It is still a top-six even with Man Utd heading towards relegation zone

Even without Man Utd, it is still a top-six

Man Utd has some serious issues and the chances are they will struggle to make the top-six. That would normally be good news for the likes of Arsenal because it would mean five teams fighting for four Champions League spots.

However, I am of the opinion that we still have a top-six with Leicester City replacing the Red Devils.

The Foxes are genuine challengers this season, I doubt they will finish top-four but cannot be dismissed. They have already shown with their performances so far that they are credible contenders.

You could argue that after just eight games it is too early to dismiss one of the original top-six. But United are in such a state that it is hard to see them turning it around.

The fact that there was such disappointment from Arsenal fans drawing at Old Trafford shows how far United have fallen.

It could easily become a top-five but not because Leicester City drops out of the running but because Tottenham does.

Again, this would suit Arsenal, less competition is always a good thing but five does not go into four. Underestimating Brendan Rodgers men would be a huge mistake.

So, in conclusion, I feel that United are a busted flush, but we are still in a top-six territory. I cannot see United turning things around and I do not see Leicester dropping out either.


  1. We should be careful writing Man U off. We saw last season how quickly they ate the buffer we had with them once Jose was sacked and they went on a run. I think we had nearly a 10 point gap which melted like snow in the sun when they went on a winning streak and we choked.

    It is not out of the question that an Allegri backed with some winter window enforcements could get them back into the top 6 form.

    It too bad that Man U might be looking for a new manager because I always thought Allegri could be just what we need.

    Brendan Rogers is next on my list πŸ˜‰

    1. As much as I love laughing at the Mancs… it’s not like we beat them, was it?! Could it be one of those bizarre weekends in the PL and they end up beating Liverpool??? πŸ€”

      1. I’m torn, I would love for them to beat Pool but that would make me nervous in terms of our battle with them for a top 4 spot. I don’t write them off at all in terms of their chances to finish in the top 6 or top 4.

        1. Me too, Truth… totally torn! Would love to see them finally drop points.. I really don’t want them going unbeaten all season. But against United?? Urgh…..

          1. An early loss for the pool would do me, then it is up to us to prove we are good enough for a top 4 spot. Plenty of games to go!!

          2. Yes having thought about it, I don’t think I’d mind if Liverpool were to lose to the Mancs.. (be very welcome, having a break from Klopp & Firmino’s teeth πŸ™‚)

    2. Allegri would sort out the defensive chaos we have suffered for over 5 years. But I’m not convinced he would choose us ahead of say, Man U. In my opinion it would be a big upgrade on who we have now!! Proven winner with a big club, 5 straight Serie A titles I think.

  2. Man United enjoyed an instant effect after firing Mourinho and hiring Solksjaer, but it didn’t last long

    Therefore the Gooners must support Emery till there is no more chance to get a CL ticket, because replacing him abruptly could only bring short effect

    However, I also predict Arsenal would finish at a top four position and Emery would get his third year because of that

    1. I don’t think a top 4 finish should be an automatic 3rd year for Emery. We should closely evaluate how we got in the top 4. If we get there on our own strength with more points than last season, fewer goals conceded, better away record and better record against top 6 than that points to real improvement and that warrants another year.

      But if we finish 4th because Spurs and Man U had a terrible season and Chelsea were hampered by injury problems and Leicester ran out of steam, and we didn’t really improve on last seasons points total and no real improvement in goal differential or away record than we should use our CL qualification to attract a good manager IMO.

  3. With only 8 games gone in the season, there is nothing sure enough for any side to be over confident or discount any teams chances. Injuries or loss of form to key players can derail any teams progress, even a high flying Liverpool.

  4. If anything, on basis of the first 8 rounds, we can conclude:

    After another 8 rounds the picture could be very different from now.
    The good thing is, it is very exciting πŸ™‚
    I really hope Liverpool, will start dropping points soon – that would make it even more exciting.

  5. Slightly off topic but I’m hearing after next year it’s likely only top three will go into Champions League. So as our league is equaling out, there will be a lot more teams chasing fewer places.

  6. Thankfully, Woodward just reiterated his commitment to Ole in a speech he made yesterday. It is thus safe to conclude Man Utd will not be a threat to the top 10 teams leave alone our top 4 least not in the near future. I think the only threat will be the spuds and if their internal wrangles can keep on going we will have a good chance of squeezing past them into the top 4. We will be back dining with the big boys next year!

  7. Far too early to be writing any team in or out of the top 6 imo…. with another 30 games to go any teams run of form could dramatically change πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
    I’m confident we will get top 4 though and see no reason why we can’t be challenging for the title when Lpool drop points (should be an IF but I’m confident they will before the season is over).

  8. I read on this forum most fans who are for Emery hope is for other teams downfall.
    Whilst others are saying why can’t we look like a team go on a run and play some good football.
    Point to note is that a happy team wins and at the moment arsenal fans are split likewise the team.
    So is Emery really the man?

    1. As long as we are in the top 4 then he is the man until the end of the season at least

      If Kroeke wants to get Allegri, Enrique, Sarri, Conte etc. I won’t cry.

      If not then I’ll be happy with Emery for his final year of his contract

    2. Jah son ,
      I’m pro Emery all I want to see is Arsenal actually having a defence I.E. Bellerin, Holding,Chambers and Tierney. Then I would like this defence to play matches.

  9. It is way to early to make predictions. It would have been possible if differences in the games was huge but it is not the case. A part from Man city and Liverpool, every other team seems beatable including Arsenal. I have to say Leicester seems very consistent, and they are harvesting years of building up on their top season. Also Chelsea seems to be starting to click now and they are in a good run.
    Good luck for Arsenal, COYG.

  10. Let’s get facts and not get confused & too pretencious:

    City & Reds are in a League on their own; fighting for and aiming at title; both hoping to be Champion; crushed if 2nd.

    The second league fights for 3rd to 6th place securing Europe football.

    But 8 to 10 teams can pretend for these 4 spots beside us: MU, Chelsea, Spurs, Foxes, Wolves, Cristal, Westham, Everton,

    Only 8 games but let’s not be amnesic, it’s been scary with lucky wins on one goal difference, draws we scraed to lose.

    We could be with 11 points or less without Luck and allnthat scare. So, let’s bΓ© humble and Hope that Lunatic coach put right team on, which we all know will not happen.

    Now let’s be cautious on Man U, 2 games away from us, even if they lose or draw against red, we did lose and no win us guarranty with us anywhere anymore.

    Therefore, things can turn around real fast, they were far more behind when Mourinho left. Yet they were above us at some point and we ended up, one point and seat above, both Europa League!

    Then, im not so sure about Chelsea, they can go either way, Lampard has the right low profile attitude as he is cautious himself, aware it wont be easy to make top 4 at all, nor top 6…

    8 games, win half lose 2, draw 2, will not take us in top6 once everyone is back on track…
    Lucky we been too… We should not be scared and sceptival but sure; we can’t be, to win at Sheffield! Wake up!, We have no coach but a master of disaster stressed out nervous wreck, who just guesses and gots it backwards, tic tac, no tac tic!

  11. Top 4, United out,west ham are too inconsistent, Leicester very good team but not some much as a squad,we had our injuries and dealt ok with them and will improve, Leicester have a good few young players with it comes inconsistency,they have players always closed to red card (Ndidy,choukouri…)and like other teams they’ll get their share of injuries, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke than slapface,who will score goals then?for me the only unknown it’s the spuds but they have deeper problems than pundits talk about! arsenal 3rd at worse and Chelsea are like the arsenal if the last few season’s,too many kids, cl football,cups and the dressing room giroud and other seniors players not playing not good; again youth means inconsistency! that’s my 2 cents!

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