It is starting again, Arsenal apparently have no money for transfers

The media have not learned their lesson from last summer and is again claiming Arsenal have financial restrictions.

I am sure most of you remember the last transfer window, all through it the media was reporting that Arsenal had just £40 Million to splash on new players.

Well, now they are claiming that there are not going to be any transfer funds made available as this headline from The Mirror proudly reveals.

Mikel Arteta ‘unlikely to be given January funds’ after Arsenal’s £140m summer splurge

Now, if you drill down into that particular article you soon realise it is not an exclusive or anything like that but a rewrite of a Sky Sports report.

Sky has this little beauty in their article

Sky Sports News understands incomings at Arsenal are unlikely at this stage after the club committed £150m to new players in the summer and with centre-back William Saliba due to return from his St Etienne loan in the summer.

OK, so they understand there will not be much money available, basically, the same sort of sentiment used last summer yet according to Sky Sports News figures Arsenal spent a whopping £110 Million above their so-called transfer restrictions last summer.

This tells me that the media are at it yet again, I honestly believe they are making this up. In my opinion, they have absolutely no clue how much Arsenal has to spend this month.

We all learned a lesson last summer and that is when it comes to Arsenal’s finances the media have no idea what is going on, they got it well wrong back then and I am certain they have it wrong once again.


    1. Sell Mustafi, Xhaka, Sokratis, Ozil if possible, Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Bellerin, Kolsanic

      Get funds from selling. Also freeing up salaries

      Btw I’m sure we don’t have zero funds

      1. We cant sell all of them at once innit, mustafi,mkhitaryan,elneny and sokratis can be sold this month, I dont recommend we sell ozil,xhaka,bellerin and kolasinac because they’re still vital players for us

  1. The only thing I know about arsenal bringing a defender is when they sells one or two defenders to provide space for the incoming one(s).

  2. If this was the case, I am certain Mikel Arteta would have stayed at city and waited for a club/owner who would support his dreams.

    From what we have seen and heard from MA, he would have laid out in fine detail, everything he needed and required to make those dreams come true and a transfer kitty to support that would have been agreed before he signed on with us.

    With you 100% adminMartin and I am hoping that MA’s vision of our future will have opened the eyes of our owner as to what The Arsenal could achieve with the correct backing…56,000 gooners showed him what support this great club has.

  3. If you understand FFP and financial budgets, which none of us really do, we have spent up, basically. We need outs to bring in.

    1. That’s not correct, if you look at our net spend for the year we almost break even. Remember pepe deal is spread over 5 years n Seliba transfer fee won’t be paid till next year. Only player we have bought and paid for this year is Teriney. So overall we approximately spent £45-55 million and gained approx same including fee we got for iwobi

      1. I don’t think Arsenal should rush into a quick fix like Boateng. We are not likely to get top four and, after the last two performances, won’t be relegated. So, unless a great deal presents itself for a young CB to pair with Saliba in this window, I say run with what we got and see if one of Holding, Mavraponas, Burton or Medley can establish themselves.

        Having said that, I still think Mustafi should go this window – there has to be a limit on the number of chances someone gets. Shame because he can does a lot of good things for 95% of the game before inevitably self-destructing.

        1. Exactly right, Trudeau; Arsenal must as the old Crusader said “choose wisely” given FPP, available funds and the current ownership.
          Like Mohsan said, I can’t reconcile the funds expenditure splashed about by the media and the actual Arsenal nett spend. Even posters on this site talked about Emery being given players worth £200 million, which never was quantified.
          Arteta must be supported in the transfer market by the Owner and Board.

      2. And you understand FFP and Arsenals financial accounts. Obviously you don’t. Its not quite as simple as that and you haven’t included paying Emery and his team off and bringing a new team in. Lets just say it not quite as simple as you are making out. Like i said we don’t understand finance so its best not trying to explain it.

      3. And Mohsan, it not about the net spend this year, its about the money that will be available next year because of the way this seasons transfers were structured.

        1. I can go in more detail I just gave a very vague over view. When it comes to FFP it’s not only club sale n purchases interms of players n backroom staff. It’s to do with all the expenditure of the club n profits or loss we make. Don’t for get we have singed deals with my sponsorship companies, Arsenal run food chain business as well, we have made money n r still making money off from the real estate as well, then there is club murchandise, our supports pay for one the most expensive ticket in Europe let alone England. There is huge revenue from match day which is generated as well, all these TV right money as well….I can go on and on. So it’s not like we are broke every year companies are obliged to declare their accounts which gives you cash flow , profits, losses etc if read in detail what Arsenal declare you will be surprised how healthy Arsenal is as a company. Plus as i said at the top of you are only looking at player’s purchase and sold money then we almost break even. Another point to make here yes this will effect our next year spend but then I am pretty sure there will be players we will be selling next year as well.

    2. Speak for yourself Reggie, is my advice. Do not assume about financial matters on behalf of others whom you do not know. What is clear is that what was spend last summer is in instalments and will not be paid off for some time, esp Pepe. Also clear that our onwer is a lowlife who cares only for his own pocket and nothing for honour, honours, fans and glory. He knows the price of everything and the value of nothing . Nothing that REALLY matters to REAL AND PROPER humans that is; ones who have a heart!

      1. Like i have said, we are not clever enough to start explaining what money we have spent or have left. The reason we bought the players we did last summer was basically on condition we got CL football next season to help fund it. If we dont we will have to have a fire sale, so we aren’t in a position to spend this January unless we bring money in, even then, without CL next season there will be a culling in the summer.

        1. Reggie are a lawyer to the Kroenkes?Every time I listen to you,you’re always defending this penny pinching leach.
          I may not be certain but i dovknow that over the last ten years we have sold more than what we have sold more than what we have bought. So this FFP thing is just a lame excuse.We can’t compare with most of the big 4 teams which will still buy players.
          Also note that we can strengthen our squad, which we should but it doesn’t necessarily mean overspending.

          1. Im not defending Kronk at all, you obviously haven’t read my posts. I tell it like it is. You and i obviously dont understand FFP because it is to complicated but it isnt done over ten years, as i understand its over a three year period, takes into account not only spending but wages. Our wages are in a really bad situation, we have very little leeway. Kronk can only put in £45 mil of his own money and we would have to pay him back every penny within three years, so that also would impact our spending in the future. The reason we are in this situation is because we have spent TOO much, given too much out in wages and are not in the CL. We are in the shat with revenues from competitions and sponsors, which is impacting our ability to spend. Lots of our sponsorship is conditional on us being in the CL.

        2. Like i said Cliff, you and i dont understand FFP but i will tell you this, FFP isnt over the last 10 years it is on as i understand its over 3 years but is very complicated and not only does it cover spending it also covers wages. Wages is another area we are in it up to our knecks and have hardly no leeway at all. Kronk or any owner can only put in 45mil of his own money and that also has to be paid back in 3 years, so that would also impact any future spending. So like i said, FFP is something that is far too complicated for us to get involved in but we are hamstrung by it whatever people say.

        3. Reggie who are the “we “you refer to, in ” we are not clever enough? Do you mean all Arsenal fans ? If you do, you are making huge assumptions and generalisations that are always unwise when you do not individually know all those folk. Do you not see my point? I had assumed you were wiser than to make that statement. No one should be so arrogant as to presume to speak for countless other folk they have never me and who they do not know and who share only a mutual love of our club Think again Reggie!

          I suggest to you in all seriousness that there are many fans on this site around the globe who have a far better understanding of finance than certain people at our club have shown over these last few yers. I am thinking especially of Gazidis who has made many, frankly, stupid and DAMAGING financial decisions!

          1. John with all due respect, no one knows about FFP on here, we all aren’t in the know how it works and some seem to think we can ignore it.

      2. Jon you say this often but based on what? I can’t see the owners asset stripping at all and if it’s based on them not paying out of their own pocket to fund signings why should they? A club needs to be self sustaining and profit isn’t a dirty word. I don’t get the vitriol sent toward the owners of what is a business to them. Gone are the days of chairmen putting in their own money as ffp dictates and the majority of Saudi etc money is tax reason driven. I’m happy to be educated but just don’t get it

        1. Dan, You are quite correct that football these days is big business. Although I think Kroenke could give more time to Arsenal FC to be fair to him he does not take any money out of the club. You are also right, as I see it,that KSE will not strip any assets which directly affect Arsenal FC. Arsenal FC is a subsidiary of Arsenal Holdings plc which also includes Arsenal (Emirates Stadium) Limited and 9 or so other subsidiary companies. He would ,I think sell all the other assets before his prime asset which is the (Emirates Stadium). Why would he do that, its increasing in value every day.On the Subject of FFP there are many very good articles explaining FFP available on various web sites for anyone interested.

  4. OT. Clear and obvious penalty not given in the Wolves v Man United game. Goes to VAR who duck the obvius decision which SHOULD have been to give it. Meanwhile all the crowd chant “F… VAR” ! This stupid and incompetent nonsense called VAR was brought in to overturn refs mistakes that were clear and obvious BUT they are too timid to “undermime” clear REF errors and so they pretend it was not clear and obvious. Utter nonsense and dishonesty by those at Stockley Park. Long overdue that they either do what it was brought in to do and overturn errors or better still, bin the whole foul idea that is ruining games and atmosphere. I HATE AND DETEST IT! They are too spineless and cowardly to run it properly.Idiots and cowards.

    1. jon, the major problem with VAR is the failure by Mike Riley to allow the implementation of VAR in the EPL in identical form to the World Cup and the rest of Europe. The big question is “what is Riley afraid of?”

      1. ozziegunner, we know the answer to that question don’t we?

        This band of brothers are, currently, accountable to no other body whatsoever and Riley sits at the top of the table unchallenged.

        His boast that his referees get over 96% of decisions correct, is being proved a complete lie, even by the restricted use of var, as Riley insisted how it should be implemented and the FA agreed to his demands!!! Puppets on a string!!!
        If this band of incompetents were accountable, they would be thrown out on their ears, such is the level of complacency from their inward looking and self judging outfit.

        1. Ken, naturally it was a rhetorical question; your answer being the same as mine would be. Yet the English FA is quite happy to condone such incompetence and be happy with the fact that no English referee was considered good enough to officiate at the last World Cup. So much for the best league in world football.

  5. Reggie, There was interesting article on AST web site,giving a decent explanation of Arsenal financial state. In a nutshell we are strapped for cash and have considerable debt (200 million).A look at the last published accounts seems to bare this out. You are correct when you say we need to sell. So maybe some of the loaned out players may go, plus those with contract running may also be in the Frame. The other unlikely thought is Kroenke might authorize cash or stump up personal money. No new players in in my opinion.

    1. Pat, we are strapped for cash, we cant go out and buy players in January. We made a decision to go for it in the summer and it was a gamble on us getting CL next season. If that gamble doesn’t come of, this seasons spending will impact next season. Our budget whatever it is will be reduced by the installments we have to pay on pepe and saliba. We have gambled and we need CL football for it to be worth the gamble, if we dont get it things will have to be done to rectify the situation.

      1. And i am not sticking up for the Kronk (because i don’t want him as our owner) but he sanctioned last summers extra spending.

  6. We dont need to spend much this month,just buy a CB and a RB, then leave the rest till the end of the season.

  7. I think we need to be realistic this isn’t a well run show. We have lost money consistently allowing players to run contracts down, had arguably some of the best players in the world over the last twenty years and not been able to achieve the sort of transfer prices other clubs manage for far more mediocre ones, have no CL Revenue, a high wage bill, high debt and we’ve paid out sacking the last manager and his team. I’m sure there is money available but at a limit so any transfer has to been necessary right now. This is maybe where reluctance comes in. Truth is no one knows but the board and management accounts

  8. I honestly believe that Arteta made a great mistake in taking Arsenal job, Arsenal is a club that is messed up , the board is clueless and are only interested in their fat wages rather than making the club great again.
    The board keeps doing the same thing over and over again , they always choose to invest in the wrong areas afflicting the club . This is called repetitive compulsion.
    You do the wrong thing repeatedly and expect different result.
    We the supporters should concern ourselves with the club being sold because I dont see a y feature in this messed up club called Arsenal

  9. Arteta would have had some assurances for bringing in recruitments when he took the job.
    Maybe not for the winter transfer window, but definately for the summer.

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