“It is not malicious.” Guendouzi explains his Brighton match behaviour

Matteo Guendouzi admits that he probably went too far when he mocked Brighton players about their earnings last year, but he insisted that those heated moments happen in football.

The midfielder fell out with Mikel Arteta after he prompted Neal Maupay to accuse Arsenal players of lacking humility.

He was reported to have mocked the players of Brighton about their earnings before he also held the striker by the throat for his perceived role in injuring Bernd Leno.

Arsenal lost the game to the Seagulls and Guendouzi says it was a heated game and in moments like that, players can go out of character.

He was speaking about the incident recently and admitted that he probably shouldn’t have used that gesture, but he maintains that it happens in football and he was certainly not being malicious.

‘It was a gesture that I should have maybe not done,’ he admitted to France Football as quoted by Mail Sport.

‘It might have shocked a few people, yes, but you know, in the Champions League or in a local match, during the games, there is always a lot of frustration.

‘We always want to win. And, during bad results, or injustices or things said on the pitch that you sometimes don’t like, you can, sometimes, have bad reactions.

‘There are things like that, five or six times per match. It is not malicious. 

‘There was not a problem with the FA, I was never suspended. It is always in the obsession around winning, to help your team.’

The midfielder has not played for the club since that incident and he has been shipped out on loan to Hertha Berlin in this campaign.

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    1. O please… Give me a break. Fight for the team with results, not insults. Character can’t be bought mate.

  1. If it wasn’t malicious then how come you refused to apologise or even acknowledge the situation?
    Keep this rotten attitude hothead away from Arsenal for as long as possible.

    Thank you very much.

    1. SO VERY TRUE! Rotten apple plyers are ALWAYS POISON in a team sport. Apart from which, Guendouzi has underwhelmed as a player for us and his loan club.

  2. I thought Guendouzi had loads of potential to become a top player, and I like his enthusiasm and fighting spirit. I’d like to see him back at Arsenal. Maybe not a “Nice guy” character but let’s face it – A lot of top competitors in sport are not really that nice, and Arsenal have been too nice for a long time in my opinion.

  3. Agreed Yossarian! we need to focus on the youth coming through that will take this club into the future without hoping that stan will put his hand in his pocket every transfer window and provide funds for some wonder player. Just take a look at esr and saka. how much would they cost right now if we had to buy them. Guendouzi is one for the future and with the right guidance could be a top notch player. We all know we are not gonna buy our way out of this we need to be smarter and develop players!

    1. The difference is that I don’t see ESR or Saka making the headlines for the wrong reasons. Heads down, working hard and playing in the first team. Guendouzi being a hot head and seemingly unable to apologise to Arteta over the Maupay incident got himself shipped out to Berlin where he isn’t much use to us by being over there. He may well have blown the chance of a good career at Arsenal

  4. In as much he was wrong, he was frustrated. It was however worse for him not to apologize. If he realises and tries to make amends, please, I want him back. We can’t expect all players to be gentle. He needs guidance, that’s all.

  5. That’s the problem with Arsenal over the years too many soft characters. Yes he went too far with the money jibe and he shouldve apologised straight away but he is sort of now. Hes learning as he grows up, like we all do ffs.

    He has just had a baby also so he may be starting to think “maybe I was a problem” and now is starting got grow up. He will come back, apologise and probably get back into the squad as he is better than Elneny, Niles, Willock even Cabellos and Xhaka is defo not much better as a player or character.

    Hes 21& capt of France u21s for a reason, hes a leader. Will welcome him back with Saliba & Dino. These 3 are gems along with SmithRowe, Saka, Martinelli and hopefully Ødegaard permanently.

    Still have AMN, Willock

    With all these young guns adding to Gabriel, Teirney, Partey, Leno, Mari, Soares, Xhaka, Auba, Pepe Etc…

    Arteta and Edu have a great foundation to kick this off with the players, a couple of trophies (FA, ComShld, Maybe EL) to bring in a few players after we get rid of a few more like January.

    We dont have the money to buy the stars but we can defo make them and we have quite a few in here to play with above to save us millions atm then make us millions in the future.

  6. I remember that game so well, what guendouzi did by grabbing maupay by the throat was out of frustration of injuring leno of which non of the arsenal players did anything. Vieira had done worst to Roy keane but we praised him for that. Apart from Partey who is better than him in our central mid field? Just because we have an unforgiven coach that doesnt know how to manage young players we feel its okay to sell him? And finally, would Arsen wenger had forgiven him or not?

    1. There were times I was embarrassed by the young Vieira. He fortunately grew up and became a legendary player at Arsenal.

    1. APART FROM THE UNDOUBTED FACT – which you chose to ignore- that Vierra was a truly great plyer and Guendouzi has done nothing in the game as yet. NO comparison at all! If all YOU want are “fighters” ,perhaps you would suggest we sign Anthony Joshua! DAFT!

    2. Footballers fight with their feet, not their fist.
      That’s why they are called foot-ballers and not Boxers.

      Good riddance.

      To think I really loved him and saw a great player in him even when some others were calling him “headless chicken”


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