It is Arsenal’s title to lose!

Stuart Pearce: Wenger On The Verge of Building ‘Dynasty’ at Arsenal! by AT

Following a crucial victory over Manchester City on Monday night, Arsenal have been receiving a lot of praise from fans and pundits alike. In fact, Stuart Pearce went as far as to say that Arsene Wenger could be on the verge of creating another dynasty at the club.

Speaking exclusively to TalkSport, the former Manchester City manager said: “Arsenal are the most stable football club in the country at the moment. They’ve won the FA Cup for two years running, their stadium is outstanding, their training ground is outstanding, their bank balance is outstanding and they have consistency with the manager.

“I think it is Arsenal’s title to lose at this moment, especially with all the other teams around them falling away a touch, with Chelsea being in semi-crisis and the unrest at Manchester United. I think Wenger, with this group of players, could be on the verge of creating another dynasty at the club.”

Well, it’s common knowledge that Arsenal are indeed the most stable club in England at the moment. But what’s interesting about this story is Pearce’s comments about another ‘dynasty’ being built at the club. One can only assume that by ‘dynasty’, he meant that Wenger could possibly recreate the Invincibles at the Emirates. So is it possible?

For me, it will be easier said than done as the days of a single team or two dominating the Premier League are over. England’s top division is so comercially powerful that the ‘smaller’ teams are beginning to give stiff competition to the ‘elite’, as we can see by Leicester City’s dramatic rise this season. Another factor is how long Wenger will decide to stick around. Talking in terms of managers for the long-term, he is the last of his kind.

While talk of building a dynasty may be far-fetched, what is more conceivable in the near future is Arsenal growing from being just a stable club to a club that wins League titles and a club capable of winning the Champions League. Arsene Wenger has surely built the foundation for success of such magnitude, but here’s hoping he sticks around to see it through.


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  1. Yes we do have stability thanks to the manager and the players. Yesterday Bony complained because he didn’t start against us. Giroud got benched for theo but he didn’t complain. He worked hard and got back in the team. I feel Sorry for Pellegreni, LVG, and even mourinho. Players who are paid world class wages should perform that way. Rooney gets 300,000 per week and everyone points the finger at LVG.

    1. According to Wenger we haven’t even played up to 19matches yet… so whats up with all these title talks everywhere on justarsenal? are we running out of articles to publish… over 12 articles below are directed towards title talks…

  2. Being optimistic isn’t a bad thing but making it look like it’s all we got to talk about is sickening. Let’s just work and pray and I’m sure we’ll surely get there come May.

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