It is a fact that Arsenal are going backwards under Emery

Will the Board Sack Emery Before It’s Too Late? by Larry Dunlop

I read the two recent published articles with comments from former Arsenal player and TV Pundit Paul Merson and columnist known as Kenyanfan. Mr. Merson highlighted Arsenal’s inability to breakdown Sheffield United’s defence, no vision to go forward, a lack of leadership on the field and a lacklustre performance overall.

I then read Kenyanfan’s article, whereby he summarized the ineffective coaching style of Coach Emery and showed statistics that are truly SUBPAR by Arsenal’s normal standards. Kenyanfan’s article also highlighted that Arsenal had a poor record during the final part of last season and that Coach Emery’s game strategy has not changed since then.

Arsenal’s game record since April 14th this year are played 14 league games, won five, drawn four, and lost five taking only 19 points out of 42. Scored 20 goals whilst conceding 23. Thank you Kenyanfan for these statistics which don’t lie and do tell part of a bigger picture.

Coach Emery was hired by the Board for the Arsenal job over other candidates partly because of his ;
a) professional “clean cut” image,
b) knowledge of video game analysis,
c) success at Sevilla with Europa League titles and
d) attention to detail.

Coach Emery has been described as being, “So obsessed with football, its practically an illness”, according to former Spain winger, Joaquin.

Readers, family, supporters and anyone else reading this article, I ask the following important question? What does all those credentials by our Manager mean when you are losing and taking a club in the wrong direction?

Our Brand is being eroded and no “diehard” Arsenal supporter can honestly say that they are happy with our Coach.
This is the PREMIER LEAGUE family!!

I ask you these questions; Is Coach Emery good enough for Arsenal?
Does the Board care about the direction the Club is heading?
Does the Board think that our Manager can and will change tactics?
Does the Board think our Manager will make changes to the team selection?
Does the Board think that Unai Emery can direct us back to the Champions League, fourth place or better?

I did my own statistical research and found that Arsenal took 21 points after 9 league games last season compared to 15 points this season. Our goal difference was +11 last year, compared to +1 this season. (disappointing).

To my beloved Arsenal fans, if our Coach continues, “to do the same thing the same way, both you and I can only expect the same results”.

Arsenal is a BIG club and the Board truly need to act now and replace Coach Emery, otherwise, I predict that we will finish somewhere in the mid-tables and lose our Brand in the process.

Yours sincerely,
Larry J Dunlop


  1. Very good article. Completely agree. Emery is a failure in defence, midfield tactics and personnel, offence and no plan B. Ortetta would be a ideal choice next. Younger, hungrier, learning the business under the best in business in Pepp, knows the Arsenal way of football. Emery out, Ortetta in!

    1. Bond says:

      Common guy… You’re talking about plan b, when he doesn’t even have a plan at all, Emery is a moron, he is the problem that xhaka is having,xhaka have this problem under arsene,been used as the last block of the defense,he is not good at that,but when u partner him with torriera, and push him up a bit, he started playing well,torriera lost form around nov/Dec. Wish I expect from him been his first season here,and he stop using him,no even when he put him in, he pushes him up,exactly what he is did to wilnock in last match, am so tired of this man already.

      1. RicSAAlao says:

        The credentials listed above and Joaqhm comment, for me are embellishment and patronizing.
        I mean, beside that Unai and his team won those Europa league cups, nobody had any impression of him or his club. It was just ordinary performance, good enough in those period, when motivation for great teams was not Europa cup.
        The man has a problem of translating ideas to performance. He had that at PSG too, there, he had dream team, but it was good enough for ligue In, could ride higher when stake was higher at Europe.

        1. RicSAAlao says:

          Couldn’t ride higher when the stake was higher in Europe, I meant.

    2. ozziegunner says:

      gunner for life, who is this Ortetta character? What is his coaching CV and what has he won?

  2. Sue says:

    Nice one, Larry. It’s awful that we’re worse off than last year, what with all the money spent and certain players gone! Just think next season, if Unai is still here, we’ll be in a relegation battle! All our star players will want out.. jeez, at this rate I don’t think we’ll ever see any more glory days ☹

    1. Viju Jacob says:

      You see Sue, we had Wenger deadwood last year.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Viju, unfortunately the same lack of character, lack of commitment, mental fragility away from home and being bullied by physical teams so evident under Wenger still exists under Emery.
        Arsenal no longer appears to produce physically and mentally tough players, but overpaid snow flake prima donnas.

  3. Udefi Emeka Solomon says:

    The only team i saw wrong with Arsenal now is Sturboness, Ego and unjustifiable hatred towards Players from the part of Emery…

    Why keep using the same system over an over again when its not yielding positive result???

    Why keep using the same set of players over and over again when its obvious its not working???

    Why isolate the most creative player of the team for nearly a decade now even when its evident Creativity is what the team is lacking???

    Is it so hard to Play attacking football (Our famous Philosophy) than defend against even the weakest of teams and yet still drop point???

    Are the Board enjoying all this???

    alot of baffling questions to be answered… hoping the board and the coach sit and reason well before we lost it all.

    Just sad.

    1. 350oz says:

      No, there can’t be too many comments about Arsenal and the root of our problems 🙂 It’s better to vent rather than to implode lol
      I think Emery opts for experience, but then why didn’t he change his approach when it clearly wasn’t working? Tierney has been fit for a month, Holding has recovered, Ozil and Torreira are available, etc. Expecting different results with same lineup and tactics is like praying for a miracle.

      1. 350oz says:

        This should be a reply to Truth.
        No idea it appears here.

  4. Declan says:

    Good morning all.
    Emery Out.

  5. Not a coach says:

    He was appointed to fix Wenger’s problem in his final 2 years with Arsenal, reaching 5th then even 6th the following season. It seems he misunderstands it, he thinks he should do the same thing. And he did it.

  6. Godonga says:

    Please someone tell Emery Arsenal s ambition is not to win the Europa Cup, that is for the Evertons and the West Hams. We want to win the Premier League and Champions leagues. I SAY NO NO NO TO THIS EUROPA COACH! Utter rubbish!

  7. Roshan Gill says:

    Imagine if we didn’t have Auba this season we’d be worse than Man U

  8. Khangelani says:

    Unai is a complete joke,he has personal issues with players ,eg ozil,we don’t have no direction nor style under his leadership.The sooner we get rid of him the better

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Khangelani, do you honestly believe the issues between Emery and Ozil are all on Emery and he is acting independently without the connivance of the Management, Board and owner?

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Exactly… AFCs problem since Kroenke took over has been the board. Those muppets in the pic above are part of the rot as well.

      2. RicSAAlao says:

        You keep repeating this management backing the Coach against Ozil comment. The mgt, one of them made that moronic mistake of saying Ozil was not working hard enough.
        Except, the mgt has decided to accept the worst scenario about Ozil status, the response in public should be the coach is responsible for player selection.
        That comment against Ozil by one of these mgt guys is giving me an impression that they are actually puppets worse than Ivan.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          My view is they want Ozil off the wage bill come hell or high water, and are quite prepared to let Emery take all the flak.

          1. Dan kit says:

            So your saying Ozzie that Emery does not pick the team ?
            So by that ,it means he is just a yes man to the board ,so why would you want a coach who takes orders about his starting line ups coaching our team .

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Dan, just like Arsene Wenger ran interference for the owner and Board. Falling out with supporters may cost you your job; falling out with owner/board/management guarantees it. Also Ozil is not blameless in all this.

  9. Truth says:

    I probably wrote one too many 🙂 Emery out type of posts on here. But I agree with the above. Emery is not the guy to take us back to were we belong. He has had ample time and worst of all when we should be showing signs of improvement after his now nearly 18-month reign, we are going backward despite a stronger squad.

    From his comments on why he is not using his best defenders in the PL it is clear the guy is completely clueless. Basically he said that he plays the likes of Holding, Tierney and Bellerin in the EL is because he wants to use all his defenders!!!! and he thinks the other guys are getting better.

    This means to me that he sees no difference between Holding and Sokratis, Thierney and Kos or PL and EL. He thinks all his players are the same and perhaps thats what explains their rather robotic efforts of late. Why struggle all summer to splash good money on Thierney if you don’t believe he can add anything? Is Kos really playing lights out?? IMO Kos should play in the EL and not Thierney or Holding.

    A real manager IMO will know and play his best 11 in the PL (particularly at this stage of the season and whilst in 3rd).

    I had secretly hoped the reason he didn’t play his best defenders was that he wanted to bring them in slowly not because he didn’t think they were needed.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Truth, Koscielny (Kos) no longer plays for Arsenal and plies his trade at Bordeaux. It helps if posters on here know the Arsenal squad before posting on here.
      Emery lost me with his selected team to play Sheffield United. He needs to make amends quickly.

      1. RicSAAlao says:

        Oh! Is it a brainer for you he talking of kola, Kolasinac?

        1. Truth says:

          Thanks Ric for following my thinking rather than my typing.

        2. ozziegunner says:

          Ric, there is a big difference in “Kos” (Koscielny) to “Kola” (Kolasinac), so it is not “a brainer” for me, as I accept what is written. In my past profession as a Civil Engineer, Project and Contract Manager accurate written communication was essential.

          1. jon fox says:

            If any fan does not know the actual name of a player he is writing about , then it is sensible not to post until he DOES know the player’s correct name. Accurate communication is vital. I do not insist nor need perfect spelling BUT I DO need to know , WITHOUT DOUBT, the actual player who is being refereed to. This is a basic need on any proper English language fan site and should be seriously considered by those who have not those skills, BEFORE posting.

          2. Truth says:

            Jon, the fact that I referred to Kolesinac as Kos was, as explained and apologized for, an “honest” mistake and not born from the ignorance that I actually thought Koscielny was still playing for us as a left wingback.

      2. Truth says:

        Sorry, Ozzie didn’t mean to confuse you. Indeed I meant to compare our right-backs Thierny and Kolasinac and used a confusing abbreviation. The content of my message remains the same despite this error in form.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Thanks for the clarification. I don’t disagree re Kolasinac.

          1. Truth says:

            I don’t think Kolesinac is terrible but at our level, any form of improvement can make a (big?) difference and from what I have seen thus far and read about Thierney he looks like a more complete right back with a better ability to assist our forwards and on the other side a better ability to defend one-on-one.

    2. 350oz says:

      No, there can’t be too many comments about Arsenal and the root of our problems 🙂 It’s better to vent rather than to implode lol
      I think Emery opts for experience, but then why didn’t he change his approach when it clearly wasn’t working? Tierney has been fit for a month, Holding has recovered, Ozil and Torreira are available, etc. Expecting different results with same lineup and tactics is like praying for a miracle.

      1. Truth says:

        350oz – I can’t agree more. It is also comforting to know one is not alone in being depressed about the way our club is being managed. Fellow venters are like cheap therapy and healthier than the bottom of a bottle. And none of them complain when you don’t need them because we are winning.

        Or as Emery would say: “Venters are some times in a good way and sometimes not so much. The problem is when they want to make the progress and the progress is perhaps not so good because the player he doesn’t want to make the mistake because we must analyze for the next game which venter is happy because to analyze that is sometimes not so easy because the venter can not be found after a game like that. And for us, we have been working on that step by step and one day with will take the venter for what he wants but before that we deserve to win”

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Along with most people, I was amazed at the team selected to play Sheffield United away at Brammall Lane, given the players available.

        2. 350oz says:

          Yes, I think we care a lot hence we get frustrated when the result doesn’t come our way. For example the spuds, I couldn’t care less. I’m even happy about the situation they are in.

          That’s a good one, Emery’s interview sounds like that lol

  10. 350oz says:

    I’d like to point out that we had fit and healthy Laca last season. He and Auba went hand in hand and gracefully saved Emery’s ass. They made the problems less apparent. Now one of them missing and look at our situation. Imagine both are not available, frightening isn’t it?

    1. Truth says:

      I love Laca and he would be one of the first names on my team sheet every week. He brings fight and danger in the box that Auba doesn’t bring. How many goals didn’t he score with defenders practically hanging on his back? You need that with teams that sit back in there box.

      1. 350oz says:

        Yes, when he plays he acts as a pivot and bring others into play. He can also turns and shoots like you said, it makes him very effective in our attacking plays. I hope he is ready to play for 90 mins against CP.

  11. Brian says:

    Unai is a complete joke and a gambler surely he needs a doctor for a head check up. “very confused”

  12. kenyanfan says:

    Thanks for supporting my exact views
    Mr.Larry J Dunlop.
    Nothing has changed since last season. Infact the change is negative and it’s wanting. We as fans can always give our views supported by analytics and statistics but at the end of the day, it’s upon the management to act accordingly. Everyone including fans, writers, journalists and pundits have given their similar views and now it remains to be seen what the board comes up with as their next step towards putting out house in order. Good day and thanks for quoting my article

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      It was management who hired him in the first place, after he’d been sacked from his last job. Talk about putting our house in order… 😂😂😂😂

  13. @ozziegunner ortetta is acclaimed by no less than Pepp, he has the winning mentality, the Arsenal way of thinking, could be the next Lampard for us. We need someone firing on all cylinders, not someone cribbing and crying all the time.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      gunnerforlife, I suppose you mean Mikel Arteta (not “Ortetta”), assistant coach at Manchester City and ex Arsenal midfielder?

    2. Truth says:

      I would go for Arteta. I doubt Pep would have kept him around if he was useless and like you said he understands the Arsenal club well.

    3. gooner4life says:

      I think you mean Artetta who is working with Pep at Man city.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        gooner4life, please check again (I suggest Wikipedia) before you dig a bigger hole”; the name is spelt ARTETA.

  14. Viju Jacob says:

    Can anyone help me understand this?

    ‘The supporters, there are a lot of supporters with different opinions. Some want more creativity, some want maybe more intensity, more energy. I want both and my way is both, both sometimes one player is less with than that another because this is the way.

    ‘Last year we did not achieve, we were in the table by one point and in the Europa League final and we lost in the end. And OK, we were there. And this year – be there and take it.’

    1. Truth says:


    2. 350oz says:

      Interesting, that means Ozil is creative but lacking in work rate, so he isn’t on Emery’s plan. Also Willock is more creative/works harder than Ceballos.
      Second paragraph is about he defending himself. This year he will try to get into top four and win his favorite EL throphy.

  15. jon fox says:

    For me the whole back or sack UE, is a huge dilemma. On the one hand he has not yet had the chance to field all his own brought in players, as some of Wenngers are still in the squad and will be for some time to come. On the flip side though is the fact he has himself chosen and promoted some of Wengers flops, Xhaka being the obvious worst and most prominent example. Some good players have been bought but are not being picked and some of Wengers better players are also not being given a proper chance. Moreover any semblance of attractive style we may -or may not have had – under the later Wenger period, has vanished like early morning mist under the strong sun.
    In life I look and listen to the power of momentum or the oncoming tide , so to speak. It is clear that UE has few staunch supporters either on here or on Arsenal fan sites anywhere. I see this weekend as pivotal and I long ago decided to give UE up till the end of October to show sustained Prem improvement from the later Wenger years. I will stick to my self promise, though it must be said that this means he has just the Palace game to achieve what looks like an impossible aim. (Brexit by Oct 31st looks MORE likely and THAT looks damned unlikely.) I self promote myself as a realist for the simple reason that in life I go by actual evidence so far and never by unfounded blind optimism, when forced to make judgements. All my instincts tell me he is proven to be the wrong man for us; his lack of understandable English being a huge handicap in communication, except to Spanish speakers. Players passing on messages from him to non Spanish speaking other players is fraught with misunderstanding. Think Chinese whispers, if you doubt this truth.

    As things stand it looks most likely that Leicester and Chelsea will take the 3rd and 4th Prem positions and the evidence of this fledgling season backs up that view. A failure to achieve CL qual, will finally end UE’s time here, surely? The remaining question that needs an answer is do the hierarchy wait til then or act against him sooner. He has NOT the many glory years of credit to back him up as Wenger had, which so damagingly prolonged his poor later years and further regressed our club. I firmly predict that antipathy towards UE will continue to rise until it becomes a tsunami that no owner nor decision maker can withstand.

    Unlike some fans, I never, ever, support ANY individual whose presence I consider is harming our club. Right now, only a blind fool can possibly think UE is improving things. The ultimate conclusion is obvious.

    1. Namo says:

      The man Unai can actually save his job, by fielding his best 11,starting from Sunday.
      A win today, keeps us in a very comfortable position in the Europa League. Take ur best players from Europa, mix them with the best from Epl and play some positive attacking football in the Epl.
      If he’s too stubborn or scared to make these changes, then he’ll end up being changed himself.

  16. rg says:

    Prevention is better than cure strike while the fire is hot,so for the love of God get rid of him NOW

  17. Goonster says:

    To be honest Emery has not progressed us whatsoever.

    I just don’t see what he is trying to do. Same stagnation, no plan or style like wenger after the Cesc era came to an end.

    Was more than 7 years of rubbish.

  18. Abi says:

    Emery has his flaws by “our perceptions’. There are however a lot of information and situations in the team that we are not privy to, we rely on opinionated articles to make our assumptions.
    As a fan, i am also frustrated by our recent results, but i am willing to give Emery more time to field his best 11, especially now that majority of them are healthy.

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