It is not too early to be thinking about life after Unai Emery

There is every reason to believe that Arsenal will finish top-four this season, however, it is far from certain and in the event that the club misses out once again on Champions League football, you have to think that Unai Emery will be sent packing.

Some will say it is too early to even be thinking along those lines, I respectfully disagree, it is imperative that we consider all scenarios and plan for all eventualities.

This really is a make or break season for Emery, he has been backed to the hilt in the transfer market, he has a whole new team behind him, new exciting players and huge fan support and so, if he fails to meet the minimum requirements of his job, then he must fall on his sword.

If we do not start now thinking about life after the Spaniard, then when? What is the most appropriate time?

I certainly do not want Emery to leave because that means he has failed but I do think about it, I do think about the sort of manager I would want to replace him.

I do that because even though I am confident that he will succeed I do have my concerns, some of his tactics and team selections have been uninspiring, his loyalty to some players is disconcerting and his questionable vision for the team is, well, a mystery.

So, no, it is not too early to start thinking about life after Emery because there remains a possibility that this could be his last season in charge.


  1. I have thought about it myself often personally depending on what happens in where we end up I would Like to see a Arsenal man get a chance Freddie or Patrick Veria or maybe Arteta.

  2. I fully expect Emery to get us back in the top 4 and get his contract extended the extra year this season, then he will be expected to have us starting to compete for the title again.

    However if he does fall short along the way I think he is already helping train his replacement….. Freddie.
    I think Freddie will get given the nod (and he’s already made it clear he wants it at some point) and going on what’s been said about him I would be more than happy with that.

  3. I don’t think he has quite strong team. Luck of stiff Defenses and physical midfielder affects the result. Contrary to your opinion, when Arsenal can spend in these to key areas they will go to the tower. So your comment some how a fear that I only learnt.

    1. Unai and his team of coaches have the job to train the players to raise their game or bench them if they cannot. The buck stops with Unai. Remember last season we conceded 51 goals,leave aside the top four, even Wolves, Newcastle,Everton, Leicester conceded less than us.Is their defense personnel better than ours or is their strategy better than ours or is their character better than ours? A sane manager would do his own homework and improve his team.This season after four games we have conceded six, more than Palace, Everton and Leicester. We added Tierney but lost an able back up in Nacho (for whatsoever reasons) and retained Kolasinac. Every team has injuries, so plan B is required which Unai just does not have.Some may blame the board, remember last year there were 5 new recruits, this year we have four (not counting Saliba). Unai is solely responsible for this mess. Even if we manage a top four finish, Unai is not the man to lead us to glory days.Plain and simple!

        1. Because Arsene was given a shoe string budget except Ozil (and we won two FA cups), he took us to the 2006 UCL finals, 2011 League Cup finals and we had an identity which got eroded due to cheap basement bargain buys. Unai has got 11 new signings in 2 years, and has no style of play.
          Here are Arsene’s league finish
          2004 – 1st
          2005,2016 – 2nd
          2010, 2012, 2015 – 3rd
          2006,2007,2008,2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 – 4th
          2017 -5th
          2018 -6th
          Two consecutive years not in the top 4, he parted company.No preferential treatment to Unai. Unai has world class players in Auba, Laca, Cabellos, Torrera, Leno, Pepe and eventually Tierney will join the match day squad. If he cannot get a top 3 finish, he he no better than Big Sam or Alan Pardew. Arsene had only Ozil as his world class player (transferred) in 2005. The rest i.e. Fabregas, Wilshire, Teo, Kos, Giroud,Sagna, Clichy,etc. Arsene trained and developed them.In fact Arsene’s decline started when Xhaka joined us and Unai cannot sense that. Hope that answers your query Agu. Please note I am not an AKB, but let us give credit where it is due.

  4. I think Freddie would be a great option know the club is a club legend he did a great job with the youth team loves the club he has the respect of the youth players also is a very well respected man and was as a footballer players who come in to the club would want to play for him.

  5. The problem emery is having is his questionable team selection, continual formation change and his very defensive approach. It goes against Arsenal DNA.

    He needs to improve in my opinion and if he doesn’t make top 4 he is out.

    I’m also not sure Freddie is experienced enough to take over, managing a top 4 club is very stressful and demanding. Look at Man U and Chelsea

  6. When Wenger became Arsenal manager in 1996 the league was very different.
    100% of the clubs were British owned.
    95% of the managers were British. (Mostly useless)
    90% of the players were British. (Mostly useless)
    Wenger brought in top foreign talent before any one else.
    However once foreign ownership, foreign managers and
    top class foreign players flooded in to ALL clubs
    Wenger failed to win another title.
    As early as 2005 Mourinho destroyed Wenger but the club was too scared to sack Wenger for another 13 years.
    By 2008 there were murmurings but the advent of
    the Kroenkes in 2009 saved Wenger.
    The Kroneke’s believed bank rolling a title winning team
    was too expensive and implemented the 4th place is good enough model instead which suited Wenger as he could not compete with Mourinho any way.
    Recently Klopp and Pochetino pushed Arsenal back further.
    So when Emery arrived in June 2018 Arsenal was a
    5th/6th place side playing in the Europa League
    Now with a tougher league a horror squad and still no investment by the “4th place is us” Kroenke’s.
    Unai is expected to do in two years what Wenger could
    not do in 14 years…win the title.
    Do all the dirty work, clean up Wenger’s mess,
    take all the fan hate, get the team back on track
    then we sack you and appoint Ljunberg or Arteta.

    Oh well sh#t happens.

    PL table May 1997.
    Manchester United
    Newcastle United
    Aston Villa
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Leicester City
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Leeds United
    Derby County
    Blackburn Rovers
    West Ham United
    Coventry City
    Sunderland (R)
    Middlesbrough (R)
    Nottingham Forest (R)

    1. @Agu Emen
      I hope you are not getting a pride at this comment you made bcos it isn’t the summary of any Wenger’s dirt/shit that the current Head coach has to clear up. You only pick a minute aspect of Wenger events, but enormous things went along the events of Wenger era.
      However, the caliber of the man in charge now is even too low to compare with Wenger. Is capabilities are in realm of Coach, not of a manager, so he is not going to give you any JOY.
      Let wait and see

      1. @RicSAAlao.
        I take great pride in my comments because
        I have followed Arsenal more than 45 years.
        Give Emery 22 years and an owner that spends the same
        as City + Chelsea and Emery will win plenty of titles.

        1. @Agu E.

          Is this a joke, 45year!!!
          Am curious, this Agu is local Igbo name, meaning a jungle king animal, lion. So from where have you bn following Arsenal for 45yeats??????
          If you, from 45years is requesting budget of the level of City, Chelsea for Emery, and 22yrs to win something, I want to guess, you are a kid. Probably, still a teenager, snr secondary sch chap.
          With City budget, Guardiola won in just 2 years
          That is the arithmetic, that is the perspective.

          1. You should not be calling ‘Agu E a liar, which is what you are doing, without actual evidence. If he says he has been a Gooner for more than 45 years, who are you to disbelieve him. You should be ashamed of yourself and are being arrogant. It is for he alone to say how long he has been a fan, NOT YOU! You should apologise to him.

    2. Agu Emen, congrats another long term gooner in the ranks!!!

      So you are saying that Wenger couldn’t compete with Mourinho because foreign money flooded in…that makes sense.

      Then further down you say give UE the money that city and chelsea have and he will win titles…that could be true.

      So, if UE was manager in 2005, would the same situation have hampered him in your opinion?

      Also, if AW was given the same money as city and chelsea, would he win titles in your opinion?

  7. The fact of the matter is that Emery’s performance will be evaluated at the end of the current season by Arsenal’s owners/Board/management to assess whether his contract to coach Arsenal is extended into the third year. The performance criteria and/or targets are not publicly available as far as I know. It is interesting that in investing in youth, Emery has not appeared to be going for the “quick fix”, but is building for the future.
    One thing for sure is that the opinions of any of us, won’t be given any consideration in the decision making.

    1. ozziegunner, wise remarks about the performance criteria and/or targets…how I wish fans would be as circumspect when discussing the contracts of current/previous players and managers.

      Agree with your observations on youth, Guendouzi, Tierney and Saliba being perfect examples, but bearing in mind your previous statements about UE being the coach and not buying/selling players, could that not be a decision from further up the food chain so to speak?

      Building for the future sounds like a Josh Kronkie statement to appease those who want ready made w/c players he just won’t fund.

      1. Ken, I concur with your assertion regarding the scouting and contracting of the young players, but Emery has played them and in the case of Guendouzi has gone from French Ligue 2 to impressing enough to make the French national squad. My argument would be that he has not pushed “short termism” by requesting ready made player, which is criticism often made of Mourinho. It makes one wonder if he has been given a longer term brief by the powers that be?

  8. I have my reservation about Emery considering what new coach of Leicester City-Brender Rogers is already achieving with the team. But Unai Emery tried last season except for Arsenal performance at Europa cup final. If he gets us into Top4 or able to win Europa Cup, I will rate him excellent. Until then, the jury is on his case as a quality coach. I “ll keep my fingers crossed.

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