It is finally confirmed that Aaron Ramsey will sign for Juventus

So the wait is finally over as it has been confirmed in both Italy and England that the Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey is set to join the Italian giants Juventus this summer. It was confirmed six hours ago in Italy by the Sky journalist Fabrizio Romano who tweeted……

This was swiftly followed by the Guardian in England who gave precise details of the contract length and the Welshman’s wages. They reported…..

Aaron Ramsey has agreed a five-year deal with Juventus worth £36m and will join the Italian champions on a free transfer at the end of the season. The midfielder has been discussing a move for weeks and will leave Arsenal after 10 years at the club.

It had been clear the Wales international would move in the summer and Juventus had been the frontrunners to secure the 28-year-old’s signature. Ramsey will be paid around £140,000 a week (£7.2m a season), making him Juventus’s second-highest earner behind Cristiano Ronaldo but ahead Paulo Dybala and Douglas Costa.

The big surprise for me is his wages, as we were led to believe that Ramsey was looking for parity with Mesut Ozil as one of the top earners at Arsenal, whereas at 140,000 a week he will still be earning less than players like Mhkitaryan and Aubameyang.

Oh well, at least we can stop speculating now, and Ramsey can settle down and play his best for us for the rest of the season.

Good luck Aaron, at least you are guaranteed trophies at Juve!



    1. Another spin to demonise Ramsey and rationalise Arsenal’s decision. A number of reports had it that his wage demands were less than 180K per week but haters hang on on the narrative of “Ramsey and his agent got greedy”. Even if he demanded more than that, is he not worth paying more than Mhkitaryan considering the years and contribution he’s given to the club or the fact he is a better player?

      1. No he’s not ,fans on here moaning about still being wengers team but you want him to stay ?
        What’s he done in the last 10 years for you to think he is worth 180 k per week ?
        The sooner these players are out the team the better ,just wish a couple more would be going with him ,,,,I.e iwobi ,litchensteier,elneny, get my point the type of players that won’t win us sh1t because quite frankly their stealing a living .

        1. Buy more Guendozis to replace Ramsey and you will win the leauge next season or two. Reality will soon dawn on all of you.

          1. Ramsey was never good enough for Arsenal. If he comes from…. let’s say Poland or Nigeria he would long gone by now.
            If Juventus getting Ramsey for free is true, then it will be interesting and funny to see reaction of Christiano Ronaldo when Ramsey runs in the way of Ronaldo’s shot on goal or bumps into his line of movement! ….as Ramsey does to Laza and Auba often.

            … and never enough of repeating:
            Why Aaron Wenger’s Ramsey is leaving for free?
            Cos all those years NOBODY wanted to buy him, that’s why!

            1. Yeaaa u r right, Ramsey is unsellable because he’s shit!!! No wonder he was our player of the season last season, and one of the best players @ the last European tournament, the reason all the top clubs in the world were falling on top of each other to have him, yeaaa it’s good to be shit man

              1. The only thing that shit is your e post .are you happy to have average players on the pitch for arsenal ?are you happy to finish 4th-5th-6th every season ?well I’m not that’s why I’m happy he’s going ,good luck to him for going to a 1 team league where he will be cosy ,and doing pretty much f all to earn his wages .but I’ve had enough of watching average players play for my team ,so when one goes that’s something to be happy about

      2. 140k after tax is about 265k before tax. Do I think Ramsey is worth 265k a week for 4 years? NO and I’m not sure that many arsenal fans would. Can you imagine if he got hurt in two years and we had to pay an injured 30+ yr old player 265k for 2 more years? That is what cripples a club.
        I would have loved for Rambo to stay and if he would sign for 150-160k, I would be all for it, but there is always someone else and the club will move forward. I just called out that the article is written to read like Ramsey’s wage for Juv will only be 140k and we screwed up, which isn’t the case.

  1. We must buy Pablo fornals as his replacement next summer fornals is young plus he is similar to Ramsey and most importantly Villarreal are struggling in the LA liga so have a gud chance of signing him

  2. What a mess, arsenal lose Aaron Ramsey to hub for £140,000 a week. Our best player leaves for free, because we don’t want to pay him peanuts. That what kind of wages that is for a player like Ramsey, we are selling a player that every top team wants, why the f_ck is this about. We should have given him a new contract, or offer one now for same money ?now we know what he’ll take. There you go problem solved.
    This club is slipping out of control. We need to move owner on, get rid. Have an owner that wants to be the top team in the premiership and Europe, well how we can dream

    1. Ramsey?
      our best player?
      cos everyone wants him so what? we’ve had him for 10 years, how much good has that done us?
      so u think we should keep him cos everyone wants him, right?

        1. Robert Baker he’s on £280,000 a week gross which nets out to £140,000 net. To net same in UK he would have to be paid a lot more.

      1. Exactly, we need a refresh. Ozil and a few other players need to be replaced, we are moving forward.

          1. Is this about Ozil?
            And pls don’t even compare, Ramsey has had only one good season in 10 years, yet people complain about ozils’s inconsistency

            Stuffs that he doesn’t perform in big games, ozil is a player that thrives when he gets enough of the ball, if you get annoyed cos he doesn’t fight for the ball when there are 8 players behind him to do that cos of his what, then that sounds like your own problem.

            Yes, he doesn’t perform in most big games but how many goals and assists does auba have since he’s been playing in big games for arsenal, he’s only done so in 1 and that’s against Tottenham this season. I remember ozil’s free kick goal against Liverpool and that of last season, I remember his goal against Bayern, Chelsea, his two assists against man city,i remember when we lost 3-2 to Man Utd with him scoring and assisting both of our goals, but he doesn’t perform in big games, right?

            1. Sarmmie! Well said.
              I am afraid that the greatest value of their boy for ramseys fans are two things:
              – that he is Welsh, not let s say Croat or Nigerian
              – his lovely haircut

      2. We had Van Persie and Fabregas for about a decade, how much good did that do for us? Ramsey has scored two cup winning goals and the first to break a nine year drought.

        Players can contribute a lot even if that did not result to a trophy, like Fabregas and (though I dislike to mention it) Van Persie.

    2. Ramsey, our best player? Are you kidding. 37 goals in 250 games for an attacking midfielder, 1 decent season in 11 years. The sad thing is we should have moved him on a year ago, we might have got some money for him.

    3. “Our best player” Good grief! And you call his present wage “peanuts”!!! Your final paragraph, however, is correct.

    4. He’s a Wenger signing and he has to go,we want to get rid of all Wenger signings to enable us carry the league, after Ramsey who’s next? Lacxazzete,bellerin,xhaka,mustafi? Ozil? Iwobi? Yeaaa operation get rid of all Wenger singings!

    5. Can we just admit that we made a mistake on this? With all the reports I’ve read, he demanded 200K GBP from Arsenal. It still baffles me some fans in here think he does not deserve that. So many said he wouldn’t get an offer from a big team but boom, he’s gotten one with even more pay. Now they’re saying it’s cos he’s free. I remembered a certain Wilshere, whom many in here believe(d) is better than Ramsey, released for free last year and he wasn’t courted by any big team. Take it or leave it, Ramsey will go down as one of our greatest. I wish him all the best in Seria A and I really hope he achieves great success that his personality deserves

  3. Don’t forget Ramsey will get a signing on fee, which will likely be many MILLIONS. So lower initial wage + another 5-8 million signing fee will make his 4-year, 140k a week contract more like 170-180k a week.

    Does this mean we can’t get rid of him this month? Or can we still swap/sell him to Juve or some other team?

    Where the f*** are our reinforcements?

  4. Ramsey is a good player no doubt. But one thing about modern soccer is determination, commitment and team work. The reason players like Ronaldo are hitting it up there is down to that. At Arsenal, Ramsey had lost that grit and hunger to succeed. May be a change of work station may get the best out of him.

  5. Bloody hell the 2nd highest earner??! He’s done alright there then!! For that kind of money, surely he’ll be a starter!
    He’ll be reunited with Szczesny…
    And I het he’s loving the thought of playing alongside Ronaldo – who wouldn’t?!
    Good luck Rambo!

  6. All the best for Rambo,he has been brilliant at times but we can do without him as we’ve always done.
    My wish is an upgrade for Xhaka,over 50% of the goals we concede are due to his inadequacy and sloppiness.We also need a play maker who can feed Auba&Lacs,Ozil has lost it &he should be moved.I can’t believe that Arsenal has sunk to the level where we depend on Iwobi.its just unbelievable.
    Lastly we must get a proper winger or 2.we badly need wide players for our team to balance.But with our stingy owners this may remain a wish.

    1. I don’t know how to say this a lighter way but you lied about 50% of our goals conceded being because of xhaka, pls get facts right before you give your opinions. That was how someone said 80% of his passes are back and side passes, only for me to go and check to discover that almost 65% of his passes are forward passes with the midfielders of other big clubs in the same range. So pls let facts take precedence over your opinions, thank you very much.

  7. Must admit – for a team that desperately needs strengthening, Arsenal have done nothing to suggest the slightest ambition.
    Arsenal have fallen so far since the excellent Wenger days.
    I don’t think we will ever see those days again – not with the people we have “managing” the club..

    1. Me, you should have stopped at the end of the first paragraph.
      The issue at Arsenal is not the quality of “the people we have “managing” the club.” Now that Gazidis has gone, the management team at Arsenal is among the best credentialed in football. The lack of ambition derives from the owner Scrooge Stan Kroenke.
      The current transfer window is a typical example of this, where a quality Spanish international midfielder/winger Suarez is available for a very reasonable price and wants to play for this Club in preference to others, yet Arsenal wants to loan rather than pay the transfer fee now. This penny pinching may risk losing a player, who could assist Arsenal make the Champions League.

  8. Stupid and idiotic…A player of his experience and quality AT his prime…..Wonder when we will learn from our mistakes….

    1. Ramsey has no prime,he is not good enough for us,he has spent so many yrs doing nothing, carzola even at his age is far better than Ramsey… He is an average player

    2. For you was stupid and idiotic to get rid of your darling Wenger… so you had to see this coming.
      Maybe ramsey can change his nationality and play for Wenger s new team? This is the only way he will play WC ever….

  9. I seriously wish this lad well. So professional calm despite his obvious quality and being ahead of most of our midfielders. It’s a shame how Arsenal appears so clueless on transfers lately. If you look at how clubs like Chelsea and even Spurs make out of player sales you get genuinely worried about us. Ramsey out to a big club for nothing whilst Mikki, Xhaka, Elneny, Iwobi are on our books and we’re paying Ozil £1.4m a month for one good game a month. Sad sad.

    1. Sad? He planned this fiasco 2 years ago, to hold Arsenal to ransom and leave on a free transfer so he could maximise his earnings and make more millions than he’s already got. One greedy footballer, if you can call him that. Good riddance.

      1. Totally with you Kenny, on Ramsey and how he planned to blackmail Arsenal. Also agree with you on the rest of Ben’s post. Ramsey is one of those not bad but just not reguarly effective ENOUGH players we have paid far too much under Gazidis and Wenger. The pragmatic new regime will not so blatantly waste the pittance that Kroenke allowed both Wenger and now Emery and co. Wenger, being a stubborn idealist to his toes and NOT A PRAGMATIST – if he were, he would have fixed the decade long shambles at DM , which the new regime fixed in days – never made specific plans for the opposition, whereas Emery does.

        Of the new regime signings, only Licht has been clear a failure and he was at least on a free. He, Emery, has made many errors in selection BUT at least one feels that he is AWARE of the problems and that he NEEDS to fix them. Wilfully blind Wenger CHOSE to never see problems.

        An unmotivated squad, with overpaid prima donnas and no defence and NO DM had not a hope in hell. Even NOW, Kenny, I STILL wake up each morning THRILLED that Wenger is gone.

        1. The difference between Wenger and the new regime!! Alex Song was a better DM than torriera, and behold he came @ 1m pounds, the combo of koscienly and marersacker who were @ a time one of the best defensive pairing in the league came @ a total of 14m pounds while 30+year old sokratis cost us about 20m pounds, Ospina who is less error prone and a better goal keeper than Leno came @ 3m pounds while we spent over 20m pounds for Leno, bellerin ,iwobi,kolasinac, holding etc who r the heart beat of our team all came @ almost zero,t u dont buy class man,tge reaaon Wenger remains the smartest coach that have graced epl EPL in the last 50 years,he left a legend,ur efforts to demonize him is just a wasted efforts,

          1. I hope that’s a sarcastic comment because otherwise .. LOL Ospina better than Leno !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! either you haven’t watched Opsina in the last few years or … well i rather not to think about the other reason.

          2. Total fantasy to say the undisciplined Song, who REFUSED to stay deep in defence when he SHOULD have was better than Torreira. I realise we all see things differently but honestly , you astound me. Also Merts had the pace of an aged snail and was therefore always a danger in defence, even despite his good positional sense. He was always an accident waiting to happen . YET YOU SAY HE WAS PART OF THE BEST PREM PAIR. NOT A CHANCE!!

            1. Hey Jon, you remember Szcz getting the golden glove along with Cech the one season? Remember the CB partnership?
              I really think you should go check the facts 🙂

              Please do not mention the pace again unless you will say for everyone to read that you thought Adams was an accident waiting to happen.

              As for Song, Jon… Is it Wenger telling the player to attack or the players ignoring Wengers defensive instructions and refusing to stay deep?

              I see your moan then just as you used to moan about how Bellerin is always too high up the field, a RB is a defender, he should be back and defending… Without stopping to think what the manager has told him to do. Or the fact that humans can not sprint at full pace for 90 mins, they need breathers…

              I do not think you see the magicians on TV and go “oooh real magic” yet you treat football with such naivety. Is Ozil lazy? You have called him that. Ignoring the truth about how much he has ran. It wasn’t shoved in your face so you don’t see it?

              Such as the claim that Kos and Per wasn’t the best pairing at any time. Arsenal, renown for dodgy defending.. Golden glove is shared between Cech who had Jose park the bus Chavski and Arsenal dodgy defense and CM who didn’t like to get back and help out. Either Szcz was superman in goal or the CBs was better than you give them credit for.

              1. All your post tells us is what we both already know. Namely that on many Arsenal matters we think differently. I have given up arguing with you , as it is pointless and I respect you as a devoted fan. We must agree to differ and I prefer to leave it there.

  10. There’s no big deal about him leaving,I wanted him to leave 5yrs ago,he is no at world class that we are going to miss….I don’t see any need of keeping players that has failed us for years

  11. When will everyone understand that Ramsey is not the best CM in the world. He lacks pace and its not as creative we think he is. He doesn’t really have the Santi effect.

  12. Ramsey has been average most of his career at Arsenal , and media is pathetic for trying to showing him as world class to bash and insult Arsenal , anyone who says we are losing our best player clearly don’t know anything about Ramsey or Arsenal.

  13. I know people will say auba is our highest goal scorer and that he still scores but I’ll remind you that apart from auba’s goals he’s just average, no good performance to look at when he doesn’t score, unlike lacazette. so if he’s contributed to goals in only one big match since he came, that means he’s only had a good performance in big matches in a year of football.

    Back to Ozil, checking stats, I saw that only eriksen and David Silva are those that have created more chances from open play than Ozil arrived arsenal, and it can be attributed to them having more minutes than him. Ozil’s 19 premier league assists that year, some people here rubbish it saying over half of them are set pieces. well, I just checked on YouTube, only 5 or 6 are actually set pieces.

    1. Jimmy Greaves, the greatest English striker of all time ( and don’t let anybody tell you any different ) done nothing throughout the game but score goals.

      1. Those older than us both would say that Dixie Dean was better still. My Dad remembered both and strongly went for Dean. Though Dad cannot have seen much of Dean live or on telly. BUT in OUR time, I agree on Greaves.

        1. Yes, good point Jon, by all time I should have said in my time. Dixie dean, an incredible 60 goals for Everton in one season. Hell of a lot goals scored in that era helped by the changes to the offside rule in 1925, however Herbert Chapman soon changed all that with with his new defensive format involving Herbie Roberts as his “Policeman” centre half.

      1. And a 10 is expected to create chances and more chances and more chances, now, stats show that ozil is one of the players who has done that most since his arrival.

        If Auba isn’t blamed for not performing in big games cos he still scores in other matches, why should ozil be blamed cos he isn’t consistent in big matches too. It may not be glaring but Ozil actually creates a lot of chances than we think as stats(not opinions) would show.

  14. What about Hughie Gallacher? 624 games for 463 goals.
    Here in Newcastle, Australia they still talk about Reg Date, a prolific centre forward who was a conemporary of Joe Marston of Preston North End, who was the first Australian to play in an FA Cup Finsl. Marston said he was the best Australian player he played with or against. Date was nominated to play for the World XI to play against the combined UK team at Hampton Park in 1947, but the team was limited to European players. 130,00 spectators watched the UK side beat Europe 6-1.
    Glasgow Rangers and Cardiff City both wanted to sign him, but with the fixed wages at the time (1947), he being a well paid coal miner and professional footballer it wasn’t worth his while to take up the offer. Reg Date is credited with over 1600 goals in his career, including 74 in one season with first division side Cantetbury FC in Sydney.

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