It is still legitimate to want Ozil sold despite security incidents

I have noticed a little trend with Arsenal fans qualifying their negative comments on Mesut Ozil because of the security incidents involving the German midfielder.

You can easily have massive sympathy for what Ozil is going through and still want the club to find a buyer for his services.

This article is not about Ozil being sold, each individual can have their own opinion on that, what this article is about is that you can want him out of the team and call him useless, stealing a living or whatever without being accused of condoning the awful situation he is being subjected to.

I am not saying anyone is specifically doing that but when you feel the need to have to qualify your comments about him with words like, this has nothing to do with the attempted carjacking or words along those lines then the only reason for that is because you do not want people accusing you of taking advantage of what the 30-year-old is going through.

I personally do not feel he warrants a place in the team, end of, I feel zero need to qualify that opinion.

At the same time condemning those thugs and calling for better protection for players and so on does not mean you are backing the player to play for the team or remain at the club.


  1. As fans we always feel very justified to throw a player away when we feel their contributions don’t match our expectations. On the other hand, we consider it a taboo for a player to dare to want to move away from the club if such a player feels the club is inadequate to meet his footballing & financial ambitions. When we don’t like a player anymore, we boo them openly, call them all sort of unprintable names or even attempt to physically attack them. But if a player doesn’t like us anymore, it’s a crime. Such level of hypocrisy and entitlement is appalling.

    1. What are the fans supposed to do? Clap and accept mediocrity, dropped points, loose an European finals and blame the management/ownership? Fans contribute partly to the players wages and are the biggest well wishers of the club.Fans are there for decades players are there for a few years.Players move on for many reasons but move on with respect like many of our legends (Ramsey for a recent example) or like Adebayor or RVP or Laurent Kos without respect.

    2. Yeah because they have a contract obligation to respect. They must be professional in all dealings

  2. You might think it’s bad on here at times but just been on the LG site, what a bunch of moronic w*****s! Toxic waste at its finest…

  3. Well I guess the first five comments sum up the situation brilliantly…especially Impenia’s!!!!!

    Why not give this Ozil fascination a rest, we’ve got an important game coming up and the mood should be positive…not divisive articles just for the sake of it.

  4. To my mind we have a weak midfield. When we lost Santi our creativity disappeared. We should have signed Nabil Fekir on the cheap. In a couple of years Matteo will be our Pirlo, but at the moment Ozil and in particular, the slow of mind and slow of body Xhaka…. weaken us.

    1. In a couple of years, if Guendouzi becomes a Pirlo he will leave when he feels “the club is inadequate to match his footballing and financial ambitions” as Impenia put it. That is why I do not believe in developing players, it is an absolute waste of time.

      1. very apt…man city don’t have that time..they buy players to win title…when Matteo becomes a star man city ,Madrid,and barca will just bring 80 – 100m and he is off..

        1. Yes, my friend once asked me, “Why has Arsenal given itself the job of developing young players?” That’s when it hit me. There no prizes for that and none of them ever payback the faith by committing to the club when they come good. Youth, are a waste of time. Guys like Guendouzi, Bellerin, AMN will cost us points and when they develop and become blunder-free will jump ship at the first opportunity. Pepe, though young, is an excellent signing because he is ready made and is here for now now!

      2. Quantic
        Maybe. But if our team begins to challenge then he will stay for a few years. Of course players can leave but if they are in a challenging side, they are likely to stay a few more years. As ‘Peter Gabriel’ says “Don’t give up”, in a nicer voice than me.

  5. Let’s focus on the next match, the players available, and the tactics needed to win. Sympathize with Ozil and Kola and wish them the best.

    Arsenal can’t control their situation, but we can control what happens in the game on Saturday. Let’s turn our focus to that, 3 more points, and getting Holding, Bellerin, and Tierney healthy and fit to contribute.

  6. I really like Ozil as a footballer (and what’s more he seems particulartly appreciated by his team mates and I think he has had a hard deal in many respects (not all respècts). These recent occurrences are absolutely deplorable and the club needs to support Ozil.
    This said, there is no way it is a good use of resources to have Ozil at the club on 350,000 pound wages a week.He doesn’t fit the manager’s style of football and his particular skill set has been superceded by the need for far more mobile players.
    Kolasniac too is a poor use of resources, given his 110,000 pound a week wages (but no outlay on transfer fee we should remember) and more of a candidate to go than Ozil. Again he seems like a nice guy and is something of a hero.
    The issue is that Arsenal must look after the interests of both the players and the club. That requires skilled management. He doesn’t mean ruling out a possible transfer but nor does it mean trying to pressurise these players out. It also means some fans should stop the hate. It was difficult to envisage when Ozil was given his new contract how quickly both football in general and Arsenal in particular would change.
    Indeed we would all agree I think that Mustafi (again a well-liked part of the squad by other players)and Mkhitaryan would be better candidates to go first.

  7. Ozil is to Arsenal what Sanchez is to Man U, a very expensive, incessant problem that just won’t go away. Both clubs are paying for their desperation and stupidity. The only positive is that we are in this isht together.

  8. the usual defenders dont want to talk about it, but yah, we all know Ozil is passed it and needs to go. This has been said by many fans long before the security issues and the current situation doesn’t change my desire to see him pack his bags at all. Hopefully will be out by January. Will free up a ton of wages, and can leave with Mustafi. Once Miki, Mustafi and Ozil are gone, we are officially free of Wenger’s poor mishaps and can move forward. Cant wait!!!

  9. I think Ozil and Kolasinac will be sold Kolas’s wife has left the country and vows never to return,i think both players will be off soon.

  10. I really cannot see what xhaka brings to this team,give Willock more games he is a far better proposition and will only get better with games,how many more games do we have to suffer watching Xhaka give the ball away and then just walk away waving his arms about and blaming someone else instead of trying to retrieve the ball,i just groan every time i see his name in the line-up,he seems to be Emery’s favourite player,he has a good shot on him once in a blue moon and wanders around until the ball finds him. Thats my rant for the day.

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