It looks like Arsenal are getting Enrique, but he can’t earn more than Wenger

There have been many many rumours about who is set to replace Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager next season, but as all the contenders have dropped by the wayside or admitted there had been no contact, it now looks like the only one really in the running is the ex-Barcelona boss Luis Enrique.

L’Equipe in France is reporting that Raul Sanllehi, Arsenal’s new Head of Operations, has had serious talks with the Spaniard over the last few days, and as he worked with Enrique during their time together at Barcelona, it seems Sanllehi is working hard to secure a reunion at the Emirates.

The report says talks are advancing well and say that Enrique is interested in the job. The board feel he’d be a good fit as he appreciates Arsenal’s values and philosophy and is happy to bring youngsters through from the Academy, which is one of Barcelona’s great philosophy’s as well – and both Wenger and Gazidis have made that a condition for the new manager at the club.

Wenger even made a point of praising Enrique when he was asked about who the next boss should be. He said: “They need to make the right decision, even if you have to be bold,”

“Is it former people who worked here? That is even better. But there are many players who had qualities. I don’t influence that choice, but I will stand behind the decision. Of course I have a high opinion of Luis Enrique.”

The betting on the new boss has also been emphatic with one bookie going as low as 6/4 while you can get 3/1 if you look artound for value. For me he now looks nailed but every article claims that he wants to earn 15million, which is simply too much. All the fans complained like hell when Wenger’s wages went up to 9m so it just wouldn’t be right for the new man to earn more. Perhaps start him at 8m and link any raise to future performance and bonuses because that would just be an insult to Wenger as far as I am concerned…



  1. Dory says:

    I don’t want him. Please let this be rumor. Bad bad choice.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Same here dude.

      1. Nay Sayer says:

        Never proven with a 5th or 6th best squad in a league or worse.
        If he came on a 5 – 8 mill. salary – I would MAYBE moderately endorse him, not on 15. Allegri is the only possible candidate worth that, and he won’t come. not now.

        Hoffenheim’s Nagelsmann and Monaco’s Jardim would likely be our best bets unless we could get Allegri or Napoli’s Sarri.

        And PLEASE no Ancelotti – another manager who would need massive investment to be a success.

  2. jon fox says:

    I do not see the proposed(if true , which we don’t know for sure) salary a sticking point. If he is any good it will be a steal, considering the many millions wasted on Wengrs salary over many years and on the many duds he imported and cherished. It is vital to get the very best man available and I am happy if it turns out to be Enrique. I still regret our stupidity in not getting the then available Guardiola, 2 or 3 years ago. Same with Klopp but we have to play from the present poor hand that Wenger and the spineless board left us.

    1. Kedar91 says:

      Anyway Pep wouldn’t have joined us because we cannot provide him 200 Millions in every transfer window…. He will only manage clubs who has limitless money….

      1. gotanidea says:

        I think he would prove that this assumption against him is wrong, someday, after his stint at Manchester City

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Only if his stock lowers, and it wont be by his choosing. Unless he is super ambitious and wants to prove that he can do it on a more even keel, but it would be a mistake because last season he had a chance to show what he can do with players not ideally of his choosing. They were very good players but because they don’t fit his mold/criteria and with one summer of making a splash in the transfer market as well as jan spending he could do feck all. Granted he was new to the game and it can take time for new players to settle, but if the man was resembling the myth I think we would have seen evidence almost immediately. Even Klopp proved himself by knocking us off our perch. They’ve been likening Arsene’s earlier career to the impact Pep made on the game, I think Arsene’s was much bigger. Pep kicked off tika taka, but we’ve seen it before only not as masterful maybe, it was Cryff who brought that to Barca and he is one of Wengers idols also. They money he is given and the players at his disposal it is just too big to properly gage his impact. He knows how keep top players ticking over, but tactics am not overly impressed as his teams have weaknesses and lesser players would make them very noticeable. He has a good eye for young players it must be said and he does get a fair bit out of them. I’d love to see him at a club like Arsenal Atletico Liverpool Napoli and such.

      2. Beaveraldinho says:

        Too bad we can’t campaign to get fans like Jon Fox to leave the club.

        1. Phil says:

          Yeah because we don’t want fans on here that have an opinion do we?This guy DOES have an opinion and DOES say what he feels.Is that wrong because yours are different to him?
          How about YOU offer your thoughts on this site so we can all judge YOUR OPINION.Or are you just someone who likes to dig out others cause it makes you feel important?

          1. Lexynal says:

            I have since concluded both Phil and Jon Fox are leaving in Fools paradise. They want Enrique and Pep but they are blind to the fact that Arsenal board doles out and dictate how much is spent on transfers. Those coaches arent as genius as AW when it comes to using limited funds to achieve success. I want to be proven wrong for once by the likes of Jose, Pep etc. Arsenal board knows what they gained under AW…..success at meagre budget; you may choose to be deluded but the whole world knows and it is one of those reasons the whole football world celebrates AW out for more honours (and we dont need Phil and Jon Fox in our party…they can go join spurs….big spend- zero trophies).

          2. Phil says:

            You really are a sad idiot mate aren’t you.When have I EVER said I wanted Enrique or Pep?EVER?
            So let’s look at Wenger and his “limited budget”. The first 8 years he bought whoever and won plenty.When he had limited funds when did we ever seriously challenge for MAJOR TROPHIES?So it seems even Wenger could not operate at the top level with NO MONEY doesn’t it?
            And just how many times are you going to throw around this childish “go and support the Spuds comment”.
            You really are a sad person with NOTHING to ever say that’s important or relevant.But if it makes you feel a big boy to show your mummy what you have written then you carry on.By the way-are you at the game tonight?Are you in Madrid next week?Have you EVER seen the team play?Thought not

          3. Lexynal says:

            I will not be in a Madrid mate and if you want every Arsenal Supporter world-wide can be there “to offer support”. See how you reason mate, We are sick and tired of your babyish criticism of a man that achieved so much with limited resources and the whole world await to see what your personal achievement has been in your own field in the last decade. We will celebrate AW all day-long and the genuine football world is a,ready doing that. By the way, see if you can convince the Board to dole our #200M to Enrique to overhaul the team….Welcome to reality. Meanwhile , I hear Spurs are recruiting fans…..Big spend -zero trophies…they will be more than happy to have the likes of you onboard.

          4. Phil says:

            mate you really are a pathetic twat.Nothing to say but the same old drivel that embarrases you every time.I bet your mud hut village are so proud of you

        2. jon fox says:

          A bit late after supporting and attending our club for sixty years , sonny! Probably about 45 before you were born. If you have something to say to me and actual comments of substance to make, then why not show some courage and address my own posts personally , instead of hiding behind other fans apron strings. Care to comment then sonny? But you had better know your facts , because I know far more about this club than you can ever imagine and will make you look silly when I reply to you.

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            To Beaversldinho and Lexynal, just remember what Voltaire stated: “I wholly disagree with what you say and will contend to the death for your right to say it.”

    2. Neil says:

      Guys Pep is on 15mn soon to be 20 mn… ! Mourinho and COnte.. would like to know their wages…. all 3 spend 250mn plus and considerably higher salary than arsenal can afford..

  3. Pablo Picasso says:

    Enrique please carry Inesta in your bag to play atleast two seasons with us and show the youngster’s how to run the midfield.

    If the reports are correct that he is a no nonse manager who plays a hybrid version of the tiki taka then I say bring him on.

    Give him a proper budget for him to bring in his kind of players and lets see where we go from there. He might be eager for a new project and want to show that his success was not just down to MSN.

    1. Phil says:

      That player even at his age would stamp his class all over the Club.It sounds like he is off to China but if we had 2 years out of him he could still play there as he is that good.

      1. Nay Sayer says:


        60 minutes of Iniesta once a week max. would still be about 1.000 percent better value for money than Iwobi.

  4. walle says:

    as long as he delivers the results on the pitch .. i dont care how much he will be paid. If he doesnt deliver then fire him.. include performance and exit clauses in the contract. The board has to be ruthless like Abramovic from now going forward. Arsenal fans have been ripped off for nothing over the past 10 years… Wenger earned millions for delivering nothing. It should never happen again

  5. Nothing changed says:

    Enrique would do. I don’t think he will lead us back to the promised land but that is more because of the mess he inherits. Personally, I think Jardim would best for this phase of rebuilding. I doubt we have the talent Enrique is used to working with. Jardim who is a more discipline-based manager might do better with our average squad and is used to not have a big budget available. In addition, Jardim has done a great job developing young players.

    But if it is Enrique I will still look forward to next season. Enrique does have the advantage that he is a big name manager which might be needed to attract players in absence of CL football.

    1. Phil says:

      I like the look of Jardim and wonder if this type of manager suits the Board better than Enrique.He brought through some very talented young players at Monaco and is obviously a very good coach.But the Premiere League is a lot tougher than what he’s used to in France and Arsenal is a far far bigger Club than Monaco.Also the fans will be expecting results from day one so the pressure is there from the start.

      1. Nothing changed says:

        I actually think that after Wenger fans will not expect results right away. We have not been a result based club for more than 10 years. I also think a manager with a little bit of a disciplinarian approach can quite quickly improve our defending. Jardim is that guy.

        But I would also take Enrique or Allegri or the German coaches mentioned except for Low who I don’t rate at club level. I expect us to have to possibly go through a number of managers before we find our next best fit.

        1. Nay Sayer says:

          “We have not been a result based club for more than 10 years.”

          You will understand the advantages of top 4 finishes only when we’re out of the CL for 5, 6 years straight.

  6. Arsene is Out says:

    I am not sure about his qualities to be honest, but he does have a good cv. he is young and hungry for success. BUT without a large transfer kitty why would he risk it?
    Think about it, Today top teams are after him, if he comes in 6th with Arsenal he will loose some of his allure. So for any top manager to come the “project” like they call it has to be there. And there ain’t no project without finance.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Roma got shot of him after one season were they gained no route to Europe/CL. He managed Celta Vigo and came 9th, Celta are expected to rival for top six place even top four some seasons. Other than the treble Barca won he done nothing in the other two seasons, well WOBS would say nothing and AKBs might too if we had Barcelona’s team, he won a cup.

  7. gotanidea says:

    Great if we can get him, because he likes to show entertaining football

    As long as he doesn’t bring his flop purchases (Andre Gomes, Paco Alcacer, etc) from Barcelona and if he can bring some Barcelona/ ex-Barcelona players (e.g. Denis Suarez, Adama Traore, Sergi Roberto, Iniesta, Rafinha, etc) to Arsenal, he is good

    He could struggle against Guardiola, Mourinho, Pochettino and Klopp, but his attacking style would be a refreshing show

    1. Malcolm Townsend says:

      He won’t bring them sort of players unless he sells and the board want a manager to bring our youngsters through they said about 50 million is what he will get to spend

  8. Vanpayslip, Esq - Founder of the Iwobi out of Arsenal Trust says:

    Don’t like him – ugly as sin

    1. jon fox says:

      His football is not ugly and if you are concerned with his facial features, well, how shallow can you be!

      1. Vanpayslip, Esq - Founder of the Iwobi out of Arsenal Trust says:

        I’m very shallow!

        Even if he wasn’t so ugly, my personal preference and opinion would still be to go elsewhere. The simple reason is that I think beautiful football is good but I think we are past that. We need power to go with the flair and as of now I don’t see Enrique being that guy.

        Would fully support him if he came but I’m hoping for someone more well rounded.

        1. Okiror says:

          He looks better then Van gaal or Moyes

      2. Malcolm Townsend says:

        Give me Allegri every time 100%

  9. AndersS says:

    I really don’t see, why we should oppose the managers salary, providing he delivers the results.
    And it doesn’t add up both wanting a top manager and arguing that his salary is dependent on what his predecessor was paid.
    As it has emerged, Wenger was in fact asked/told to step down, I will assume the people behind the decision already was confident of landing their choice to succeed him, and then it makes sense that many of the other names mentioned to be in contention, hasn’t heard anything.
    Enrique may in fact have been a done deal, when Wenger announced he was stepping down. I think it is a great choice, so I hope it’s true.

  10. #MAGA says:

    No, no, not Enrique., Jardim please. He brings youth through, Enrique didn’t bring anyone through and he even worked with the Barca B team. He may have coaching and tactical skills, who knows? The Barca team he inherited could have won under me! But he doesn’t seem to have an acceptable social, passionate, “our sort of values” attitude, can be angry and petulant like Mourinho at times. If not Jardim then Nagelsmann, young, progressive and done wonders in last couple of seasons, learnt everything from a Tuchel. Anyway, we’ll see eh? #MAGA.

  11. Sean says:

    Enrique will do, might not work as i think he would be more suited to Chelsea with a big budget, great players at his disposal that he will inherit (barca all over again) & Abramovic wants attacking football at the bridge… Plus, he would get as big a wage as Jose, even Pep if he does well there.

    I think we may have a suprise manager coming in like Allegri as Juve dont spend big, probably same as us & is defensive minded which will be better for our squad to work on as our Attack is loaded at Arsenal bar a strong wide player. He would bring in the CB&DM needed maybe a GK also if he has money after player sales on top of a hakf decent budget, even 80m then add on what we sell in the players like Ospina, Chambers, Mustafi & possibly Xhaka along with the other players retiring or outta contract. Alot to do at Arsenal, Enrique isnt that man to do it….

  12. John0711 says:

    Tbh I don’t think he’s a good fit, his only success is with Barca and I’m guessing we are no Barca ? I would prefer jardim Viera and allegri

  13. Sony says:

    Hmm Enri not sure how to feel about him. He looks reasonable candidate not perfect tho. No matter who come i will support him and wish him luck for one season to rebuild and get to know our players. I expecd fighting spirit, character and potential. Second season i expect good run in champions league,carboro or fa cup nad third he gotta show some results or he may leave or should be sacked.

    Also i expect our board some serious funding for our new manager. We are one of the most richest clubs on this planet. It will be clear as day if they will not back manager financially and this time manager is not taking that bullet !!

  14. GB says:

    OT. Was good to see Santi training on the Emirates pitch tonight.

  15. Break-on-through says:

    I thought Mkhit would play, Welbeck. Other than that it named itself.

  16. GB says:

    Teams announced, Iwobi and Costa don’t start otherwise as expected.

    1. GB says:

      Ospina in goal and Jack also starts ?

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