“It is my duty.” Mikel Arteta defends his rant against Newcastle United

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has defended his outburst after his team’s defeat to Newcastle at the weekend.

The Spaniard’s team felt aggrieved when Newcastle was awarded a goal that he believed should have been disallowed.

The ball had crossed the line before the only goal of the game, and Arteta was furious after the match.

The manager labelled the decision to allow the goal to stand a “disgrace,” and surprisingly, Arsenal issued a statement in support of their manager.

However, there have been critics of the manager’s outburst and the club’s decision to back him.

Ahead of his team’s next game, Arteta has defended his actions.

“It is my duty to stand in front of the cameras and give a very clear and honest assessment of what happens in the game, this is what I did – reflect very openly about how I think the team played and how the game was conditioned by the decisions that were made,” said Arteta in his pre-match press conference for their Champions League game with Sevilla, as quoted by Euro Sport.

“It’s my duty to defend my players, support my players, support my club in the best possible way and that is what I’m going to do time after time.

“When I use the words I do in the media it’s because I feel strongly about them. One thing is my duty to you guys [the media], and one is as a coach. Nothing special, nothing different, I will do it – and the club will do it – again and again until this is right.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

We will stand our ground regarding this issue and fans are also in support of the club and its manager.

Those in charge of these key decisions must do better and get it right all the time instead of costing us points.

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  1. I note that, without the use of VAR, newcastle lost tonight.
    Funny old game.

    Of course I back MA on this matter and pundits like Carragher and Neville should go back and study their reactions to bad decisions when it involved the clubs they support!

    I believe Howard Webb has issued another apology to the club… what a waste ot time that is!!

  2. My problem isn’t a about the decisions that were made, why didn’t we score even a single goal? We were very poor and Arteta is just finding excuses for the teams poor performance.

  3. All of this is trying to gloss over the way we failed to muster a blow on Newcastle. No VAR and that goal still stands. Mistakes, cheating, incompetence, whatever word you want to lose, nothing in the old system ir the new system of refereeing would have changed the result. Lets not hide and lets be honest, we weren’t good enough and we made terrible errors of judgement in that game. Including Raya, whom the manager put in. No wonder, he wants to deflect the truth.

    1. That’s as maybe Reggie but it doesn’t alter the fact that VAR is here and should be better placed to make the correct decisions not just for Arsenal but for all the other teams. It’s ludicrous that weekly there are serious cock ups by people who are incompetent at the job they do.

      You plainly didn’t think any of the checks made were incorrect but you are very much in the minority. I read and understood your previous posts and respect your opinion but disagree that Arteta and the club were trying to deflect blame for the performance. We all know there are fine margins but they can make or break a season if on the end of dodgy decision making several times.

      1. No Sue i didn’t, there was/is no evidence the goal should have been taken off Newcastle but there is plenty of evidence, we could and should have stopped it. At the other end we were just not dangerous and created nothing. We cant hide behind the refs. Haverz, might have been sent off and changed everything, he wasn’t and it didn’t. The result was down to us.

  4. The thing is, when a clearer and more obvious error, heck an offense by the VAR occured in Liverpool vs Tottenham game and MA was asked about his opinion, he basically said we have to suck it up and respect the decisions. Now if he wants other clubs support on this (because let’s face it, alone we can’t do anything at all), that statement will come back to bite him hard. Hipocrisy is fine, only reacting at our clubs misfortunes is fine, but it won’t produce a united response like the super league time.

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