It is wrong that Lacazette gets a pass when other players are heavily criticised

Alexandre Lacazette is in terrible form and becoming a liability.

When the likes of Granit Xhaka, Shkodran Mustafi, Mesut Ozil etc play badly they are hauled over the coals and sometimes viciously but for some reason, Alexandre Lacazette is being treated differently.

I will not beat about the bush here, he is rank poor right now, he should be dropped. Every time he plays he is denying a spot on the team to a better in form player and that makes him a liability.

His first touch has evaporated, he spends more time on the floor embarrassingly rolling about than actually putting the ball in the back of the net.

Young Gabriel Martinelli gets a chance and bang, he scores – yet Lacazette gets praised for his work effort because he puts in a shift.

Surely, when one is paid in excess of £100k per week the least that can be expected is that he puts in a shift, that is hardly something to boast about.

The fact that so many fans and pundits are asking where the goals will come from when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is unavailable is a direct reflection on Lacazette. It is an acceptance that he just does not cut it anymore.

Arsenal does have other options, Martinelli, Eddie Nketiah and Reiss Nelson all deserve to be ahead of Lacazette in the pecking order and just because he is a “name” should not mean he keeps getting chances ahead of younger more hungrier players.

I do not know if it is confidence, personal issues or whatever excuse is thrown out there as to why he is not scoring goals but I do know that when a striker cannot find the back of the net then you have to look elsewhere. It is not rocket science.

Lacazette should be dropped against Chelsea, simply put, he does not deserve to be in the first eleven.

Players that perform badly should be criticised and held to account and right now I would argue that even Mustafi is playing better in his position than Lacazette is in his. But who do you think would get more criticism if both Lacazette and Mustafi had a bad game? Or for that matter, Ozil, Xhaka, Sokratis etc.

Think about that.


  1. Not in total disagreement but his pressing is important for Arteta’s system. That being said, I’d still drop him when auba returns if he does not improve before. Who would you start today with no auba or Nelson? does Eddie give us a better chance to win than laca? I don’t think so? Let’s give him two more games and hope he comes good as this team needs a firing laca to compete for top 4.

  2. Arsenal strikers always struggle to score and even a lot of them have long barren periods. This anomaly has been plaguing Arsenal since 2013

    The creative midfielders and playmakers who have been playing at Arsenal since Wenger’s time can’t provide for the forwards consistently. I think we would see some improvements in the scoreline if they are replaced in the summer

  3. Oh yeah let’s just rock up to SB without Auba and Laca 🙄 Most players go through droughts… it only takes a second to score a goal and if that happens tonight, I’m sure all will be forgiven.
    We have injuries and a suspension to deal with… we need our best 11 out there & that includes Laca.
    Come on Arsenal 👊

  4. Do you realize last 2 Arsenals goals were only possible because of Lacazettes build up play? Its not all about goals .

    1. Thanks for seeing soccer the way it should and not the way we want. Laca is probably one
      of the most important team player in Arsenal just like Fermino is to Liverpool. I am
      comparing the roles of 2 of the most important number 9 in the Premier. Have you ever
      seen Klopp drop Fermino because of lack of goals? no , never. In fact he is the first on the Liverpool team sheet. Mane and Sala each twice scores twice than Fermino. But
      Liverpool without Fermino is a dead Liverpool. Arsenal will lack cohesion without Laca

  5. Lacazette is a striker that is easily affected when he doesn’t score goals. As his confidence goes down his 1st touch and shot accuracy deteriorates. In a balanced team lacazette would be the hardworking striker who drops into midfield as the 2 wide forwards are the main source of goal like liverpool does. He would be the 3rd goal scorer and the 4th midfield player.

  6. Mr. Admin, i just wonder whether you are a foot-ball idiollogist or tactician. If you are either of the two, i would request you to use you knowledge of judging a player’s impact on the team just on our recently played game against Sheffield United. When LACA. was taken off the pitch how our opponents attacked us to the extent that they even managed to score us an equaliser. In simple terms this was due to the fact that Ketia who replaced Laca wasn’t a threat to the opposition. So the three defenders who were all arround Laca got a breather, they started all throwing their bodies into our half and sub-squently we were out numbered in our last quarter and eventually conceded an equalizer.

  7. Absolutely Sue! I don’t think any Arsenal fan should be encouraging supporters to criticize our own players! Yes it happens but to encourage more players to be called out is wrong! Think about that for a minute! Since being at the club we have seen marvellous, important goals from him and we are hoping to see more of that from him soon.
    Granted his form has been poor of recent but get behind him and the other players… Don’t vilify them.

  8. Lacazette makes 182,000 pounds a week.
    That works out to 1 million pound per PL goal this season.
    He must be feeling the pressure and thinking about giving football away.
    Surely working MacDonald’s night shift for 7.50 quid an hour would be better?
    Mind you poor old Mezut is just scraping by on a measly 350k p/w.
    So he has been paid 10 million quid for one assist.
    10 mill quid per assist so far this season. Can’t argue with that.
    It must be a hellish life being a highly paid athlete these days.
    But at West London later on this morning we will destroy the Chelski
    with Laca scoring 6 goals and Erza assisting 5 times 🙂

  9. What a preposterous suggestion>>> “Lacazette should be dropped against Chelsea” Are you serious? With Auba’s suspension drop Laca then field who exactly? Eddie? We know that wont happen and should never happen.

    1. Preposterous suggestion? Yeah, let’s keep a player in the team that could not hit a barn door from 1 foot out. Yeah, you right, that is a Preposterous suggestion

      1. Admin Martin, I SEE YOU DELETED MY POST ASKING IF YOU TRULY BELIEVED WHAT YOU WROTE. Rather than answer it, so I have drawn my own conclusion that I am right and that you did noteven write what you personally believe, as all others do, but only what will fill space. I’m losing confidence and interest in this site fast now Martin, mostly because it is boring and repetitive, with so many filler non articles.

  10. Surely the difference in many fans attitudes, which I agree does exist), towards Laca compared to dross like Mustafi, Sokrtis and Co, is that Laca has already proved he is a top quality player but is having a lean goals period only. Whereas, the defensive dross is long term dross and will remain dross. FANS ALWAYS HOPE A CLASS ACT WILL, REGAIN FORM, as do I too. We all know the duffers in defence have no form to regain and THAT expains the difference in attitudes.

    1. Exactly.
      Virtually every striker bar the top 5 goes through barren periods. If it’s an unproven youngster, you feel he may not be as good as hoped. But Lacazette has proven that he’s one of top 30 strikers in the world. You bench him, you further erode his confidence and his value goes further down.

      It’s not comparable to defenders or DMs losing focus…

      Laca will prove his worth and his overall contribution still makes him a starter ahead of Eddie. And Nelson is a full class below.

  11. You need creative midfielders to get the correct balls to our strikers.
    We simply have too many defensive midfielders and both emery and arteta play them simultaneously which just shows no attacking ambition.
    Torriera, xhaka, ghendouzi. we dont need more than one on the pitch unless we are winning 4-0.
    Torreira should be our first choice DM with more offensive midfielders in the mix.
    Its no wonder our strikers are coming into midfield to pick up eh ball.

  12. Should Laca be dropped with his form? Yes
    Do we have a replacement in his position today? No.
    End of story

  13. What worries me about Laca is not that he doesn’t know where the goal mouth is anymore (he is a hard worker), but that; he loses the ball more often, he gives the ball away to the opponents, he holds on to the ball instead of passing it, and on top of all these throws tantrums at the referee easily. This kind of behaviour can earn one a red card especially with our no love lost relationship with referees.

  14. Articles like this are the problem with this club.

    Ozil performed consistently bad for atleast 2 seasons, he throws regular tantrums and demands a team fits around him for him to play well.

    Laca is class and has unselfishly (due to his friendship) been supporting aba since his arrival, hence him loosing his goal scoring touch.

    What Laca needs is support. That’s what hat the manager is giving him and it’s the reason Arteta is the manager and not the writer of this article. Admin please sort this constant negativity out, it’s damaging our club!

    1. In better words you want us to say nothing when a striker fails to score goals on a regular basis? Sorry I cannot do that. I feel that he has had his chance and another Arsenal player should be given a chance to shine. This is about what is good for Arsenal and not a single individual player.

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