It is Wenger’s fault that Arsenal fans are fighting

Wenger got booed and only has himself to blame by KM

So the Arsenal manager felt the love of the fans once more on the way home from that Stoke City miserable defeat. 3-0 down at half time is bad for whichever Premier league side you are, not just Arsenal. Arsene got exactly what he deserved!

It is because he is ignoring everyone that this happens. “We have to keep believing in what we do” said the old frenchman after our United defeat and we keep repeating the same mistakes. This is Arsenes final decline. Every defensive display and every missed chance by Giroud and Welbeck will be another nail in his coffin.

His beliefs got him nothing in 10 years, he had the chance to change and he doesn’t want to. He is a puppet on a string. He does what he is told by the board. “Get us in the top 4”. He doesn’t have the balls to slam the table and say Arsenal will fight for the title. He keeps saying “we will fight for the title”, but his words are only coming against him when the performances are as bad as they are.

I want to make a plea for the fans to not fight each other. Words have come out that fist fights have occurred between the fans. Why would go and hit another Arsenal fan? Who’s fault is it that we are in thins situation. The fans have quietly payed a huge amount of money to watch this pathetic shadow of Arsenal football club.

We must put our anger at the people at fault for this, not ourselves. The manager has to be fired and fresh blood is needed at the board. We lack ambition. United spent unbelievable amount of money to get themselves back on track and 5 straight wins in the league see them third. They showed ambition!

When you don’t deliver results, you get sacked. This is football. Not at Arsenal. We are a charity paying ridiculous money to average or injured players ( Hello Diaby!!!) and a manager who is 10 years behind the game.

We have become so afraid of change when there is actually not much to lose. Except an out of favor manager. Enough is enough, time for a change! WENGER OUT!


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  1. jensenvk says:

    Oh Lord why don’t buy a Mercedes Benz and sack Wenger XD

    1. Tas says:

      AW is dyslexic last time he tried to buy a German car Opel 4.2 litre and ended up with Ozil 4.2 million.

    2. Budd says:

      I think Wenger is also at fault for the last floods.

  2. muda says:

    thanks for the memory, but its time to say goodbye for good, i love wenger but i love arsenal more. so #ArsenalFirst #WengerOut

  3. Truth Hurts says:

    We can still fight for 3rd place
    F.a cup is still left
    Round of 16 CL(let’s see who we Get)

    Like wenger said judge me at the end of the season

    But we all know that wenger is gonna make the same mistakes again and make us all look like idiots

    1. muda says:

      the darkest hour is just before the down, Arsene Out Best

  4. galaxygooner says:

    Kid throwing their toys outta the pram.
    If the only thing you want is to ” buy a cup”
    You had better joined Chelsea or Man city.
    True arsenal fans are there come rain, come shine.
    What is it with fans that they cannot detach their emotions from a spectacle.Unless you people have not been paying attention, the game has changed tremdously. All players play for the money ( forget all those talk about “kissing the badge”). Everybody,from the talking heads to the agents and players are simply after the cash. It is for this reason that van piersie, nasri, clichy left and also the reason why Lord bendnther would rather rot on the bench.
    The joke is on those who feed an industry which has become nothing more than an xfactor show. Even the players are not as talented as those in the days gone by.
    On the last match,
    Did anyone nothing that the midfield was better without flamini after he was shunted to the right?

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      You are simply repeating the platitudes planted there by Wenger to keep the pressure off himself as he trousers 8m year after year while making the same silly mistakes again and again. You are confusing loyalty to a failed entity (i.e. the current manager) with loyalty to the club.

  5. YingYang69 says:

    I read earlier an article which Vieira was remembering how Keown taught him how to be a winner and fighter. I remember myself all those years ago how Adams keown and rest used to toughen them up in training. After reading and remembering i just imagined what difference those two players alone would make to our side. Vieira and Keown wow. Every single Arsenal fan except the one that counts Knows Whats missing. The problem is though even when we do fill in the gaps… how many players are out there with the spirit and mentality of the Arsenal greats. I just dont see them anymore, not in todays game. Dont get me wrong there are truly exceptional players gifted players but what we need probably even more than great attributes is the mindset of a Keown or Adams etc.

  6. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    Blasphemy!, blame everything but Wenger!

  7. Truth Hurts says:

    I swear to god this is the last time I will tolerate this 4th place bulls##t because of our poor start

    But it’s getting boring now and I am not lying

    I know a lot of teams want to be in our place
    But this stale moment every year when we finish 3rd or 4th and then celebrate is borrrrring

  8. Ljungberg's Cool Red Hair says:

    Wenger out, i do really want to avoid the endless pain of dealing with wenger for another two years.

    Shitty transfer windows, ozil on the wing, arteta, flamini and mertesacker starters, this retarded version of wilshere that think like messi, unable to beat top 4 teams for 10 years because of tactic incompetency, players out of position, extremely high priced tickets to watch 4th place football, keeping deadwood like diaby…

    A lot of sh*t and incompetency that in a winner club like Madrid Barcelonab oe Bayern is NOT allowed, you know why? Because board and manager FEAR the fans, which is the opposite here in arsenal, that’s one of the reasons why this clubs are extremely succeful, the mánager, the players, and the board are NEVER ever allowed to fuc*k with the fans,

    Wenger OUT!!!!!

  9. dboy says:


  10. arsenalmaniac says:

    FINALLY, FINALLY!!!!….The REVOLUTION has started #WengerOut

  11. Sumo says:

    Today is matchday. Give it a rest now.

  12. Renoog says:


    Fine, but WHO are you gonna replace him with. Guardiola? Ferguson? Ancelotti? Mourinho? All unavailable and/or very unlikely to come in. Find me another manager that has had a bigger and better influence at a club than Le Prof other than these men and get him in the dugout.

    Klopp maybe? But then you’re just replacing Wenger with a younger version of Wenger.

    I don’t believe that this all lies with Wenger anyway. His hands, if not completely tied are at the very least loosely bound by those above. I do not think that the observation that Wenger runs the club is actually that accurate. I feel that the WHOLE club needs a total refresh, full scale changes from top to bottom. Kroenke…..Gone! Gazidis….. Gone! Sir Chips…..Gone. Usmanov….IN! David Dein back in the boardroom and then lets look at the staff and players.

    If Usmanov and Dein came in I believe Wenger would get back to his days of yore very quickly. Dein and Wenger were awesome together before, why not again. Our downward spiral to Top 4 mediocrity has occured since Dein left.

    On the flip side I do believe that Wenger does have some serious questions to answer.

    For instance…
    ‘Why is an obviously passionate Arsenal player and World Cup winner, clearly loved by players and fans alike, allowed to warm the bench, when a 1 goal wonder who seriously lacks experience starts ahead of him?’

    ‘Why is an extremely injury prone man who has played what 6 games in the last 3 seasons going to be given a new contract?’ (He’s talented yes but is totally taking up a squad birth that could be filled by a necessary player).

    ‘Why, when you have said on numerous occasions that we need and you that will, have you not purchased more players for our problem positions?’

    I know I’d love to have the answers to these questions….and many more for that matter.

  13. jib says:

    Wenger’s fault the fans are fighting? Maybe it’s the fans fault the fans are fighting?

  14. bomber says:


    Plan A – get rid of Wenger
    Plan B – get somebody new like Brenden Rogers, David Moyes, Koeman…oh wait.

    Wenger might not have a plan B but neither do AOB’ers. And I could really care less about Wenger in or out. I care more about the club, and so far I hear of no plan other then to get rid of Arsene. Which is not a plan. It’s a reaction.

  15. Mesut O-grillz says:

    Wenger got a lot of sympathy after that Saturday melee and verbal abuse. I believe 1 of 2 things will happen now.
    1. He will focus on the 2-3 gunners who yelled at him as a sign that we need to play better on the pitch and change things up a bit. Maybe even buy defenders?
    2. He will focus on the sympathy and use it as an excuse to keep doing what he is doing.

  16. juhislihis says:

    Hmm, looked up at the group stages in CL. Concluded that it will make little difference do we top it (unlikely) or not.

    We top it, we might get: Shakhtar Donetsk, Sporting/Schalke, PSG/Barca, Roma/CSKA, Basel, Leverkusen/Monaco/Zenit, Juventus.

    If we end up second: Athletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Leverkusen/Monaco/Zenit, Barca/PSG, Bayern, Porto.

    There are teams very capable of beating us in both ends so will watch tonight’s game with ease. Pray for no more injuries.

  17. Usmanov says:

    “Like wenger said judge me at the. end of the season…”

    That has got to be one of the most funniest thing I’ve ever heard!
    Judge him? Based on what?!
    The problem is that it has become all too predictable where his team will finish at season’s end -FOURTH! And majority of the unhapp fans are no longer satisfied with fourth! This is the reason why they are judging you already. Because the pattern they are seeing this season is all too familiar to them. This team is definitely going to have a good run of wins, and it WILL eventually make 4th (maybe even 3rd) position. They know that! They don’t have to wait till the end of the season.

    As for me, I will pass judgments based on how you use the next summer transfer window.

  18. TonenoT says:

    After reading this article and some of the comments from so called Arsenal Supporters, I’m starting to wonder what a Supporter is. Forget about if you like Wenger and the Board or not, for one second. Do you think all of this outspoken outrage will make the team better or worse in the long term?? I say it will discourage players, fans and managers/coaches from joining. I am an Arsenal supporter… lose or draw, I support the team, culture and organization , that is Arsenal. I love my team, that is the envy of most of the Football World. I want to win the Premier League, Champions League and any other competition that the Arsenal are involved in. I will never disgrace my team, blasting hatred publicly at my team. I’m a supporter, I will only give positive energy to the team and quality suggestions. BTW Kopp, the Just Arsenal Wenger replacement was at the bottom of German Top Flight., Bottom!!!

  19. gooner100 says:

    Interesting post @johnsouttar. I have been wondering similarly to you about where all this is coming from. Agree it seems very orchestrated. You have me thinking.

  20. Johannesburgunner says:

    What about the players? Why are they playing with so much caution and lacking the ambition to search for goals from the first minute? Are they under instruction to tire opponents out and hope this will bring them goals late in the game? Are our players not man or fit enough to have a go at teams with determination and guts?
    In almost every game, a lack of passion is evident for most parts of the game, and this Arsenal either go to sleep very early or wake up very late in almost every match I have watched this season. It is frustrating for us fans and even with our injury list, we have other internationals who are not putting in a decent shift. With all his experience,the BFG should be focused and doing the job of two players. True, he has a highly successful pass rate, only because it goes more often sideways and back. And he takes what seems like ages to make those passes too. We can blame Wenger, but the lazy and selfish performances of half the team is just as bad and they need to know that you can only win if you want it more than your opponents. It appears that life in London is more enjoyable to some of this Arsenal team than a love for football.

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