“It looks like a really positive signing, if Arsenal can get it done” Winterburn has his say on potential signing

Nigel Winterburn has revealed that he always looks up a player when they are linked with a move to Arsenal and he has done just that with Gabriel Magalhaes.

The Brazilian is set to complete a long-drawn-out move from Lille to Arsenal in the coming days.

He has emerged as one of Arsenal’s summer targets as the Gunners look to bolster their defence.

He helped Lille compete in last season’s Champions League group stages where he showed his class.

The French side also managed to end last season in a Europa League spot despite the Ligue 1 campaign being curtailed due to coronavirus.

He is now set to leave the French side after they accepted Arsenal’s bid and that of two other suitors for him.

The Gunners have reportedly won the race for his signature, after beating the likes of Napoli to sign him and Winterburn thinks he will be a good signing.

Speaking about the Brazilian Winterburn said as quoted in the Metro:

“When someone gets linked with Arsenal I tend to do a bit of research on them and have a look at what they’re about,

“For me, it’s all about the type of personnel you’re getting as much as the ability. But he’s highly regarded, a left-sided centre-half who is supposed to be very powerful.

“Arsenal have got problems at centre-half and they can’t seem to get a consistent pairing together with the players they already have in that position, so it’s quite obvious that that’s a position Arteta feels he must strengthen.

“It looks like a really positive signing, if Arsenal can get it done. The one slight worry I have is that it seems to be taking a very long time, even though he’s been linked for a while and Arsenal seem to be the main contenders for his signature, but I’m always a bit weary of Arsenal signings when they don’t get done quickly. But I still hope he signs for the club in the next few days.”

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  1. Arsenal is so needlessly desperate for a saviour in defence that they will hype any Tom, dick and Harry.

    Saliba along with this guy are just any ordinary defenders.

    From 2 years back our main problem is midfield….
    Solve the midfield and you’ll see even the likes of Mustafi, Holding etc looking like Van Dijk

  2. There is no doubt that the lack of a physically imposing DM has contributed to our defensive problems for some time, but to suggest that the likes of Mustafi and Holding would suddenly become top quality, is stretching it a bit Herbz.

    1. Grandad, not stretching it as far as Herbz, but a midfield of Thomas Partey, Danny Ceballos (or any of the available alternatives) and either Marc Roca or Diawara at DM would make our defense a lot better.
      In my opinion Saliba and Gabriel are upgrades on Arsenal’s present CB’s, particular for future development.

    2. Grandad, Arsenal’s”style of play” makes it very difficult for defenders to thrive.

      The style is so passive that a defender with brilliant stats for forward passes tends to overthink it when he comes here.

      Compare with high octane passing teams like Bayern, Dortmund, Barcelona. Their defenders aren’t any better than ours but the system (environment) in which they play makes it very easy for them.

      At times iam even compelled to think that Arsenal’s players don’t even train passing.

      This is not to say that there aren’t defenders with individual brilliance over here. Actually the only player with supreme individual brilliance is Mavropanos and was loaned out.

      1. Some ” left field” comments Hertz that very few if any will agree with . I don’t anyway! Are you related to MAVROP by any chance, as that “brilliance” he has in your eyes has never reached the eyes of other Gooners, to judge from many comments on here, none of which has ever mentioned it.
        Though from a man who thinks such as “Mustafi and Holding would look like VVD, if only our midfield were better”, I suppose I ought not to be surprised. AS THE SAYING GOES, THERE IS ALWAYS ONE!

    3. the DM position has been like this for us since Gilberto left, we’ve never really replaced him and you’re talking near on 12 years!

      Holding is not good enough, he can go up to the toon.
      Mustafi has had some stick over the last few seasons for some high profile mistakes, but he has been statistically our best defender ( before this season )
      He was dropped by the vampire and our defence actually got worse, MA arrives puts him back in the team and we have got better, its a wonder what happens when a team is actually coached!
      Now im not saying he should stay or go but what you have to realise is that Mustafi has everything MA wants in a player.
      Even when he was booed by his own fans at home games, this guy stayed strong under all that massive extra pressure the fan base put him through, just shows you how strong a character he is.
      Hes not a world beater but he has substance, I would give him till January myself, he was amazing, the best i have ever seen him play in an Arsenal shirt after lockdown.
      He was our best defender by a country mile and i think he deserves the next 6 months to prove it wasnt just a peek in performance and we can go from there.

      Too many people just say no, get rid etc because of his past performances. A player is only as good as they are NOW not 3 years ago

      1. i could give him a chance, but with gabriel now we have 9 cb, 9! and thats without considering terney, who has been played there.
        So we need to offload at least 4 cb (mavro is in loan now so, it is 3). Then it should be papa, chambers and holding or mustafi, whoever we get an offer

  3. While I take your point Herbz, I don’t need statistical information to assess the quality of a player, and to my mind ,Mustafi and Holding will never be top grade, regardless of the midfielders in front of them.I agree wholeheartedly with the need to strengthen our midfield and I hope Arteta can bring in two quality players in that area soon.The big problem he has of course is unloading our current mediocre performers .That is difficult enough in normal circumstances, but in the midst of a financial recession caused by a Global pandemic, it could be impossible.

  4. Why does it take so long for Arsenal to get the signature of Gabriel on paper. Ever since the days of Dick Law we were a ‘yaaawwn’. Everything so slow. Took me back to Juan Mata when Chelsea nipped in whilst we ‘yaaawwned’. Notice how sharply Man City do their business. Supporting Arsenal ‘yaaawwn’ is not easy at all. Snzzzzzzz.

    1. Well, i don’t know if you’re aware of this so I’ll tell you.
      Anyone travelling from France to the UK have to go into isolation for 14 days, anyone that comes into contact with them also have isolate.
      How do you suppose that a contract gets signed? how do you think they can make a stupid video confirming the signing?

  5. Let me make this midfield argument clear once and for all.

    The two traits for a successful midfield are; dynamism and individual brilliance. Not specialist defensive midfielders.

    You look for these “specialist defensive midfielders” in dynamic teams like Bayern, Liverpool and you’ll find none.

  6. SO Kimmich for Bayern isnt playing the DM role??

    Jordan Henderson is dynamic and individually brilliant and not a DM?

  7. OT according to some rumours, Atletico wants Lacazette and are placing 3 players on offer to Arsenal in part exchange, but Partey isn’t one of them. If this is true they are just messing with us over the Partey deal, and we should demand that they pay the full asking price for Lacazette as well, without any of their players switching to our side. Or make a new offer of Lacazette plus cash for Partey.

  8. Gosh this one sure is taking awhile to get over the line. Of the other rumours making the rounds, I like the sounds of letting Socrates leave on a free and sending Holding to Newcastle on loan. All quiet on Mustafi…

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