It is 20 years since the Arsenal Invincibles won the title at the Lane – Where are they now?

As you may have heard it’s two decades since the Invincibles.

The club are doing relevant things to honour that team, including the design of our current home kit.

20 years ago, this week Arsenal won the League at the Lane which is fitting when you consider this weekend’s fixture.

Saka would lead post-match celebrations which were reminiscent to the scenes we saw in 2004.

So, let’s pay respect to the legends who played that day, racing into a 2-goal lead before drawing 2-2.

Thierry Henry has told the story that not all of Spurs players seemed to understand the consequences of the result, a draw enough for our 3rd Premiership.

Tottenham’s players and fans celebrated in such a manner that Henry took it upon himself to change plans made with security and police.

The squad had agreed if they were successful, they would not celebrate on the pitch due to it being a security risk.

Henry instead led the team to the away end to share the moment with Gooners. We are glad he did.

I’m old enough to remember this like it was yesterday.

Some would win silverware elsewhere, others have tried management, TV and radio, 2 are future Olympians, one is sadly no longer with us.

What they all have in common is they stole our hearts, moved into our memories and ensured they will live forever. They are immortals ……..

What happened to all players involved that day……


Was so disgusted by conceding a 90th min penalty that he was one of two Gunners who refused to join in the post-match celebrations.

Played every minute of a League campaign where we didn’t lose a game, the season after was single handedly responsible for us winning the FA Cup Final, our only trophy for 9 years. Then played in front of a back 4 that made a record in the Champions League for how long he went without conceding a goal.

When dropped, he wasn’t shy in publicly telling the world he thought Almunia wasn’t good enough.

One of the first former players Mr Wenger trusted to return to the club as an assistant coach but this ended when Unai Emery brought in his own staff.

Was on the board of Hertha BSC but his career has stalled since a racist WhatsApp message that became a big story in Germany.

Ashley Cole

If most Gooners are honest, they hate him because we loved him so much. One of the few to break through our academy, Cole should have been a future captain and face of our transition from Highbury to the Emirates.

The left back famously almost crashed his car when he was offered ‘only’ 55-000 pound a week to stay.

David Dein has since admitted the board went back on an original promise and could and should have done more to keep the player in North London. It’s seen as one of the first times that paying off stadium debt was prioritised over what was best for us on the pitch.

Went on to win every possible honour at Chelsea while we still await our first title since his exit.

Sol Campbell

The other Gunner not to take part in the post-match celebrations at the Lane due to security advice.

Autobiography detailed that at times the defender could be a bit eccentric and a loner, famously in 2006 leaving Highbury at half time and going AWOL, not returning Mr Wenger’s calls. Last game and goal for the club would be the Champions League Final. That was until a shocking return in 2010 for 14 games.

Has been very public in his belief that the colour of his skin is the reason that he hasn’t had more opportunities in management.

Kolo Toure

Made a mockery out of the myth that Mr Wenger couldn’t spot a centre back. Mr Wenger signed Kolo for just 500,000 the year previous and in one of the best tactical decisions in our history, convinced the Ivorian to learn the CB role.

For half a million we brought a player who started every game in a league campaign we didn’t lose.

Won trophies at Man City and went Invincible at Celtic, while also playing for Liverpool.

Played for 4 of the most famous sides in the UK maximising his career.

Still has ambitions to be a manager despite not winning any of his 9 games in charge at Wigan.


Less than two years after this game, Lauren suffered a devastating knee injury. Both he and his employers did a great job of downplaying how serious it was, convincing Portsmouth to pay a transfer fee. In reality the injury had robbed him of his powers.

One of the most successful African players of all time, he’s has been our ambassador for the continent since retirement.


Pires viewed Arsenal’s hesitation in contract negotiations and being subbed after only 18 mins of the Champions League Final as proof Mr Wenger no longer trusted him (an outfield player had to be subbed after Lehman’s red card).

The Frenchman admitted it impacted his relationship with his manager for years which might explain why he would often be invited back to train and coach part time as a goodwill gesture.

While it was club policy at the time to only offer one year rolling contracts to talent once they hit 30, letting the midfielder leave for free was seen as the first example of breaking up the Invincibles early to safe wages to pay off stadium debt.

Patrick Vieira

Our captain’s last kick of a ball for the club would the winning pen in the 2005 FA Cup Final.

The irony being that the one year it felt like he didn’t flirt with a move away was the time when we accepted a 13 million bid from Juventus, perhaps our final chance to get any value on the player.

Won 4 Serie A for Inter Milan before Man City transitioned him into a coaching role, something Arsenal should have done.

Coaching their youth and American franchises, the long-term plan was for Vieira to become manager at the Etihad before he didn’t want to wait any longer.

Coached Nice, Crystal Palace and currently Strasbourg.

Gilberto Silva

Doesn’t get enough credit for leadership qualities during the transition from Highbury – Emirates, one of the few experienced players who was kept on.

Won domestic doubles in Greece and Brazil before retirement.

Currently an ambassador for both Arsenal and FIFA.


Like he had done so many times that season our ‘Romford Pele’ was the perfect squad player, a reliable player you could bring in to cover injuries or suspensions.

Lifting the title would be his final act as a Gunner after 12 years in North London.

Since retirement in 2007 he has been a constant in the media, currently working for Talk Sport


The first ever game at the newlymade Emirates was the Dutch striker’s testimonial.

Like they do with several of their ex-players, Ajax invited one of their own back into the family as their under 12 manager, then under 19, before being promoted to first team assistant manager.

Fear of flying has led to him turning down managerial opportunities although he has since said that might change one day.

Thierry Henry

Played the first ever season at the Emirates but at that point it was viewed that it made sense for all parties to sanction a transfer to Barcelona.

It was the club’s last chance to get value on the striker at a time they were paying off stadium debt, and allowed the Frenchman to win the Champions League he deserved.

No player has scored more goals for Arsenal then Henry, including the couple he got in an emotional short-term return in 2012.

Has made no secret of his dream to manage the Gunners one day, a route he started by coaching our youth teams. This ended when Mr Wenger asked him to choose between that job or his role as a Sky pundit.

Managerial roles at Monaco and Montreal not as successful as a stint as Roberto Martinez’s assistant at Belgium where he got rave reviews for his work with their strikers.

Will be at the Paris Olympics with France


Graham Stack

Never would make a Prem appearance, the highest level the keeper would play being in the Championship.

Has been a goalie coach at Cardiff, Colchester and most recently Maccabi Tel Aviv.


Keown spent the final games of this season famously begging Mr Wenger to bring him on a late sub so he could qualify for a title medal, back when you needed at least 10 appearances to meet the criteria.

Since retiring in 2005 has been a constant in the media, working at World Cups with the BBC, the Champions League with BT/TNT and currently working with Talk Sport


12 months later would be hurt by how long it took Arsenal to offer him a contract, ironic given what his current job is.

The midfielder took that as a sign the club didn’t trust him, although in reality it was a concern over his injury record.

This was justified when he suffered knee issues at Valencia.

Earnt great reviews in Brazil as director of football for Corinthians and coordinator for the National team.

One of the most powerful men at Arsenal now, with him, Arteta, BFG and Josh Kroenke putting together an action plan to make us competitive again.


Spent this season and next mostly coming on to play in front of Cole to protect leads, making him the perfect replacement when Cole went to Chelsea.

Became one of many to join Man City to win the trophies he deserved.

Will be at the Paris Olympics as Henry’s assistant.


The only Invincible sadly no longer with us.

The Spaniard made no secret of being homesick and struggling to adapt to English culture.

Back in his homeland, he added a La Liga and 5 UEFA Cups / Europa Leagues to his CV.

Died at just 35 after a car accident.


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  1. Great article Dan.
    I wonder if you thought about including AW and Pat Rice in your article, along with David Dein and the board at that time?
    Another article perhaps to complete the most successful season in our clubs history?

      1. Dan
        A great read
        Would love to hear where are the 1971 double team
        Sadly some have left us but would be nice to know what so.e do e after they left us
        Great Post

      2. Thank you Dan for such a nice article. Nice to know what the invincibles are up to nowadays.

        Can you write if you have time about the ones who kept leaving us after when we moved to the Emirates? How did they fare and where are they nowadays? Example Song, Hleb, Flamini etc..

  2. Toure cost no where near 500,000, it was under 200,000. Also it was the idea of Martin Keown to play Toure at CB according to the clubs DVD of the Invincible season.

        1. Wow! Martin Keown the power behind Wenger’s throne lol 🤣🤣🤣.

          Give it a rest mate and save yourself heartache. The great Arsene Wenger has been immortalized at the Emirates Stadium and he is in history books.

          Your constant feeble digs at him serve no purpose other than a pacifier to you.

            1. Like I told you. Whatever you think is the truth is only for comforting yourself. It does not take away anything from the great one achievements and no one cares about your usual digs apart from yourself.

              1. Like I told you, it’s on the Invincible DVD that was released by the club, so it’s not what I think, it’s what really happened.

                You obviously care, otherwise you wouldn’t be replying.

                    1. Well after playing him in midfield, right back and left back, Keowns idea certainly proved the right one.

                    2. Of course he would have had the final say 🙄, but according to the clubs DVD, it wasn’t his idea. The idea was that of Keown.

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