“It looked like a little mafia that,” Neville questions Arsenal’s attacker’s commitment to Mikel Arteta

Gary Neville has questioned the commitment of Arsenal’s attackers after their 3-0 loss at home to Liverpool.

The Gunners beat the Reds at the Emirates last season when Jurgen Klopp’s men had run away with the Premier League title.

This has been a tough campaign for the Reds, with their first choice defenders all being sidelined through injury.

They visited an Arsenal side that has been in good form and who came from 3 goals down to draw 3-3 at West Ham in their previous league game.

However, the Gunners didn’t threaten an inexperienced Liverpool defence for much of the game and Neville has now claimed that their attack looked like it was playing against the manager.

He said that a group of Arsenal’s players looked uncomfortable in the game and seemed to be disconnected from their manager as well and added that the Gunners have bigger problems with those players.

“I have to say that there was a few of those players in that front part of the pitch, it looked like a little mafia that,” Neville said on Monday Night Football via Standard Sports.

“It looked like a little group of players who weren’t comfortable. Like there was a disconnect between them and the manager.

“I called the older players fed lions. Arsenal have got a big problem with some of those players.”

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  1. A little mafia eh?
    Messers Ne-ville, Mayhem Sour-ness Cara-grrr, pain in the butt HemRoid Keane and Repo Murdernand do a fairly decent mafia of their own as they carry out ‘hits” on every player manager and club on a daily/nightly basis.
    Mind you I like millions of other key board warriors of the world enjoy solving Arsenals problems on line.
    If only the club would follow my instructions the PL and CL would be permanently on display at the Emirates. 😊

  2. I think it is just a matter of time before Arteta is sacked, we are getting to the end of a very poor season and the dressing room is starting to look an unhappy place. Do they trust Arteta? Do they respect Arteta? Are they playing for Arteta? If the answer is no then this is going one way and he will be gone.

    1. Reggie, are the players paid by Arteta or AFC? The loyalty needs to be shown to the ones who pay your wages. Anything other than that is disrespect and disloyalty to your employer. If someone is not happy with Arteta, pack your bags and walk. With one tenth of the wages, Aston Villa and Leeds players are doing a fantastic job for their clubs. I say get rid of all the crap on top dollars and replace them by reserves or the championship, we will still hover mid table, but on reduced expenditure, and then bring in quality hungry players. This is not a quick fix as the loser mentality and rotten player power/ego needs to be uprooted and replaced with clean fresh minds.
      And those making fun of Neville, Carrager, Keane, Adams, Owen, these are pros who achieved things on the pitch. If their narratives hurt, it is because the truth hurts. Our players have rotten minds and egos. Plain and simple, the EPL table speaks for itself.

  3. There is no evidence that MA has lost the players faith – why should there be, when the so called leader and supposed leak within the club has now left for Turkey…. unless some of fans were wrong?!?!

      1. But Ken, the fact Arteta has form and we all have eyes, it could well be not all are playing the same tune. What has Arteta got to back him up? He came in as Peps understudy and possibly that was a bit of kudos for him for a while but a year on, he has had to make some decisions that he thought he had too. I think he has made some really poor ones as regards players and team selection, so maybe the fact he came as a rookie, is now catching up with him. He put a massive reliance in “experience” and binned some of the promising youth, the experienced players are now and then letting him down. Its too late this season and he has set his stall out, as to the direction he was taking this season, too change. I think he is up the creek without a paddle because he relied in the wrong players. The damage is done for me.

          1. Oh So jimmy boy, the damage isnt done for you then! Are you a toots supporter by any chance or lack ambition or eyes.

  4. Even Arteta knows he’s only got next season.

    If we’re still 9,10 in March of next season. He will have to go.

  5. This was very obvious to see regards how some of the players such as Auba and Pepe are not playing for the manager. Sucks… this is why we are where we are..

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