It is much too early for Arsenal to replace Cech with Leno

Ever since Arsenal’s early defeat to Manchester City when the Gunners were trying to follow Unai Emery’s ‘play out from the back’ tactics for the very first time, Petr Cech has been criticised for his passing out, and of course he came very close to scoring a comical own goal in that game as well.

Since then, Arsenal fans have been calling for Bernd Leno to replace Cech, but the fact is that Cech has saved Arsenal on a number of occasions already this season, saving more shots than any other Premier League keeper so far, and Cech himself feels like he has been treated unfairly. He said: ‘I had 166 passes in the first four games which is a huge amount and everybody picked up on only two,’

‘It’s obviously not a great thing to do when you pass the ball in a dangerous area, like I did at Cardiff when I gave it to Harry Arter but it’s part of the game that you can always make a mistake.’

‘If you look at the evolution of Barcelona and Man City, it didn’t happen overnight. As they got more familiar with that [style], the results came. ‘We’re now in that process of getting to know what advantage it gives us.’

It’s alright saying that Leno is a better passer of the ball, but where is the evidence for that exactly. Cech has vast experience of the Premier League and playing at the very top for the whole of his career, while Leno is still young enough to learn from the maestro.

I am looking forward to seeing Leno in the Europa League (although he shouldn’t have much to do!) and I hope he proves good enough to be Cech’s deputy, but I believe there is no way he should replace Petr in the Premier League this season….



  1. gotanidea says:

    Cech is still consistent with his good forms

    If Cech is not consistent anymore, then Leno can start

    Leno can prove himself in Europa League and cup matches

  2. Declan says:

    I’m not saying Leno should replace him but Cech with the ball at his feet is an accident waiting to happen. It’s all well and good giving stats of 166 passes but how many have put our defenders in trouble and how many have ended up being passed straight back to him? We know that Leno can play very well on the ground, has good dribbling skills and can also pick out an accurate 30-40 yard pass when necessary. What we don’t know is whether Leno could have made the saves that Cech has made though. Until he’s tested we won’t know the answer.

    1. Phil says:

      Absolutely correct.Cech has played well this season with the exception of his distribution from the back.The law of averages tell us it’s only a matter of time until we concede from losing possession trying to build from the GK.When it happens who gets the blame?The keeper?Or the Manager for persisting with Cech when it is obvious he is not capable of doing what is asked of him?Sooner or later Leno will get the opportunities to show us what he is capable of but he is already being built up as the Playmaker required for this system.But can he actually match the consistency Cech has shown between the sticks this season?

      1. jon fox says:

        Phil, Cech was not good enough even last season , or the one before either. Even with jiust his shot stopping. Now that he is tasked with passing out from the back, which he has proved is beyond him to do safely, why keep him in the team? Leno MUST now have his chance and in the Prem too, not merely Europa. If Leno proves also not to be good enough, then THAT still won’t make Cech good enough, will it? It is not merely about how many goals conceded can so far be attributed directly to Cech but rather how safe and sure the defence can be with him playing like a drunken elephant on ice with the ball at his feet. He ain’t good enough, period! No amount of mistrusting the, as yet, untried Leno will ever make Cech good enough! At end of last season we needed two new keepers. We now have the untried Leno, who may or may not be good enough AND Cech still here, while still not good enough and another year older too. Think how demotivating Leno must feel, watching from the bench, while Cech does his elephant on ice act , weekly!

          1. Phil says:

            Guys I believe Cech is playing well enough to retain his place as No1 in all aspects of his play except his playing out from the back.Leno will get his chance Thursday and it will be interesting to see how he performs this role.But let’s not forget that Thursdays match will not have the intensity of a Ptemiere League match.

        1. Just shut the hell up. I’m tired of you fake Arsenal fans talking shit. Cech is playing for a reason. And Leno has a mistake in him..don’t make it seem as if he is perfect. All you fake fans must just go support another club.

          1. Phil says:

            And this from someone who talks like a Four Year Old child.

          2. Declan says:

            Ha ha fake fans indeed! I’ve been a Gooner for 60 years and Jon 60 + years and correct me if I’m wrong Phil but think you may have a similar number of years under your belt? Whereas young Neo is probably doing his homework right now before his beans on toast and then a bedtime story.

          3. Sue says:

            I’m surprised at that Declan…. from some of your comments.. I assumed you were late 20’s!!! Just goes to show hey!!

          4. Declan says:

            I’m in my very, no extremely, late 20s Sue. Three score and six to be precise?

          5. Sue says:

            ? yet another true gooner then

          6. jon fox says:

            And I am still only nine stone. Nine stone 45 pounds! And STILL only aged 35, but with lots of added VAT! I wonder why Sue thought you were in your twenties! I was in my twenties too; then the motor car was invented. I still remember that red flag from the man walking in front; not a linesman either!

          7. Phil says:

            Declan-if his Mummy has seen what he has posted she would smack his bottom and send him straight to his bedroom.And stop his pocket money.Naughty Boy

          8. Phil says:

            And your correct mate-I won’t be seeing the Fifties again that’s for sure.

          9. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Yeah right guys, to be honest Neo we’re all fed up with you and your abusive posts. Can’t you you make a point without shouting your mouth off, because I mean, this is not the first time. At a guess I’d say you’re about 15 years old, not very well educated, boring with not too many mates. In a way I feel quite sorry for you.For goodness sake GROW UP>

          10. Sue says:

            Jesus where did this Neo the true gooner come from???!!!!

          11. Phil says:

            Probably fell out of Chiza’s Fig tree and banged his head on the way down

          12. Sue says:

            Hahaha bang on as usual Phil

          13. ken1945 says:

            Look out Sue?Phil, he could be the next applicant for your club, especially as you said you were desperate!

            Everyone is entitled to an opinion Neo, but you let yourself down with this childish nonsensical post.

            Do you want to debate or throw mud around?
            There are intelligent gooners waiting to discuss their differences in a grown up manner.

          14. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Phil’s already a member Ken, in fact I think he was a founder member with Sue.

          15. jon fox says:

            To slightly misquote Groucho Marx; “I would not wish to join any club that admitted people like me.”

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Watching Cech pass the ball straight out for corner, again, tells us all we need to know. He’s been getting away with it thus far, Cardiff being another great example, and it will cost us big time, sooner rather than later. He’s constantly putting us under even more pressure at the back, and given his age, he’s not going to suddenly improve his distribution.

    Given that Cech has NEVER had a great season for us, and has had very mixed performances under Emery, I am continually baffled as to why he’s first choice?

  4. AndersS says:

    Cech has made some really good saves in the first few matches, and deserves to be our no. 1 at the moment.
    But I like the way Emery goes about things. He is not afraid to substitute even big names, and he does it much earlier in games than Wenger used to.
    So, I am confident Cech will only keep his place as long as he performs.

    1. Thank you.You and I are the only people here speaking sense.

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      AnderS, Ok he’s made a few decent saves but he hasn’t made a world class save since he’s been with us. Shots hit close to him or straight at him he can deal with but really, when was the last time he’s pulled off Worldy, a save where you look at your mate and say “what a save”, those situations result in a goal and nobody blames him. His distribution is a joke and now that other teams have seen how bad he is more teams are going to close him down as soon as the ball is at his feet. The situation is only going to get worse.

  5. John Rambo says:

    Personally i don’t mind either keeper but i will definitely feel better when the koscienly – socratis defensive axis finally shows up to bring some much needed calm in the backline.

  6. ruelando says:

    Cech has been doing his job and yes there have been scary moments, but its the coach who sees him everyday selects him every game. I do not see Emery playing favouritism with any of the keeper, so it is up to Leno to earn the trust of Emery.

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