It is a proud day for Arsenal fans whatever happens with Man City

Could this be the day we all have been waiting for?

Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal squad will welcome Everton to The Emirates for one last game of the season and with a lot of luck, could be lifting the Premier League trophy in front of our home fans, obviously a lot needs to happen for that to happen, but it’s football and you never know what could happen! Arsenal fans will be watching the game against Everton with a keen eye on the City game, hoping that they somehow manage to drop points.

When we look back at this season, I think it’s bee a very good one and even if we don’t win the trophy today, we can be proud of how far this team has come and how good we’ve been, compared to where we were 4 years ago. We’ve got a great bunch of players, who trust and believe in the managers vision, and it shows. Competing with the likes on Manchester City, who are arguably one of the strongest teams in the world and really putting Arsenal back on the map.

Everton is never an easy task for Arsenal though, so we can’t lose sight on getting a result against them first before we start to worry about things that are out of our control over at the West Ham vs City game. Everton have been somewhat of a bogey team for Arsenal and Arteta in recent times and when we last met, we only managed to scrape a 1-0 win at Goodison Park but luckily our form against them at home is much better.

Everton are safe this season after what has been a very up and down season for them, with points been deducted twice from the club and what started off as a strong start to their season, slowly derailed and injuries have also hit them pretty hard this season but they will want to get the win away from home on the last day and Dyche will demand they play at their bests.

As long as Arsenal don’t let the pressure get to them and stay focused on the task at hand, I think we are in with a chance. With all games starting at the same time, fans are going to be in for a rollercoaster of a day of football that’s hopefully ends in our Gunners waling away with the Premier League title.

We tend to let the pressure get to us in big games and a game like this, we can’t walk away with anything short of a win. I know the title is a long shot as City rarely drop points but there’s always a chance and there’s something so poetic about everything coming down to the last day. Hopefully Arteta can lead this team and guide them to a win and even if we don’t win the title, we’ve had an incredible season, especially in 2024, we’ve looked like a completely different squad who now look like they truly believe in the vision for the future.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. Come on you gunners.
    Get a win and we pray for city to drop points.
    But whatever happens you have done us proud.
    Love you all my fabulous gunners.
    Go boys COYG.

      1. Yes lets all be pessimistic and tell the world we have lost already!
        That will do us a lot of good!
        Wont it!!!!

        Altenatively, however…….!!!

  2. I want the team to own the moment. Play like champions. Rest is rest. Doing the deed without the result in mind is all I want to see our players to do today. COYGs!

  3. To me Arsenal is not an average club we are failing because we buy average players
    Arsenal must buy the Mbapes and Osimhes
    We need to win cups not second positions that is not enough

  4. I think this is a season to be proud of. Narrowly second (again!) to the most dominant team to ever play Premier League football. If these are the standards by which we are disappointed these days then that isn’t a bad place to be as a club.

    Indeed, we didn’t falter and blow it this season. Yes, we lost to Villa during the run-in, but then lots of teams have lost to Villa this season. That’s why they finished fourth.

    Isn’t it wonderful that had Spurs got a result against City they would be playing Champions League football next season, but they didn’t, so that is a lovely little sweetener for a the final day of the season.

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