It had to happen – Barcelona sniffing around top Arsenal man

Well, I suppose it was only going to be a matter of time before the vultures starting circling around our best players and so it comes as no surprise to read that Barcelona is interested in Alexandre Lacazette.

According to the media, the Spanish Champions will turn their attention to our Player of the Year if they fail to sign the Atletico Madrid hitman Antoine Griezmann.

Griezmann has a release clause of £151 Million, however, that drops to £91 Million on July 1st but the French striker’s wage demands are putting Barca off at this time.

According to Spanish news outlet Mundo Deportivo, Lacazette has emerged as the prefered alternatives for the Champions League semi-finalists in the event they are unable to come to an agreement with Griezmann.

It does not help either that Lacazette shares the same agent as Eric Abidal, the Barcelona director of football.

Lacazette has had a stand out season for us and proved his worth on Thursday evening when he knocked in two goals against Valencia in the 3-1 semi-final first leg win in the Europa League.

The only fee mentioned is the £53 Million it cost us to sign the France striker and that Barcelona would have to pay close to that. I would suggest they would have to pay a lot more.

My opinion is that at this moment in time we do not have too much to worry about but if Barcelona fails to sign Griezmann then that could easily change and at that point, I would start to worry.


    1. North of a hundred million, thank you very much……. or if they’ll loan Messi to us for a year, they can have him ?

  1. Would he go there to warm the bench? Who knows, but I assume he’s under contract so it’s not really his decision is it but if they offer £100 mil I think we’d sell.

    1. That’s a big no way from me!
      Lacazette and Pea are forming a unique partnership that will be the envy of the world.
      Sell mykitarian,iwobai,mustaffi ,monreal ,Whelbeck .
      Bring Zaha, or Dembele,Maguire,and 1 creative play maker who also has ball winning defensive qualities to replace Rambo.
      That would be a good transfer window.

      1. Keown’s comments about Maguire makes me think that he could be that rock we need, Keown should be a good judge of character and ability. I remember fans in here saying that he is too slow though and like a certain AFC player is not so quick on the turn, less agile than others playing that position, I haven’t really looked at him yet as I’m always concentrating on Arsenal players and I don’t watch much football outside of Arsenal. Does anyone say that the fans were wrong for lamenting Maguire’s pace and agility. Keown does, Keown said that he has good pace and some other top attributes.

        Napoli have reached an agreement with PSV for Lozano. He looks like a very dangerous player, but I’m wondering if he has the physical ability that our manager is looking for. Zaha, if we can bring his price down then I think our boss would take him, he has awesome physical qualities.

        Dembele, I’m assuming it is the one in France – I’d take him for sure, he looks like he’d be an excellent replacement for Ramsey, box to box and he has great dribbling technique, an upgrade in that area, good ball control but not sure what his shooting or passing range is like, he’s getting plaudits so they must be decent.

        Lacazette, not for sale, simples. Himself and Auba are needed to try and bring us back into the fold. These two are formidable, the season we are having yet these two are still able to manage to perform like the ones playing in the top sides.

        1. Isn’t it Tanguy Ndombele you’re thinking of?
          Great b2b midfielder with tremendous potential. I’d love him to replace ramsey.
          Mcguire would be awesome too.
          Those two signings would be my main options, and for the attacking options I expect Emile sr and Eddie nketiah to step up, so zaha in is fine to me.

  2. 65m pounds + Dembele coming our way would make this an interesting deal for me personally otherwise it just doesn’t make sense selling Laca at any price.

    1. Now that’ll be some amazing transfer dealings. Having a front line of…

      can help deliver the epl and champions league. Iwobi as a CAM and having 2 wingers play off him. Brilliant!

      1. No that won’t be amazing. Do you know how many injuries he had sustained in the last 2 seasons in league that is know for its technicalities. As a matter of fact, I heard he sustained one as I’m typing this reply, now imagine how often he will get injured in epl. He will be Diaby 2.0

        1. @Mobella, I’m not aware of his poor injury record but seriously I would much rather we kept Laca and built our squad up from within and only getting 3 players from outside namely a box-to-box CMF, DMF and a WF. Barca can keep their players this time around.

  3. I would rather see
    —————————— Auba—————————-
    Dembele— ————steve bould ———-chukwueze

    1. I’d rather chuck wueze out the door on the flight over. I’d rather CM Dembele than the long streaky one, he’s talented but he’s not the type of player Emery wants. Emery is after talented players but they must also have the graft and stamina of a Leic or Watford player.

  4. Will be interesting to see what happens with the new regime in regards to selling, as the old regime were a complete joke in this department!

    I say we must keep Laca at all costs! I don’t think we could attract anyone better than him, especially if we don’t make the CL. Morata cost £60 million, Lukaku cost around £80 million, so nothing less than £100 million for Laca, as many others also seem to be saying also on here.

  5. Barca no longer want to sign griezman,the reason he turned them down last year,no second chance with barcelona,anyone who doesn,t want to play for them is not worthy to wear the Jersey!

  6. No problem, as long as they offer the right price like they did with Coutinho and we reinvest it all back in the team like Liverpool did with VAndijk,allisson.

    Lacazette for 150m

    We get Isco and Ousmane Dembele for a combined 150m. …and we are even better.

  7. Where are all the people who were saying lacazette was not good enough for arsenal ,that he couldn’t reproduce it in the epl?when atleti comes for you you can,t be that bad,pi slams la ligue 1 without watching it,not knowing the players who contrary to english players are not overprice,the reason la ligue 1 is where it us is because every season you,re buying our best players french and foreign,look at the drogba,essien,petr,doucoure,lacazette,loris,,if those players had stayed we would be the best ligue in g the world by the way I forgot some players like kante….lacazette was bought for 50mls now is worth much more,so please stop criticising the frebch ligue we gave the epl best players,and yes I,m french and arsenal fan for 20 yearsCOYG!!

    1. They are probably over marveling at Tott’s set of players, who all lost thirteen games this season but somehow are still in third. They must be all doing a job for Spu, papering over the cracks going up and down that toilet bowl, it’s a tall job, I hope they get paid well for it.

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