It is not all about the money for Arsenal as Tierney saga drags on

The Kieran Tierney to Arsenal transfer saga is starting to drag on and a lot has been made about multiple bids, lowball offers, structured payments and so forth but there is more to this than meets the eye.

This is of course just a personal opinion but there is enough info out there including comments from representatives of both Arsenal and Celtic for a logical opinion to be determined.

There was one rumour that all Arsenal needed to do was offer a further £2 Million and the deal could be done but I think we can all agree now that if Arsenal really wanted to they could easily fork out an extra £2 Million.

The transfer budget myth has well and truly been busted and while there is not an unlimited pot of money a couple of million is not going to stop Arsenal from signing a player they really want.

No, what Arsenal want to do is control their spending, they have done that with the Nicolas Pepe deal and they have done that with the William Saliba deal, they simply will not overpay anymore nor will they pay out ridiculous lump sums in one go unless they have no other option.

Arsenal is now doing business a completely different way, they are using super agents who they refused to work with before and they are not rushing into agreements until they get the sort of deal they want, or at least very close to it.

It is not about the money, it is about maintaining control of their transfer business and sticking to their new transfer policy.


  1. Sign him pls sign tierney by paying that extra 2M which we got from selling bielik gand sell kos and mustafi and buy that good quality CB to secure ucl next season if we get those two deals CB and LB we will get 3rd at worse 4th but i think we will secure ucl next season if we get those signings over the line

  2. Tierney could adapt quickly because he has been playing in Scottish league for many years, but Arsenal should move on if Celtic reject their third offer

    There are other talented LBs that are not injured or recovering from surgeries

    Or offer Leicester City a double deal for Chilwell and Soyuncu, who was Arsenal’s targeted CB two years ago. By getting those two young men, Arsenal could get a cheaper deal and fix the LB/ CB problems

    1. Tierney will be an arsenal player in next coming days before transfer window closes. We are coming with a right offer that will suit all parties so that will be a very good signing and i rate him higher than chilwell. Tiermey is a better LB than chilwell even though chilwell is a good LB too but tierney has got a higher ceiling and potential and could become the best LB in PL in next coming seasons

    2. Too late.Celtic conceded defeat weeks ago by signing Boli Bolingoli.They knew it was happening.Tierney has been excluded from so many of Celtic’s activities too for a long time because he can’t commit to not wanting to come to Arsenal.Fans are going to be on him

      1. Great if he joins

        If not, Kolasinac is still a beast in attacking and he is as effective as Robertson in going forward. His main weakness is just his stamina

        1. His main weakness is he can’t defend. Beating up a thug doesn’t suddenly make him a good defender. We need a LB because the two we have are average at best on their day. And Kolasinac’s crossing can be diabolical at times too. He had plenty of chances in UEL final to find somebody in the box.

  3. Now his boss neil lennon has accepted the fact that he expects arsenal to make the final third bid in coming days and eexpects tierney to leavefm for arsenal. I hope we make the right offer for him and sign him as soon as possible. Neil lennon’s latest comments are positive one for arsenal

  4. Funny how Neil Lennon’s comments on Tierney have changed over the window.From a position of strength to a position where he expects Tierney to leave.Tierney has also been excluded all this while from Celtic’s activities since they know what fans can do.
    Lennon also confirmed that Boli Bolingoli who they signed weeks ago will be his replacement.
    Deal not done but payment structure already agreed and £75k in personal terms

    1. Really, that man is something else. More reason i think celtic people are the one dragging the deal.
      Same person that said the deal is off is now expecting another bid. Funny!

      1. Deal was never off and I’ve not seen where he ever said so.
        Payment structure was the issue not the fee

    2. I think he’s been consistent throughout. He has always said we have to pay his value and the club were not going to budge from 25mill.

      1. We were far off their valuation early in the window.Once Arsenal met the asking price all they had to do was agree on the payment structure which took sometime.
        Tierney has been excluded from all Celtic’s activities too.Im not talking about matches though but club related activities where they might meet fans and stuff like that.They also signed Bolingoli for the interim.He knows where all this is going

        1. Tierney is recovering from a double hernia op, that’s why he’s not been playing or training

          Trust me, this is a fact, Tierney will sign an improved deal with Celtic next week…his ambition is to be the captain of the club he loves and to place himself into folklore of one of the world’s true famous clubs

          1. The activities he’s been excluded from are not matches.These are activities I believe Tierney has never missed.Just excluded to spare him the speculation.Celtic are in a strong position if Tierney didn’t want to join this move would have died ages ago

  5. I agree with your logic. And if Celtic isnt ready to do business, lets look elsewhere. We dont have all summer for this BS. I know celtic is the cause

  6. Let’s get Ibrahima Konate for CB.
    I don’t think Mavropanos will ever cut it at top level, and we should move Koscielny and Mustafi on.
    Chambers is more of DM, that’s where he shone for Fulham last season.
    Konate is just 20yrs old and is very tall at 6ft 3.Good ball control and can play out from the back.

    Konate-Holding/Sokratis partnership will be good for us, with Saliba coming on board next season.

    1. Kontae and Saliba would be a dream partnership for the next decade
      at CB for Arsenal but I just cant see Raul and Edu forking over the
      required cheddar to entice RBL to sell (somewhere north of 60M).
      I mentioned in a previous thread that this would be a momumental
      moment for Kroenke to forever endear himself to Gunners worldwide
      buy dipping into his vast fortune and allowing Raul to buy either
      Kontae or Upamecano.

      WTS If Xhaka, Mustafi, El Neny, Iwobi, Boss and Jenkinson were
      successfully moved on than things around the Emirates could get a
      little interesting. LOL

      1. That Konate is a gem waiting to explode. Damn, he is so comfortable with the ball to his feet, very tall, towering and physically strong. He is tailor made for EPL.
        We should try and bring him onboard, if not this summer, at least next one. He will make an explosive partnership with Saliba. A partnership to last for a decade like you have noted.
        If Maguire is worth £80m, then £60m for Konate isn’t bad. Though values him at just under £50m.
        We need such type of signing to sort out our chronic defensive woes.

  7. I am also concerned that the likes of Elneny, Jekinson, Mkhi,Mustafi are still here, while we are busy selling better younger players like Beilik, Amaechi.

    Get in Tierney, sell Mustafi, Kos, and Elneny, then use the proceeds and get in Konate Ibrahima from Leipzig. Willock takes the place of Elneny on the team.

    Backline like this for the season when everyone is fit :

    Tierney Konate Holding Bellerin.

    1. We all want those players out, but nobody wants them at the moment. I hope the Mustafi interest is true and he does leave. The positive thing is that we have more than one week to sell our deadwood since the rest of Europe gets a few more weeks.

      1. There must be teams willing to take Elneny, Jenkinson and Mustafi for reasonable transfer prices.
        The problem should be Mkhitharyarn. His wages is too much and he is as good as useless.
        But between Mustafi, Elneny and Jenkinson, we should be able to generate £35m.

        1. I know Elneny has been linked with West Ham. Hopefully we get a deadline day surprise in saying goodbye to him. Jenko, Crystal Palace rumors have been going around. And Mustafi, BBC has said some teams are interested. Miki, I agree. Is going nowhere and we will probably just have to run his contract down. I’ll take even two of these players going as a huge victory.

          1. We should sell Iwobi if we get a reasonable offer for him.
            We could insert a buy back clause or retain a percentage interest on future sales.

            Between Nelson, Saka, Auba, Martinelli, we should be able to have our left flank covered.

            I wouldnt ordinary want Iwobi sold, but he is home grown, young and could help generate funds to strengthen our porous defense.

            I fear that if we don’t bring in a good CB this window, we would have wasted our superb front three and could yet finish outside top four.

            And yes. Mkhi is probably going nowhere, too bad, because Iwobi contributes better and earn lesser than him.

    1. Takuma completed a transfer away from Emirates Stadium yesterday, signing for Serbian club for a €1m fee which will be paid in instalments. How long will it take them to pay it fully.???? and sum are ridiculing our way of buying players.

      1. Takuma was bought to lift Arsenal’s profile in the Japanese commercial market;a PR exercise.

          1. No Kroenke is going there ? my right leg for Raul might have to keep the left free for Venkatesham ???

          2. Just like the picture up there ?? you’ll be covered in them & I’m dying to see what happens if we get Tierney & a CB.. you’ll have to leave room for Josh & even UE – but as the sesame street vampire!! ?

          3. Haha yeah ? like the fella said on twitter visit Rwanda I’ll move there ??? or his new look with the glasses ?

          4. He does look different & even a little younger! ? which is surprising, considering his job!!
            I wasn’t being rude earlier, not replying, but my brain has been completely frazzled today & I needed a breather from my bloody phone ??

          5. I have no idea, AMM!! ? we’re just going to have to outscore the opposition, hey?!! Unai will have his wish – it’ll be 4-3 every game!

          6. Haha he does look different a bit like his Valencia days ? don’t worry about it Sue ? I just hope they don’t let me down now I’ve got my hopes up ?

          7. Haha yeah ? let’s hope we land him now along with Tierney and dare I say a CB I don’t wanna get greedy but might as well since we’re on a role Sue ?

          8. me too ? just looking forward to the Newcastle game now, with all our signings complete. I get so tense during the transfer window ?

          9. Wouldn’t be Arsenal, if we weren’t tense, AMM!!
            Not long now… it should be a good game, but… there’s always a but… we’re away & that first game doesn’t always go our way.. but we have Pepe ?

          10. If Raul Sanllehi wants @samumtiti he will do anything to get him. Yes, Barcelona will be short of CBs, but Raul is able to work wonders and the Catalans have until August 31st to sign a 3rd choice CB. Raul is so incredible that he could even send Mustafi to Barcelona.???

  8. Still cant believe Arsenal spent 72m on Pepe!!!!!

    Celtic will let Tierney go, they are just playing hardball. They know he is worth 25m but want 30m or 25m upfront. Negotiation works like this until you meet in the middle.

    Only problem with this is, it’s taking up our human resources away from trying to work on other deals, both to buy and sell.

    Regarding other transfer windows, many have commented on there being a lack of signings. I would add, other then selling and maybe adding 1 or 2, I dont expect arsenal to continue to spend spend spend. Liverpool cant maintain that after spending 2 years budget in 1 season, and spurs haven’t spent last season. While United keep pumping money into their problems. We are, somewhere in between this. So, dont get the hump if you see less activity next window around.

  9. Countinho rumors hitting up!! How true is that?
    Would explode into ecstasy if we sign Countinho and Pepe in one window.

    1. Ofcos it’s nonsense, wake up! Coutinho cost Barcelona £142M! How much would a loan fee for him cost? £20M? £30M? £40M? Would we then afford his salary and also Ozil’s £350k? Let’s put that rumour in the same basket we put the “Xhaka cousin reveals €50M inter Milan transfer imminent” rumour.

  10. Tierney Koulibaly, Umtiti, Sidibe

    Mvila – Torreira


    Pepe Auba Laca

    Rotation & Subs: Nelson, Willock, Nketia, Niles, Ceballos, Holding, Iwobi, Mav, Bellerin (injury), Gendouzo, Martinez.

    Sell Xhaka, Chambers, Mustafi, sokratis, jerkinson, Eleneny…

    Loan Martineli in EPL be great to adapt, few other youngtsers…

    Cash in 120M while we can, none will be missed, best to play Willock to devellop than xhaka.

    Sidibe is affortable as Mvilla who both be strong addition with leadership and character as Ulmiti and of course Koulibaly!

    This team can beat any team and unreal to not see us make moves. Ulmiti can come on loan with buying option.

    We did not pay 80M for Pepe but made a payment plan.

    Selling those players allow to make up for Kouli, rest are affordable.

    This is unreal to not lock this Denfense & CM beast when all there available…

    1. Napoli will not sell Kouliabaly without demanding for a limb, United tried and failed.
      Umtiti is not looking to move club, Barca has no interest in forcing him out.
      We already have Bellerin for right back and Niles as his cover , Chambers can play RB, CB and DM. So essentially, we are covered at the right back.

      Where we need an upgrade urgently is at CB. Mustafi has to be moved on, while Koscielny situation should be resolved quickly.

      Mavropanos is injury prone and from what we saw last season against Palace, I don’t think he is ready for EPL,his injury problems is not helping either, he is quickly turning to another Diaby. Perpetually always injured. We should loan him out to a championship side.

      We have for this season, just Sokratis and Holding(who is currently injured) as out and out CBs, if we succeed in moving on Boss and Mustafi. We should prioritise on a towering CB with physical presence, non error prone, who is also comfortable with the ball on his feet. Ibrahima Konate ticks all those boxes at just 20yrs.
      Though we know that Monreal(if he stays) and Chambers can cover for CB, but I would rather we bring in a real defender rather than depend on makeshifts.

      1. Samuel Umtiti is very close friends with Lacazette and with the Barcelona/Raul connection who knows?
        Also there are still underlying distrust between Umtiti and Barcelona over management of his knee injury.

      2. Mavropanos has Premireship experience and he did well…he should be loan to a premireship side and not championship

      1. Haha why not indeed, the more the merrier and we really are good to go!
        City or Liverpool on Sunday then?
        Messi isn’t back, but Suarez is.. hope the team have had their tetanus shot ?

        1. Haha very good Sue ?‍♂️?? I reckon Man City 2-1 what do you think? Luton Middlesbrough game was very good ? Coutinho better be a gooner by Tuesday at the latest ?

          1. Well I hope you’re right, I’d be more than happy to see City lift the shield!
            Yeah what I saw of it was good, apart from Johnathan Woodgate ?
            Tuesday it is then, Meg ?

          2. Your not a fan of woddy then ? ? I’d be happy if Arsenal lifted it ? along with Tierney and it’s been reported by SS that a third bid is incoming! Kroenke in ?

  11. Coutinho isn’t happening. Zero chance. If he does back to PL, it will be to Liverpool. Most likely outcome is he stays at Barca it is involved in some deal with PSG to bring Neymar back.

  12. If arsenal get cabelos,pepe,tieney and coutinho then it will be a magic window and I won’t believe it until am sure am not dreaming mentioning arsenal and those players is odd enough signing them will be transfer madness who will in his right senses believe it

    1. why not add more to the list….Coutinho, Dembele, Malcom, Zaha, Tieney, Umiti and more

      Fifa 20 style unlimited funds in the bank..

      one can trash any team with a brand new first 11 and 25man squad

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