It is time to give Arteta the credit he deserves

Is there anyone left not backing Arteta and ‘the process’ by Keenos

If you are now not fully behind the Arteta project, then maybe it is time to get a different hobby?

In 4th place, with games in hand, we must be now favourites to finish top 4.

Those who still criticise Arteta (and Edu) do so from their computer screens. They do so due to an agenda.

These people are not Arsenal fans. They hate Arsenal. They need an unsuccessful Arsenal in their life.

Arsenal playing well and winning is the stuff of nightmares for them. It means they do not get the attention they crave whilst they spread their hatred from their mum’s basement – or a run down apartment in the Spanish equivalent of Great Yarmouth.

Top 4 is now in Arsenal and Arteta’s hands.

Arteta has bombed out the players who were not willing to go to war for him, and the side is looking better for it.

The team morale is at the highest we have seen for years. And fans and players have not been as close for decades.

One reason some do not back Arteta is because he dumped Mesut Ozil. And then Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. But Arsenal are better without the pair.

Sunday’s goal scorers were Martin Odegaard, Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli. All 3, alongside Emile Smith Rowe, have grown this season under Arteta.

Whilst his detractors moan that “Arteta can’t develop youth”, the Spaniard has consistently named the youngest XI in the league this year. And his 4 youthful attacking players should now be considered amongst the best young players in Europe.

They cry because Guendouzi was dumped for his poor attitude. The Frenchman has performed well in France, but let’s see how he reacts when the demands of playing at a higher level come calling again.

The other one we keep hearing people mention is William Saliba.

Saliba has benefited hugely from his first full season of top flight football. It is important to remember he does not turn 21 until later this month.

He will have an important role to play next season, providing quality cover and competition to both Ben White and Gabriel.

“Arteta hates young players” was always a myth. Building a team of young, hungry players was always a big part of the process.

So we are in the race for top 4. Things have been made easier with no Europe and an early FA Cup exit. But it is time to give Arteta the credit he deserves.

If you are not backing Arteta and the process for the rest of the season, then you are merely showing that you do not desire a successful Arsenal.

This is a Guest Post from Keenos from Shewore

This originally appeared on SheWoreAYellowRibbon and is reproduced with permission.

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Mikel Arteta’s FULL press conference after Watford win –

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  1. I heard Arsenal are simply following Liverpool’s strategy, by rewarding each player up to 500 K bonus if they can finish in top four this season

    No wonder the likes of Salah, Mane, Fabinho and Henderson have been working their a** off to press their opponents high up the pitch. I see similar efforts in Odegaard, Smith-Rowe and Martinelli too

    1. What Liverpool is doing is enviable, it’s OK to learn from their success. The bonuses is a good incentives for the players. As for Arteta, I won’t rate him yet untill I see where we are season end. So far he’s doing his best but can’t lyrical about him.

      1. Arteta has been doing great, but facing Liverpool in EPL will show the quality gap between our squad and theirs

  2. It took a few bumps along the way to get here, the attitude in the players has changed immensely and that’s all down to Mikel sticking to his guns, getting rid of the players who wernt helping no matter the profile & it was him who decided time to go with youth. Hats off to him.

    He conducts himself really well and seems to love this club, plus this is his project and we all can see the positive changes he has made on & off the field.

    100% correct in stating that the club and the fans have not been this close in decades. Its so nice to see the effort being put in by everyone at the club and the supporters have saw that, reacted really positively & have been impressed as the club comes 1st.

    As Josh stated they have really just had the full ownership of the club, then the pandemic hit. He has stated money is there and I am 100% sure if we get UCL, even if we don’t, they will splash the cash. I am sure after the SuperBowl win, ideas can change and Arsenal may benefit. Josh is more involved with Arsenal and is great to see also.

    It wasn’t suppose to be plain sailing and straight to the top end of the table but to be fair this has probably even took Mikel by surprise how much the young guns have bought into his system especially when the rebuild only started in the summer past.

    Yes last season wasn’t great but he had the FA Cup & Community Sheild win going into season to help him have a proper go, give him time and rebuild this club. Edu was as much to blame for Willian, Luiz and all the other big names that didn’t work out but they learnt from it & here we are.

    If we get Top 4 then Mikel deserves all the praise as we are in a fantastic position to do so and am very proud of the club for getting us here no matter the outcome. The only way is up with these young guns and again all down to Mikel training them tbh.

    All this being in his 1st ever managerial role at a massive club like Arsenal at 39years of age. He has slowly won me over when I doubted him loads. I loved I have been proved wrong as Mikel will only get better with time and experience, just like all the young superstars he is unearthing here at the Emirates.

    1. Sean, I enjoyed reading that.
      I’m pretty sure you must know me to be a constant and vocal defender of Arteta, especially last season when it was all falling around him.
      I made my reasons clear why I was gonna support him till the end without expectations, and my judgement would start this season as he’ll no longer be a rookie without experience.
      I gotta say after the first 3 games, I questionef his ability to actually have learnt from last season and what he wants to do, and just like you I am proud he turned it around and seems to have learned and is still learning just as you said. With time he’ll only get better, and these young players they’re unbelievable. Yes we saw unbelievable young players under Wenger, but the difference under both regime is the togetherness and harmony between all of them and the fans.
      I read Ødegaard’s interview yesterday about how this is probably the first time he’s seeing such togetherness in a team. I am proud of everything going on at the club.
      I expected Josh to be different from his father, and on that I am proud he’s handling Arsenal like his personal project and not like his dad did.
      He’s always been involved and vocal since taking charge. Already there’s been widely reports of money made available for Arteta to bring in any world class player he wants. (Chasing Vlahovic and the fee not being an issue says a lot) with that being said, I can’t imagine how significantly the budget for Srteta will rise with UCL qualification.
      Good times ahead, all we hope and pray for is that it continues this way.
      Onwards together.

      1. Eddie agreed. The bigger picture is the foundations that are being laid right now in this moment looks solid for the future developments of the clubs new philosophy with the youngsters, And quite a few damn talented little gems already in the starting 11.

        Our Academy looks full of potential stars & we now have the space in the squad for new players, their wages & the funds to do so. As Mikel said only players who will take us to a higher level will be coming to the club, that’s without UCL at this moment.

        If we get Top4 we have alot more selection of targets willing to come knowing Champions League Football is back at the Emirates. The next 13 games are vital for our progression as a club. I’m behind the team & Mikel 100% as I think most of the fantasy are regardless of what they feel about Mikel, Edu or the Kroenkes

      2. I thought it was common knowledge that we were ravaged by Covid and players bought in the summer weren’t ready yet thus rendering a horribly makeshift lineup for the first 3 games..I’m not sure why people hold and held Arteta responsible for that

  3. Arsenal are in good position and yes Arteta has done good job compared to start of the season but I don’t kno who gave the rights to author to call other fans anti Arsenal if they are having any other opinions about Arteta?
    There 2 things..
    1st Being a fan of club
    And 2nd is likes and dislikes about Manager who lead the team..

    Just because some fans doesn’t like Arteta and his methods, one can’t say that they don’t want Arsenal to be successful or they are anti Arsenal…

    Is this author trying to write an article about Arsenal or presentative of Arteta and Edu??

    1. Also, I was among those saying Arteta made the job harder for himself earlier with his tactics, inconsistent methods, poor man management, alongside other errors.
      Playing Willian no matter what (I respect that guy a lot for choosing to leave himself), took ages (after loads of pressure) to finally give ESR a chance, etc, are among those many questionable decisions.

      I was not anti-Arteta, and not sure how many were/are. In fact, we all want him to succeed. He’s doing WELL NOW (not just the results) and he deserves some applause. But his methods weren’t good, which he’s worked on, hence the results.

  4. Not sure I actually care what anybody thinks bout Arteta and the team anymore.
    You support Arteta and back him with the team? I care about that, I care about your views and debating what goes wrong and what he needs to improve on.
    You don’t support Arteta, or you don’t back him? I don’t care about what you or your crew thinks.
    Mate there’s been too much happening in life especially since the whole Covid thing for me to add Arteta Outers to the list of my headaches.
    There’s too much we are all going through for me to entertain the weight of some stupid agenda against the manager when I know he’s doing well with the team.
    Keep your moaning and constant pessimistic àss to yourself.
    All I need is what will bring me peace of mind, not disrupt it

    1. for the love of god, take your own GD advice, get over yourself and give your pie-hole a rest

      1. a lot of chatter for someone who’s looking to steer clear…just sick and tired of your usual “both sides of your mouth” nonsense…as you know, I usually avoid responding to your comments, as they generally offer nothing of any real substance and typically include a whole heap of self-congratulatory back patting, but I accidentally fell off the Eddie wagon after reading what was on offer today…trust me, I’ll gladly return to the “no reply” zone protocols of our prior arrangement, starting now!!

        1. very odd that these messages got removed yesterday but have since returned…please explain AdPat?

  5. We have still got a few more games to the end of the season.
    Got some seriously tough games against Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, United etc.
    Credit or no credit comes at the end of the season.

    1. Thank you.. This hype should stop.. Patience till the end of the season then give credit where it’s due if successful.. What if we go into another losing run? Arteta didn’t do anything to deserve support yet.. Only time and league table will tell by the end of this season

      1. Mate, you just interpreted / took my comment out of context.
        You just slanted my comment far to the Right.
        And you contradicted yourself in the same comment and past comments this season.

  6. I’ll judge him the same as I’ve judged his predecessors .
    I was very vocal in my support for him when he first started out when the fan base were questioning his credibility as a manager .
    That changed last season for me as other fans have turned the other way ,I don’t care who’s right or wrong what I care for is this team to be challenging for titles not scraping over the line to grab fourth place like it’s some kind of achievement ,wenger was abused for the very same thing (me included) but where as I have keep that same lvl of judging others now seem to except this as some kind of trophy .
    I’ll stick by what i see on the pitch and where we are at the seasons end .

    1. Don’t compare Wengers “4th place is like a trophy” to what we are going through right now.
      Wenger turned us into a Top 4 is like a trophy club since 2005.
      You are either just being disingenuous or just can’t see the difference between comparing wengers stale 4th place fights that went on for more than 10 years to Arteta’s push for top 4 this season. Wenger had been at the club for more than 20 years on top of all of it. Went 9 years without a single trophy while just about hanging onto top 4 for the majority of that time.

      If we finish 4th this season and then 4th again next season then Arteta should not complain if he gets sacked.

      If Arteta went 10 years and just about hanging onto 4th place each season then that can be analogous to wengers last 10 years.

      And don’t forget wenger had dropped us out of the Top 4. Finished 5th and 6ths consecutively.

      Arteta has to do better than just finishing 4th next season if we even get 4th this season. That’s for real.

      1. This is Artetas 3rd year goonster so comparing him this season to Wenger is pretty simple really ,he’s had ample time and plenty of backing .
        When are we ment to start making comparisons ?when he’s spent a billlion quid and got through 40 players ,I think this being his 3rd season is plenty of time to start the comparisons .
        And anyway I’m not taking about what wenger achieved or did not ,im trying to get my point out that I will judge them the same ,hope that helps .

        1. @Dan
          I don’t know if you are still just being dishonest or not but I will just pass it on.
          He has been here for 2 and a half seasons. The half season was just a write off as we were in such bad shape when he took over, we were in the relegation zone and all he could do was to just stabilise our slide. So if you want to count that half season (2019/20) as all on him and a failure then what can I say.

          I think it’s absolutely fair to criticise him for last and parts of this season when we were terrible. It should be constructive and objective criticism. But with you and a certain group that I won’t mention names just seem to have a personal dislike for Arteta due to certain player decisions he keeps making. It feels like you and other have this petty little grudge against arteta and can’t wait for him to fail so that you can soothe your personal dislike for him.

          Why do i think that? You absolutely go in scotched earth and no holding back whenever we have a bad run of games. Criticism upon criticism, which is fair. But the moment we go on a run of good results you fade into the background or just can’t even bring yourself to say anything positive towards him.

          It’s just one way traffic. Good or bad you just look for any negatives you get your claws into just to continue confirming your own position / bias.

          That’s how it comes across to me reading your comments since last season.

          1. That’s an absolute load of bull crap goonster I post win or lose that is something I can not be accused of I’m critical yes but like I’ve said countless times I was critical of Emery and Wenger before hand in the same vien
            Talking of bias though let’s not forget you’re views regarding Wenger shall we and why you thought the need to even bring him up in you’re first post ,see it works both ways and posts that I remember as well .
            That’s how it comes across to me reading your comments since you started posting

            1. @Dan
              Lets ask the mods to do a count of the amount of comments or your comment rate whenever we are having a bad run as compared to the rate at which you post whenever we go on a good run.

              You are very buoyant and will comment on nearly each and every negative article regarding Arteta’s flaws. But then cut down on your comment rate once the team goes on a good run. Much more reserved.

              And you are so far from the truth. I am one of wengers biggest fans. I have always been arguing with my father since 2007 regarding wenger, I was an AKB (Arsene Knows Best) while he wanted him gone in 2007. I Kept arguing and making excuses for wenger until 2015 when he only signed Petr Cech when we needed to strengthen in the DM, CM, Striker positions etc.. I still respect wenger and adore the man. But that does not mean I have to over praise, worship or just over inflate his achievements. I think I have been on Just Arsenal longer than you, not sure. But if you are to go back and read my wengee comments since 2014 when I joined this forum you will find that I have always been a fan of wenger. I only changed my tone towards him when I realised he was not going to change or take us any farther. And I was never on here screaming “Wenger Out”. Don’t think I have ever even thought about doing such. Had so much love and respect for the man.

              The reason you think I have a bias or a dislike for him is because I am being objective. Just because I adore and respect wenger does not mean I have to behave like some people on here that get offended if anyone makes a very mild critique of wenger. I don’t have that cultist / fanboyism mentality where my favourite player / manager is never wrong or allowed to be criticised.. I also don’t hold grudges against any players / manager etc.

              Again, just because I criticise wenger does not mean I dislike or have a grudge against him. I only criticise him when some people try to overhype his achievements and want to shut down grown up discussions regarding wenger. People are so blinkered that you can’t have a serious grown discussion on any matter. It’s just BLACK and WHITE for many. “I dislike Arteta so anyone that tries to challenge my bias must mean they are Arteta fanboys or are okay with mediocrity.”

              “I love wenger. So anyone that even tries pointing out his flaws or make any constructive or objective criticism towards him is just a hater, ungrateful child or just disrespectful.”

              It’s just crazy. People just dig in and are not willing to entertain constructive criticism or are not willing to change their view even with evidence. Everything nowadays is to the extremes. No rational middle ground. “I made up my mind so I have to keep digging in no matter what. Can’t let the other side get one over me.”
              In the bubble mentality.

        2. @Dan
          And about us having spent more than anyone else.
          We spent £130 million on 6 players. We had more than 6 positions in our starting 11 to strengthen or fully revamp. City spent £100 million on one player in the summer. Chelsea spent £96 million on just a single player in the same window. While we had to make use of £130 million to sort out more than 6 areas in our weak stale squad. We had to comprise on certain areas just so we could have enough money to strengthen the much more agent positions in the team.

          Again, these are the kinds of comments that make me think the way I think about people like yourself.
          Try to interpret everything with a biased slant to suit a preferred narrative.

          Why can’t we all just try our best to be objective? Lets cheer for the club, players, manager etc when appropriate and criticise when appropriate.

    2. Arsenal should be fighting for titles?
      True but to expect our team to be title contenders against team that spent almost as much money one player as we did in our record expenditure speaks for itself

      Also to expect us to win pl title which was the last time we did ?? 2004.
      18 years it would have made sense to expect that in 2006 but we had down fall
      But we are on the right track can’t u see that not just results but playing style ??
      Also don’t u think we are actually on a path towards that winning title’s

      Your talking as if Pep came board we would suddenly win everything

      Open ur eyes mate

      Either you live in the past or u just lack common sense and ur blind

      Or Maybe your supporting the wrong club anyways our existence doesn’t matter to this club

      So why don’t u support a team that is already winning title’s instead if expecting it from one that is in the process towards the same

      1. Hi Gary

        Unfortunately Dan.k has a very immature way of trying to make rational arguments. It’s the total failure to understand how far we regressed in 12 years maybe more? despite some descent league finishes we never got close to being the best team in the league.

        And we could all see with the “eye test “🙄 the downward spiral we have been in. But now it feels like we are progressing despite the “8th” place finishes in the last two season. This team has energy, quality and huge potential to be champions. FFS Dan we all know your reservations but to keep harping on about makes you look “a bit special “ and not in a good way.

        1. Hang on Pat
          Leave 2 comments given me abuse then delete my timid reply .
          Once again some of us post comments with no malice or abuse just our opinions and we get punished when other posters get personally .

          1. There is a reason they were left but yours removed.
            This is what I call a personal insult…. “some village somewhere in the world as lost their idiot ,if so 👆”

            1. “Special ,I hope you know what he was implying Pat
              “Lack common sense or I’m just blind

              Why was it ok to even start getting personal anyway ,just because they can not handle a different opinion
              At least be consistent Pat

              1. ok Dan peace here

                We ain’t kids let’s handle it maturely

                We all respect your opinion to be clear if u don’t like arteta I can’t blame you we finished twice 8th which is unjustified I under any other circumstances he would have been sacked which again is justified

                But the thing that not just Me but everyone here hates about you is your negativity

                We understand u don’t like arteta and that fact that our waiting for the season to end
                Fair enough👍

                BUT at least if not appreciate, at least acknowledge the fact that there has been a progress we seem to be building towards something and even our game has become more attractive

                How hard is to acknowledge something that’s straight up facts ??

                And honestly you might be a true gonner a heart idk how many decade’s u have been supporting this club

                But when u write such negative comments amidst all the positives it either makes u look like a bait or a toxic fan

                Peace ✌

    3. And to be Frank, this article feels like a “shove-it-down-your-throat” article, with statements like “If you’re not backing Arteta by now, you should find another hobby”. The game against Watford, man City, spurs first half and West ham are probably the best eye test verification games I’ve seen under Arteta. That is 4 really fluid, attacking football games this season with over 20games played. While I enjoyed the last Watford game, it’s too early to call for Arteta, seeing as we’ve had such games this season, it didn’t stop our horrible show against forest, nor against a depleted Liverpool team without their attacking teeth. It’s because of the inconsistency that the jury is still out on Arteta. It feels like cycles and cycles of good, very good, bad and horrible performances under him so far. At the end of the season and the next couple of weeks, we should have a clearer picture and see if we’ve truly broken the cycle.
      Till then, I’ll keep my opinion of Arteta as not where I expect judging by eye test and I don’t think anyone has the right to make us feel different or force their beliefs on us by churning out articles like this. If He gets us the top 4 and doing well next season by building on successes instead of going back, then he gets my accolade and full support. But till them I’ll keep supporting and cheering on the team. After all the Success and domination of Arsenal FC is what we are all after.

      1. Everyone recently is not complaining about the results but now talking about the “eye test”. What about “nothing matters except the League table” “The table never lies”

        We have gone from BOTTOM up to FOURTH PLACE. If you don’t call that improvement, please explain what you are now expecting? The Champions League or nothing???

  7. EPL – deserves a ton of credit, looking really good and let’s hope we can keep our players fit until we can add some reinforcement.

    League Cup – did pretty good but showed no BMT so I’d say neutral on that one

    FA Cup – Arsenal’s bread and butter, very poor showing so if he’s going to take credit for EPL form he is equally responsible for FA Cup failure

    Clearing Deadwood – he’s done a good job getting rid of a lot of rubbish players but he is also partially responsible for creating some of the “dead wood” so I’d say neutral

    Contracts/Loans – pretty poor showing so far to be fair but not sure if MA is in the driving seat for all these decisions. Potential sales turned down, contracts not renewed in time and some players kept longer than should’ve. Some loan to buy agreements have been a joke.

    Mentality – strong so far but has been helped greatly by not being in Europe so more time to plan and train as a group. We have chased down the pack in EPL very well, now we’ll see how strong our mentality really is now that we are “the hunted” team for 4th spot.

    Competitors – let’s not lose sight that Leicester, Man U and Spurs have all had relatively poor seasons this year which has definitely played a part but we have done what we’ve needed to. At least 2 of these teams will be stronger next season

    New Season – we have a lot of players coming up on the “2 years left” mark for their contracts, so we’ll see how that is managed. We’ll have more games as we’ll be in Europe and I hope a much better FA Cup run so we’ll need a bigger squad. Our competition will likely be better with many of them misfiring this season.

    Overall as a club we are doing average to decent but in EPL we are outdoing ourselves. I strongly believe if we don’t make top 4 this season we’ll really struggle next season for all the reasons above.

    1. All well argued comments PJSA. I’d assumed that the EPL was our bread and butter, but it seems its the FA cup? Having said that we WERE awful!
      Yes others will be stronger but some (perhaps Liverpool with an ageing team or Chelsea with less funds) will also drop off. And surely this team will improve as well with a better left sided midfielder, a real striker and not giving away the first three games. It’s amazed me that we are maintaining this challenge without a CF…

  8. So then logic would dictate those who wanted Wenger out were anti-arsenal as well?

    They needed Arsenal to fail to remove Wenger as manager?

    Also, wouldn’t the same apply to Emery, and needing Arsenal to fail to remove him?

    Not sure how one can claim righteousness just because it’s a different manager.

    This article is a perfect example of why standards matter and consistency is important.

      1. Don’t expect a rebuttal from the author. If he supported the managers, then he put them above the club, because our future is brighter now.

        If he wanted the managers out, he would expose himself as a hypocrite and wouldn’t that make him anti-arsenal because the club would need to fail first?

        Asking for a friend….

          1. Thank you sir, that would explain everything then. I appreciate the clarity, and I admittedly fell into that Troll’s trap.

    1. Really good point, Durand. Bad idea to post this article IMO, because most antagonism here is not caused by wanting Arteta out, it’s more that a couple of posters will never concede that any progress at all has been made this season. TBH it’s good to have a range of views to help us keep perspective.

      1. In all honesty I wasn’t impressed his first 2 years, and saw repeated mistakes arrogance, and stubbornness, not progress.

        This year I do see a change. Togetherness of the team, improved defense, and slow but steady improvement.

        Not getting 4th would be greatly disappointing considering our current position. If we hold steady IMHO Arteta has earned a 2 year extension.

        Not sold yet on his “style of play”, but there is progress and it won’t all happen at once.

        Perhaps fair to hold him to the standards Wenger and Emery faced next year?

        Has his team now, got backed with over £200 million and counting, and finally shed the rookie label.

  9. Absolutely the best article ever written on this site. I a 100 % agree with the writer on the fact that some fans rather see Arsenal lose to justify their constant hate for the club. I told, you that a lot of you would have egg on your faces after 4 wins later and top 4 , with games in hand. The best part of the whole thing is now we have fans demanding 4th, like you ever believed in the team in the first place. Just to have the team in this position going into march, is a reason to give Areta his props. Clapping for the man must bring up some type of feeling. Smh, I’m clapping for Areta.

  10. I have just read over the first few paragraphs again as I did t take it in the first time ,this is what you get from a fan with absolutely no clue to how supporters actually see different things to what other supporters do .
    In 11 sentences
    We have
    “Fans should get a new hobby “
    “My favourite the Agenda word “
    And the best one “they hate Arsenal “
    This is coming from a supposed fan who seems to think it’s his way or thinking or the highway .
    I would suggest having a bit more respect for fellow Arsenal fans without having to resort to acting like a snivelling little child .
    Just read the second part to this seat sniffing Arteta article and it says nothing new to what we get daily ,just another fan with an appalling disregard to other fans opinions
    While offering nothing else .
    My opinion OFC

    1. Agree with your post generally Dan Kit. The article shouldn’t have been reproduced here. There are more important issues for this site to debate than inflammatory articles solely attacking anyone that criticises Arteta.

      Like listening to other’s opinions and not resorting to personally abusing people who have those opinions.

      Ironic though that you demand respect immediately before calling someone a snivelling little child…

      1. Ah yes
        Started off nice then Came out the real guy just to finish off .
        I’ve had enough arguing for today and especially on this article buddy so I’ll leave it there .

        1. wise move DK, it’s functionally a no-win scenario on here lately as the very same people who were just recently espousing a “wait and see” narrative, are now casting dispersions at anyone unwilling to adhere to their particular timetable, even though this is far from a completed project…as a firm believer of the old adage that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour, it would seem very short-sighted to suggest that our manager, who’s already deviated from the process on multiple occasions, including this season, is the indisputable answer to what has ailed us for the better part of a decade…this is some Jim Jones-type Kool-Aid sh**, so there’s no room for those who call a spade a spade…let’s hope that things don’t end in a similar fashion, from an organizational perspective

    2. And it is sad that the Article has been allowed on Just arsenal. Not trying to say how Pat should run his site, but an article making these harmful allegations is over the top for a fan site.

      1. Really, I didn’t hear everyone complaining when every article was #ArtetaOut, except the casual visitors who complained that JustArsenal was overly negative!

        1. love how you seem to target anyone who posts a noteworthy and logical contrarian view from your own…you’re like a full-blown cyberstalker now(lol)

          1. directed towards AdPat, of course…continue fighting the good fight Kstyx

          2. @trvl, maybe you should stop just being contrary and just write a reasonable article on why you disagree with my views. I promise I shall post it to prove that everyone s opinion is valid, even if I disagree with them.

            1. hard to imagine that little ole conspiratorial me could produce anything that you would deem as “reasonable” Papa…furthermore, not sure I’m that interested in helping you prove such a clearly disingenuous point(lol)

  11. I agree with your post Dan Kit and whilst I am cautiously backing Arteta presently, I too think the article was both outrageously abusive regarding the first part and somewhat patronisingly sycophantic in the second.

  12. It’s a good thing that some of these so-called fans are not Mr.Kroenke. Because, at the start of the season, pundits, fans and rivals expectation of Arsenal was to get into the top six finish at most, as top four finish was completely ruled out. With the worse start of the season in decades, calls for Arteta sacking was predominate, as relegation prediction was made. To now turn around the fortunes of the team to be sitting 4th with 3 games in hand on rivals Manchester United and West ham is remarkable. Currently, l don’t care about people who have their hatred for Arteta, as no man is perfect, but, he must be given the respect he deserves. True fans must now continue to rally around the team until the end of the season and good things will happen. Let’s be positive, as the team takes one game at a time in giving their all to achieve this goal of qualifying for a top four finish. Positive thoughts and vibes = Positive impact and results.

  13. “All or nothing” will be a smash hit if we make top 4. No credit yet for Arteta. No trophies for trying. Until we get our objectives we can’t celebrate.

  14. We now live in a word where my opinion is bigger and truthful than yours and Yours is an act of hatred and unsupportive.
    It’s does not matter what we think as non of US here is making the decision for the club or Arteta nor Edu.
    Everyone is speaking base on what our eyes are seeing from our own view or understanding of the game towards what we want our team to achieve.
    But to now be calling somebody you have never seen nor knows abusive name all because they have a different view of same thing is like CALLING A COIN FALSE BECAUSE OF ITS TWO SIDE.
    It’s your choice either to support Arsenal or Arteta or the Kronkes at your own piece of mind but I also hold the choice either to share part of ur happiness or your if Arsenal make 4th or not THE TEAM, THE COACHING STAFF, EDU AND HIS WORKING GROUP AND THE OWNER HAS MY SUPPORT UNTIL THE DAY I STOP FOLLOWING THE CLUB CALLWD ARSENAL WHICH IS LIKELY AFTER AM DEAD.
    So Appreciate Arteta now
    Appreciate him after the season ends
    It’s does not reflect nor affect how I view him cause what you term as success may be far from what I view as success and its not a must we should agree on that.
    Let’s enjoy the ride because will still have 13 more games to shout both in happiness or disappointment.

  15. No it’s definitely NOT time to give him credit for anything.

    When the season is over and 3rd place is secured he can get credit.
    If he secures 4th that is the bare minimum after a 150m expenditure.
    He has won is no trophy for two seasons.

    He has tanked his first two seasons with us from finishing 8th both times.

    Hence him returning us to a bare minimum 4th is not cause.for celebration. It’s just about par.

    His system still has.many flaws, both in attack and defense that after 2.5 years have still not been addressed.

    His managerial style has cost Arsenal tens of millions on transfer fees via poor sales, cancelled contracts, unusually high turnover,.poor signings like William, alienation of many very good players.

    A lack of development of a clear attacking style, even though mostly defense is stronger, still not a valid connection between the two.

    We either struggle to create anything through the middle or play like against Watford, where it’s like we play with freedom but have various defensive lapses all over.

    Watford are the type of teams we should be beating anyway.

    Let’s see what’s happens against Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool.

    Let’s all calm down as we haven’t achieved anything yet of substance under Arteta in the league.

    There is growth but I for one am not convinced and should he not get 4th at minimum he should he gone.

    We have only PL to prepare for, nothing else, no fEurope which he successful missed out on for the first time in like nearly 3 decades.

    Let’s not celebrate par as if it’s what we are about. We should he challenging for PL and CL and winning FA adnf and finishing top four at minimum for a season to be classed as successful and for the manager to deserve any praise.

      1. FA cup trophy that Arteta won with Martinez as the gk. Who would have forgotten that as an Arsenal Fan?

        Throw the Spursy Imposter out!!!

    1. I won’t call you negative, Free, because you did say two almost positive things in your list.
      – £150 mil to buy 6 players and build half a team is not big money, when others spend £100m on ONE player. And in your opinion were any of them bad buys, because I note you don’t mention WHO he bought for this? Your headline comes only from the fact he bought all at the same time.
      – He won the FA Cup (no trophy?)
      – He joined Arsenal in December. In his first half season we rose from close to the relegation zone to 8th
      – He has not developed a clear attacking style? Perhaps you are watching a different team?
      I won’t argue your other points as life is too short.
      Nobody is celebrating, but is it forbidden to be happy or dream? Or to agree with 99% of football experts and pundits that say Arteta is doing a very good job?

      1. Arsenal was 10th when Arteta took over on December 20th, and rose to finish in 8th. Only time we were close to relegation battle was next the December under Arteta in the bottom 3rd of the table.

  16. I’m now confident we will make top four after finding out the package that awaits all arsenal players if they make top four which i know they won’t let it slide.congrats in advance,COYG.

  17. I’m not an Arteta fan because we didn’t make Europe for the first time in 25 years and we were kicked out of both cups by January.
    Recent results have been good lately and I hope he proves me wrong.

    1. Red we lost to Liverpool in the Semi of the LC, which finishes anyway in February. Unless you reach the final you will ALWAYS be out by January! But yes, the FA cup was not great

      1. Was not great is an overstatement. Was not great is losing out to Liverpool in the semis. Losing out to forest in the opening fixture however, is more of a disgrace rather than “not great”

        1. @Kstyx, history is littered with lower league teams knocking out top teams out of the FA Cup, that’s what makes it the greatest domestic Cup in the world. To say it’s a disgrace is in itself a disgrace.

  18. “If you are not backing Arteta and the process for the rest of the season, then you are merely showing that you do not desire a successful Arsenal”

    speaks volumes about the state of the fanbase presently…doesn’t anybody remember the last time the cult of personality lightweights put the manager’s best interests over that of the club’s…at least last time the histrionics were somewhat justified due to our former manager’s length of service and his pre-Emirates CV

  19. I think we all have different opinions and there is nothing wrong in expressing them. I don’t t enjoy reading the excessive negativity especially when this season the trajectory is upwards. It’s difficult not to become downhearted by the narrative at times.
    We all support Arsenal but some appear, at least, to expect near perfection permanently and I just understand that another couple of dogs are currently having their day.
    At some point Pep and Klopp will leave and de Bruyne and VVD will retire. The wheels keep turning and hopefully it will be our turn to shine in the not too distant future. When you’ve seen the good, the bad, and occasional ugly for over 55 years as an Arsenal supporter then you know that it’s cyclical CV and the good times will return. Arsenal have never had the cache of ManU or the European Cup successes of Liverpool. Both teams suffered a few wilderness years. It’s life

  20. Suep
    Absolutely with you.
    Always enjoy people’s opinions but some times it gets a bit boring when it is non constructive and just blatant negative.
    We are on the rise but it takes time. I am enjoying the ride right now as it been a long time since we have been in the hunt
    Onwards and upwards..3rd

  21. Though I firmlyagree with all that Keenos praises about Arteta, I do NOT go along with his submission that those who disagree are not real Gooners.

    Some on her, though fewer each passing week, still unfairly refuse to give any credit to MA and constantly criticise him. Though I of course believe that they are wrong and, frankly, blinkered too in their silliness, I do NOT think they are not Gooners.


  22. This constant argument in both the attack and defence of Mikel Arteta is really getting boring

    We need to understand that Criticism is part of the game. Since I started following this forum, one thing I come to understand here is that some of our supporters sees criticism and negativity to mean the same thing.

    Example of criticism are comments usually made by past man.u players like Keane, Scholes etc But does this actually mean they hate the club?

    Even at do u honestly think they aren’t supporters over there who do not criticize Pep Guadiola and thinks with him they may not achieve European glory?

    Every Arsenal supporter have a right to the follow the club presently with a bit of scepticism, Remember, we got eliminated out of the FA cup by a championship side, our football isn’t still great yet, we only beat one top 6 team in their worst form (Tottenham), we still lost to United and Everton at their worst form, Some of the players the manager is credited for of loading are the ones he either signed or renewed their contracts..

    With all that, it’s going to be impossible for everyone to appreciate him at the same time, cos his doing well in some department and fumbling in others… but for u to confidently think that your own asessment of the manager is the best and even go as far as abusing fellow supporters it’s totally wrong and uncalled for…

    please lets learn to respect people’s opinion without calling them bias or negative.


    1. preach Buddy…the hypocritical masses have run roughshod over the commonsensical right to openly debate issues pertaining to the club…Cheers

    2. Well said Buddy, I thoroughly enjoy reading the comments of both sides on a variety of subjects. I learn a lot and they can change my opinion.
      I only ever have issues for two reasons:
      – Personal abuse and belittlement of others.
      – Permanent negativity and refusal to mention or agree to anything positive said about Arsenal. Last season I had the same view in reverse of those who blindly followed Arteta.
      I have no issues with those wanting Arteta out or disliking particular players as long as their argument is reasoned and acknowledges any positives.

  23. Not yet

    The time to give credit is once the target has been reached.

    We could easily finish outside the top 6 and we could finish 3rd.

    Certainly Edu deserves some credit for achieving the target set to him, which was halving the wage bill.

  24. What is going on, on this site? Sounds like a playground of little dweebs all bitching at each other.

    Why can’t you all just listen to people’s opinions without getting personal?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, they are like assh0les, every fvucker has one.

    Just cos their opinion is different to yours do not disrespect it, it might just end up better than yours.

    Good night children, see you in the morning.

  25. A very hard hitting article. Agreed, some fans went overboard criticising Arteta, but I seriously doubt whether there was any personal vendetta towards him as suggested in the article. For any football manager, criticism is a part of the profession, however great he may be, examples of Sir Alex, Wenger, Pepp and Klopp. Constructive criticism in the right spirit is for the good of the team as a whole but I agree that criticising for the sake of it having a personal vendetta is bad. That said, Arsenal is in a tremendously good position to make it to the top 4 and surely credit must go to Arteta. But keep in mind, we are still not through and there are more than a dozen games to play and we must keep the winning run going on consistently and since each tema and each game in the PL is tough, we have to keep doing well.

  26. Yes we’re in top 4 right now but We’re no where near safe cause games in hand aren’t points.

    1. Hi, @SueP, You know I publish all opinions that readers send in. We have had 100’s of Arteta out articles this season, but they seem to have dried up lately…

      But let’s ask everyone if they want to send me an opposing view and I will be happy to print it….

      1. You are right of course, there have been negative articles. I just wonder who would actually write a proper article not purely based on a knee jerk reaction after a disappointing result?

        1. I would imagine who ever wrote it would not get personal and attack the other side of the coin as we have seen on this article .
          That seems to be the difference from what I’ve read on here in the last 6months maybe longer .
          The best person to write it would be TVRL but that would be up to him .

          1. Getting personal is regrettable to say the least. Emotions can run high and that can bring out the worst in all of us

            I meant it when I would like to read an honest, unemotional article on why Arteta is not the man to take the club forward. I’d be interested in knowing what the writer thinks is the proper way forward – within the framework of the ownership- and how long it should take to be in the top4 on a regular basis and not drifting in and out as maybe the case should Arteta get us there this time. Much would depend on the manager put in charge post Mikel.

          2. Cheers for the kind words DK, but I’m not sure the environment is quite right for a rebuttal of sorts, as the pendulum has swung so far in one direction lately that it would likely fall on deaf ears…as for the possibility of rallying the “wait and see” forces, I very much doubt that would produce the desired results, as minus a handful or so of individuals, whom were both quite familiar with, many who find themselves on “our side” of the ledger don’t actually help our commonsensical argument due to their propensity to bring a chainsaw to a fencing match…I would suspect that there will be a time in the not too distant future when we can revisit this possibility, as I think perspectives will change and/or evolve, once the schedule gets considerably more arduous and we start to chip away at those rescheduled matches…Cheers

            1. You would be surprised TRVL how many are still hiding in the woodwork but are to scared to come out that would back an Article from you mate.
              We have sue below bating you why not go for it ?
              I would do it my self but ,not sniffing you’re seat but you’re daily comments have more entertainment and facts than 90%of the articles posted on here .
              I’m sure you could easily come up with something worthwhile reading ,but I suppose you take the risk of the daily linch mob taking you apart which in turn would lead to more arguments than we are used to .

              1. I am most definitely not baiting anyone
                It’s easy to be critical and you both are equal to anybody on JA. Much harder to be critical and be compelling in your argument and that is what I’m interested in. Try persuading me that I am mistaken in my assessment of Arteta’s 2 years plus at the helm. You tell me what you see that I don’t

  27. During the months and months that I supported Arteta and found myself on the sharp end of plenty of typists ‘tongues ‘, the very least I would expect now is for an in depth article in support of his removal especially since the pendulum has currently swung the other way. Why wait until you think you may win the argument?
    I stuck up for what I believed in and put up my hands when I thought that Arteta may not the right man giving him until November 21 to show progress or it was thanks but no thanks. So why is it so difficult to be persuasive if you really believe in your argument?

    1. Oh SueP, how quickly you forget what you actually did during that time period, as there was an ample helping of ducking, diving and waffling going on by you, where you would make qualifying statements so that it would appear as if you were not so much sitting on the fence, but certainly not totally convinced…then whenever someone else would arrive on the scene with a more boisterous pro-Arteta agenda, you would grow an inch or so taller, puff out your chest and act as if you’ve been courageously manning the wall all along…btw I don’t begrudge you whatsoever for your opinions, one way or the other, I’m just not a fan of the passive aggressiveness that has proliferated on one particular side of the equation…so if you think anyone owes you one for the supposed “sacrifices” you’ve made, think again, as that ain’t a thing and I’m certainly no fool

  28. For me, I would wait till the end of the season to judge MA.
    If we did not have this amount of space between fixtures, I personally doubt these boys would play like this.
    All thesame, the lack of fixtures has helped us a lot.
    Also, I for one, do not yet see a clear pattern for the attack. I guess ‘the process ‘ is not yet finished.
    A clear patten comes with consistently doing the same thing, we do not have that yet.
    These days, we win matches by grinding our teeths, with different patterns.
    At least, the spirit in the team is high.
    I just pray the high spirit won’t be too much in the team, where we start playing from our emotions, instead of a clear and concise strategy.
    There is a still a lot of work to be done, but we are unarguably making progress.

    1. some quite logical insights, which speak once again to the all important “eye test”

  29. I’ve seen a lot of comments comparing Arteta to Wenger but I’m not seeing it myself, I’m actually seeing more similarities with Alex Ferguson if I’m honest. You talk about supporting the team because they doing well, do you not see the hypocrisy in what your saying? You should be supporting the team and the manager no matter what that’s what a fan does!! A glory supporter sings from rooftops when going well and slags off when going badly! I’m sick of our fickle fans! If you wasn’t fully behind the team after our 3rd match of the season u need to find a new club

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