It isn’t as easy as we thought with Arsenal over giving Saka a new deal

Despite appearing to have the advantage, Arsenal is still struggling to tie Bukayo Saka down to a new deal at the Emirates reckons the media.

The teenager has broken into the Arsenal first team in style this season and has continued to develop into a more important member of the Arsenal senior team.

He has provided at least 10 assists for the Gunners this season, despite playing out of position as a left-back for majority of the season.

The Gunners have been in talks with the player to extend his current contract which expires in 2021.

There is also an increasing list of teams who appear to be very interested in the youngster, and a recent report from 90mins via Sun Sports claims that the Gunners aren’t having it easy as they try to get him on a new deal.

Liverpool, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich consider him a prospect that can play for them, but Arsenal does remain confident of getting him to agree on a new deal.

He currently earns around £3,000 per week at the Emirates and the Gunners are reportedly prepared to pay him around £30,000 per week for the next five years.

The same report also claims that Liverpool is looking for a backup to Andrew Robertson and Saka has proven to be a good left-back at Arsenal.

Borussia Dortmund considers him a replacement for Jadon Sancho, who looks set to leave them at the end of this season.

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  1. 100,000 can do, the kid is way above most of senior players, maybe that can improve those who are underforming

    1. ClifordKenya
      If Arsenal could give him £5.2m per year at the age of 19 do you think they should? He is a talent to nurture, but has he proved he is worth that just yet? One good season is not enough yet, although the future is promising

  2. Perhaps the recent 12.5% pay cut that was, reportedly, enforced on our younger, less well paid players have left a sour taste in his mouth and he’s looking at all the other clubs who have to date, treated their players with more respect?

    Just a thought of course, along with the one that, players like Auba and Torreira are, maybe, realizing that their current wages are not going to be bettered elsewhere, due to the corona virus situation regarding football as an entity?

  3. Ken
    You are a man of two paragraphs here.
    In the first you suggest that the youngsters had the pay cut forced on them and that was enough to make Saka look elsewhere, and in the second you state that the wages enjoyed by Auba and Torreira are pretty damn good and should stay.

    Are you playing devil’s advocate?

    1. The difference SueP is one set are the junior players on low income and have,
      reportedly, had pressure put on them to accept a wage cut – while the other set are in the higher wage earning bracket and, it seems, want to leave… but maybe see that their current situation is better than they thought following the corona virus outbreak.

      Higher and lower wage bracket being relative to the world of football of course.

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