It looks like Arsenal are making buying defenders the priority

There is no doubt that with the additions of Lacazette, Aubameyang and Mhkitaryan during the campaign that just ended means that Arsenal now have an awesome front line that should score oodles of goals next season, but that will mean nothing if we continue to leak stupid goals due to our ageing and semi-competent back line.

So it must obviously be our priority this summer to bring in major improvements in that area and everyone is predicting that our first summer signing will be the Freiberg centre.back Caglar Soyuncu, since his old boss at Turkish side Altinordu, Seyit Mehmet Ozkan, told reporters: “Caglar Soyuncu is set to join Arsenal. Arsenal made an enquiry about his time at the club. Of course, we would make a cut from the transfer if he joins Arsenal. Bayern Munich also want him but he’s on the way to the Premier League.”

He looks like a value buy if we can get him for £35 million, and it will be even better if we can go back for Jonny Evans from West Brom. We tried to get him in January but wouldn’t pay the fee and now he is reportedly available for a cut-price fee of £3 million. That is worth it even if he only plays for one season!

We are also being linked with another very experienced centre back Sokratis Papastathopoulos, from Dortmund, who has been linked with the Gunners on many occasions in the last couple of transfer windows, and the Greek international will come at a much cheaper price than we were quoted for Jonny Evans in January.

It would appear that we could acquire Sokratis for just 20million GBP, which is quite a good price even though he is now 29 years old as defenders seem to mature with age, and he could keep performing at a high level for another 2 or 3 years while we build back up our defensive options.

Surely if we have those three next season, joined by Chambers, Holding and Mavropanos, we could have more than enough options, and we couldtry and sell Mustafi to get some of our cash back?

Darren N

Updated: May 18, 2018 — 8:13 am


  1. Get a player who is good at both CB and defensive midfield positions
    Get a couple of experienced, reliable, quality CBs
    And a GK

    Other than that get Seri and another attacking midfielder/winger

    1. Good in both CB and DM positions? Chambers

      I think Mustafi could be a better DM than Xhaka, because he is very mobile and aggressive. If Mustafi becomes a DM, Xhaka can be sold

      1. Mustafi do not have fitness level to run as DM and injury prone.

        1. Mustafi should be demoted to chief groundsman. Because he spends so much time on the ground! Come on, he’s a liability and would be red carded every match in DM position..

          Can we please be serious now?

  2. Arsenal must offload some of their CBs before purchasing the new ones, because we already have four CBs. Unless Arsenal are planning to use a three CB formation again

    – Soyuncu: Very young, hence he would be a good investment

    – Sokratis: We need an experienced CB from a top club, if we cannot get Koulibaly

    – Evans: Cheap, but do you want to have another CB from a relegation zone, like Mustafi from Valencia? He could have some erratic behaviour in the field, that made his club went down

    To be sold: Mustafi, Koscielny

    To be kept: Chambers, Mavropanos, Holding

    1. No one would Buy Kos because he is out till December…

    2. Sokratis is very average.. Not much better than Mustafi tbh

  3. I don’t think it makes sense spending £20M on a 29 year old defender. As soon as next season starts and he turns 30 people will slate him as being too old and immediately declare his performances as declining. Half way into his second season and people will be calling for him to be replaced and then we will be back to square one. Soyuncu at 21 is a much better defender to invest £35M in. Hopefully he doesn’t turn into another Mustafi…the universally accepted example of how not to spend £35M.

    1. @ Quantic Dream, Mustafi, LOL!

      Seriously though, It may be worth waiting until after the world cup! There may be some hidden gems again?!

      It usually happens during the WC where real promising talent is suddenly revealed. It might be worth taking a gamble on some young blood and shifting out the old? With a few experienced defenders coming in we may have a good chance to build quicker?!

      1. Anyone who has a good world cup, usually their price jumps up.

  4. Johnny Blood Evans!!!

    Says it all..

  5. I do admit that we beed to add CBs and the two mentioned CBs would be decent signings. What i am hoping for more is a world class DM and a Manager with better defensive organisation. Look at Burnley, yes they have good defenders but who in their ranks would you say is world class? None, but the defensive organisation has been superb. Because with our current play, even with Christensen Sule, we would still be leaky. New season.

    Can they announce the new boss already so we start preparing particular in the transfer market.

    1. That’s right. The work ethics of all outfield players and the DM are more important

      If some players in front of the CBs do not press the opponent enough, no CB can withstand the threats. Even Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and Neymar press their opponents, to help the DM and the CBs

  6. Dnt judge a book by its cover, go for the content inside the book thn u can judge it.

  7. Mustafi has to say as Gabriel
    + Mertz are gone and Koz is injured.
    Just buy Evans 4mill.
    Buy a quality DM.
    Team sorted.

  8. With 100m u get Koulibaly nd Alderweild…. quality not quantity (sonyucu)

  9. If we are going to buy a DM I think Fabinho from Monaco would be a good option

  10. Yes,we need to strengthen the defence IMO, a proper DM is very important now, to protect the back 4,which we have not been able to do since the days of veira

  11. mustafi, our tiny striker laccazate,super hero wilshire out of world cup, ?.enjoy

    1. Except:
      – Our world class playmaker and number 10 Ozil
      – Our workhorse forward Welbeck
      – Our world class deep lying playmaker and DM Xhaka
      – Our world class midfield general and DM Elneny

      1. kolasinac , iwobi and Ospina are definitely going to the worldcup as well

        1. All are guaranteed starters except Welbeck

  12. We need a DM I know there’s rumours about Seri and he’s got excellent attacking stats however, his defensive stats are awful
    We have enough of that type of player

  13. News going round that Usmanov is ready to go to Eve, this would be hard to take. We had Moshiri and Usmanov, I wouldn’t see Kroenke lasting long if Eve became a big spender after us having three billionaires on same board yet fluffed it. The prize money for Prem has been published, everyone got either near 100m most got over, that’s without gate receipts.

    I doubt we bring in three CB’s, I’d say we’re dossing about with names just like manager situation.

    1. Wow now that’s big. Usmanov have a bigger ambition than Kroenke. I wish it was Kroenke going not Usmanov. Watch how Everton will transform in their finances when he moves there.

    2. I think David Dein will be going to Everton too if Kroenke doesn’t get shit right we have a weapon to oust him too “ do not attend homes games “ he will end up find a buyer and move on

  14. Arsene's first album had no famous guest appearances

    It’s a catch 22 – they want a new 3 man executive team plus a coach. So they want someone with an understanding of the game to look after on pitch matters only. I agree with that.

    Now to do that they need someone that is not a ‘traditional manager’ in the sense that he is someone that works with the 3 man team but doesn’t necessarily seek the power to have the final say. I agree with that also.

    But the problem here is that the squad needs an overhaul. How can they be looking outside of the experienced market for the overhaul phase is beyond me. It’s like saying – ‘hey buddy, Arsene has left a mess that you need to untangle before you even get to doing your day job. I know you don’t have any experience but so your best at this almost impossible situation *pat on bum and then points to training pitch’

    1. Arteta needs to be given a chance along with new set up the main problems during past few seasons we all know had been poor quality but most people in this forum don’t get it you can bring in a Manager with tons of experience but he will fail if you don’t have good quality players in the past we put too much hopes on players like Walcott,Coq, Palista,Gibbs just few to name – can you win premier league with that group of players or beat Barcelona/Madrid??

  15. Defence is a must along with a CDM. Now we have youngsters in Holding, Chambers & Mavraponas to back up Only Mustafi as Per is retired now & Koss is out until Xmas so we need at least One Experienced CB if we are not selling Mustafi, 2 if we do sell him. Sonyucu is one for the future at 21 and at that price he could be Mustafis replacement throughout the season so we could sell Shokran next summer.

    CDM we do not have any along with a RB to compete & put Bellerin on his toes for a fight! GK situation we have an old legend who just isnt up to scrtach anymore with an average small half decent shot stopper in Ospina, Need a new no1 as Cech shouod go to being a no2 to help the new keeper & pick up 5m or so for Ospina.

    GK, RB, CB (2 depending on Mustafi), CDM. This needs done 1st and foremost, the rest will only be sorted along with Outgoing Sales to add to the budget.

    1. Sell Mustafi now bring in Evans,Soyuncu and Socratis

  16. Wilfred Ndidi PLEASE! Alderwield if possible just to piss off the spuds lmao, butlands cheap as chips and marquee signing of koulibaly

    Dream team (Cause I’m dreaming)

    Bellerin koulibaly Alderwield kolsinac
    Ndidi Ramsey
    Mhkyi Laca PEA

  17. I cannot believe any rational Arsenal supporter could even contemplate converting Mustafi into a DM. If Arsenal are to make progress he must be sold along with xhaka and Kolasinac who have been average at best.Wilsh ere should be allowed to leave and all the players currently out on loan should be released/sold as not one of them has had a good season.In essence none of them will make the grade at the Emirates.This action will free up wages for the new Manager who will no doubt be updated regarding potential new signings by the influential Mislintat.The Club will take a big bit on Mustafi but he has to be moved on.

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