It hurts even more to know Arteta won’t be sacked after Man City humiliation

History painfully repeats itself. by Konstantin Mitov

I am lost for words lovely Arsenal people. I was absolutely certain we would lose, but amazingly I still leave disappointed. We did exactly what we do, concede extremely simple goals, then get a red card.

Chambers, Holding, Cedric and Kolasinac. None of these 4 players should be wearing the Arsenal shirt at all. This is a relegation defense, fullstop. Mikel Arteta deliberately wants us to sink. I truly believe that. No manager in their right mind, knowing what Arsenal has been like in the past 10 years would produce the absolute same defensive horrors.
You see why giving Xhaka a deal was a mistake? Frustrated from the incapability of the team, he produces a reckless tackle and he’s off. The only positive is he will not play next round, but truth is he shouldn’t be here at all. The fact that we didn’t sell him is inexplicable.
Honestly I wish I could give up. Another weekend ruined and I only watched 35 minutes. I don’t know why I keep doing it. This team is heading for a relegation battle.
Man United bought Ronaldo, Chelsea Lukaku, even Tottenham managed to resist Man City’s approach for Kane. We are a complete joke. I know I said our season starts in September. But that is only because we are again completely unprepared to begin the season at all.
I know Arteta won’t be sacked, but that thought hurts me even more than the humiliation on the pitch, because it can be avoided. But we fail it on purpose. We don’t want to learn and will repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
Excuses have dried up. If we were a serious club, Arteta wouldn’t even get to the dressing room once the game is over, because he’d be sacked, but then again if we were a proper team, he’d never manage here.
I don’t dare even dream for a manager like Antonio Conte, but a team managed by him would never play with such lifelessness. I am deeply hurt. We do not deserve this. Arteta had 18 months and he took us 5 years behind at least.
When will we ever learn? When does the bleeding stop? Does it ever stop? No win against teams like West Brom or potentially Norwich can erase this misery. The nth rebuild will begin only once Arteta and Edu are out of the Emirates for good. They might take half the squad with them. I honestly wouldn’t miss anybody if they left Arsenal right now. Not one single person – and that tells a lot.
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  1. You have to seriously question the mental fortitude of a man who sends a talent like William Saliba out on loan to gain experience before lining up with a back three of Sead Kolašinac, Rob Holding and Callum Chambers.
    Time for hateteta to take a work, A WALK OUT OF ARSENAL.

    1. Can anybody, who has a modicum of knowledge about what a good CB looks like, explain the decision to place William Saliba on loan, when Arsenal puts out a back three of Kolasinac, Holding and Chambers?
      Can anybody justify talking Xhaka into staying at Arsenal, giving him a new upgraded contract and not taking the money on offer from Roma to put towards bringing in Yves Bissouma for £40 million.
      Can anybody explain why Aubameyang is still captaining Arsenal, when he has the leadership ability of a wet Hessian bag? Can he honestly be the best Arsenal captain available at a Club, which has been led by Frank McLintock, Tony Adams and Patrick Viera?
      Arsenal teams over the years, whether in good times or bad, have always been renowned for being hard to beat. The solid defenses of the past are now a distant memory.

      1. Ozzie, yes there are a lot people who have said before and will still say that Arteta has to play these players specially Kola and chambers so he can sell them because at the moment club is struggling to find a buyer for them 😜. You can not win in argument with these lot. I asked the same question last season when we had mustafi in squad but not Saliba. Now we actual did one better went out and bought Ben White for £50 million but again completely refused to give Saliba a chance.

        1. Bad plan then Logic. Rumours are that Fenerbahce have withdrawn their interest in Kolasinac post match. Putting players in the shop window successfully relies on them smiling sweetly and turning pirouettes rather than lying on the floor throwing up.

      2. Arteta must be out of his mind by playing Chambers and Kola beside Holding. I always feel that Chambers is only a championship player at most. The very first attack saw City cross and Gundogan having a free header into the net. So easy and it is definitely Chambers fault. For the second goal, all our defenders are caught ball watching, WTF!!!!
        I believe Saliba is much better than any of our central defender and the Daft Arteta send him on loan.
        I saw tears from Ian Wright after watching our dismal performance. He is a true gunner. And Arteta, if you have some dignity, please resign and make yourself disappear from Arsenal forever. You are the worst manager in the entire world and not even fit to manage a championship club!

    2. Arteta is arrogant. If he hates you you dont play. He should go.
      Loosing to City or Chelsea is not the issue here, the manner of losing is the problem.
      I ask again which team in the EPL can we confidently say we will beat with Arteta in Charge?

    3. Not to mention mavropanos. Beast and rock solid in bundesliga but not good enough to compete with kolasinac

      1. 👍 Meant to include Mavropanos!
        A good manager would move heaven and earth to get both back.

    4. nothing wrong in sending a 20yo out for experience…

      do you expect a 20yo to be experience and ready?

      1. Dull people everywhere on this forum…. How is age the problem here or maybe you need to remind me how old Fofana of Leicester city is and a former teammate of Saliba

    5. I have to agree with you. Based on his performances and player judgementw Arteta should walk. Apart from Auba, where’s the goals in the team? ESR ?, Pepe? Saka, Odegaard? I don’t think so.
      Clean sheets with Chambers, Tierney. Not, really they have lots to learn!

    1. Sorry guys our club is as rudderless as never before and sad to see it at this state. Really not interested in even anticipating a proper 30min. Sad to say it’s all going down.

  2. What hurts me most is that we had Zero shots on target, 19% possession, bettered only by Shrewsbury Town. Kroenks should sell the club right now. Edu, Vinay and Arteta should have tendered their resignations by now. 19th in the league?We are in serious relegation trouble. Put up all 25 players for sale it doesn’t matter any more. 19% possession??Shame to the owners, coaches and players.

    1. I have a suspicion Gunner22 that the one shot we have recorded as off-target will, upon review be re-classified as a mis-hit clearance to touch.
      We are this season striving to be a “zero” tolerant club rather than the more fashionable but mainstream “zero-tolerance” version.
      This aspiration of course excludes goals conceded.

  3. Truly sad I tell you. It seems like nobody cares except the fans. It hurts so bad I have become numb to the football I cant even recognize what they are doing out there

    1. Trouble is Mabo even we are stopping caring. Do you know the five stages of grief?
      denial – last season
      anger- last season
      bargaining – transfer window
      depression – now
      acceptance. – coming right up…

  4. If he wins the next two EPL games, I think he’ll survive till November. If he loses or gets only two points from those two games, he’d most likely be sacked

    However, he had a good stable job before signing the contract. So he had a strong position to ask for some clauses, to protect his arse

    I believe we’ll bounce back though, because our next oppositions are mid-table teams. We’ll only meet Liverpool in November

        1. Another display like this one and the spectators should riot like Manchester United did to get the Glaziers to take notice. Apparently the demonstration at the Emirates had eight people attend.

      1. Before that big match in November, we can rebuild our confidence by winning against smaller teams

        BTW, you see the names on Aston Villa’s bench? I thought they signed our Aaron Ramsey

        1. GAI won’t make a difference they will tear Arsenal apart can you imagine the front 3 of Liverpool against that backline today ? Scary thought. Haha yeah and I thought there was only one Aaron Ramsey 😂

          1. Liverpool’s forwards will have a feast if we’re still awful in dealing with long crosses. But we could collect at least fifteen points before going to Anfield

          2. Can’t see it bud, Arteta chops and changes too much there is no cohesion at all, even with a full healthy squad he simply doesn’t know his best lineup not to mention the players look more confused than a bunch of virgins in a brothel! Anfield gives me nightmares, it always has.

    1. GAI
      As you know I have defended MA on counless occasions, even went as far to say I would have a bet with Mr Dan kit that we would be in the top 4 on the 1st of Jan.
      long term he would make a very good manager for someone but even I am in disbelief
      The sheer naivety or incompetence on picking a team that lacks a back bone, a leader, out of form players ,plqyers who should be moved on.
      A captain who downed tools after the first goal went in, midfielder who time after time again flatters to deceive and let’s us down all the time
      We spent 130m plus and we have no spine to the team
      It breaks my heart because if MA fails we fail but we do need to take stock and change is needed
      We can’t go on like this
      But who in there right.mind would take on a club that is in total disarray

      1. Top four on the 1st of Jan will be unlikely, but we have still got the chance to enter top six

        Even if Arteta gets the boot tomorrow, there are several unemployed managers who might be willing to work without transfer budget. Not Conte or Zidane, but maybe someone like Valverde

        1. Highest placing in top flight after losing first three games is 7th, Villa did it.

          AFC are not going higher than that!

        2. You not making any sense man!! Do you really believe in Arteta and his process or not??? A simple yes or no will do, not the hogwash you giving us here…its clear to everyone the poor dude is out of his breath and you busy making baseless arguments in the name of being realistic.

      2. Me too Bally – the team sheet beggared belief. I worry that he’s moved on from simple incompetance into madness, like one of those crazy professors. And I’m only half joking.
        Not sure why Willian didn’t play though…

      3. Allan, please explain what you have seen in Arteta to come to the conclusion you did, that he has any clues at all?
        How did Arteta with his CV get the job to manage Arsenal?

    2. Please stop with this if and if not ……you have been saying that for almost a year now. If we have towering CF, if we have we have a left footed inverted CD, winger etc. We should have this kind and that kind of player. The reality is we don’t have them and until and less we do Arteta you utilize what we have. If you know football as some here believe you should know are is an amateur coach who should be coaching a national league team.

      1. We have predicted the losses against the UCL and EPL champions, so it won’t matter whether we lose 2-0 or 5-0

        The reality is a huge quality gap between those UCL/ EPL champions and our players

        Look at our next oppositions in EPL. We can be optimistic if we think about their resources

          1. 👍 Other Premier League clubs having watched Arsenal in the first three games, will turn up without fear ready to play. Will Arsenal turn up ready to play?
            2-0 loss to newly promoted Brentford will not have the Norwich’s of the world worried.

        1. You keep on saying its all about players.

          Ever cross your mind that its the manager who cant get best out of players could be at fault?

          Maybe, JUST MAYBE, Arteta does not know what hes doing?

          1. The players decide what to do in the games, but of course Arteta also made terrible mistakes. Both players and manager should be blamed for the losses

            I think the new managers are too consumed by their ideal philosophy and unwilling to be more pragmatic. But Arteta must do that, otherwise Burnley and Chris Wood will eat our defenders alive

        2. GAI
          Have to agree.
          The gap is massive. Arsenal need significant upgrades in several areas.
          The focus on the manager and what has been spent so far is distracting from the need to upgrade the squad.
          I just can’t see any manager turning Chambers or Holding into anything more than squad players. I am sure they will have some good games against middling opposition but if Arsenal are to be serious contenders again players like these (and Xhaka) need to be replaced by better players

          1. David,

            It was not that long ago when Arsenal beat Chelsea in the FA Cup Final.

            The Arsenal team on that day was:

            Emi Martinez
            Bellerin. Holding, Luiz, Tierney
            Xhaka, AMN, Ceballos
            Lacazette, Auba, Pepe

            Emi, Luiz and Ceballos have gone
            Bellerin wants away
            Holding has been humiliated by Arteta forcing him to stay after the purchase of a much publicized replacement in Ben White.
            They want to sell AMN, Lacazette and Auba (all listed as available).
            I think if they could sell Pepe they would!!

            Is it any wonder that the way the last successful team Arsenal fielded have been treated, that there is no effort on the pitch this season!!!.

            It seems of that team only the oft injured Tierney is loved by Arteta.

          2. I beg to differ. The gap is not massive. Just a season ago we beat Chelsea Home and Away, even when we were not in form. The problem is the rookie manager. What Arsenal needs is a manager that can man-manage the players to get the best out of them. That is the difference between ours and the others.

      1. At least five teams before we meet Liverpool in November. Norwich, Burnley, Brighton, Palace and Watford

        1. You are kidding given what we have seen. All these clubs will turn up ready to play after watching Arsenal this season. Can you say Arteta will select players up for the fight?

    3. Gai
      The next two games won’t come easy don’t be over confident. Arteta may end up with draws. I didn’t see today’s result coming, I know we would lose but not in this manner. Confidence will be very low in the next game and I hope the fans turns up. Today our technical players are really lacking physicality and fitness in against M.City.
      Like I have been saying before today’s game, Arteta and Edu should if possible get physical DM like Bissuoma or Sanda Barge etc.. before the transfer window close. As much as our players are for the future we should not neglect our present performances and buy right players at least for the fans sake.

      1. I hope the fans at the Emirates can bring our players’ confidence back, because confidence is the key

        Chelsea’s tactic against Liverpool in the first half isn’t special, but their players had the guts to turn in tight spaces, Lukaku held off Liverpool’s CBs and Mendy dealt with long crosses superbly

        Arteta should’ve instilled that level of self-belief into our players, otherwise we keep making backpasses in crowded spaces and it’ll pressurize our back line. It will help a lot if we can sign someone like Lukaku and fix our weakness in dealing with the opposition’s long crosses

        1. GAI, the away fans at Manchester City were fantastic, until some determined it was all too much to bear and they voted with their feet.
          Arsenal vs Norwich could get ugly.

        2. Arteta team sheet was awful, however the bright spot is that Xhaka is unavailable for the next 3…

    4. GAI is that what the arsenal is now, a club that can only expect to beat norwich, and brighton. If those are the only teams that arteta can beat he surely need to resign.and do it fast. so when arsenal play the like of liverpool, man u Tottenham, and man city I should call it a day because we will definately lose. I cant wait for the day arteta and edu leaves. it will be 3 points for me. and at least I will feel hopeful for my beloved arsenal again.

    5. Mind you bro we lost against Brentford which I think is a bottom rather than mid table!! I think with we have only two probable wins from now to December and that is Norwich and crystal palace

  5. Im sick of Arteta, he knows nothing more only wasting money in his stupid transfers for kids under 23.

  6. I don’t understand Arteta. He went to city with no cdm? Is he joking with us fans? How ESR finished this game was beyond me. Immediately Saka got redcard, all he needed to do was switch back to a back 4. Take ESR and Saka out. Put elneny and lokonga. Remove odegaard and put lacazette. But he continued with the rubbish he was playing. I’m done with Arteta, he can’t move this team forward. How is these players, chambers,kolasinac,Cedric still at Arsenal? Oh yea nobody wants them or they want them for peanuts. Enough said about xhaka, I can’t say more than I’ve said before.

    1. You just can’t make this up. From the school boy defending from Chambers to the lack of confidence by holding to the naive tackle by xhaka leading to a needless redcard to arteta’s incompetence in not Fielding a proper defensive midfielder to Arsenal’s lethargic attacking forays sums up our demise . Clowns populate the club from top to bottom. Mancity showed no mercy because we showed them too much respect. The mid table teams we will meet in September will relish playing us. That is how low we have fallen. Championship will suit us with the spiraling way we are sliding. So sad

      1. Muyizo, Manchester City didn’t get out of second gear, let alone third. It was a training run.

  7. Qatari oil moguls,pls save the Arsenal from kroenkes, from mediocre board, shambolic edu, disaster class and clueless ARTETA.
    We need total overhaul from owners to players.
    3games in no goal score, 9 conceded.

  8. It was criminal giving a novice that amount of money to spend! He should have been sacked last season and now potentially we have Arteta for another long miserable season! I honestly don’t understand what anyone sees in him, he’s possibly the worst manager in the league but fans will find excuses for him no doubt.

    1. @kev82, this huge funds could’ve been given to Enrique or Allegri, but the board refused and we ended up with a novice.
      For over 30mins of the game, our possession was 9%. Only one attempt as against City’s 25.
      Even the worst of Arsene Wenger was miles better than this trash.
      Spent 50m on a defender that doesn’t have any impact on your defence.
      Highest spenders with worst results.
      Rookies everywhere (Edu, Arteta, Vinai)

      1. Absolute shambles Namo from top to bottom, I don’t think I’ve ever seen us in such bad shape it’s very worrying and if we continue with this (Process) I genuinely believe we could be in a relegation scrap! Big clubs do not hire assistant managers with no managerial experience it’s unheard of… They are clueless, from ownership, boardroom and coaching, we are a laughing stock and rightly so. All I hear is give the manager time… Who could we replace him with ? At this rate the Tin Man would do a better job.

      2. Namo the funds and power should have been given to Emery and Arsenal would have been in afar better position. Compare the CV’s of Emery vs Arteta.

  9. Evidently this was a disappointing result and there were some poor performances.
    However, the comments about Arteta are disgraceful and dishonorable.
    Antonio Conte is also not the answer unless you are planning to spend another 200-250 million.
    The points being made about Conte’s ability as a manager are also either dishonest or ignorant. Some of us can remember Arsenal putting his Chelsea to the sword a few years ago. At the time his team was being described as “an old and jaded side” before he was able to turn things around. Every manager needs time and effective investment.

    1. Leave it mate, I beg you that this isn’t the hill to die on. Arteta is more a meme than manager at this point.

    2. David, why didn’t Emery, a far better credentialled manager, get “time and effective investment”?

    3. It took Conte only TWO MONTHS to turn things around at Chelsea. Arteta had 20 months and we’re regressing!

    4. I think the comments is already very kind to the “brainless” Arteta. What Arteta had done is more disgraceful and dishonorable.
      We are now rock bottom at the EPL losing 3 games, scored 0 goals and let in 9 goals. Every true gunner fans is bleeding from the heart.
      Not sure what is on his mind by playing Chambers, Kola beside Holding at city. To me this is committing suicide, WFT????
      Arterta is not even fit to manage a championship side. He should have known that and should never have taken up this job. I pray that he would disappear from Arsenal forever!!!

  10. In a pub full of gloating City fans who are laughing at us. All you “Know All’s” who would not admit last season this novice was out of his depths should be in here now.
    The walk from the ground afterwards is as bad as I have ever felt leaving a game and I’ve witnessed some humiliating defeats over the years. Honestly, I’m close to stop going until Arteta is out and is replaced by someone who knows what he is doing. He is a MUG. And all those who have stood by him are MUGS TOO

    1. Oh Phil there’s still plenty of supporters who think Arteta needs more time and money… that sh*t show today still not enough to waken people up.

    2. Only one thing more annoying than a “Know All” Phil. And that’s an “I told you so”.
      We are all Arsenal fans here. We all have different ways of supporting out team, but we all want the best for our club.
      I desperately want Arteta gone too, but I would never try to belittle other fans just for supporting Arsenal in what they believe is the right way.

  11. What happens when the Kroenkes lose faith in the Arteta project? Is it likely Arteta simply gets the sack and a new manager is found? It seems unlikely to me.

    The Kroenkes don’t run the club; in the sense that they have delegated the creation and execution of its strategy (if you can call it that) to Vinai, Edu and Arteta.

    The 3 of them have clearly painted a narrative of poor recruitment at the hands of Gazidis, Sanllehi and Mislintat as the driver behind the club’s deterioration. But if things get worse then that narrative breaks down. Vinai and Edu have worked hard to convince the Kroenkes that Arteta is the man to trust and that they should invest heavily into who Edu and Arteta want to sign.

    If they can’t trust Arteta anymore then how can they trust Vinai and Edu?
    Not that they should have to begin with. All 3 of them are doing their roles for the very first time with less than 2 years’
    experience now.

    So would the Kroenkes trust Vinai and Edu to appoint a new manager, with a new project and invest even further?
    I doubt it. My gut tells me they’ll sell the club instead.

    I think this season is going to be pivotal in the history of the club. Feels like it’s the last chance for it to turn around its trajectory.

    1. Get in Overmars for a start. Stop the bleeding now while there is still a chance to get something from this season.

      Arteta is drowning, Edu using him as a human shield, and fans blaming owners while ignoring Arteta spending over £200 million on 13 players and resigning 8 others.

    2. Ben I have not noticed your comments before, so forgive me if you are a regular contributor. I am impressed by what you write and it makes a lot of sense.

      I always appreciate those who take thetime to set out their thought and give the reasons behind their thinking, as you have.
      Conversely, so many simply post rants or else a few words only soundbite that shows no actual thought at all.

      My view has always been that we desperately need rid of the Kroenkes. I have thought this ever since they bought in and took control.

      As non football people they are the worst possible owners for our great cluband we badly need them out and ASAP.

      It is clear that right now Kroenke must be losing money by owning us and he will not keep giving new managers the sort of money he spent this summer.

      I think MA is unlikely to still be here next Jan2022 and if that means Kroenke also sells up, as he must have at least THOUGHT about so doing, then and only then, our chances of real sustained improvement are real.

      Ironically, the worse we fall, the more chance we have to force a KROENKE SALE.

      Unless and until Kroenke goes, any manager is no more than a stooge. MA is certainly proving to be a stooge!

    3. Ben, you are unfair on Sven Mislantat, because he walked rather than be part of the “sh#t show” at Arsenal.

  12. There are some supporters out there who should show heart and courage and accept they made a mistake over Arteta. He hasn’t got what is needed. Please guys, don’t hide, just say you were mistaken and join the push for change…..let’s be united on this. Come on guys….Arteta should leave.

    1. All this crap about wait until December is by people who know nothing about football. If we wait until then we will be relegation fodder

  13. Nobody seriously thought we would beat
    either the CL holders or the PL holders.
    Half the squad has been out with injuries or covid.
    Odegaard has just arrived.
    Today we were without our two top CB’s
    Gabriel and White, Lokonga was not played
    Xhaka got a red and Pepe was ill.
    We have not sold Bellerin yet to bring a new RB
    and Partey is still not ready.
    The season was always going to start in September v Norwich Burnley and Spurs.
    It is actually good we have played two top teams during this difficult transition period as we were not expecting to win any way.
    Expectations have been set very low so we can only improve and succeed.
    Arteta is still my choice to lead us forward
    I hope we don’t panic buy though.
    Will Juventus still buy Auba?
    Will we buy a new striker?
    COYG 🙂

    1. Fairfan
      You make some good points. Unfortunately, there are many fans here who are blinded by rage. There is so much ranting and raving.
      For many of these fans the simplistic “solution” is to sack the manager.
      They cannot understand why the likes of Chambers and Holding are not taking Chelsea and Man City to the cleaners.
      Much is still continuously being made of what has been spent; this is always without context in order to suit a particular narrative.
      It would be interesting to see the wishes of these fans play out in an alternate universe.
      Maybe we would then be able to change managers every time we lose a game.

      1. David… you even understand the game?Unlikely by yhe way you post TRULY naive comments. Give the man time? I sort of understand for wenger but this novice? who doesnt have any credentials?
        Just naive the lot of you who still support this novice

        1. I understand you feel the need to vent your anger. Which is to be expected after bad results.
          I am not convinced however that getting rid of the manager is going to solve Arsenal’s problems.
          I have formed a different, well-considered, view from yours based on my understanding of the circumstances. This does not make me naive; but less prone to emotional outbursts.

          1. Comfortably numb is the only emotion that could lead to such a ridiculous conclusion .. the club is in a death spiral and right now the only chance of getting out of it is with a new manager … does that solve all problems of course not but it was obvious to anyone with a couple of brain cells that the man was way out of his depth last Xmas when
            We could have brought in tutchel but the projectistas wanted more time for the rabbit in the headlamps … and 8 months later here we are bottom of the league zero confidence playing the worst football in our time in the epl and with a transfer policy in shambles … predictable and precicted … so no more time for this clown gracias

    2. I sorry for you. It is when the wall breaks before you realize that the blocks are inferior. Arteta is not good enough for Arsenal!

    3. @fairfan, really, are you kidding me? We knew we were going to loose alright but not without a fight,

      How do you describe 5-0, from a Mancity , how?
      It’s terrible, I hope you saw the ball possession, that’s from bad to worse to shambles,

      Last year, the introduction of Smith-Rowe gave us a boost,

      This year who’s going to give us that boost?

      Our midfield is terrible, the midfield is the heart of football, it’s where leaders are created,

      I really don’t buy the idea of Saliba playing yet, he’s still young ,

      Our major problem is our mentality, too lazy minded ,

      We need strong players, probably we should get DCL and Bissouma,

      See how Jaoqim Correa performed in inter,

      Arteta had better get his brain functioning appropriately.

    4. If we cant beat them, then it’s not arsenal. its more farcical than arsenal. I for one never,ever watch arsenal thinking that we wont win. That’s just me. I always support the team. never will I want arsenal to lose. never. not with even arteta in charge. but he plays garbage football for everyone to laugh at my once beautiful and confident arsenal. #artetaout

    5. As usual Fairfan I love your optimism and respect your comments, every one of which is correct (except about keeping Arteta!).
      But note that many other managers have had similar problems, but do not role out excuses for not succeeding whilst en route to no points or goals in 20th place. It feels like excuses for losing have now replaced reasons to win in our players’ minds.
      And saying because we now have a low bar its easier to succeed is like telling a man who’s just lost 9 toes to a shark to be grateful he still has 1 left – it’s neither helpful nor going to get a pleasant response.

    6. fairfan, Arteta is the one who decided that Saliba and Mavropanos were not good enough CB’s for Arsenal, yet Chambers, Holding and Kolasinac were. Arteta is the one who selected a team to play away at Manchester City without a DM. Arteta is the one who requested Xhaka to stay, offered him an upgraded contract and made him captain after he disrespected the Club and everyone associated with it. Arteta is the one who spent £50 million on Ben White from B&HA, when £40 million would have got Yves Bissouma.
      Arteta is the one who is entrusted to “manage” Arsenal FC. This means he is required to coach the players to meet their full potential, select a team and devise a formation and tactics to maximise the output of the player resources available to him, motivate those players to give their all for the Club, work to his teams strengths and counter the strengths of the opposition. In all these management tasks he is failing.

  14. this sacking is just going to be needlessly prolonged. Edu, Arteta should be gone tonight! If Ek is serious he needs to get serious sooner rather than later.

  15. Just imagine this
    1. Arteta has spent over £200 million
    2. 13 new players
    3. Resigned 8 players
    4. Worse now than “deadwood” with Wenger or Emery.

    Arteta blaming refs still, ghost fouls and penalties, it never ends.

    Evidently only Arsenal faced covid struggles, injuries, and VAR decisions.

    Decision has to be made, what’s best for Arsenal or best for Arteta.

    Not sure what’s left to see or learn regarding Arteta, simply can’t polish a turd.

  16. how pathetic situation is at arsenal even the opposite manager is crying for mikel arteta even after thrashing the team. we lost all the recent matches against man city and after that pep has come to support arteta it is more embarrassing for the fans

    1. And gullible Arsenal fans will say look Pep thinks he’s brilliant.. yeah of course Pep wants him to stay at Arsenal he’s Guaranteed 6 points every season.

  17. Pep loves it. Man City loads of goals Arsenal zilch…..”Arteta is a great manager”, I hear Pep saying. As Alan Sugar says…….Arteta, you’re FIRED!

    1. I feel really sorry for people, who have such a short memory, and who enjoy every opportunity to stab our manager. I feel sorry for people, who only grow the negative rather than the positive. Sad.

  18. I know he is weak when he couldnt handle a talent and a disruptive (against oppostion) bundle of energy like Guendouzi. ANYBODY that appears to have a little energy and brawn about them, he discard them without even trying. Guendouzi, Saliba, Torreira. No man-management skills. I can imagine these 3 under Mourinho’s charge in his prime. Whatever they lack in talent (and they have a lot) they will deliver in fighting spirits in abundance. Frigging out if his depths. Will it kill you to instruct your team to kick all and every ball to Row Z when you are already down 2 – 0 in the first 12mins so we can keep the deficits down to something respectable and useful down the end of the season??? Take a hike now imposter!

    1. A good manager could’ve used this three players effectively. Guendouzi and Torreira miles better than some of those we have in midfield right now.

  19. This man who deem the old defence who is not good enough went on to buy players to improved this club which would not even play when they are fit with a old left wing which he feels not good in the defence. this guy is a joke, the only good thing is his hair line. did he really improved any players, we are so visibly going backwards so much, not to mention week in week out lineup is different even when they are fit which he think everyone in the club is messi. he loans his 2 optional leftback out last season only to realise he has no backup at the end of the season. what a clown

  20. Enough said on xhaka. Enough said on Arteta. Enough even said on unambitious Kroenkes. All we need now is God’s intervention by making them accept selling the club. Without change of ownership, Arsenal will sure be relegated. London fans too have a big role here. There are too gentleman to my liking. They should do something drastic even beyond boycott of matches. It is only Arsenal home fans that take this rubbish in all the European big clubs. Artetakroenkeout ASAP.

  21. If by after Norwich match Edu and Arteta still in this team I will stop watching any of their marches
    This two guys are jokes and lack what it takes to bring results for our darling team
    Am sorry for all of you guys watching them in Emirate we should all over the world do the needful by staging a serious protest against these set of mediocres in our team

  22. I am anti-Arteta, I never liked him as a player, I wanted an experienced manager or leave Freddi L. on charge.
    With that said, club made a decision and we had to support it as fans. I did not like Arsenal last two seasons but we finished on high note.
    Losing to benford was a surprise, then we had a table of Chelsea and City, which is terribly unlucky for MA.
    Our performance was not good in preseason or against Bentford and it was not the striker issue.
    We wanted at least 17-18 points in first 10 matches, to feel we improved. We lost 9, we have Nowrich and Burnley (who also lost first 2 matches) next. Anything but 6 points, should mean Arteta out for any reasonable human being, because for a lot of fans want him out already.

    Problem is that if we had 6 points, can the ship keep steady for the rest of 6 matches out of 10, with that performance, without losing more than further 3-4 points?

    1. First 10 matches – Agreed.

      1st – Brentford.
      2nd – Chelsea.
      3rd – Man City.
      4th – Norwich
      5th – Burnley.

      “the rest of 6 matches out of 10” 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      Love to meet your math teacher, Ba!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. 😂😂I was sleepy, you see, I wrote Bentford twice, each with a different spelling.
        Anyways, you get the idea, to finish season with 64-68 points, which should get a team a decent position, according to last season table, a team has to be to get 17-18 points per 10 matches steadily.

        We lost 9 out of 30, this means we can maximum lose 3 or 4. That is one loss or two draws. Considering we are to face Spurs, and foxes in the first 10, and our performance … we cannot afford to lose points to our fighting relegation contenders.

        Thanks for the laugh 😅

  23. As I said previously, I don’t see any improvement from the last season. No tactics or accuracy in our playing system, we are boring and losing!

    No more excuses, Wenger suffered the same with the player injuries and even worst but we never played this bad!

    Arteta must be sacked now and give a chance to someone to work with the players during the break!

    1. Emery had Koscielny, Kolasinac, Holding, Bellerin, Lichtsteiner, Welbeck injured, some like Koscielny, Holding and Bellerin bad long term injuries.

  24. For once, i want Arteta out. i don’t see it happening though. My school team ‘ll do a better job.

  25. Arteta seems a nice guy who loves being involved with football and has genuine affection for AFC HOWEVER in terms of bad records, poor performing teams and points on the board he is just not up for the job. Neither do I believe is Edu.

    Both old boys who I think are way out of their depth.

    Kroenke suffers them because he is not in this for the business of winning but for the business. There will come a time though and I hope it’s sooner rather than later that even he will realise this dire situation and state of affairs is severely affecting in a detrimental way his asset. someone else must be charged with getting better performances from this group of players that have been assembled at no small expense.

  26. It’s either Arteta buys 2 renowned leaders or he quits his job,

    We lack leadership on the pitch, no direction, no authority,

    He better buy Dominic Calvert and keesie from Milan or get Bruno from Lyon,

    It’s pathetic, how can Arsenal fc have that poor possession,
    How can we be hoping to gain points from smaller teams, not even sure we can beat west ham, Everton, Leicester, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Leeds ,

    Beating man united is going too far, what a shame,

    At this point we need Overmars, Dennis Bergkamp,

    Edu, vinnay and Arteta should be fired .

    It’s obvious we are clueless.

  27. Arsenal has looked disjointed since game 1 of the pre-season. This is 100% a coaching issue. Constant setup alterations on a team that has not been glued properly give an obvious negatives result. Arteta needs to go urgently. he is not allowed to hide behind the fact that he didn’t have his best players available. Arsenal had 95% chance of losing this game today but the manner they did is on Arteta.

  28. If the same things keep happening regardless of who the manager is then its pretty clear the problem is the owner. You can sack Arteta, bring in someone else and the odds are nothing will change. But of course the chances of getting a new owner are practically zero. Changing managers is easy, even if its like moving deckchairs on the Titanic.

    1. ownership is the problem because they are all over the place with their funding and get poor managers, and dont care about the mentality of this club or if they succeed or not. Owners who cared wouldve moved AW on years sooner and gotten a top manager to replace him. Emery and Arteta are not top managers. Emery is only good when he can communicate with his players, whiche he clearly could not in England or France. And Arteta is just inept and inexperienced in every imaginable way. He has absolutely nothing going for him.

  29. Tinkering man Arteta just doesn’t have it what it takes to manage Arsenal, even Steve Wonder
    can see that. his tactics
    were absolutely wrong against city, Xaka slow as molasses the lone central mid, Lokonga on the bench,Kola can’t play the back 3 formation to save his life.

  30. There ain’t any arsenal fans on the board at arsenal ,no-one on the board has the balls to say enough is enough they are all cowards.
    It’s time for the board to show some bolls and start head- hunting for the next manager, they have to admit that it’s not working with Arteta/Edu, they have got to go now , if we get involved in a relegation fight and we manage to stay up that would be counted as a successful season thats how far we have fallen

  31. Flipping hell, just got back from golf ( which was awful) and now just seen today’s result, there is no excuses, hardly any team these days gets thumped especially the top teams amongst them selves, was it a real horror show ? Did xhaka deserve to get sent off ? These defeats are not good for our young players, they are already taking on baggage 😔. I thought we would lose but come on flipping fight damn it…

  32. If he doesn’t get sacked after the 5 games, it will show the ambition of this club. We should all apologize to Usmanov.

  33. The only positive is the transfer window hasn’t closed. We can still buy 5 players, get a new general manager, a new coach, a new financial manager, a new owner, a new everything. We have THREE days to save this club. Can you hear that KROENKE’S???!!!!

  34. Enough said on xhaka. Enough said on Arteta. Enough even said on unambitious Kroenkes. All we need now is God’s intervention by making them accept selling the club. Without change of ownership, Arsenal will sure be relegated. London fans too have a big role here. They are too gentleman to my liking. They should do something drastic even beyond boycott of matches. It is only Arsenal home fans that take this rubbish in all the European big clubs. Artetakroenkeout ASAP.

    1. Follow the example of Manchester United fans, without the vandalism and demonstrate to get the Kroenke’s attention. Look how the Glaziers responded.
      The demonstration at the Emirates on Saturday had 8 attendees; that’s the problem!

  35. I feel exactly the same way I felt after we beat Hull & Chelsea, happy but sad, sad that it gave the 2 incompetants (Wenger was that, at the end) another year.
    This time, the feeling is reversed, sad that we were thrashed but ‘glad’ to be proven right again. Time and again, I have voiced my opinion about xhaka and the novice and again been proven correct. The usual ijuts like ja and gai probably snickered when I said playing with xhaka is like playing with 10 men….mate, gets so difficult to be right all the time. Positives? I expected a 6 nil loss

    Manure buys Ronaldo for nearly half what we paid an unknown defender. Even if you paid Ronaldo 12 mil a year + transfer, it would be less that the package for white and that investment would be paid back in a year.

    Now you know why I have always said , the CEO and board MUST go along with the novice and the brazilian investigated for financial inappropriates. What else explains our big buck transfers in the last 2 years? Pepe? Willan? White? Ramsdale? Worth what we paid for? HELL NO
    Ronaldo…yes that Ronaldo, was bought for 29 mil AND Messi was free????

  36. Spot on exactly , same point I made , the aforementioned players are championship materials couple with the coach , a clueless coach


    Trust Sauron, trust Saruman, trust Putin, trust Trump, trust Arteta……to suck the lifeblood out of the team.

  38. Heard the Marketing and PR team at Arsenal are having a rethink on the name of the upcoming documentary reportedly changing it from ’All or Nothing’ to just ‘Nothing’ .

    Seems more apt considering everything ..

  39. Anyone know how we can put the pressure on club sacking Arteta? Spam Twitter? Clubs web pages?

    I’m afraid this leech wont leave until he is forced out.

  40. You can’t blame Arteta because the Sun was in our players eyes, the wind was behind Man City, Man City had better breakfasts, we aren’t ready from pre-season yet, Arteta needs to get a coaching badge, and the Almighty, hallowed be his name, supports Man City. So it’s understandable that we were pummelled. Nothing to do with Arteta.

  41. A lot of good number 2’s don’t make the grade as manager.
    Pep praised Arteta’s coaching, but its quite clear, like Don Howe, Brian Kidd, Peter Taylor and others, that a good coach doesn’t always make a good manager of a team.

    Arteta should be honest with himself and realise he’s not a number 1.

    Good managers make the right decisions when needed, I can’t see anything he’s doing, from team selections, tactics, transfers and coaching players is right.

    Pep might just be having a laugh. Arteta is a snake oil salesman.

    Thing is we need a manager. Not snake oil.

  42. The only difference between an electrical plug and Arsenal football team the electrical plug has 3 points

  43. Supporters leaving the stadium before 30 minutes of play. I thought I have seen it all. Whao and the pain continues…

  44. The easiest fixture to call every season Mancity home to Arsenal.

    None of the new signings would’ve changed anything.

    No energy, no idea. Wasted transfer money again.

  45. I got no words left after watching that
    Gutted beyond belief at what is happening to my club
    Heads need to roll & tonight, not in 3-5 games time

        1. Every other team is playing better football than we are; and that’s all I want to see – a decent game!
          Ooh no, sod the scousers! West Ham for me!

          1-0 Chavs! Anfield silenced!

        2. I actually do and have supported Liverpool as the only team among our main rivals(though “rivals” right now seems to be a misnomer) that I CONSIDER A WHOLESOME CLUB WHERE FANS ARE VALUED AND A REAL COMMUNITY SPIRIT IS FOSTERED.

          If today, I were choosing my club to support for life-instead of over 60 years ago – I would not hesitate to choose Liverpool and would not look twice at our club, were my heart not already given for life. But it is!

          1. And the Club of Lake Macquarie boy Craig Johnston. Although jon I can’t forgive them for buying Ray Kennedy from Arsenal after the 1970/71 Double.

      1. That was super header…
        He was way away from 6 yard box and still he managed to looped that over Allison..
        That was super header

  46. I remember when arsenal sacked Terry neill & Don Howe that was a sad period to be an arsenal fan we were totally crap but no one bullied us , the arsenal of today are not only crap but they have no backbone.
    After the sackings of neil/howe George Graham was appointed manager he completely changed the club overnight , fellow arsenal fans I’m hoping history repeat 🙏 it’s self once Arteta/Edu have been sacked. I won’t be writing or reading anymore on JA until they have been sacked or we are competing for the Premier league again . There is so much anger and hurt been a arsenal fan at the moment
    We get bashed by the media ,laughed at by other fans , on JA it’s became repetitive , going round in circles .

  47. Nope he won’t be sacked as now I suspect probably Venkat and Edu got kick back from signing Arteta. There can not any other logical reason to keep him in job unless you have no eyes to see, no ears to hear and no mind to process the the factual situation folding Infront of you.

  48. I think he must be sacked. In the last two seasons (Both with Arteta) the team was 8th, very far from the position that by history Arsenal must be
    This season the team isn t playing in Europe, so there are no excuses to be in Championship positions

  49. Has anyone wondered if the Amazon reality show filming is messing with the players’ heads? Especially when the media are doing their best to run the team down, for good reasons and bad, and even the fans are baying for blood.

    Arteta is clearly a capable manager. If you don’t know, this team had the second-best record in the league over the last 2/3 of last season. That means he coached them out of their bad start.

    Now he has many injuries, a side in the midst of big changes, and supporters who think they are experts, seem to have no patience at all, and prefer attacking the club to supporting it.

  50. We all talk like arsenal problems cant be fixed and fixed easily with a few tweaks and some players that dont cost 100 million. 1. first be brave and drop Leno since we want to play out from the back. 2. stop playing out from the back by passing to the central defender. let 2 midfielders sometime come for the ball and move the ball much quicker instead of overthinking who to play it to. 3. Tierney need to defend and not be given instruction to overlap too much. The space left behind is been exploited by opponents. they know this and use it well against us most games. 4. Switch the midfield. Xhaka should not be our holding midfielder. play Xhaka in front the 2 defensive minded midfileder or bench him. 5. buy a Good DM, a leader. to partner partey or lokonga. mix up the play, switch flanks better instead of punting it up field. move the ball faster,press harder. dont press like Auba today looking at Ederson with the ball at his feet for over 15 seconds at a time ,thinking Ohh I’ll wait for everson to play it out. With Ederson saying you dont press I dont have to play it, am 2 nil up loser. 6. Get a better winger than Pepe. someone who can run directly at opponents to have them on the back foot during games. Team can compete. just need serious tweaking. ohh and get rid of arteta.

    1. Leno’s problems are lack of command of his area and lack of communication with his defenders. He should be roaring instructions to them because he has a view of the whole field. In his defense, without Leno’s shot stopping ability, Manchester City would have scored at least 10 goals.

  51. Has anyone noticed that the incompetent owners prefers an incompetent manager over the success of the club and the majority of the cry out decision of the fans…I feel we should go for the owners and not just Arteta because it’s an evidence that as long as the kronekes are around even if we get conte,we may never progress as a point exactly.

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