It is already obvious that Arsenal don’t have a big enough squad..

Will Arsenal’s failure to add to the squad in the final days of the transfer window come back to bite us?

So, as things go in football and in life, when things are good they are great, but when things are bad, they are really bad.

All was well and good before the Villa game, and we got the three points but it came at a cost, when the news that Martin Odegaard, Aaron Ramsdale and Oleksandr Zinchenko were all injured and wouldn’t play a part this weekend- or so we thought.

No doubt that news made Arsenal fans think, why now, but lo and behold all three made the cut for the team, in what was a positive, yet we still lost.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that as good as our transfer window has been during the first few weeks, it was disappointing that we didn’t have any incomings in the latter part of the window. That has made us so reliant on the players we have, and if news that they are injured comes out we are instantly worried as we don’t have much cover.

But I guess we have no choice but to accept that the squad we have now is going to be our current squad of players up until the World Cup and just after it, as we cannot get any new additions until the January transfer window at least.

Although it is hard that teams around us have splashed so much of the cash, we cannot complain because we did the same, although one or two more additions would have really been the icing on the cake, but we also want to ensure we do not panic buy as has been the case in previous windows.

However, we now continue as we are and I guess we have to trust the process. If the process no longer continues to work I have faith that the club will do what is right, given that they have worked tirelessly to bring the club to where it is now.

Surely will not let all of that hard work slip will they?

Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman



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  1. Maybe, but Partey will be back soon and I heard Arsenal plan to sign Douglas Luiz or Palmeiras’ Danilo in January

    1. its never enough…

      even if you sign 5 or 6 players early in the window

      fans will still want the club to add 1 or 2 more player during the closing

      its never enough….come January fans will demand 2 or 3 signings….

  2. Guys let’s stop these stupid articles here, even city en …… Who haven’t lost have a big scored have lost more points than us, we didn’t loose coz of scored issues it was just not our day, but we still remain the best teamin EPL for now.
    We shall get back to winning ways

    1. @dannie may I ask why you think we are the best in the league for now?
      I mean point and position back that up but every other thing proved otherwise.
      Man city have got more goals, conceded less goals, undefeated, better goals difference and 1 points of the top.
      We have been impressive since the start of the season however I will give the most impressive team to Brighton. They sold key members of their first team and they are only 2 points off the top with a less goals conceded than anyone in the league, 4 goals short of us above and when you count, they didn’t spend big to achieve all these.

  3. I agreed to all you said except for the part that the club will always do what is right. That has not always been the case most of the time.
    I mean the super league was a recent example.
    The club will do what they feel is right along with board and not necessarily what is best for the club and the fans.

  4. Two windows that Edu/Arteta did not complete their business. Have they got a death wish? With a couple of signings in the January Window we would have been fourth, and then not buying a midfield player and winger at the end of the window, after having such a good early Summer Window, is genuinely bizarre. I wonder are Edu/Arteta willing to sacrifice a couple of seasons to reach their goal, or are they caught in some mad ego based denial. I will never understand how, when knowing we drastically needed a DM, they screwed it up. We were so close to potentially having a league winning team, but blew it right at the end of the window.

    1. I think their priorities are in different places and don’t see a DM as a crucial ingredient in midfield similar to Wenger’s later years.

      Was 30 million on Vieira necessary? More of a 10 then a winger.

      Plan B striker offering something different doesn’t seem to be a concern either.

      We only went in for a DM when 2 injuries to that position manifested.

      Arteta/Edu have a different view of “needs” than many of us fans. Our results in the table will show if it’s costly ignorance or good business.

      Personally I’m surprised that this far into his tenure the DM position and backup have not been properly addressed.

      Partey plays there but isn’t a true DM, and Lokogna as DM is far from sharp or polished.

      1. Most of the successful big clubs have a midfield anchor:

        City – Rodri
        Real – Tchouameni
        Barca – Busquets
        Pool – Fabinho
        Bayern – Kimmich

        Even Chelsea at their best had Kante.

        We haven’t had one in ages and Partey is not one. More of a B2B than anything.

        It’s weird we don’t have one.

  5. To me midfield is where the problems still arise.
    We needed at least another CM midfielder.
    Everywhere else I am okay.

  6. I agree we have a thin squad fir amount of matches we have this season n world Cup coming in mud season. For me I don’t get the all doom gloom negativity which coming out from some section of fans and aa usual media pundits after just one loss that too in which United were dominated and they played like a small club team. If we can get another DM in January , what’s been happening around us with other top 5 teams I believe we can finish as high as second.

  7. Funny thing is when we win against teams like Fulham and villa then everyone including some fans say they were easy games and winning them in no big deal, wait for bigger test. When teams like City/Liverpool draw against them then same pundits and media say its EPL on there day any one can beat anyone 🤣😂. When we play on counter n sit back they say we can not match big teams and don’t have the quality anymore. When others do it like united they say wow that is some amazing football and good the team was setup. Let them say what they say I am excited by talent we have specially if you look at squad age. If we xan keep these players and one ir two quality down the line , then exciting times ahead and some silverware as well.

  8. Players that didn’t start against utd, ESR, Nketiah, Viera, Partey, Tierney, Tomiasu, Cedric, Elnenny, Turner, Holding, Marquinos and Nelson. How is that a thin squad?
    Thats without any precocious youngsters we may have.

    1. Plus if people do for some reason think our squad is thin, just bear in mid that Auba, Bellerin, Kolasinac (all left for free) and Tavares who were deemed not good enough for us, could all be playing Champions league football this week.

  9. Partey is coming back soon and that will be a big plus. Also we could get someone in January

    But I think we still need quality back up for Partey another quality winger

  10. I think the biggest problem is that, other than Tierney, none of our bench players have started and played a full game so far.

    The problem with that, is not so much fitness per se , but lack of match fitness and confidence.

    I won’t mention Partey and the lack of a proper back up DM, because I think most people know my feeling about that issue!!!

    Another issue I have with Arteta is that ESR is NOT a proper back up for Odegaard, he should be the back up for Martinelli only. I thought Viera was the Odegaard back up!!!

    Maybe the bench can get some playing time in the Europa League.

    If this screed sounds disjointed, it is probably caused by my Covid hangover

    Fingers crossed for the Thursday game against Zurich

  11. WE have a really good squad. If arteta manage really well players and get every player involved by making rotation, i think WE won’t complain. WE have a qualité players.

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