It is time for Arsenal fans to accept the truth about Mesut Ozil

Simply put, Mesut Ozil is not world class. That may well be a controversial comment to some of my fellow Gooners but for me, it is the truth.

A world-class player turns up consistently and can be relied upon when the going gets tough, we cannot say that about Ozil no matter how much we admire him.

Yes, on occasions he puts in a match-winning performance and he can even put in the odd world class display but so can Ainsley Maitland-Niles or Granit Xhaka and no one is calling them world class.

Ozil can be a game changer once in a blue moon but so can Aaron Ramsey or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, in fact, I would argue that pair are more likely to change a game compared to the German playmaker.

Unai Emery does not trust Ozil, that is abundantly clear, and I no longer trust him either. I never know from one game to the next what sort of performance we will see from him and I hate to say this, but I am no longer surprised when he goes missing in important games, I kind of expect it now.

There was a time when he was our shining light but not now, not any more, he really has become a luxury that we cannot afford and is arguably no longer a luxury player but a liability.

These comments of mine are not coming from anger but from the acceptance that has finally dawned on me that our so-called jewel in the crown is more coal than diamond.

Darren N


  1. Maybe it’s the fact he’s not got world class players around him .whats he meant to do ?
    I see some fans slagging him off againn for yesterday ,absolute joke to lay any blame at his feet .
    Imagine walking out onto a football field and you look around and see players like iwobi,elneny,mustafi,my heart would sink aswell .He may not be world class but he’s a class act .

    1. It really p****s me off Dan, that once again, it’s Ozil’s fault! At least he scored, and what a beauty it was!
      I actually thought he did alright!
      There was this guy sat behind me yesterday and whoever had the ball, he kept shouting “Get it to Ozil, giive it to Ozil”
      I totally agree with you btw

      1. Agree with Dan and Sue, can’t believe Darren N is jumping all over Ozil. Can’t you see Darren how blatantly obvious it is that Ozil needs the right players around him. Some of his defence splitting passes are out of this world. I know you’re one of these that expects Ozil to chase the wing backs when they fly down the line but that’s just not going to happen. With the quality strikers we have available all we need is a top central defender, one quality midfield player and a wide man. You’ll then be thankful we kept Mesut Ozil.

        1. Is not only Ozil that needs good players around him, is all good players who need good players around them. Take Messi and Barcelona as an example, even though Messi is the best player in the world yet Barcelona spends a hundred million on a great player every season. And people here expect Ozil to do wonders with elneny

          1. That ball Ozil hit that went straight through the centre of Palace players before absolutely pinging into Laca’s feet was pure class, I want to see Ozil doing that more as Laca almost got a good shot off because he is good in tight areas like that. Seriously sublime stuff though, there was Palace shirts I’m not sure how many as it looked blurred as the camera or our eyes tried to follow the ball.

            1. Ozil may have been open to criticism in other matches; however against Crystal Palace he gave 100% and was was one of Arsenal’s better players in a poor team effort.

      2. You’re absolutely right Sue, that person shouting may have been me, where were you sitting? I was constantly shouting “get the ball to Ozil” throughout the game

        1. East Stand, upper tier 1st row… it was a lush seat Kenny, don’t usually sit up there (bought these off the ticket exchange)

          1. My seat is exactly opposite to you Sue behind the TV camera, surely you never heard me from there Sue, although I was getting louder as the second half went on for obvious reasons.

            1. I’m surprised I heard anything Kenny, sitting above the Palace fans ?
              You & me both Kenny… I almost lost my voice, to my son’s delight ?

              1. You’ve definitely been Slipping Sue. It’s a fact that all siblings should, support the team of their Mother or Father, your daughter’s a City fan, your Son a Palace fan or maybe Chelsea? Should have put your foot down Sue lol

                1. No my son’s a gooner, Kenny… I think I embarrass him, once I get started!! I can’t help it, get so into the game!!
                  There’s no way whatsoever would I allow my kids to support the spuds, Chelsea, United or Liverpool.. that’s a definite no no!!

                  1. Good for you Sue, My Dad first took me and my brother to Arsenal when I was 7 and my brother was 10. My brother ended up being a Tottenham fan because of his mates and Tottenham’s double year. Still call him a turncoat to this day.

                    1. By the way, that’s a lovely story Sue, how you embarrass him, don’t blame him, made me laugh.

    2. Iwobi also doesn’t have world class players around him, that must be the reason why he cannot unleash his talent and skills

      Unless we consider Ozil and Mustafi as world class players, because both have won a World Cup

      We could criticize Ozil all day long or till next year, but I don’t think he would go anywhere next season, because the money is too damn good to him. Arsenal could be stranded in mid table positions for several seasons, since we have many overpaid aging players that cannot carry the team

      1. I’m sorry gotanidea, I don’t agree… Iwobi had a chance to score yesterday, but he couldn’t even manage that!!!
        Would I pay specifically to watch Iwobi play football? Not a chance…. now Ozil on the other hand – I’d pay all day long

      2. Gotanidea you really need to rexuce the Iwobi cheerleading. It’s over the top for a player that has little to show for his playing time. He can dribble but that’s about it. Last time I checked teams get 0 points for dribbling.

        Iwobi has opportunities and has not capitalized on them. It’s not hating on him, it’s merely stating the obvious.

        I hope he comes good, but he needs to do it on loan somewhere with less pressure and expectations.

        Rather seen Nelson, Saka, or ESR given a chance rather than being held back by Iwobi.

      3. Those are some of the problems created by arsene Wenger and stan kroenke. Not unai emery fault at all …

    3. Ozil makes 350,000 a week. Arsenal is clearly financially constrained. Clearly with the amount of money he makes Arsenal will not be able to get world class players around him therefore he will not perform as expected. Maybe it is best for all parties if he is sold to a team with world class players so he can shine.

      World class players are world class regardless of who is around them. There are not many players better than Aubameyang and Lacazette.

      Ozil rarely if ever provides the most significant contribution on the pitch and is awful value for money.

      1. marc, I have just returned from the game and cannot believe this article or the comments about Ozil.
        Ue got the selection wrong yet again and yet Ozil is the patsy who takes the blame?
        If messi was put into that team selection, how do you think he would have fared?

        Sitting on the bench were Torreria, AMN and Monreal, but UE selected Elneny Guadozia and Jenkinson…WHY?
        This was a game that, following utd’s and spuds defeat, could have seen us consolidate third position…and yet he decided on a midfield that proved disastrous last time he selected it.

        Ozil, was trying for the ninety minutes to produce some kind of spark and energy, but with a patently obvious wrong selection he was unable to do do that.
        Nor would messi or any other world class player who has to play with two midfielders still having nappy rash as proof of their experience.

        Then one must look at mustafi…does messi have to play with someone of his “quality”?
        We had just got hold of the game, following Ozil’s top finishing goal and along comes the inevitable mustafi error.
        When will UE realise that this player, above anyone else in our squad, needs to be moved on and should NEVER wear the shirt again?
        Followed closely by Jenks (youv’e lived the dream, but no idea what you were supposed to be doing on sunday) and Elneny.

        I’m sorry, but any fan who sees this game as a reason to sell Ozil should be certified insane and ordered to go and actually watch the 90 minutes live.
        UE is completely to blame for the team selection and the idea that we should sell Ozil because we can’t afford top class players to play alongside him is absolutely ridiculous. Who will supply Lacs and Aba with the balls that they need to score?
        Elneny, Guads, Mustafi, Jenks?

        We should be hammering UE for this result, along with mustafi who is the biggest pantomine villian ever to wear The Arsenal shirt.

        The day we sell Ozil because we can’t supply him with the players required to benefit from his footballing genius, is the day our club sinks to the level of the leeds, sunderland, villa, forest, derby of this world.

        We were awful on sunday and that was down to UE’s team selection, under performing average players and the one and only mustafi.

        1. Ken, have you spoken to Emery to be fully cognisent of his reasons he chose the players he did? As far as I know none of us are aware of the full situation regarding injuries, bruising, fatigue, illness etc.

          1. ozziegunner, your defence of UE is very touching, but irrational in the extreme.
            Just as you were not aware of the availability of Ozil through injury or sickness, without knowing the full facts, mine is also an opinion.
            BUT it is based on credible analysis and, at least those thoughts reflect on the facts that UE brought on fully fit substitutes, not bruised, injured, fatiqued, ill or whatever else you want to use to defend his selections.

            He chose to field Elneny, Guad, mustafi and Jenkinson…then when they failed, he brought on Torreria, Iwobi and AMN, all fully fit and raring to go.
            Now, Iwobi, AMN and Torreria have been regulars in the team and were obviously fit and able to play, as they were on the bench.
            Also on the bench and therefore able to play was Monreal, a proven defender, who has played as a CB before, but he chose mustafi and then failed to blame him for the horrendous mistake that, yet again, cost us the game.

            As an aside, I remember you questioning me when I said that UE was publically berating Ozil, but why doesn’t he do it with any other player.
            How can you justify the difference in his reaction to these two players?
            Or shouldn’t we be questioning him at all?

            I find it difficult to understand why you are trying to use injuries, bruising, fatique and illness as an excuse for a pathetic team selection
            The midfield of elneny and guad failed at everton and yet he decided to go with it again in a match that, if we won, would have put us third in the table.
            This performance was at least as bad as everton and was considered to be a banker three points, but UE messed it up once again.

            Some fans on here seem to think that UE is untouchable and if one questions or condemns his selections, it’s seen as a sign of heresy.
            If your question about me having spoken to UE was labelled at every other gooner, this site wouldn’t exist would it?
            I’m surprised you fail to acknowledge that UE is/has made mistakes, but rather try to deflect any criticism by a trivial remark that has no basis in fact, unless you think that being named as a substitute means you are bruised, injured, fatiqued or ill!!!!

  2. Even Messi can not safe this team. I don’t know what fans expect ozil to do. In case you haven’t noticed, all world class players are surrounded by very good players. I wonder how Rolando would like like in arsenal.

    1. Ronaldo in Arsenal team?Easy….is like Ronaldo in Portugal team.Mediocre players all around him.And Ronaldo carry all of them in the back for the last 17 years.Qualifying them to all WC and EC… a matter of fact,they even won the European Cup,Ronaldo scoring almost all the goals in qualifiers and all the way to the final when he got injured…See?This is world class player in a mediocre team.

      1. No arguments
        Ronaldo is simply World Class
        Nobody on here has even suggested Mesit Ozil is in the same category as Ronaldo and Messi.
        He is a very very very good footballer who has been let down by consecutive managers who played him out of position and with players nowhere near the level he should be expected to play with.

  3. People are frustrated big time, I’m pissed we didn’t get that three points safety net at this late stage in season, it’s infuriating. But this here is just trying to pick an easy target for some while others can take their minds away by saying nonsense to it all. Ozil is not the point, he’s not why we F’d up yesterday and you know that esp as he and Laca linked up for a goal. We didn’t have the heart for it but it was not the front players to blame, not for me anyway. Emery himself is upset about the set piece which we’ve had a handle on this season but just switched off yesterday, maybe because of the changes I don’t know. Mustafi is taking a slaughtering and rightfully so in many’s eyes. We even knew Palace were going to be quick and fit but the players didn’t bring the aggression and get on top of them, we shouldn’t have allowed Palace to play at the Emirates. Midfield and defence looked too scattered, we didn’t look like a team, looked like individuals.

  4. Yes Ozil is world class.
    Bergkamp (my hero) was also world class, but didn’t “turn up” consistently, but when he did you damn sure knew about it, just as when Ozil “turns up”. I know that not everyone will agree with me but hey, that’s their problem, not mine. Perhaps my favourite player of all time was George Best, a damaged genius and a player who would grace any football ground even in this day and age but he didn’t “turn up” every week, when he did though, wow, just wow, what a player.

  5. You are correct in that 0zil is no longer world class but by the same token he is not the main reason for our failure to produce consistent performances.We are where we are because we do not have quality defenders.We concede goals and therefore points not because of Ozil, Iwobi or even Elneny.No we lose matches because we have defenders who cannot defend.When will the penny drop.The problem with Ozil is his work rate off the ball or should I say his failure to win the ball back.Compare him with for example with the equally talented ball players at Man City like Bernardo Silva who breaks a gut to recover possession.Ozil belongs to a bygone age where ball players were accepted as a luxury.These days are gone but it would be interesting to see how Ozil would perform in a team like Liverpool who have top quality defenders.You never know he might suddenly regain his former “world class” status?

  6. Arsenal should stop using no 10. Liverpool, Man City and Barcelona have been playing with 4-3-3 for several seasons and their attacks are quick without waiting any input from a no 10

    Yesterday I expected the two forwards to play wider and torment Palace on the flanks like Salah/ Mane, Sterling/ Sane or Messi/ Dembele. Yet they waited in the center for the perfect pass from our no 10 and crosses from our wingbacks

    I believe our next EPL opponents already know that Emery would most likely use a three-CB formation and they might have got plans to counter it. It’s time to surprise them with 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-3-3

  7. The german , real madrid managers, world cup winning team mates and wenger will be grateful for you correcting them

    1. Ha brilliant response, I love it! Too right, did they all miss something, or is the author missing something?

  8. So much I could say.So
    much I want to say.But what I would state is that so far very few seemed to blame Ozil for his performance yesterday.That at least is welcome bearing in mind he got blamed for everything up to a few weeks ago.
    It was the wrong line-up with the wrong players in it.
    For that the blame lies with the Manager.
    I will finish with-Has Ozil EVER been World Class?Probably not.But he is the best FOOTBALLER this Club has had for quite a while.The fact he has never had the players to bring out the best in him says more about the management and board than the player

    1. When he had Sanchez and Giroud in front of him (mostly Sanchez) Ozil almost broke our assists record. There is no arguing with his ability.

    2. Not true,the best player we had in a while was Sanchez.That one was real WC,deciding the game by himself,scoring goals out of nothing.Being winger,CF,midfielder and defender in the same time.

  9. The only world class player we had since the Henry-Bergkamp tandem was Sanchez.
    Van Persie and Fabregas were similarly close to the world class status as Özil, but they fell short the same way as the German playmaker. We have to accept that world class players are hard to come by (there are only a handful in the whole Premier League), so either we nurture them in our academy or buy them for top dollars. However we have to accept that Arsenal (as the 4/5/6th best team in England is not a dream destination to an existing or a future world class player at the moment, so we have to make the most from what we have now.

  10. Four floppy players with different portions you wanted to be all covered by Ozil alone you mad people.You think he uses diesel or petrochemicals when playing.He is also a Human being stop blaming him you fools

  11. I have been saying for a while now Ozil can play world class but he is like a cosign in a formula, you need the rest of the formula to work. Ozil was not the problem yesterday, Mustafi made a huge mistake, just deal with that ball and changed the tide of the game, up until then thought we had what it took to come back and get the win.

    Starting Elneny and Guendouzi together is a big no and creates a soft spine to our team, together with Mustafi and you are asking for trouble.

    Slight blame lays with Emery but he is doing what he thinks is right due to the fixtures coming up.

  12. I despair at the wilful blindness and obstinacy – known to realists as “WENGERS DISEASE” – that otherwise sensible and bright fans have about OZIL. The term “world class” is much used and mostly misused. What does it mean even? We all know Ronaldo and Messi are world class for instance, SUAREZ TOO AND A LOAD OF CITY AND LIVERPOOL PLAYERS. BUT OZIL? Not in a million years, NOW. He once was; a long time ago but there is now a majority of Gooners ( from reading these pages) on here, who clearly see he is a lazy luxury player with little if any spine and almost zero will to win. He has great skill in sporadic, rare doses. But basically he is a waste of space, despite the many excuses continually made for him by Sue, Phil, Kenny and others too. His huge and bonkers wage , awarded when the “amateurs” still ran the club, is continually draining us, esp given the “creature” who owns the club and his legendary meanness. It is abundantly clear to those without “Ozil worship disease” that Arsenal are planning to shift him IF THEY CAN and asap. THE HUGE WAGE, STUPIDLY AWARDED BY WENGER AND GAZIDIS IS STILL HURTING US, AS MOST OF US ACCEPT. Some people always cling to a lost cause. Rather like the ERG Brexiteers in Parliament who are harming their own cause by voting down MAYS DEAL, thus leading ,IMO, to a Brexit that will now never properly happen,( which pleases me personally). But what it proves is that some people will never accept truth. They always cling to what once was and fool themselves that “what once was” can happen again. They are in effect ignoring the law of how life works, more fool them! As with the ERG, so with OZIL WORSHIPPERS!

    1. Well JF I’m not quite so sure he will be offloaded and it cost you £100 (paid early) when you admitted yourself he was very unlikely to leave.Emery has a rebuilding job to do and he needs cash to do it.But he can’t change 8-9 in one go so it will be over the next 3-4 windows new players come in.With Ramsey allowed to leave there is simply no way Ozil will be allowed to go.Our two best attacking midfielders sold in a single transfer window?It just won’t happen.
      And yet again your bringing his work rate into question when it is proved he always covers a much ground as anyone.
      And as I’ve said on numerous occasions -do you really want 10 Flamini’s on the pitch?Football continues to move on and yet you still want workhorses over thourobreds?

      1. Phil, Actually you are incorrect. I CHOSE TO BECOME FRIENDS WITH KEN AGAIN , since I have the greatest respect for him as a human being and Gooner, though we differ on Wengers last period and on a few other team matters,which in lifes grand scheme are comparatively unimportant, compared to the need to be decent to each other. I paid the bet willingly on KENS SUGGESTION THAT WE BOTH DO THE SAME AND AM GLAD TO HAVE DONE SO. We called the bet off , so I have not lost it and all I SAY IS THAT ARSENAL WILL FIND IT HARDER TO SHIFT OZIL THAN I THOUGHT. Whatever transpires, I have no doubt Arsenal, and esp Emery, want Ozils wage off the books though. We still do not know the outcome either way. That is the whole truth and what happened.

        What all Gooners should certainly know by now is that Emery, unlike Wenger, demands and insists, as best he can with a previous managers players, most of whom he would not have chosen to come IMO, on 100% committment to the shirt and OZIL CLEARLY CANNOT OFFER THAT, WHATEVER EXCUSE YOU AND OTHERS MAKE, EVEN OUT OF LAUDABLE LOYALTY , AS YOU DO. NOR CAN MKHI AND EVEN AUBA and it would not surprise ME in the least if they leave soon. I hope Auba doesn’t leave but I think Emery thinks differently, again IMO.
        Lastly Phil, what Emery has achieved with WENGERS DROSS DEFENCE AND THREADBARE SQUAD IS WAY BEYOND WHAT ANY REASONABLE FAN SHOULD EXPECT. Flamini is your word , not and never mine. I want skill WITH workrate, neither, alone, is good enough.

        1. JF-for someone who By is own admission is a very capable gambler and who has often earned posters on this site about the perils of gambling I always felt you had committed yourself to a bet that you would never ever win.Ozil will go nowhere until he is ready.He doesn’t have to.The Club put the offer on the table for a 3 year contract and so he has two years left unless the Club pay him up in full.I cannot see that happening can you?
          And you are right in calling off the bet and at least that allows you to save face.Spin this whatever way you wish but to me you simply paid up earlier than was necessary.
          Now back to the topic-Mesut Ozil.
          You now accuse Ozil of not giving 100% commitment to the shirt.Really?Why?Because I have seen this player really integrate himself into the team this past few weeks when he had been picked.And I was never one to say he never made the effort before.His body language had never been that obvious but I simply will not accept that he never tried which is what you imply.
          How about this as a take to consider-Unai Emery has not given 100% commitment to Arsenal Football Club lately.If he had he would NOT have gone with Elneny and Guandouzi against Everton.And after witnessing that monumentous mistake what did he do?Went with it again against Palace.THAT IS NOT THE ACT OF A MANAGER GIVING 100% COMMITMENT TO ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.
          Argue as much as you like about the job he had done so far with the squad he inherited but EMERY HAD COST THIS CLUB PRECIOUS POINTS THIS YEAR DUE TO INEXPLICABLE TEAM SELECTIONS AND TACTICS.
          Just saying

          1. Phil and you would have done what, if you had all the facts available to Emery?
            I’m sure Emery didn’t coach the Arsenal defenders to be so inept at free kicks and corners. Dead ball situations have been an issue for Arsenal defenders for a number of seasons, which coaching doesn’t seem to fix. Time to change the incorrigible players.

      2. In todays football, you just cant afford a luxury player and thats not saying that you put 11 Flaminis on the pitch!!
        All we want is someone creative who is willing to fight for the ball back and push us forward. Ozil did it well on Sunday, and not because he scored! but will he give us that in almost every match??
        Look at how much Bernardo Silva works to get the ball! and it pays off! The list of better players “currently” in epl than Ozil is huge even Miki has done better than him this season in my book

    2. Jon Fox, I thought you were singing a different song some weeks ago? Sue, Eddie where are you? Especially Eddie as Sue already spoke. No man is an island. That is why it is a game of 11 players all doing different things and a manger who is in tune with his players. Good luck to us on Wednesday!!!

    3. “But what it proves is that some people will never accept truth.”

      Yes Jon, yes it does. Like you can’t accept the truth about Ozil.
      If Ozil carried us to EPL and (hopefully) UCL glory, you would still say he isn’t WC and one season means nothing. Nothing he does will convince you.

      You’re bitterness towards Ozil is almost on the same level as your refusal to let Wenger go, like how you started this moan about Ozil… Wenger disease.

      As you said Jon, “some people will never accept truth.”

      If you can refer to people who appreciate Ozil for what he is, a WC player, as having “Ozil worship disease”, can I say you have Wenger Bashing necrophilism? (Wenger Era is dead and you can’t help but try and fcuk it some more) Ozil hating delusion?

      Realists accept the truth, even if they do not like it, it really is a shame some people can’t accept the truth. Right Jon?

      1. Midkemma I am falling off my chair with laughter ????????, I need someone to laugh with me. But you have nailed it on the head.

        1. Thanks Pat.

          Randomly, did you read how Emery wouldn’t blame Mustafi as he wouldn’t talk about individuals?

          Where was that attitude when talking about Ozil and being consistent in training? After the WC fiasco as well… At times I feel sorry for him but then his wage and his partner… I guess he has something to help him get over the crp he has had to put up with 🙂

          1. Well done Midkemma I saw that too. So UE says he doesn’t like to talk about individuals, yet count the times he singled Ozil out; training, game performances a couple times, etc…

            Perhaps if he did single Mustafi out, or create “friction” with Mustafi like UE himself talks about, maybe Mustafi would cut out foolish mistakes.

            I know Emery is still learning English, but I would suggest he read up on ” hypocrisy” and “hypocrite”

            Mustafi brings it on himself by repeating same foolish mistakes.

            1. Just back on the site and I KNEW 100% that the customary Ozil knocking would be a feature.

              Iam so pleased that I wasn’t the only one who actually WITNESSED the effort put in by Ozil until he was substituted…Jon you have my s/ticket for two games andI just hope you take the time towatch Ozil and then compare it to what the TV coverage shows.

              Ozil was our only creator on Sunday, ther was no one else who had a single idea of how to break down Palace’s game plan.

              UE, once again, selected the wrong team and we suffered a defeat that was well deserved.

              Mustafi is always the culprit and yet, once again, Ozil is the patsy for so called fans who always manage to bring his salary into the conversation when trying to villify him.

              A fantastic point was made about Emery not blaming mustafi, but quite willing to humiliate Ozil on a regular basis earlier in the season.
              I’m just thankful that we have the players like Aba, Lacs, Kos, Ramsey, kolasinac etc who have publically come out and tried to explain to the dullards amongst us just how important a player Ozil is.
              The real shame is, these people never want to listen and accept the views of professionals.

              1. Ken my friend you are right. You correctly point out how PLAYERS came out to defend Ozil; his quality, his relationship with teammates, and the overall good person he is. That says tons about the guy, despite the manager creating “friction” with Ozil.

                I find it hypocritical from UE to have a go at Ozil numerous times, but defends Mustafi? He knows Mustafi cost us points this year; that game, remember the penalty he gave away where we also dropped points?

                I find it odd Ozil gets left out, however that standard doesn’t apply to others clearly. Emery’s selection had us wanting from beginning. Nacho could have started over Mustafi, Torreira could have started in midfield.

                We had nothing in midfield with Elneny/Guendouzi, surprising since UE saw that movie versus Everton. We all knew it before they ever took to the pitch.

                Emery wasted January to loan Suarez, for what? To sit on bench? Was he injured from sitting on bench? Why couldn’t he start?

                Lastly, we have 1 winger, Iwobi, yet loans Nelson. He could have had opportunities here this year with minutes. UE gives speech about working with youth, yet loans 3 (Chambers, Nelson, and ESR). Opportunities available for all 3 i feel, but I never managed a match in my life.

                Also never lost a match managing in my life either. Probably because I have enough common sense not to start Elneny and Guendouzi a 2nd time in midfield when it epically failed the first.

                1. Durand, good to agree with you again my friend.

                  Once again, some will accuse us of being disloyal by querying UE’s team selection, but as you and Phil (amongst others) correctly pointed out, to repeat the same error with Elneny and Guendouzi is inexplicable.

                  As is his treatment of Ozil/Mustafi …ozziegooner is one of my favourite posters and he disagreed with me that Ozil was being treated differently to the other players.
                  OG, would you agree that this is the case now?

  13. Like others have said above, odd timing for this article. Ozil was the least of our problems yesterday. He was quite good.

    Sadly if this article was published after Wednesday night it would probably be true. And that’s the problem with Mesut.

  14. Emery got his squad selection wrong.
    what is Arsenal doing with a player like Guendouzi who can’t make a successful tackle or interception?
    Guendouzi is Damn lazy .And to crown the stupidity of the selection up, Mr. Emery fielded an Elneny with a lazy Guendouzi. Why rest Torreira in a very crucial match? Why rest Monreal? why play Mavropanos in the back three?
    I don’t want to ever watch Guendouzi, Elneny and Mustafi play for Arsenal again.
    The board should do something before Arsenal becomes an Everton

  15. In general I don’t think Ôzil is worth the salary he is getting. We could probably use that money better.
    But in Sunday’s game he was, if not our best player, the surely one 2-3 best players.
    Our problem was the defense, especially Mavropanos and Mustafi. We concede 3 goals on setpieces and Palace was generally set up too defend for 90 minutes and hit us on the counter or on setpieces. Under those circumstances, our front 3 did quite well, but the rest was really bad.

    1. Classical us AndersS, right? And the expected happened we fell straight into CP’s plan. Our manger has no respect for what small opposition teams can do, West Ham, Southampton, Everton, Crystal Palace, etc.

  16. Ozil needs top class players around him as Ozil is a support type, he doesn’t go for the glory himself (like banging in goals), he likes to support (like assisting).

    Ozil isn’t WC to those who fail to realise that human beings are individuals, we can’t do everything, working as a team to cover each other can allow for the qualities in each of the individuals to be magnified.

    I am a true realist, I accept that people can perform better or worse, depending on how they are supported in their role and the tactics they are required to perform.

    Simple example:
    Arsenal didn’t expose Adams to a high line and expect him to beat pacey players in a footrace.
    Another one?
    Arsenal backed Ian Wright as a CF and not a winger, repaid the clubs faith in him didn’t he? Also seen the back of Rioch who had achieved his targets… but upset our WC CF.

    When you have a WC player then you ask him to play to his strengths, you do not ask them to expose their flaws… No human being is perfect.

  17. Totally disagree with the author. Ozil had a great game yesterday and I don’t think he could have done any more than he did. From the authors comments I doubt he even watched the game or even observed what Ozil did on or off the ball and how he dropped deep to collect the ball playing behind Elneny and Guendouzi. We did not lose the game because of Ozil we lost because our defense was shocking. It has been a major problem for many years and hopefully can be addressed in the new season.

  18. Ozil got to go.We play with 10 players on the pitch every time he plays.Doing too little for the team.Keep a player in the team just for 1-2 passes in the entire game?And for the rest of the time he’s walking around?Sell him,his time is up,wasted time and money for an useless player.Bring a replacement less talented but able to run ,defend ,shoot,help the team’s effort.A lot of times a dedicated workhorse is better than a lazy stallion.

    1. Ok let’s just get rid of him then shall we?And who should we play in his place?I know.A workhorse like Iwobi.Or should that be a cart horse ?
      You obviously have no idea of how a top Premiership team is made do you?
      You can have all the workhorses you like in a team but without the talent of a player like Ozil you will NEVER be a side that competes

      1. I can live without his talent which clicks on twice a year.Sanchez was playing for us for few years and was on fire from the beginning all the way to the end.Scoring bunch of goals,home and away,defending,running non-stop,passing,playmaking,scoring from free kicks.One-man team.Ten times bigger than Ozil in every department.And he left.And we lived.And still breathing.There is life after him,we survived.Same applies to Ozil.In few months time we are going to find his name,sometime,in a Turkish or Chinese newspaper.That’s it,life goes on,everything has an end…

  19. Why has Argentina not done well with Messi, who is world class?

    Yet, at Barca, Mess is proven to be world class.

    Wonder why? Hmmm…

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