interview in which he said he made mistakes and he is one of the major factor responsible for the failure. He did not, he does not think he has made any mistakes. So how do you expect the team to get better when the manager is blind.

    2. But Andrew blame also fall on the shoulder if fans who have actually such low expectations from the club that I read people post celebrating 1-0 defeats to so called bigger teams as achievement by Arteta. We are king of excuses now and ppl are just content with these performances just because they like certain individuals. Fans were quick to show Wenger the door and now look what’s happening. We have lost our attractive & entertaining football along with top 4 finishes as well but fans now have different criteria for Arteta and are ready to live with this midtable mentality. As long as we don’t get an owner who is passionate about football or gives a toss about it only direction I can see us going is downwards. Do you think Chelsea or City owner would have stood by done nothing, they would have definitely sacked & kicked Edu, Areta and Venkat guy out age ago.

    3. We don’t need to buy top players – we make them.
      It is the work of a top manager to spot them and use them – not misuse and abuse them.

    4. Andrew, although I agree with your justifiable frustration, please keep in mind two key issues: (1) the notion that this squad appeared to lack the quality, requisite will, attitude and/or motivation might be more of a reflection of the overwhelmingly negative tactics, which says infinitely more about the ineptitude of our manager than the players themselves…that said, I do think we’re 2-3 starters away from competing, maybe less if we bring some loanees home and deploy different tactics

      (2)even though I’ve never shied away from expressing my displeasure about our absentee landlord, he certainly hasn’t been “tight-fisted” when it comes to wages, so that wouldn’t be a logical deterrent for any potential recruit…it’s more likely that our lack of Champions League, poor League standings, boring tactics, novice manager and general lack of administrative professionalism that would dissuade any player of consequence from coming to the Emirates

    5. Andrew, spot on regarding “ATTITUDE” of these overpaid, pampered, wimps, who don’t deserve to use the same dressing room, as Arsenal players of the past.

  6. As far as I’m concerned Arteta is the wrong man to manage Arsenal, we need someone who will scream and shout at the players, Arteta is too close to the club i.e ex-player, We need a manager to come in and challenge the players to perform, not stop running because they’re feeling tired. I’ll probably get slagged off for being woman, but I’ve supported Arsenal since I was a kid and am now an OAP.

    1. Judith You are right I would take them on a 10 mile and they would run if they failed they would do the same till they did it not say OH I am tired

    2. I blame arteta for sticking long with a team that was not clicking until willian was not okay to start against chelsea on Dec. his decision cost the team league position.

  7. Sure the last season was poor. Finishing 8th was disappointing. Losing to Villareal was worse.

    However, I am hopeful we will progress next season. My focus is on watching our transfer window and the moves we make. Hoping we make some smart moves.

    Furthermore, I am hoping Arteta will also develop himself.

    And as long as I don’t have any further new “data points” to analyze in terms of new players or results in the new season, I will remain cautiously optimistic.

    Is moaning going to help whilst there is no new information?

  8. It is understandable but still bad if the management accept mediocrity. But when fans accept mediocrity and come with all creative ways of defending it that is a tragedy!

  9. It also appears that managers are not the problem of arsenal going by the achievement of emery last night.i remember someone recently mentioned on here that arsenal’s problems might be spiritual,i don’t know what you think guys?

    1. Emery was right.The players was the problem Villareal had NEVER won a Trophy in their History Emery done that for them which shows us up

  10. Much has been said concerning the importance of team Managers in professional football, but if truth be told,many successful sides down the years have required little in the way of “coaching” because of the high quality of the players.Coaching is arguably more important at the lower end of the pyramid particularly where the development of youngsters is concerned.With the addition of 3/4 quality players I would expect Arsenal to challenge for a top four position next season.If they fail ,then the Manager will be sacked and his replacement will be charged with satisfying the demands of fans many of whom have a belief that Arsenal FC can compete financially with the likes of City, Chelsea and Man Utd.Regardless of who we manage to sell and buy Arteta will pay the price if we do not finish in the top six, that is what should happen in a Club with real ambitions.At the end of the day the quality of the players is more important than the Manager in my humble opinion but I dare say thousands will disagree.Ideally it must be great to have excellent players and a quality Manager like they have at Man City.Hopefully Arsenal will match them in time, but for those who are looking for a short term fix, you are going to be disappointed regardless of who is in charge.

    1. I remember the look of disdain that Roy Keane gave one of the halftime hosts who asked whether the blame for an insipid first half performance by ManU in a derby match was Ole’s fault.

      Keane’s verbal response was along the lines that a professional player should never have to rely on a manager to get up for a game. His facial reaction was a lot stronger…

      1. Reminds me of a quote from a famous UNC basketball coach Roy Williams who said, “I don’t coach motivation, I coach tactics.” Point being there are certain intangibles players are expected to bring; motivation, desire, 100% effort, and the like to match day.

        1. I don’t agree with Roy Williams Durand.
          Read about Herman Boone and see how he motivated a failed team. A team who don’t care if they win or lose. He sow a winning seed in them and they grow.

          Wenger motivate Tony Adams
          Henry was booed by the fans when he first came but Wenger showed him he believe he can do it.

          Now compare that to Laca scoring 3 goals in 3 games and then lose his spot because of a missed chances at Liverpool.

          Every mourinho players always talk about him instilling confidence in his team, even Viera said, Mourinho told them not to care about there opponent having the better player than them because not every better team win. Tell me that his not coaching confidence and motivation?

          Arteta might be a good coach but he’s not at the level of giving player confidence and motivation cos he himself needs that.
          I love him how he handles the dressing room but when you see a coach who motivates player, you won’t need to be told.

          Ask about motivation from our under23 that played under Freddie and you will see how harding they work for him.

          Arteta and his players need some of that.

      2. 👍 Trudeau, can you imagine McLintock, Storey, Radford, Rice, Simpson, McNab, Ball, Wright, Bergkamp, Adams, Keown, Bould, Viera, Silva et al sharing a dressing room with this lot?

    2. Mikel is here to stay. I don’t know if it is good news or not. We are all hoping since no one actually knows how good Mikel is. After all he has never coached any team before (not even under 5). So we live on HOPE. Hopefully we qualify for Euro, Hopefully we play less boring football, Hopefully we don’t buy another William, Hopefully we don’t generate another excuse next season ( Maybe injury, Maybe Var, Maybe luck, etc), Hopefully Arteta doesn’t make new mistakes and we are meant to understand he is new to the job, Hopefully we don’t finish 8th again. We continuing living on hopes till next season ends.

  11. Mikel and mediocrity cannot be in the same sentence.Mediocrity is when someone scores one goal and two assists a season and he and his pals have been ousted in Jan courtesy Mikel. More dross to follow out this summer. Mikel does tolerate indiscipline and mediocrity. Ask Guendozi, Saliba, etc. This comming season is the one I was longing for, to see new faces and rejuvenated youngsters following the tactics of Mikel

    1. I agree with you 50% cos when there is Ozil casting out, there is always a Willian on the team no matter how he performs till ESR came to the rescue.

      When there is Martinelli casting to the bench, there is always Nketiah playing even before Covid strike(and that was before his injury.)

      So he’s just like a normal manager and not special until he do something special.

  12. Sometimes I laugh when I read people say Emery at Arsenal was better than Arteta. It’s simplistic and devoid of context. Oh I guess Emery finished 5th in his first season and Arteta finished 8th in first full season so he’s better. Look at the competition Emery had in his first season and compare it with this season in terms of how good the smaller clubs were. In 18/19 also Chelsea, Leicester and Utd were all very poor compared to today. Emery should’ve got us 4th if not for his poor selections. With how Emery coached us if I imagine 18/19 Emery with this team we’d have had serious problems. For everything many criticize Arteta in terms of squad mentality, selection and tactics I could say Emery did worse. Emery for me was great in the 18/19 UEL and then cost us the final tactically with his 3-4-1-2 against Chelsea’s 4-3-3 and refusal to start Iwobi. I can’t imagine the depths we’d have sunk to if we didn’t sack him in 19/20. Arteta came in and won the FA Cup with a team on poor confidence and even the Shield too. Arteta has been poor too and is inexperienced but when you consider all the contexts of Emery’s 18/19 and Arteta’s 19/20 seasons Arteta’s better and could’ve actually finished higher if he immediately took over from Wenger.

    1. I fail to understand looking at context of Emery’s first season and Arteta’s last season how Arteta was better
      This is just Arteta’s lovers argument
      I think teams are weaker this year than Emerys 18/19 liverpool,Tottenham,Chelsea all had a bad season Leicester has always been like this since their promotion to the division
      It’s funny looking at extreme fans can go just to make Arteta look good he may still become good/great but right now he is one of the worst managers in epl
      the team that we have now is 100 times better than the team that we had back then in 2018-2019. – Emery didn’t have Saliba
      His only reliable defender holding suffered out of season injury
      Had kolasinac , sokratis and Leichsteiner
      didn’t have PARTEY
      Actually Emery gave Saka Martinelli and Nelson chances…HOW MANY YOUNGSTERS GOT OPPORTUNITY UNDER ARTETA.? Instead WILLIAN WAS GIVEN MORE CHANCES ..even Martinelli has regressed under him…and AUBA as well But under Emery AUBA was phenomenal …… I still find it strange how a manager just few hours after city played with false 9 then we are playing without a 9 ths guy is just pep wannabe. who tries to copy pep

      1. Stop perpetrating the argument the lazy argument that I’m an Arteta lover to discount everything I’m saying. I’m simply comparing both coaches and if Arteta was sacked today it wouldn’t be a big deal to me. Also lies Leicester and Chelsea are better than they were in 18/19. Sarri’s Chelsea were bad and even Spurs too but we managed to finish below them. Also smaller clubs such as Leeds, West Ham, Aston Villa and Brighton are all better than they were in 18/19. Even clubs like Fulham and West Brom are playing better football than all relegated teams in 18/19. No wonder City are in the UCL final. Emery was the one who signed Sokratis and Lichtsteiner and Saliba was loaned. Emery had Ramsey and Ramsey in 18/19 is better than Partey currently and Partey has suffered so much injury in his debut season. If you’re gonna complain about squad selection, mentality, tactics and formation Emery did all worse but people will choose to have a short memory just to further their case. Arteta, a novice even came in and used Emery’s squad to win the FA Cup and that squad look like they could be relegated because all they could do was draw or lose. Even our defense has improved compared to Emery’s time. With the way Emery coached Arsenal in his first season he would’ve had so many problems in this season.

        1. You’re deluded.. Furthermore, Emery didnt pick any any player he was the head coach not manager. Get hour facts right.. It was mislintat

          1. Stop being ignorant. Emery had a say in the signing of Sokratis and Lichtsteiner. Go do your research. Delusion is when you choose to have a short memory just to pick an agenda over someone. Its so disgusting and pathetic for me to so simplistically say Emery finished 5th in 18/19 and we finished 8th in 20/21 so Arteta’s worse. For most if not everything Arteta’s criticized for this season Emery did it worse in his first season. You have a short memory.

    2. Blinded argument.
      Are you telling me Emery’s team is better than Arteta?

      I’m not saying Emery’s is better or Arteta is better but with the way we play this season, Arteta won’t finish in top 10 in Emery’s first season.

      Wolves are worst this season compare to then and yet they beat us on 2 legs.

      Anyway, why do I have to argue with someone who claimed Nelson is a better player and become a better baller than Saka has if he see the future?

      1. How won’t Arteta finish top 10 in Emery’s first if the EPL has gone way up in quality this season?? We would finish lower than 8th if Emery was here this season. In 18/19 Chelsea and Spurs were very bad. Their 3rd and 4th place finish glosses over how bad they were. No wonder Sarri got sacked even though he won the UEL. Emery here was criticized far more in terms of negative tactics, poor squad selections, poor defending, never playing to our strength and so much more. Its only through bias or short memory that you can tell me he was better. Wolves beat us the 2nd time only because of the red card just for context. The first one I agree was a bad loss. Of course I saw Saka and Nelson in the academy and anyone who watched them knows Nelson has more natural potential which is why I’ve said at his best I see him becoming the better player.

        1. I think the more you realize that Red card is part of football and not an excuse to lose a match the better.

          I wonder why people always say we would have won if not for Red as if we haven’t beaten a team because of Red card.
          I remember we beat Bolton with 1 down and a red card if I’m not mistaken. Many teams still performs even with a red card.
          So stop using red card as an excuse coa it’s part of football.

          Don’t forget this same Emery has the worst squad in Villarreal but yet kicked us out of Europa and beat the 2nd in this league.

          And you said, Arteta won a trophy with Emery’s team which is dew for relegation.
          Please explain to me how Arteta use the same Emery team to beat Liverpool twice but yet failed to even come close to beat Liverpool even after spending more money than Liverpool this season?

          Atleast he should be able to outperform Liverpool this season for spending more money than him.

          I bet you Arteta can never manage that Emery’s Villarreal team and win Europa.

          So Call a spade a spade neither Emery nor Arteta is good until Arteta proofs himself, he’s no good.

          Everybody want is team to do good, so we all pray for him to sign a good player and not players like another Willian.

          1. I’m not using red card as an excuse. I’m only putting context to the argument and rightly so. Wolves got played off the park up until that red card. City thrashing United by 6 goals comes to mind.

            Read carefully. I said Arteta at Arsenal was better than Emery at Arsenal. I am not saying Emery isn’t a good coach. I haven’t compared them in terms of their careers so yes even if Arteta can’t use this Villarreal team to win the UEL that’s not my point.
            Spending more money than Liverpool?? Again no context. Liverpool had a set team for the season and fewer areas to improve.

    3. Kev as soon as i saw you mention iwobi, i lost interest in what you were trying to say. Whatever you are trying to say Emery is a far far better and more experienced coach than Arteta. Arteta failed badly last season and thats all you can go on with him.

      1. Which is why you’ve lost the point because you didn’t read or read it with an agenda. Iwobi was average but Emery had no right to not play Iwobi in the UEL final because he was the only Arsenal winger at the time who was capable of properly taking on his man. You’re telling me relying on Kolasinac for with is better than relying on Iwobi for width?? I watched with a friend and told him Arsenal lost the tactical battle but would improve if Emery brought on Iwobi and switched to a 4 back. Also I did not compare Emery and Arteta’s careers. I have simply looked at both from their time at Arsenal and if context is to be considered in judging them then Arteta is better but people choose to have a short memory or just lump stats without contexts making their argument baseless. Arteta may have failed but Emery here was a bigger failure. Y’all must have forgot.

    4. Kev, you are wrong, particularly in criticising Emery’s selections, when conveniently forgetting the injury toll he was burdened with in that first season.
      If Emery is so poor, why has he a better performance record at PSG, than, Ancellotti, Tuchel and Ponchettino? Also after winning 3 Europa League titles with Valencia, why was he able to win a fourth title beating Arsenal and Manchester United teams, that on paper, should have played Villarreal off the park?

      1. Ok, hear me out. I may be wrong but at PSG, particularly after the takeover, any coach worth his salt can win a title or a cup. You might say Emery has a better record, but the key here is that record is farmed over domestic domination. I believe in European competitions atleast Tuchel and even Pochettino showed a better record than Emery. Also compare his successes as a Europa League specialist and look at the teams he won it with. This shows, in my opinion that Emery might have problems controlling a dressing room full of players with large egos. As a coach at this moment Emery is definitely ahead of Arteta, but I agree with what Kev said. It was not black and white that we lost in Baku due to either players or coach. It was a combination of bad tactics and demotivated players.
        I also would like to bring to attention the fact that Emery was destroyed by Barcelona at PSG, having a seemingly unassailable lead in the first leg. A similar mishap with Arsenal at Baku. It tells me that he is not comfortable with the pressure associated with big teams.

        1. Sid, go back and check the reports on that 6-1 win by Barcelona to overturn PSG’s 4-1 win at home. I know if you don’t like the result check the newspaper, but Barcelona’s win was aided by some of the dodgiest refereeing decisions in a Champions League match. Penalties given to Barcelona due to a diving Suarez, penalties not awarded to PSG. It was scanderless and reported as such. The fix was in.

      2. You clearly weren’t reading. I am comparing both of them at Arsenaland not in totality because I have seen some say Emery here was better. Everything Arteta’s criticized for in terms of negative tactics, squad selection, formation and the like Emery did all worse. Better to be honest than choose to have a short memory just because of an argument.

  13. Arsenal is lacking in certain areas when it comes to management and performance. For instance, much more can be done to improve the situation of the club, but they refuse to go the extra mile.

    They decided to go for a completely inexperienced manager over someone with a track record; kind of important if you are trying to get back to CL like they claimed, rather than “long term” project they are trying to sell.

    How a club like Leicester can get so much right with transfers and we get so much wrong is not a mystery. Their upper management does a great job identifying and bringing in talent with their available budget, while we just repeat mistakes and make horrendous decisions with transfers and contracts.

    Other clubs have identifiable goals and expectations and there are consequences for not reaching them. Arsenal have malleable “hopes” for which failure has little if any consequences. 2 managers got sacked for failing to reach CL, yet another doesn’t even qualify for any European games and is safe and possibly rewarded for that monumental failure.

    No one honestly believes that Kronke is going to spend 200 million or more to get us competitive again, but during this phase shouldn’t you expect a bit more involvement and investment?

    Under Wenger we tended to always be 1 or 2 players short of being a complete team; a modest investment compared to what we face now.

    Sorry but I have no faith in ownership; they wouldn’t bring in 1 or 2 players to get us over the hump, but now they are going to “rebuild” and “invest” in the Summer and we “should be excited?”

    I have more faith in Saka, ESR, and Martinelli to carry the team with their magic than I do in Kronke bringing in the players we need.

  14. Get a life kev. Once again Emery has won the Euro Cup 4th time it was the players who did not like him downed tools

  15. I believe next season we will be better.
    And If truth be told It’s better for arsenal to bring in new players,so that we will be able to be a contender next season.

  16. I stopped reading fairly early on as I got the gist.

    What our club maybe are accepting is a little negligence at a higher level?
    Maybe they realise the club has been on a steady decline since we started selling our best players, (RVP) and not always replacing with as good quality.

    Is this Artetas doing? No.
    Was this Emerys doing? No

    I question the executive level management of our club.

    Sacking scouts, mislintat coming and going, sanlehi going, and now we’re led by an inexperienced manager yes but also an inexperienced sporting director and a chairman who is a bean counter.

    I am pleased to hear Richard Garlick has joined us but generally we are led by a weak top level management team.

    What’s saving Arteta is at least he has a plan and vision for the runaround of our fortunes, also the infamous Kroenkes like him and so say support him.
    Also this season with covid the frequency of games and lack of pre season should be forgotten about, how this isn’t abvious to all is beyond me.

    This transfer window had better be as pivotal and grand as suggested though I think we’ll need ar least two summers to start to come back.

    Also Ole G S is still at MU and money spent versus success has been poor so maybe not all clubs just sack straight away it’s not Fifa!!

    1. “Also this season with covid the frequency of games and lack of pre season should be forgotten about, how this isn’t abvious to all is beyond me.”

      Which variant of this covid that struck at the Emirates only? I am curious to know.

      1. @highburyhero
        Didn’t you know it was the Kroenke Covid disease!
        I get your point but I’m not talking about comparative league positions as everyone’s had it tough but for a coach who’s relatively new and trying to introduce new ideas, philosophies and tactical strategies its less than ideal. Also he’s trying to turn around a mess, weak mindsets of players and lack of direction, he’s also only just got rid of the bad apples at the club.
        Tuchel is a new coach at Chelsea but I don’t include the likes of them as their squad is stable drilled and most importantly they Believe in themselves.

        Also I didn’t say don’t write off the season for all teams did I?

    2. Kieron, please explain what is Arteta’s vision and plan?
      Also can you also explain what are the owner and Board’s targets, performance criteria and given constraints (transfer budget) for any Arsenal manager?

  17. The fact is, Arteta’s tactics, strategies, formations and squad selection have been continuously poor throughout the season. Would that change is Aguero came to Arsenal? No. Nothing will change the fact that Arteta is in a learning process wnd Arsenal are happy with that. The is why mediocrity is so rife at the club! The level the fans want the club to be at is much different to the actual level that the club can deliver. This is down to ten years of settling for top four. Only for other teams in the EPL to improve way beyond what Arsenal football club have. We have been caught with our pants down and now the climb back up is so much harder now. The players know it too and that is why the ambitions and drive of our squad is so damn labored all the time. It’s like a disease has set in and it’s too much to fix any time soon. Mikel is absolutely perfect for the owners. They need a scapegoat to deflect the blame from themselves for as long as they can make the value of the club increase. Football is not the primary importance for the owners and we all know it!

  18. Slightly off topic as well I saw a statistical breakdown of a table cross referencing VAR decisions that effected points.
    We were the biggest losers in terms of points taken away through overturned subjective decisions and would have come 4th, Chelsea were one of the winners and in the table they came 6th or 7th.

    The officials in Black have generally never liked Arsenal, may help if the Emirates was more of a vocal cauldron of pressure on the refs such as Old Trafford and Anfield.

    1. This did not start last season. If decisions did go our way we would have more than three league titles under Wenger.

  19. So a bunch of other clubs are rotating their managers. So what? We haven’t seen whether this culture of perpetual instability will have any positive impact.

    Most likely, all of the teams mentioned will do worse next year, whereas Arsenal is almost guaranteed to do better since we’ve won the 2nd most points in the league since Boxing Day. If we continue that form into next season, plus add reinforcements, plus do not have the burden of European competition, we can make European places and win silverware.

    There are many more “ruthless” clubs that sack people more quickly. But we only see the extremely rare successes mentioned. For most teams, changing managers too frequently does not have the instant impact people want, usually the club perform worse. That’s because constant change and instability is not good for a team or a workplace, no matter where it is.

    In the PL, changing managers mid-season has worked on occasion, but rarely. Teams will experience a short “new-manager bump” then go on to do worse than they were doing before.

    I am as frustrated as anyone when I see Arteta play hyper-defensively or uses a lineup that doesn’t appear to make sense at first (play Xhaka at right back against fast forwards etc…) But the big problem with the club has been the Kroenkes plus the massive turnover in executive positions – which means a total lack of cohesive planning or direction from the club. The club also have made poor choices in recruitment targeting old rejects from other clubs that are no longer starters. You can’t improve your club by selling your best players and bringing people who aren’t good enough for their own clubs.

    We could take the risk and dump Arteta, but there are no guarantees that just bringing in another manager will work. Arteta has the team going in the right direction, given the chance, he could very well continue to maintain this form into next season. Klopp took 3 seasons to bring Liverpool back to competitor status, what would have happened if they sacked him after 18 months? No trophies.

    1. The moment you brought up the meaningless stat of points since boxing day I stopped reading.. Arteta won the FA cup last season and where are we this season? The delusion is unreal with some people!

  20. Sue, Villareal aren’t blessed with many quality players but if we showed even half their commitment and resilience during this last season we will have, at worst, qualified for the Europa Cup. MA has to take some of the blame and not keep rabbiting on about what he is building for the future, he is the head coach and it is his job to motivate the players now.

    Like you I was so pleased for Villareal, their 1st major trophy in their history with a population of 50,000 folk – even Peckham has a bigger population. Whatever happens to Unai Emery he will be a legend for life amongst the fans. This is what this game is all about!!

    1. Exactly, Andrew.. one of their players looked about 50 😄 And how good were those ex Spuds? Honestly didn’t think they had it in them!! Very envious of them – will we ever lay our hands on a European trophy??

      Yes, Andrew, I reckon his statue is being made as we speak!

      1. 👍 👍 And along the way Villarreal beat Sivaspor, Qarabag, MTel Aviv, Salzburg, Dynamo Kiev, Dynamo Zagreb, Arsenal and Manchester United. The latter two, which on paper, should have played them off the park given their individual players; however a good team well coached, playing for each other and the club won out.

          1. SueP, it shows the players to be overpaid, pampered, mentally weak prima donnas, lacking in personal professional pride and pride in the Club they play for. It is a disgrace they get to share the Arsenal dressing room used by so many past Arsenal warriors.

  21. I like zidane,some do call his achievements a fluke and i can only say that they are just biased and jealous of what he has done at madrid but i dont think he left madrid without an offer from another club.

    And strangely conte was released from inyer and that was bizarre,theres going to be a backlash from the inter fans. conte is a great manager and he has a very good system with him but it requires a ceryain set of players and i am not sure we have them.I do hear that lukaku will be on market this summer so….

    Sticking with MA is going to be a gamble. i did see some improvements last season,i know that the table is not lyinh and so is a trophyless season but i trust my eyes than stats.Also he may fail but i wont have to regret that he was not given time.i am hopeful…COYG

  22. If Spurs bring back a manager who couldn’t win anything the first time isn’t that accepting mediocrity ?

    1. Nope, he transformed spurs. They reached champions League final with him and he finished in champions League spot few times with him. Pocha is a great manager for me, even though he has not won any trophy in EPL but he has worked with first small team then even at spurs did not spend that much either. To be honest I prefer levy way more then kronke atleast he tries to best of his abilities to do what is best for the club and takes interest in the club. They built a big new stadium and have been competitive as well while during this period finaihed above us few times.

      1. He’s made Spurs think they can actually win the EPL. I struggle to think of which manager that would’ve gotten them to the UCL final. I was hoping he’d win the UCL so that he could cement himself as a top coach

  23. We have Zizu, Conte and Allegri all available but we won’t sign any one of them and stick with Arteta. Once again we will miss the opportunity as another boat sails by. We are the masters of missing opportunities and making dumb choices when you come to think of it. Everytime opportunity presents it self Arsenal board is in their own dream land and just look away from it. That even goes for players not only managers. This board was useless as it is then they added Brazilian retirement agent and Ken the fake pep to support Asian guy who has no clue what to do. I am afraid it looks like we are on the same track to become Newcastle United if we have not become one. Atleast Ashley is trying to sell but kronke even after destroying us don’t want to sell. I fear we will become like old glory clubs Ajiax and others who are used as stepping stone or breading club for bigger clubs. I don’t see players like Martenelli, Saka, ESR, Saliba staying with us if we continue in same fashion. As other big clubs will come for them and we will loose them then it will become like new Arsenal business.

  24. The owner lack ambition because if we were a big club with big ambition Arteta would have been sacked after Emery bloodied his nose with spanish and premier league rejects. Arteta should not be still Arsenal manager. Mediocre football is what we can expect with Mediocre ambition.

    1. What bothers me more is people who want Kroenke out of the club but still want Arteta to stay. To me, is like they don’t think straight. Kroenke selling the club means Arteta is gone. And Kroenke not sacking Arteta means he believes Arteta is good and will bring success to the club just like they do. So if Kroenke is not sacking Arteta because he believe he can bring glory to the club, why then do Arteta supporters still want him to leave? They always question Kroenke’s knowledge about football, but now that he sees something in Arteta, it means he is now paying attention to football and now has knowledge about it. So why do they still want him to sell? Maybe they don’t trust Kroenke’s judgement about Arteta and only support him because…

        1. 👍, that is why I am against the owner not for spending less money in last 3-4 years which honestly we have spent a lot but for not taking interest in the club when needed, not reacting when needed and not being proactive when needed.

  25. The public enquiry is over and the time has come to move on. Arsenal under Arteta have had a poor season due to a combination of mediocre players and a young Manager who will hopefully learn from his numerous errors of judgement .A very important transfer window lies ahead ,the outcome of which, will, to a large extent,determine our prospects for next season.To me shifting out certain players is vital if we are to be successful in bringing in quality upgrades.To me the incompetence of our recruitment team during the past decade is one of the primary reasons for our deterioration and at the end of the day the Owner is responsible for the years of mismanagement over which he has presided.We are unfortunately stuck with the current owner and volumes of rhetoric will not influence him in a positive way.As a fan I have decided to wipe the slate clean and give everyone a fresh start at least until our first defeat next season when it will all begin again.The life of an Arsenal fan is not easy, but the same can be said for most Clubs.

    1. I do not agree Grandad, this squad is good enough to finish in top 4. So achieving 8th is way under achievement. Next big mistake we will make is to spend more under Arteta it does not make sense. I will give you an example. An important project comes into your team, your manager wants someone to take the project up and you volunteer that you will be able to complete the project. That is the first mistake from your manager and you, your managers mistake is to give you the project when he knows you do not have the experience and have not shown the ability before to handle such project. Your mistake that in over enthusiasm you took on the project which you have no experience and ability yet to complete. Now when the time for delivering the project arrives you have not delivered the project so it is regarded as a failure. Will your company give an excuse or argument to client that the reason project was not finished was because the person working on it was new and he had no experience? When they know the first reason your client plaid your extra ordinary fee was because they expected quality and on time completion. Second will the company invest more money and time on a failed project under you, instead of spending that money on a more experienced and proven person who can do the project and sort things out? Answer is no. The company was not created so the new guy can do R&D and just to make one man successful it was created so the company can be successful and the job of the employee is to make it so not other way around where it’s the job of company to make sure you as an employee succeed at the cost of company’s money and time. I have never heard or seen in my life that employers pour more money under the leadership of a employee who has failed to deliver normally it’s all result based so if you show certain achievements and if project is on track then they back you up with more funds if required. We are going to buy more players under Arteta then when Arteta is sacked we will be stuck with those players and then fans here will be shouting to get rid of them so called dead wood. This will leave big headache for new man coming in and we start the same circle again.

  26. There can only be one champion, 4 teams go to the CL, and 7 in total have a place in Europe. And there are two domestic cups. This year Man City won the league, way better than Arsenal.
    United came second, well, deeper squad and slightly better tactics.
    Liverpool came third just 8 points above us and you know the rest.

    Win most of your games against the teams in the bottom half of the table. This is where we need to focus on. Be solid, defend well and have a plan as well as the ability to counter.

    When we get the comfort of the points you’ve gained from the lower half of the league, trust me the points from the top half will feel better.

    We’ve sorted the defence and conceded less goals than all of the above apart from CFC. This caused a lack of creativity and Auba looked bad.

    Simply Arteta needs to strengthen the squad with 2 high profile, and 3 high work rate players and turn on the style.

    This is not about the Kroenkes. It’s about the manager’s tactics and players’ performances on the pitch.

    I genuinely believe this year will be much better under Arteta with support returning slowly to the stands.

    Go gunners!

  27. So many fans think with their hearts too much over their heads. There is no reason to want Arteta around. The amount of ppl who think Xhaka is actually a great footballer saddens me. People also think Bellerin should stick around. What change do some of you guys want exactly if you want everything to stay the same??

  28. Key takeaway is Arteta must go. Yes he got us FA cup, Thanks to him and Players excited to play and win. That is it. I can’t understand entrusting rebuild by a person who has not built anything yet, no offense. His experience, his strategy, his tactics everything is either insufficient or ineffective. Players play as if they are zombie of the field, Uninspired/Uninspiring display and the Arsenal “Beautiful game/ Beautiful goals” are almost buried deep down.

    Am not sure what more to expect from Arteta, considering we are at rock bottom, our players want to leave, Auba seems to be losing interest and has become second string striker, Laca top scorer became a sub, and we are buying players from bottom clubs coz no top player is attracted to Arsenal as we seem to have lost it and some are celebrating mediocre player purchases as if we made it. If we continue, what do we look forward from Arteta? Giving him another season will plunge our team deeper, and we wont get good managers half way in the season if we want to sack him as well.

    Sad times and to start with this season we need a Good Manager who has pedigree and is willing to pull the team out. Identify good manager pay him and launch him. I believe we have strong younger team who can be groomed and Inspired to win. Arteta won’t cut it.

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