“It doesn’t make sense to me” Redknapp urges Arteta to bring Ozil back

Jamie Redknapp has urged Mikel Arteta to bring back Mesut Ozil as Arsenal continues to struggle with creativity.

The German has been axed from the Arsenal squad this season after he failed to impress Arteta despite being given ample opportunity to prove his worth.

March was when the German last played for the club and he hasn’t been registered for any of their competitions this season.

Next month offers them the chance to re-register players for the second half of the season and Redknapp thinks it will be a no-brainer for Arteta to bring back the German.

He says that he knows Arteta axed the German to send a message, but now that things are not working and his team needs creativity, he has to change his decision and reinstall the World Cup winner in his team.

He adds that Arteta just has to use the midfielder while he can because it makes no sense that he has such a player and doesn’t utilise him.

Redknapp said, as quoted by the Sun: “No creativity again. I feel for the manager. There are so many problems right now with this team, it’s hard to put your finger on which one is worst.

“He’s got another problem now, with people saying, ‘Should you bring Mesut Ozil back in?’. For me, of course you have to.

“It’s a no-brainer — you are not creating chances. Does the manager look weak bringing him back in? Some might say yes. Not for me.

“If you were creating chances and losing games I’d say of course you don’t get him back.

“But you need someone who’s going to spot a pass for the likes of Aubameyang, especially in matches like the one against Burnley the other night.

“I think Arteta tried to make a statement by not naming Ozil in his original squad. But sometimes you have to take it on the chin.

“Just use him while you’ve got him. Being in the position they’re in without turning to Ozil, it doesn’t make sense to me.

“People talk about Arsenal in relegation trouble but once they get Thomas Partey back in midfield and get Aubameyang and Gabriel back, of course they’re not going to get relegated.

“They will improve. But right now, to not create chances in these games is just not good enough.

“They look short of quality in every department. And no one is taking responsibility.

“I look at David Luiz. When he’s at the top of his game he is one of the best around. But when he’s not quite right, when he’s only looking after himself, you can see the reaction of the other players. It just transmits to everyone else.”

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  1. Have being saying this for weeks now, Arsenal need Ozil back. Kanu makes me to start supporting Arsenal and his not a great maker, but he makes good use of the ball when he have it.

  2. Well, why not? Just another donkey in d field. Make no difference. Let him play. Who knows, it might lay golden egg. We r running a circus show at d moment.

  3. Tactics need to also be changed,otherwise ozil’s presence in the squad won’t help if we’re ever passing 4rom the back

  4. That’ll mean taking two steps backwards. Let June come, we’ll have peace. Ozil will go, and no more talking about that snail

  5. I can’t see any good and decent players thinking about joining us right now, and since we are paying him this much per week LET’S USE HIM now!!!!!!!!!!

    Willian is not better than him and he did something bad too, but still, he plays every single game!!

  6. Ozil criticized the Chinese, and they have the final say on whether he plays or not. I do not understand why most of you are ignoring this fact.

  7. I see no reason why Arsenal board is paying Ozil 350 weekly but had him not register. It is clear at this point that Arsenal lacks creativity in the midfield .No matter how bad Ozil is I feel he is better than the finished product Willian and many Arsenal first 11 team. Arterta is a sadist. He must go. He has made our darling team a laughing stock. Bring in Aligri full of experience.

  8. Its a no brainer …
    As per current situation .. i will use any players avail …to save Arsenal… its better we try something ..the sticking with the same egocentricity..

    Agree .. i still believe Ozil will be a better player (maybe slightly) compared to William….

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