It is time for Jack to prove his worth to Arsenal

‘Shere Willpower is necessary in order to overcome the obstacles of injuries and off-field distractions by Demitri

The beginning of something special
Jack Wilshere burst onto the scene for Arsenal, in 2008, at the age of 16 years and 256 days, breaking Cesc Fabregas’ record of being the club’s youngest player to feature in the league. Fast forward 7 years and it can be argued that Wilshere is yet to fulfil his potential, with Arsenal fans encouraging Daily Mail rumours of a summer move to his boyhood club, West Ham. Struggling to find form between suffering from long term injuries, Wilshere has been unlucky in his attempt to follow Fabregas’ steps, in a rise to the top at Arsenal.

Reports after his most recent injury in November in a match against Manchester United revealed that Wilshere has only played 95 times in 5 years as a regular in the Arsenal team, missing out 119 weeks due to injuries. This shocking statistic shows just how Wilshere has failed to nail down a place in the Arsenal team due to injury, since his breakthrough into the first team squad. Wilshere’s career has been stagnated because of re-occurring ankle injuries, despite being so promising from a young age like ex-Arsenal captain and playmaker, Cesc Fabregas, who he calls the best player he’s ever played with.

Touted to become a superstar for club and country
As always with English players who show promise at a young age, Jack Wilshere was subject to media attention since his Arsenal debut, with club manager, Arsene Wenger, touting him to become a future England and Arsenal captain. He has stated in the past that his long-term ambition is to become captain for his club and nation, with current national team manager, Roy Hodgson, admitting that he has the qualities to captain the side. The pressure was high for such a new and raw talent, but he responded in the right manner, keeping his feet on the ground and shaping his game in a similar fashion to his newly-appointed club captain, Cesc Fabregas.

Wilshere showed his talent at a young age, through man of the match performances in big games, most memorably against Barcelona in the Champions League and against Brazil in a friendly for the England national team, as he led his team to victories in both games. Wilshere made his England debut in 2010 after the World Cup, but missed out on the European Championships in 2012 due to injury. His first game back for England afterwardswas the Brazil game, which led to his inclusion in the World Cup 2014 squad, despite not having a major role in the first team, due to competition from Liverpool midfield duo, Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson.

His injuries have deteriorated his career, but he still shows his wide array of talent when playing. Wilshere’s game is created from many components, including flair, vision for creating chances and his ability to pass. He is versatile and has played in multiple positions across the midfield for club and country. In 2014, Wilshere began playing in a deeper role for England, using his vision to play long passes forward and create attacks. In doing this, Wilshere became the first England player to win the man of the match award 4 times in a row, as fans and pundits called for Wenger to incorporate Wilshere into the Arsenal team through this deep-lying playmaker role. Wenger resisted, stating that he sees Wilshere as more of an attacking creative player, which Wilshere has agreed with in the past.

Bad decision making off the field
Despite Wilshere’s ability to quickly find a pass to create an attack, he struggles to perfect his decision making off the field. Wilshere has been caught up in controversy multiple times in his career, which has led to the rumours of Arsenal being tempted to cut their ties with him. After being caught smoking in October 2013, Wilshere was subject to a media humiliation, as he came out and apologised, affirming his position as a non-smoker. Manager, Arsene Wenger, defended the player, stating that he is not a smoker and backed him to prove himself on the pitch.

However, once again in the summer of 2014, after the World Cup, Wilshere was pictured smoking again in Las Vegas and was recently caught holding a shisha pipe in a London club, whilst being out injured. After being caught multiple times, Wilshere left little defence for himself, as he reiterated that he was not a smoker. He most recently posted on his Instagram page that reputation is not important, with a video of him fighting to return back to full fitness and raring to get back on the pitch for Arsenal. However, I believe that being caught smoking multiple times has betrayed a trust between Wilshere and his manager, Wenger. Despite Le Prof being unbothered by the smoking, the fact that he has defended his player and Wilshere has repeated his offence, has betrayed the trust in their relationship. Wilshere needs to mature off the pitch and become a role model for the club, while proving his manager correct, on and off the pitch. Wenger has stood by Wilshere throughout his whole career and has given him his chance, so Wilshere needs to repay the faith that Wenger has given him.

Stick or twist?
The faith that Wenger has paid to Wilshere seems to reject the rumours of linking Wilshere to a summer move away from North London. Wenger sees a top level talent in the player and believes that he is still able to fulfil this. After he returns from injury now, he needs to fight his way into an Arsenal team that has been performing well recently. He is still only 23 years old, so has not reached his peak age level as a midfielder, therefore, Wilshere knows that he is able to improve and can still reach the top level. Wilshere has the quality, but needs to be consistent on the pitch, which is extremely difficult while he continuously suffers injuries. Therefore, Wilshere needs a season as an injury-free player, improving his confidence. Arsenal teammate, Aaron Ramsey, showed last season that it is possible for a hard-working player who is in form to live off confidence and become a vital part to the team.

Wilshere is part of a British core in the Arsenal squad built by Wenger and came through the Arsenal academy, winning the FA Youth Cup and Premier League Academy in the 2008-09 season. The fact that he came through Arsenal’s youth and has been in the first team squad since 2008 has led to him becoming a fan’s favourites at the club. Despite only winning the FA Cup and Community Shield for Arsenal in 2014, Wilshere needs to reignite his career by avoiding injury and rediscovering the form that led him to win the PFA Young Player of the Year award in the 2010-11 Premier League season. Most Arsenal fans can see his potential now that Wilshere is back in training he really needs to prove himself as one of the top young talents in the Premier League.


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  1. Why does it say his boyhood club was West Ham that’s the team his family supported when he released the pic of him in the West Ham kit he said don’t worry Gooners I had a Overmars kit aswell

  2. Unless Jack is able to finally survive a long period without injury it will be difficult for him to achieve his full potential and we will then likely never know if he is able to jump the next hurdle or not.

    1. His last injury was due to a horrible challenge by a utd defender. He isn’t injury prone like Diaby is. He just gets nailed by the opposition all the time.

  3. I have every faith that Jack has the ability and potential to be a world class player. The only thing I doubt is his ability to stay fit. If Jack is able to prove his fitness over the course of a season, I have no doubt he can become a future captain for club and country. Coyg and keep fighting Jack!!!

    A massive wilshere fan here

    1. U cant just look at stats when judging a player. Players like iniesta have shown that u cant be world class without having numerous goals n assist. The stuff jack shows on the pitch is promising, and that alone should be enough to put faith in him

    2. Just remember he hasn’t had a player like Coquelin to protect him before we start saying we player without him with the sufficient cover now let’s see how he performs

  4. Ohh why this page is obsessed with this overrated English player i would never know. We are better without Wilshere. More movement and better going forward.

  5. De Javu!!!

    Season in, season out I see this though it does not come to pass. I wish for all our players to do well and turn into WC players especially someone like Jack who we have seen grow right in front of our eyes (through the media ofcourse, lol).

    Consistency, focus, good behavior, less injuries, less playing around on the pitch and we can have our old Jack back. He needs to use the resources at his disposal (TR7, Carzola and Ozil) learning from these midfield generals with vast experience can really help him improve his game. We’ve all seen how the Ox is improving and you can see him trying to emulate Sanchez, that’s what you need to do when you have someone more superior to you in something (learn from there mistakes and there strengths too).

  6. Jack’s injuries could end his career any time.
    90,000 quid a week half the time injured
    Against Palace QPR Burnley WBA
    Sunderland Swansea Jack will look good.
    I’d flick Jack before he drops dead on us a total loss.

  7. Give him another season, but don’t start him unless he proves his worth

    I would get rid of Flamini and Diaby to free up wages. Sign a top DM and/or top box2box mf.

    Sell Podolski and Sanogo and get top striker

  8. Jack’s career has looked very promising but has thus far been very fruitless.

    I think after his injuries, his second biggest problem is where he is played, he doesn’t seem to have a fixed position in the midfield, is he an attacking or central midfielder? Can’t see him a being defensive midfielder, though I’ve seen those rumours too.

    Then the next problem is competition, is he a better player than Cazorla, Özil, Rosicky or Ramsey? I’m not convinced that he is.

    He may be getting a bit old for it, but given the option I’d send him out on loan again so that he can prove himself elsewhere first, he’s good enough to break into the first team of most premier league sides so he can get regular playing time and improve.

  9. People should stop saying we have to sell Wilshere. Being of form does not mean we have to sell a player. A lot of people were saying lets sell Ramsey in 2013, look what he did for us in 2014. Even this some were saying lets Carzola and look what he is doing for right now. If feel like selling a player to West Ham, then Diaby is available. Wilshere is still young with great talent. A big no to selling him. Remember form is temporal but class is permanent. No player should be sold now in this team. They are getting to understand each other very well.

  10. “It is time for Jack to prove his worth to Arsenal”

    What, AGAIN…!!

    If we want to win the league or the CL, Jack Wilshere is not part of the equation.
    He is not a top midfielder and never will be (injury allowing or not).

    Like one of you said here, he will end up at West Ham…

  11. Wilshere is a deep lying playmaker who dictates tempo and has just enough dribbling ability to get away from opponents and deliver a quality pass. He is not a 10 as he doesnt have the agility and decision making to let go of the ball at the right moment when he is in the attacking midfield position. This has been made abundantly clear by Roy Hodgson who plays him at the bottom of a four midfield diamond and he flourishes. His injury problems are single-handedly wenger’s fault who repeatedly chooses to play him in advanced positions and leaving him in harm’s way when he is fully aware of his characteristics as a player. Play him deep alongside a DM (Coquelin) and watch him flourish.

  12. I just hope that those commenting on this site DON’T represent the general opinion of arsenal fans.

    We dont seem to support the players.

    You aren’t doing any good to the club by being negative towards wilshere.

    Even if you don’t like him he will hold a certain value to other clubs and if sold he would Fitch up to 25 million easy. Pep likes him, barca rates him and I’m sure Liverpool would snap him up.

    So your constant negativity would only drag that value way down. Reputation is everything.

    But in truth I’m certain if he does stay fit he will prove all the negative nannies wrong.

    He had no movement last year in front of him and there wasn’t enough width. This year he has both.

    He likes a high tempo and last year there were too many sideways pass and a slow tempo. This year the tempo is more to his suiting.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan of his other then him as an arsenal player. I just can see he isn’t useless.

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