It is so bad at Arsenal that even some Newcastle fans don’t want our players

Arsenal players are not as coveted by other clubs as they once were.

How times have changed. There was a time when players who can’t make Arsenal’s first team would be the targets of most another team in England. Not now though.

Granit Xhaka recently fell out with Arsenal fans and it appears his Arsenal career may be over. Not too long ago clubs would have been queuing up to sign him in the next transfer window.

However, this time even a club like Newcastle United have their fans turning against them for wanting to sign Granit Xhaka.

I have just finished reading an article on This is Futbol where they highlighted tweets from the Toon Army in response to Xhaka being linked with them. They were not exactly excited at the prospect.

This is not the first time the Gunners have struggled to sell players. During the summer transfer window, Arsenal was looking to flog Ozil, but the German had very few suitors.

This is such a sad indictment of the quality of players at the Emirates as seen by other clubs and their fans.

Lucas Torreira was one of the best midfielders at the last World Cup in Russia and when we signed him ahead of other suitors, it appeared as if we had signed a massive talent.

However, after just one season, he can’t get into the team and surely his value to other clubs has now dropped.

It is hard to find a player who has become better under Unai Emery recently, but it is easy to find players who are unwanted by most teams including Newcastle United.


  1. If any team is serious of winning, then signing Granit will be the last thing on their list.
    Remember that fateful night when he gave away the penalty and blamed the strikers for not scoring goals? Such rubbish attitude and yet he was named the captain!When we have to finish off the game, he crawls off the pitch, forget the foul mouthed rant at the fans for a moment, let us discuss football.What does he bring to the pitch, some long passes which seldom meets the purpose and nothing more.Slow, unable to turn around, man marking, fouls around the penalty box, duck down when during a set piece so that an assured goal for the opponents,poorly taken corners. Well the toons do not deserve relegation, so I agree with their perception and actions. AFC is over and out for this season, sadly in November. I even dread for the S’ton game.

  2. why will xhaka even go to Newcastle? sane player will,he will play better in Italy,probably Roma or Napoli…xhaka is better than all Newcastle players put together…

  3. I’m sure most PL teams would be happy with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Martinelli, Bellerin, Chambers, Tierney, Luiz

    I’m sure the mid to bottom teams would be interested in our worst performing players Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Sokratis Niles

    But why would they go there

    1. @innit-Ozil has not been one of worst performers this season at all.That comment is typical of your short sighted attitude of the player.He wasn’t anywhere near being the worst at Watford.Nor Leicester. He’s hardly played so how can he be judged as you have.
      Your turning into a @ Got an Idea clone PAL.

  4. In my opinion our best starters are
    Torreira (PLAY HIM AS A PURE DM)

    Pepe and Martinelli should join the list above soon.

    Bellerin can’t defend well enough
    Ozil, Mustafa, Sokratis, Xhaka need to leave

    We need:
    1. Better CAM/CM
    2. Better CB or 2
    3. Better LW
    4. Better RB
    And we’re sorted player wise

  5. Off topic:

    Mourinho to Spurs sees us left behind yet again. We missed out on Klopp, Pep, and many other top managers, because of Wenger, and now it’s another top manager gone, because we have decided to stick with the clueless Emery. Will this nightmare never end?

    It’s almost as if the move to the Emirates has forever cursed our club. Bring back Highbury!

  6. OT.. Just looked on Sky Sports.. that picture of Maureen holding up that bit of rag (aka a spuds shirt) made me want to hurl 😀

    Bloody hell, the geordies don’t want Xhaka. Maybe Everton will come calling (again) 😄

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if we never got rid of xhaka, he is so poor. Who on earth in their right minds would want him. He has got to be the worst player any arsenal manager has ever bought. What a waste of money.

  8. That Xhaka has a big personality, a big self regard and an inability to see how unsuited he is to fast, quick direction changing, quicker still thinking and unselfish Prem play, is the elephant in the room. It is not much openly stated, yet it seems we all realise it. Except Wenger and Emery. We must face facts. He was a bad and unsuitable buy by Wenger. To make matters worse still, BOTH Wenger and Emery , bizarrely failed to see what almost all others CAN EASILY SEE. That he is a big personality, dressed up in the clothes of a very mediocre player. There can be no doubt of this and Geordie fans , though foolishly loyal to a club owner who cares nothing for them and their amazing loyalty, also have televisions and can see what we all see but which Wenger and Emery fail to see; namely his uselessness at PREM LEVEL. To be honest, that (mediocre) North East club but with its amazing and loyal fans do not deserve to be the dumping ground for our rubbish. And good for them for not wanting it either.

  9. I keep bashing Xhaka quite a lot and he does have his weak points. But his flaws weren’t costing us that dearly last season when he was playing alongside Torreira. But when Guendouzi became Emery’s new favorite, our midfield balance was thrown off. That made Xhaka public enemy number one. He is pretty average player tbh, but not as worse as he has looked under Emery. Xhaka does have pretty sharp mid to long range distribution, that other than Luiz, no one really has in our team. But Xhaka doesn’t work well with Guendouzi, Willock or anyone other than Torreira, that’s another tactical limitation he presents when selecting players.

    But, the question is, who actually looks brilliant playing under Emery? I see none. Emery’s tactics make even good players look bad, and Xhaka is pretty average player anyway, so he looked terrible.

  10. Things have got so dismal now that on the rare occasions when the midfield goes anywhere near the attackers, or near the (so called ) “defence” I am amazed and delighted. It would help if those three sections of the team could be formally introduced to each other. EACH IS TOO POLITE TO INVADE THE OTHERS SPACE. I wonder what the Spanish for interaction and support each other is. And certainly Emery can’t coach teamwork, cohesion and even “formal handshakes”. Whatever it is you may be sure that Emery does not know it in English. When you only speak alien English how on Earth can you properly communicate? After “good ebening” it is downhill all the way in the communication stakes. He must go! NOW!!!

  11. Well, I must have missed the official announcement that The Arsenal posted, saying they wanted to “flog” Ozil, perhaps you could reproduce this for us Martin, let us know what they were wanting in a transfer fee and if they were going to subsidise his wages?

    Perhaps, if this hapless coach selected our players to play in their positions and actually devised a system that suited them, we might see them play to their true potential… potential that has made them international players.

    As for Newcastle fans not wanting him, a fanbase of millions doesn’t mean that a few quotes represent the “vast majority” as some on here think they do.

    By the way, just as with Ozil, xhaka has not been placed on the transfer list by the club, but don’t let facts get in the way of knocking our players at every opportunity – so many make 100% predictions that actually turn out as complete rubbish – “we’ve got our Arsenal back” being the absolute classic!!!!!!!

    1. Ken, stop being disingenuous. Of course there as no official club announcement, no club ever does that as you full well know. What they do is leak to their favourite most respected journalists. In Arsenal’s case, David Ornstein. If you want to call him unreliable or whatever that is fine. Nothing I can do or anyone on this planet to convince you otherwise. But I will be honest Ken, it is getting to a stage where I think people will stop engaging with you when it comes to Ozil. There is no balanced conversation to be had with you when it comes to him. My position is clear on him, as is yours. The difference is I write about it and will continue to do so because I see him as a leach on the club. That said, that difference can be eradicated, you can send me in article after article about him. I will publish them as I have told you before. Just send your opinion pieces to Finally, it is not just me, it is almost every single journalist, every single pundit, every former player that at one time or another has acknowledged that Emery wants Ozil sold. But it is only you that knows, right?

      1. Not at all Martin – I am just asking you for the proof that makes you write with such authority
        “During the summer transfer window, Arsenal was looking to flog Ozil, but the German had very few suitors”, as if that is a factual statement and it most definately not.

        That is your opinion and if you stated it as such, there would be no problem with it whatsoever – as you say “I see him as a leach on the club” -fine by me, your opinion again.

        The fact that you don’t see the difference is puzzling, because you normally ensure that you make it clear when you write, as you did above with your “Isee him” quote.

        Surely the answer is to say “in my opinion” Arsenal tried to flog Ozil etc etc?
        I notice that Phil has also challenged Innit over a remark he made, so Ozil is a devisive subject and I look for a balanced debate.
        If you think that it is ok to write your opinions as facts, then I will challenge them – unless you just want no one to contest your views?

        As for writing a post, that’s your position, you are doing a fine job and I read the posts with keen interest – I have contributed posts before and after you started on here.
        If Ozil went tomorrow and The Arsenal benefitted, that wouldn’t bother me – no player etc etc. but I think he is one of our best players and not a leech as you describe him.

        I guess the answer is martin, we should both respect each others views and try not to comment on anything regarding Ozil, but as a debating site that is, surely , defeating the object?

        1. No Ken, It is a fact but only you see it differently. I will debate you on anything Arsenal related with the exception of Mesut Ozil. In my opinion, you have an unreasonable stance that makes a debate on him impossible. I take positions totally opposite to others and I accept certain things as fact when they are against my position, it does not make my position any less strong because I feel my other points are strong. As an example, Mauricio Pochettino, in my opinion, should never ever be an Arenal manager. Yet I accept he is an elite coach, however, what I do not do is take an unreasonable stance and say he is useless because he won nothing. I accept that he is a top coach despite not winning anything. You simply will not accept anything negative about Ozil unless it is backed up by incontrovertible evidence. You ignore every source, every insider, every well-placed journalist, every pundit and say show me a club statement. That to me is simply unreasonable and make engaging with you on this specific subject a waste of time. I respect your opinions and will debate with you on them, just not on Ozil.

          1. I’m not sure if this will be published, but I hope so Martin.

            You accuse me of not accepting anything negative about Ozil – how many times have I said his earnings are ridiculous, how many times have I said he should be more visible on the pitch, how many times have I said he is not world class anymore???

            Now let me ask you, how many times have you slipped Ozil’s name in as a negative when posting on a subject that has nothing to do with him?
            Take this present article about Newcastle fans not wanting our players, referring to Xhaka – yet you bring in Ozil because of your personal dislike of the player:

            As for incontrovertible evidence, that is a thing that everyone should believe in, unless it is an opinion.
            I also respect your opinion,it is only when you present them as facts, a habit my old friend Jon Fox continually has, and then explain it away as saying every source agrees with you.

            Have you read the comments from bloggers on “justarsenal” Martin? They are not all in agreement with you, as there are others not in agreement with me.

            That’s what opinions are all about. If you could present me with the facts to back your statement, then we would have no disagreement or argument would we?

            1. I have no reason to remove this post Ken but you are wasting your time if you think I will engage any further on this matter as I made absolutely clear in my last comment. If you want to think that means you “won” this round or whatever, that is fine but I already made my position very clear in relation to debating you on Ozil any further. On anything else my friend, I will gladly do so.

        2. Ken there is “absolute proof” which you often seem to require and there is also “very likely to happen from all the shades of grey, leaks to the press and certain journos and what common sense tells your instinct”. I suggest to you that almost all football calls come under this later heading and that asking for proof is, as Martin rightly says, somewhat disinguous. It is worth reading my post to you right under Martins reply to you In all seriousness , for example, can you or anyone PROVE that Donald Trump has done half the wicked sexual deeds he is widely condemned for as having done! I rest my case!

          1. Jon, until you were presented with actual proof that UE was not the coach you told everyone he was, you carried on telling all and sundry that you knew better, he was the man for the job and this was despite the horrendous mistakes he was making.

            I remember reporting that a poll on another site indicated that more than 80% of fans wanted Ozil to stay rather than UE…you went completely berserk telling everyone what fools they were and now, just over four weeks later, you are the loudest voice on “justarsenal” wanting UE out.

            Why the change Jon? Irrefutable evidence from results, tactics, fans and players reactions that cannot be denied…unless you have another reason for changing your mind?

            How many times have you accused the meiia of lies and misleading statements, especially when they are disagreeing with your views?

            Yet here you are now, suggesting the leaks, journalists and common sense are what we need to go by and accept as facts.

            The FACT is Jon, you changed your views on UE after the proof was laid out in front of you…until then your “common sense” was telling you that he was what you wanted him to be.

            Donald Trump is being impeached and the FACTS are being laid out, not the views of Democrats or Republicans and I rest my case that one is innocent until proven guilty.

            As a realist Jon, that can be the only outcome…as will be the case if and when The Arsenal say quite clearly that Ozil is up for sale.
            Then and only then, will we see if Martins claim that nobody is interested in him will be proven – until then it is only rumour and speculation, as was your claim that he would be gone by July 2019 and Ue was the next messiah.

        3. Ken, in treply to your later post (with no reply option attached) , all I can conclude is that we agree on hardly anything team wise and I stand by every word I wrote earlier. YOU AND I JUST SEE THINGS IN COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAYS. Such is life! I feel,just as I usually do, THAT YOU COMPLETELY MISREPRESENT WHAT I SAY TO FIT YOUR OWN OPINIONS.

          1. Jon, how have I misrepresented your views?
            What have I said in my post at 9.03 that misrepresent you?

            Of course we see things differently, otherwise we wouldn’t be debating and questioning would we?

            Please explain what you mean by misrepresenting your views to fit my opinions and could you answer my other questions?

            I can only observe that I have never thought that you did that too me, so could it be that you are not making yourself clear?

    2. Just want you to know Ken, that I associate myself entirely with Martins sensible and realistic reply to your somewhat facetious comment on making a statement(about wishing to “flog Ozil”). To actually think that a club would come out and issue a statement is beneath your obvious intelligence and you made that comment in full knowledge that no club does this. Not under normal circumstances. I fail to see why you always seem to need written or spoken evidence. Can you not see how clubs rarely make their intentions public knowledge when big millions, either in wages or transfer few are concerned. I know you can see this! Money is kept close to the clubs chests, as you well know. So please do not insult our intelligence by asking questions that you know perfectly well do not apply. Without in any way wishing to patronise you I know without doubt that a man of your years and worldly wisdom knows better than this,. You can easily understand tactics and shades of grey, when it suits you but when you are being stubborn you “choose” to forget you have this ability. And that other older fans do. Also some younger fans. Youngsters may not ALWAYS have this ability but we older ones most certainly do and you would admit that , at least to yourself, if you were being perfectly honest. I recognise we all have obsessions on some club/ team matters. One of my several ones is to call out laziness in life, as in football. I have always scorned people who are lazy. Especially when those people are gifted but lazy minded and /or lazy in body. All players owe all fans 100% effort. Or do you disagree, as sometimes it seems you do? In return they get our admiration, even affection, a luxurious life style and make their families and themselves rich and free from financial worries. Fine, BUT provided they EARN it! Most do; some don’t.

      As to your last two lines, this is a debate site, as well as a news site(those last few words are for you, MARTIN!) and it is normal and natural for almost all of us to make predictions, most of which – since there are so very many – will prove groundless. But without passionate opinions where would this site be and what would we obsessives do! If I had to actually watch soaps, when at home I WOULD BECOME EVEN MORE CRAZY AND IMPOSSIBLE THAN I ALREADY AM! PS, I am with your second paragraph entirely!

      1. Jon, thanks for the lecture, which I fully expected as a realist.

        Pray tell me Jon, what exactly did The Arsenal do, when they officially stated on The Arsenal website that mustafi had been advised to find a new club?

        The reason I like to see or read written evidence is that, otherwise, we get people of self importance making statements that have no foundation whatsoever, but present them as facts.

        They then go on to declare that they are speaking for the “vast majority”, when in fact they are voicing their own views, without knowing or acknowledging that many others disagree with them.

        THAT is why I ask for proof or facts – not because I want to disagree, but I want to be shown the accuracy of said posts…UNLESS…they are pre-emptied with such clarifications as: in my opinion – reported – I suggest etc etc.

        Martin is very good at his job and unearths lots of subjects for discussion. My only beef with him is that he is always trying to include Ozil (sometimes Wenger as well) in a way that is not factual, misleading anduncalled for in my opinion and, unlike some, I question his sources and reply to his questioning of me.

        So, thanks again for your views Jon. I do appreciate them and will always answer any questions you put to me…as I await your replies to my questions.

        1. Mustafi was a rather rare case where the club and the fans, which the club well knew, had MORE than enough of him and his constant mistakes. HOWEVER, many things the club wish to do are kept quiet, as it is the art of the possible, or in Ozils case, the impossible ,as in them certainly wishing to sell him, but knowing that he will not be easily shifted(from gratefully grabbing his obscene wage. He is the classic example of another huge Gazidis error, in awarding that club damaging wage to a half tryer. Only those who simply refuse to see the truth – I need not mention the several regulars on here, besides you, who are in THAT camp – WHO REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE OBVIOUS TRUTH THAT THE CLUB HAS TRIED ALL THEY KNOW TO SHIFT HIM, BUT FAILED. Many things are obvious to all, save the wilfully blind, but are not made public, as it often makes things worse. Same as in politics and in business of all kinds. That is how life often works in the real world. I MIGHT ADD, BETWEEN HUSBANDS AND WIVES TOO ,VERY OFTEN!
          There just is NOT, in most cases, any written or even (publically noted) verbal evidence to evidence clubs'( plural clubs , please note!) intentions. In life,little chidren apart, only a half wit goes around telling all and sundry exactly what his or her business intentions are. And THAT, Ken, is precisely the point I – and I believe also Martin – am trying to make to you. But you choose to refuse to see it.
          If, which there is not, we knew a fraction of all the things and evernts that have happened in human history but which were not written about or spoken of at the time, we should now be much wiser than we are, about millions of things of which we just do not know. Most things that happen and also which are intended to happen, but often do not transpire, are NEVER advertised. If you, GENUINELY, do not acceot this truth, then I have vastly overestimated your intelligence. But I know that I have not overestimated it. It is just that you have failed, or rather CHOSEN to fail, to look at the wider picture of how business people behave. Wanting written or verbal evidence for every intention or action to come, is at best naive and at worst, plain daft.

          Ken, I am not trying to be rude but your obstinacy makes it difficult to make my point any other way.

  12. Newcastle United who competed for the title with you in 2002 and 2003. We are only a club of scorn due to one man.

    1. Ron, if The Arsenal had fans like the geordies, the Emirates would be a wonderful place to go no matter what.

      I rank them above even pool supporter,, simply because they have stuck with the club and players through years of negativity, while pool fans, just like some gooners expect to be successful.

      I don’t believe they are a club of scorn, they are a lcub admired all over the country by real supporters of other clubs.
      A truly great football club for it’s fanbase.

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