It is best Arsenal players stay off Twitter as Stephan Lichtsteiner has found out

If the Arsenal players want to stay focused on the game against Valencia on Thursday then my best advice to them is to stay off twitter because the fans will let you know what they think of you.

It is probably for the best that the players stay ignorant at the damage they have caused and go into the second leg of the Europa League semi-final in Spain thinking that all Gooners are behind them.

Defender Stephan Lichtsteiner posted up this tweet

And if he thought all the responses would be positive he will have been shocked, very shocked.

Here is just a sample of some of the responses

And on it went though I will admit there were one or two supportive responses but they were in an absolute minority.

You have to think that the players have caught on to the raw emotion of the fans and the anger is not going to subside anytime soon.

Maybe if they win the Europa League it will die down but even then there will still be a lot of us that will not forgive this bunch of players and what they have done this season.

It is hard enough to go on Twitter and see all the crowing from Tottenham and Chelsea fans without having to read tweets from our own players going on about focus and such like.

We, the fans, were focussed, it was you the players that were not.


  1. The players know the negative effects of being a footballer. They are so used to the fans’ attacks on social media, because they know they are famous like celebrities

    Lord Bendtner once said that’s why they are paid a lot, because they have no privacy and the risk of grave injuries is high. But I have been watching Arsenal squad playing too safe and they are unwilling to take high risks in the last three seasons

    If two world class managers and two different managements cannot change the outcomes in the field, I think we have seen the best of the current players. Like Lichtsteiner, most of them have shown their maximum abilities and cannot contribute more than that, hence it’s time for replacements

  2. Perhaps the article writer shouldn’t go on Twitter either.
    It’s a toxic slag fest of a place that anyone with any intelligence would avoid.

  3. Please everyone I need some clarity. Are the majority of Arsenal squad bought in Wenger’s name or with his money because I can’t understand people keep calling them his players. So what makes a team a coach squad? Is it that he must purchase every players in the team that plays for him or coach them on his vision and style of play. Emery took over a psg team that was a serial winner and failed in his first attempt I can’t remember anybody said they are not his team. Does adding Nymer and Mbappe made them his team the followers season when he won everything cup domestically. Yes Emery inherited a team that is badly shaped in Arsenal but what he done to improve them. We still have our ineffective zonal marking, our marking has improved, in fact we still do that shadow marking that made our defending appalling, sideways and backwards passing. These are what characterized Wenger failed period with us and still Emery still play the same way. Is Emery Wenger’s incarnate.

    1. Good points

      I judge emery the same as I would have judge Wenger had he been in charge this season
      70m spent and the same issues tells me we are not doing better

      1. And Steve Bould is still coaching defense. Zonal marking abrogates responsibility; defenders mark a space and don’t follow a player.
        As stated by gotanidea, these players have now let down two well respected managers.

    2. Mobella nice post?? I feel to see the reason people keep using that term ”Wenger’s players”.
      I’d also like to know if signing Neymar and Mbappe made that PSG squad Emery’s.
      Better still, Conte at Chelsea signing has been getting slagged off also but I’m yet to see Chelsea fans come up with bullshît such as he inherited Conte’s squad.
      Down here at Arsenal, we have excuses for everything

  4. OK let’s say that some on here get their wish and Emery is booted. Who do you want in his place? Who would say no to us because they want to spend on players? Bear in mind that sellers can discriminate based on league meaning that everything’s more expensive for us. And a more expensive transfer fee also means a more expensive wage.
    I’d be very happy if Emery manages to get the wasters out the door, even if his next season bombs and he’s gone midway through it. The first change has to be the culture, we can’t let our players feel to comfortable on a big wage so must promote our youngsters to challenge them. Anyone who can do that better than our reserve team head coach?

      1. Allowing 69yo Wenger back would make all of our rivals’ Christmases at once. The board should never let it happen. The only reason why Heynckes was allowed back at Bayern was because he won the CL in the season he left.

      2. Wenger can’t even find a job, why would anyone in their right mind want that old dinosaur back?

  5. This is really saddening.

    What do these ‘fans’ think they’re going to achieve my slagging off the players on social media? Do they think that’ll rile them up for Thursday? Far from it.

    This season was one of transition. People were even questioning whether we’d make EL again next season with some predicting a mid to low table finish.

    Emery had a lack of funds to work with and aging players with silly contracts. You need to give him a few years to find out what he’s actually capable of.

    I’m as disappointed as the next person about how we gave up the top 4 – our recent form has been awful – but that doesn’t justify us to attack the players. Do you think they played to draw?

    1. I am struggling to work out whether they played for anything other than picking up their absurdly generous pay check at the end of the 90 minutes … The lack of team effort when compared to similarly paid counterparts elsewhere in EPL is nothing short of abusive to fans ..

    2. Who knows if any of them were Arsenal supporters, they may have just been spurs trolls, who knows. Then again look at the attacks on here from Arsenal supporters, even I called Xhaka a useless piece of ? in a previous post……

    3. But what else is left to do? These players were bad under Wenger, too, we saw it so many times. I hope at least Xhaka and Mustafi are catapulted as soon as season is over. Iwobi? Sorry kid, you had your chance, we are not charity organisation. I would go that far and pay them to leave, that’s how pissed I am. Would your manager watch you do nothing at work for 3 years? Don’t think so. So why should it be different at any other job?

  6. Just another thing, IF we reach Europa League final, we’ll have more than a two week rest before then. Does that give us an advantage over Frankfurt if they were to be our opponents, considering that the bundesliga ends on the weekend before?
    I would not be surprised if Valencia knock us out and Emery hands in his resignation, his Europa League pride would have been shattered and he won’t be able to take the club forward. Imagine ljungberg taking charge of the Burnley trip and playing the kids lol

  7. Love our forward line.even ozil & that says alot.! But where is the through ball.where is the service. We missed Ramsey & carzola.granit is a joke. Lean on me.hes not a dm.hes supposed to spray the ball around.i avnt seen it all season.sorry to you all but he is a pony. No width no desire.enjoy your holidsy

  8. Mobella nice post?? I feel to see the reason people keep using that term ”Wenger’s players”.
    I’d also like to know if signing Neymar and Mbappe made that PSG squad Emery’s.
    Better still, Conte at Chelsea signing has been getting slagged off also but I’m yet to see Chelsea fans come up with bullshît such as he inherited Conte’s squad.
    Down here at Arsenal, we have excuses for everything

    1. Thanks Eddie, my main problem with Emery is him doing everything that Wenger failed with. The only difference is our players now run around a lot.

  9. Let’s go back to the unbeaten twentyplus games under a UE.

    Fans were coming on here and saying how brilliant UE was and how he was showing AW just how to improve players with tactics, training, knowledge of our opponents and how to change players in order to beat different teams.
    The players responded by saying how much they wereimproving…remember My status quote?

    It was lapped up on here and fans were saying Arsene who?
    This was Unai Emerys. team and the six new signings were proof that he had identified all the defensive weaknesses that AW had ignored for so long.

    UE was playing hardball with Ozil and thisis was further proof of the great tactician that kronkie and basis is had signed.

    Furthermore, it was trumpeted all over the media about UEs portfolio on every single player…this man knew exactly what he was taking on and took the position because of the above FACTS, not in spite of them

    Nothing to do with AW, kronkie, transfer kitties, injuries etc etc and has blown it completely with his own inadequacies.

    So don’t give us all these stories about him being a wonderful manager or who else is there…this is The Arsenal we are talking about and Mr Unai Emery has a game on Thursday to prove he’s as good as weare were led to believe.

  10. As a resident of the USA and a huge fan of Arsenal, I follow every single game and everything that is going on with the team. Occasionally, I like to read the comments on on fan sites just to see what fans are saying. I have to say, that I am shocked. I don’t know if it is a European thing or a UK thing only. However, fans are so very fickle. It seems that nobody is capable or eve willing to look at the larger picture. One min, people are raving about players, the next totally trashing him. The same goes for Emery and other coaches etc. .

    Take for instance Xhaka and Ozil. Sometimes they have bad games, sometimes they make some good plays, and sometimes they have great games. But when Xhaka misses a few passes, he is trash. Never mind his brilliant assist in the previous match. Ozil too. He was brilliant in the first match against Leicester and he was a GOD. He has a bad run of games and he is lazy or overrated.

    Emery too. he is a genius when we were on our unbeaten run. Now that the team his having a poor stretch of games, he is an idiot.
    I just don’t get it. I support my team through thick and thin. Yeah i am pissed about the losses and missing on the top 4. But I support the guys no matter what. Yes, I will point out their flaws and bad games. But like American baseball, EPL is a marathon not a sprint and I fully expected a downturn in form at some point.

    That said, Kronke does need to spend on more players. But Ozil, Xhaka, Miki, Mustafi, and Sokratis are not the problem.

    We need a good CB and allow them to play together more often. The key to defending is learning to play with your teammates over time. What Emery has done here is change the tactics and system so much that there is no continuity in defense. Too much tinkering. Partly because of injury and partly because he doesnt have a defense leader; someone who will take control on the filed except maybe Kos. But make no mistake about it, in my opinion they need to settle on a defensive system and starters so that they can play together more often and get better at knowing who is going to do what etc. . . That is the key to defending to me.

    Cheers mates, and Always a gooner here in Phila, PA USA. Can’t wait til Thursday.

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