It is a decisive week for Arsenal AND Wenger…..

Arsene Wenger has revealed ahead of tomorrow’s match against Hull City, that these next few games are decisive in the success of Arsenal’s season. But are they also decisive for Arsene Wenger?

Arsenal have a rather challenging, yet ‘different’ set of fixtures ahead of them. The Gunners kick off proceedings against Hull in the Premier League, before travelling to Germany midweek for a Champions League clash against Bayern Munich. The Gunners will then end the week with a trip down to South London to take on the lowly league FA Cup surprises so far, Sutton United. It’ll be an interesting week for the Gunners, in which could really make or break the season.

Arsene Wenger recognises the importance of Arsenal’s forthcoming games, not just because it will likely determine what success, if any, we will have this season; but also because I don’t think he can afford to lose another game right now. Pundit and former Gunner Paul Merson reckons Wenger should be sacked if Arsenal lose to Hull and although I think realistically that’s a wish that’s a little farfetched, I’m sure Wenger is starting to feel the heat.

Wenger revealed to Sky Sports: “We come out of two disappointing results after a very difficult week. So what I mean when I say that is the way that we respond in a united way to a difficult moment in the season. It is a very sensitive moment because we come out of a big disappointment.”

“But as well we have massive challenges in front of us, we play Hull first at home, then we have the Champions League at stake, then we have the FA Cup at stake.”

The Gunners match against Hull City could prove vital in claiming a top four spot this season, with Arsenal already seemingly out of the title race. It’s not even so much that we need a win for the top four, the club just needs to get all three points to ensure that we don’t go three games without a win in the Premier League. That would be a massive 9 points missed and that could prove vital in what could be a tight top four finish.

Next up is the midweek Champions League fixture against Bayern Munich. It’s a match that not too many Gunners will have hope for, especially in our recent form. However we must go to Munich with hope that we can snatch and grab at least a point, given they too have not been at their best this season (but still lead the league). Arsenal have beaten Bayern away from home before, with a much weaker side as well. We know it can be done, but realistically, what are the chances?

Finally the Gunners will end the week with a trip to Sutton United, in which we have to hope with all fingers crossed, that Arsenal don’t somehow manage to muck this up. It’s a fixture we should be winning every day of the week and i don’t mean that in disrespect to what Sutton have achieved in the cup this season. However the Gunners should be on top no matter what team or game plan we go with. Arsenal have had a few previous cases of embarrassment in the cup competitions, most notably against Bradford. So let’s hope that we don’t see a repeat of that fixture when we come up against Sutton.

It’s a tough test for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, but it’s vital we turn our season around before its too late.



  1. goonerboy says:

    I think it is now clear we are fighting for Top 4…what could be Wenger’s excuse this season?
    Now the only hope of silverware is the FA we just have to wait and see, and if we meet Chelsea God help us…

    I eagerly anticipate what happens at the end of this season and my wish is that Wenger leaves and Ramsey,Cech,Ozil, can all go with him…

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Don’t understand your dislike of Cech and Ozil. Costa, Fabregas, Hazard had a bad season last season. Doesn’t mean they aren’t top players. They proved it again this season. Cech and Ozil are quality players

      1. goonerboy says:

        you dont mean that!!!

        1. pubgooner says:

          All of them can leave, as long as Alexis and Boss stays..

  2. goonerboy says:

    It might be a decisive week for Arsenal but surely not for Wenger because whatever the outcome,he is still in charge,he is still blameless, still always right One, still knows best, still deluded and still stubborn….


  3. tweety says:

    aw makes me laugh or cry by saying the championship is far from over. lol. for the last ten or twelve years our team played to obtain that elusive fourth place. the board are happy, cause they see money only. they dont care about the supporters. = gooner for ever

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    The PL championship is over for us. 12 points is too much.

    Its not impossible to beat Bayern, but we won’t be able to win the CL with the quality we have and the way we have been playing.

    The FA Cup is winnable but also for other teams too.

    What I’m hoping for is
    1. Winning the FA Cup
    2. Finishing in top 4
    3. Finishing ahead of Spuds
    4. Doing the best we can in CL
    5. Wenger out (but winning the PL may be more likely than Wenger leaving voluntarily or being forced to leave)

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      We are going to win FA… Like in sweet FA ??

  5. Twig says:

    Stats: Arsenal has won all 13 games in which Coquelin hasn’t started 😀

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Is that true, hmm, so was it the Coquelin non influence or was it the Mustafi influence.

      Coquelin started the season really well, but he did go off the boil completely. His positioning has looked awful at times. But before this turning point, Coquelin, purely as a ball winner, his numbers matched up to most DM’s throughout Europe. Personally I think a DM should have more about his game, not necessarily forward abilities, but like knowing when to take a card. Or knowing how to get under the skin of rivals, or how to block runners when out of referees view. The little tricks of the trade he doesn’t seem to have. Then with his passing being slow and non threatening, as well as his lack of dribbling ability, I think we can do allot better. At the same time though, Kante is purely a ball winner, a better one, but like I said Coquelins numbers were good too.

    2. Budd says:

      Prior Watford, Arsenalnever lost a game where Mustafi started. 21 games …

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    ***** GA M E O V E R *****
    Please insert £8 million

  7. ger burke says:

    one hundred and sixty grand a week to tell such sweet lies. sure i would believe my own lies if i were on that much money, wouldnt you ?.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    Typical week for Wenger I’d say: Poor results, having a pop at the fans, no remorse for his actions, delusions of grandeur, claiming Arsenal are still in a title race, disputing a crucial goal (claims of a foul on Bellerin for Alonso’s goal have been quashed from all quarters), and so on, and so on!

    Just repeat this same time next season if Wenger’s still here.

  9. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Wenger out.
    Tuchel In.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I think Allegri would be the stand out candidate, he has winning experience. Simeone might be for some, but he’s Inter all the way, he made that clear. The others don’t have winning experience, maybe Lowe with Germany but that is a different type of challenge. There’s Blanc, but PSG had no competition really, and it’s hard to know if it’s he or the club which came up with the target player list. Tuchel, myself, I don’t rate the dude highly enough. Allegri, he’s had a winners medal with AC Milan as well as Juve’s, some doubles in there too. Seeing Conte in action would make you hopeful.

  10. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Decisive week for Wenger? LOLZ


  11. legend Henry says:

    I wonder why some people still support Wenger.
    He lies to the fans with high hopes
    He bottles things up when the chance presents itself
    He later comes out to say we can’t win the premier league
    That’s what happens every season
    still some fans haven’t realised this agony
    His time is up to leave but he won’t
    He favours some players than others
    He later blames the fans as if the fans select the players
    He has never blamed himself
    For some unknown reasons,fans continue to show their loyalty by fully attending matches while they come out on social media to vent their frustrations
    Wenger is taking the love of football from people
    Hardly a day passes than Wenger not being insulted
    For how long will these sufferings continue?

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