Arsenal fans must stand in solidarity with Tottenham star

Tottenham defender Danny Rose has opened up on the racism that he has been subjected to and has admitted that he cannot wait to see the back of football but why should we care what a Spurs player feels? Because we must show solidarity in the face of racism in our beloved game.

Arsenal, like most clubs these days, have a significant amount of BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) players in our club right from the youth set up to our senior squad and they must be protected and the truth is they are not.

We all know what happened with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the banana incident in our game against Spurs, we all hear the monkey chants and vile abuse thrown at players, either at the stadium or on TV, we cannot pretend it does not happen and we cannot stand idly by and allow tribalism to be used as an excuse to ignore what is happening and that is why I have absolute sympathy for Danny Rose, Raheem Sterling and any other player subjected to this disgusting treatment regardless of what club they play for.

What if it is our own young lad Folarin Balogun that is targeted? What if it damages his confidence so much that it affects his whole career or Reiss Nelson or even Ainsley Maitland-Niles at some point in the future, what will it take for the authorities once and for all to put a stop to this crap.

We have covered this recently in two articles here and here and I make no apology for posting another article about this and neither do I apologise that the central person in this article is a Tottenham player, in fact, I am glad it is the treatment of Danny Rose I am writing about because it tells you that eradicating racism in the game is far bigger than any club loyalty.

Tottenham gives us so much ammunition to take the piss out of them that I can find space to condemn racism against one of their players, because I know that tomorrow or the next day or next month or next year it will be an Arsenal player being victimised and that breaks my heart.


  1. Slightly OT: I think there is less racism in England compared to other European countries, therefore I believe Arsenal can attract Chukwueze with friendlier environment for expats, London lifestyle, bigger career opportunity and bigger salary

    I saw him performed very well against mega clubs such as Real Madrid/ Barcelona and he could build a good teamwork with Iwobi. Arsenal had better approach him before he renews his contract:

      1. Iwobi is a right-footed LW, but he said he is actually a CAM and he has the skills/ physical attributes to play centrally

        If you remember, Bergkamp was no pushover in no 10 position and gifted with close ball control/ strength/ height like Iwobi

        Whereas Chukwueze often plays as a left-footed RW. Imagine if one of them cuts inside, passes the ball to the other or shoot with his strongest foot and both swap position dynamically, I bet the opponents would get confused and would not know how to man-mark them

        1. Bergkamp and Iwobi in the same sentence? Not on the same planet let alone league!
          When Dennis Bergkamp came to Arsenal the tough defenders at the time tested him at training by trying to kick him off the park. Mostly he had the skill to avoid the tackles, but after a while the story goes he retaliated so effectively and painfully to them that they left him alone. Can anyone imagine Iwobi doing that now or in the future?

      2. Phil hahaha. You really enjoy being the “bad” guy when it comes to the iwobi debate huh. I do agree though, at best iwobi should be a bench player for arsenal.

    1. Chukwueze would be available on the cheap should Villareal be relegated which is a possibility this season. Imo him or Leandro Trossard,Ibrahima Konate,Ismael Bennacer(£4m) and if possible a CM/AM would be a very good summer transfer window.

      1. Nice info kev

        I’d like all of them, because most of them are very young and might be braver/ hungrier than our aging players

  2. Spurs fan in relative peace here – and I totally agree with the spirit of most of this article. Danny has expressed himself with his customary frankness and passion, and I back him 100%. Thanks to a certain debut goal (which I would fully understand if you have forgotten all about!), I hold him in the highest regard anyway, but you are right, this stuff is way more important than club animosities.

    I was as disgusted as you were by the banana incident with Aubameyang. I know Dele on a later occasion had a water bottle thrown at his head by Arsenal fans, but there’s no evidence this was racist, just hooliganism (still inexcusable mind). The banana though has an infamous symbolic connection with the time when racism was much more overt at English grounds, and I am ashamed the perpetrator supports my club. I’m sure Chelsea or West Ham supporters would welcome another racist to their ranks.

    1. Well said 1961Blanchflower, good to know both sets of supporters distance themselves from the rabble known as “chelsea fans”.

    2. 1961 Blanchflower, As a lifelong devoted Gooner born in 1950, I well remember and admire the great Spurs team of early 60’s. As a hopeless football anorak I can also at a moments notice recite this:” Brown, Baker, Henry, Blanchflower, Norman, Mackay, Jones, White, Smith , Allen, Dyson. I also know of Bert Bliss and Jimmy Dimmock from the 1921 Spurs winning team. Courtesy of living next door to a Spurs supporting family of 3 season ticket holders. Circa 1959 and onwards I used to regularly attend BOTH Arsenal and Spurs home games. Both charged two shillings entrance fee(ten new pence). I was at WHL when Benfica knocked you out of the then European Cup semi second leg in 1962, with a poor ref helping Benfica, which distressed me NOT A JOT. I also remember walking down Tottenham High St in MAY 1961 on Cup Final day, holding a pathetic home made piece of cardboard (which I conned myself was a “banner”) saying “Up Leicester” who Spurs beat 2-0 , as you will well know, later that day at Wembley. I was not accosted nor challenged and my Wolves supporting cousin of same age was with me and we went home to Palmers Green feeling very virtuous and brave! Ah the folly of youth! . I love and totally agree with your post. BTW I even feel I would like to wish you and Spurs good luck but even I am not quite THAT mad!

  3. Back to the matter in question and I concur with the first post by Chalky.

    This shouldn’r even by up for debate in my opinion, unless of course one still wants to be a neanderthal in ones outlook on life.

    Nothing but admiration for Danny Rose and Raheem Stirling as they stand up to these ignorant, bullying, arrogant and mindless cretins…hope I’ve made my feelings clear on the subject anyway!

  4. As all rational fans well know this article is nothing whatever to do with the natural and normal rival fans “knockabout” and EVERYTHING to do with the far more important (than “mere” football) life principle and human right of equality for all and freedom from Neanderthal hatred by the dinosaurs in human form who, distressingly, STILL inhabit our planet.

  5. It does go without saying and we will all stand unified across fanbases, surprised in my lifetime this has reared its ugly head (I blame brexit, it has some how vindicated these low life’s that think there is a difference between race and are now spewing their hatred).

    I believe most of the chanting is pantomime but even felt uncomfortable (at the stadium) when we gave Van P gib at Old Trafford, when it gets personal and not about football it crosses the line.

    The majority of fans of football in England don’t think this way as seen by the marches of recent times. I believe there is good in mostly everyone and eventually this horrible train of thought will be eradicated

    1. Darthballz, I assume you are a gooner, so i will ask you this pertinent question:
      When have you ever heard the abusive noise and language given out to any player, irrespective of religion, creed or colour?
      Sticks and stones is a slur on our fans and i am amazed you would put our fanbase in that catagory.
      I have every conviction that, if anyone started that kind of BS, the crowd and stewards would round on them, identify them and kick them out.
      I have never witnessed this at The Emirates and have had a season ticket since it opened…the same goes for Highbury in my personal experience of that famous ground.

      1. I agree with you Ken 100 % but when I said this a few posts ago I was rebuffed by Jon Fox. Now, I regard Jon as a friend and maybe he took my words out of context. I don’t want to get in to argument with Jon because I agreed 100% with sentiments towards racism but in the case of Danny Rose, why does he have to wait 6 years if he can’t stand the game anymore, why doesn’t he retire immediately. I mean it’s not as if he’s on the minimum wage and has provide for his family, he’s a millionaire many times over, he could be out injured for 10 weeks, stay at home with his feet up and earn around a Million pounds watching football on television and his statement “their fined about the amount I spend on a night out”, how patronising is that. Danny Rose does more damage to the racism issue than he does good by coming out with statements like this, surely he doesn’t need the publicity or maybe he does.

        1. KENNY, perhaps, just perhaps, DANNY ROSE the emotionally wrought victim of this crass and evil bigotry was speaking whilst emotionally upset. Just as so many fans and players and esp managers do just after a game where they too have been the victim- though in a far less damaging way than racism is – of injustice on the pitch. TRUE equality for all, would you consider your post is saying in this matter? Why should he retire and you have no right to even suggest it, as it is nothing whatever to do with you or with me or with anyone else . You either TRULY REALLY believe in equality for all and all the time , and in every way, OR you don’t! Had the boot been on the other foot and Rose had suggested you retire, how would you feel? KENNY, I BOTH LIKE AND RESPECT YOU AS A FAN AND A MAN BUT YOU NEED TO THINK FAR MORE DEEPLY ON THIS WHOLE ISSUE AND TRY PUTTING YOURSELF IN THE OTHER PERSONS PLACE AND THEN SEE IF YOU STILL THINK THE SAME WAY. Anti racist rhetoric is fine but is FAR from enough, by itself, in order to eredicate it. We as a society need far more empathy, more understanding and more rationale.

          1. Jon, Danny is saying “he can’t wait to retire” all I’m saying is do it now, why wait?

            1. Just like to add, if I was fed up with my job through the abuse and aggravation I have to suffer and had 1% of Danny Rose’s fortune and he said to me “If you don’t like your job why don’t you retire” I’d say to him ” good idea Danny, I’d be delighted to, thank you for the advice”.

    2. Darth ballz, that totally wrong and daft proverb that you unfortunately quote is so harmful and totally untrue. A far more accurate proverb would read thus: Sticks and stones may break my bones but most often they will heal and be as good as before, but words can damage me psychologically to my dying day! It may not have the soundbite ring in the same way as the first and daft one goes, but it is accurate. The trouble with trotting out proverbs from long ago is that many -I do NOT say all – are plain wrong and were coined long ago, before we know so much more about the human psyche than we did in those ignorant days of yore. Don’t you think? I wonder if you do, actually!

  6. A most encouraging article with equally encouraging contributions – these are worrying times when entire sections within the football fan-base as well as gormless individuals see fit to target players for racial abuse and believe they can do so with impunity.

    Where something is rotten we should have the conviction to say its unacceptable and that it stinks – as has happened here. Thanks for writing @Admin

  7. John Barnes was right when he said the brits were being hypocritical!before slammming the whole Montenegro may be you should have a better a look at ourselves where worse things are said and done in this country every weeks in many stadiums and society??DO YOU AGREE?

    1. Tissiam, There is no possible way to totally agree or disagree with your comparison with Montenegro. The truth and REAL truth is surely that in this country there IS still racism and overt and ugly, evil, racism too. BUT compared to most countries around the globe and certainly to Montenegro, Britain is among the most tolerant and inclusve nations on Earth. For the important reason of truth and perspective I answer your too simplistic question in this way. Just the phrase “the Brits” itself is meaningless. Which Brits? Every Brit in Britain? I suggest not and ask you to think, to REALLY think -it is surely not beyond you, far more rationally and sensibly – before again quoting John Barnes and quoting him out of context, as you just have too.

    2. Tissiam, If John Barnes really did say that he’s talking out of his backside, Barnes was adored by 99.9% of Liverpool fans all around the country and the vast majority England fans also. He’s had a good life in the most diverse, tolerant country in the World. Of course they’ll always be one or two morons in the millions that adored him but that goes for all of us. I happen to be a cockney who’s drove a black cab for 48 tears and every now and then I’ll pick up some swell in the Royal borough Kensington and Chelsea who’ll give me the impression I shouldn’t even be in West London let alone picking them up. That’s just human behaviour, not good but to compare us with Montenegro or any of the eastern block countries is disgraceful.

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