It looks like Emery is happy to let Ramsey rundown his Arsenal contract

Ramsey JustArsenalThe Ramsey situation becomes more important to Arsenal fans every day, and despite the Welshman saying that he is not worried about it, it looks more and more like Aaron is going to run his contract down. Not only that but it also appears that Unai Emery is happy with that outcome.

The new Boss said today: “Football changes every day. It’s not easy, but it does change. I was thinking about the match today, then preparation for the match Saturday. I think Aaron is an important player for us. The contract is one thing for the club and then one thing for the player. I want him to stay with us, to work with us, to give the team big performances with his quality. I think he’s going to stay here with us.”

But he also implied that Ramsey is a strong candidate for the captainship, and perhaps he thinks he can persuade the Welshman to stay as captain (and if we are challenging for the title?) Emery continued: “It’s not yet official, this decision, but I’ve said to you that I want five captains in the team. Then we will give the numbers for the first, second, third, fourth and fifth. Aaron has the potential to be captain.”

So it sounds very much like Ramsey will be staying, whether he signs a new contract or not. May be it will all go down to how Arsenal (and Ramsey) perform next season….



  1. Nothing Changed says:

    I am not sure how you conclude that Emry saying he wants Ramsey to stay means that Ramsey will stay with or without a contract.

    It would surprise and disappoint me if we kept Ramsey without a contract.

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      NC, I agree; Ramsey has a good offer on the table, if he doesn’t sign an extension then he should be sold.
      No more players holding the club for ransom.

      1. Padre says:

        How good is the offer? Is it as good as Ozils? With Rambos quality, his wages should either be at par with Ozil or even more. He’s waiting for Arsenal to make a better improved offer and show that he’s considered our ace player. Hope we move fast.

        1. Things are changing says:

          Ramsey and Ozil are not on the same level and we are paying both too much because neither is the type of superstar we need.

          Ozil has more talent and creativity in his pinky than Ramsey but is too inconsistent and a defensive liability and Ramsey is a massive liability all around.

          Most of all, because of their defensive liability they should not play in the same starting 11 IMO.

          I would love to see Ramsey leave he is of the Wenger era. At least Ozil won things before he came to Arsenal and is not a Wenger product.

        2. Amitosh says:

          Ramsey is not as good as Ozil, and Ozil’s 350k was a blunder that we cant keep invoking as reference point for everyone signing contract. He was allowed to run down his contract, so 350k a week also involved fee for a new player of his quality. No longer should the club allow that. But if a point comes, where player knowingly wants to not move and run his contract down for better wages elsewhere as a freelancer, I dont think club can do anything. May be Ramsey for Gomez from Barca will be a good swap then

    2. gotanidea says:

      It’s also okay if Ramsey wants to let his contract expire. Because as far as I remember, Arsenal bought him for merely around five millions

      Apparently there is no big offer for him as well, therefore Arsenal cannot sell him. This is very similar to Ozil’s case

      Kolasinac got much bigger salary by running down his contract, so Ramsey is entitled to do this as well. They are all professionals that will work under their contract and we have got younger CMs for Ramsey’s position

      1. Things are changing says:

        We should have learned our lesson from the Sanchez saga and not let players be a part of our efforts to win something if they don’t want to be part of our future.

        To force Sanchez to play out his contract is one thing (he was our best player by a mile the season before) but how desperate will we appear if we force an average player like Ramsey to play out his contract?

        1. OzzieGunner says:

          And TAC, Sanchez in that last season with Arsenal was a shadow of his former self and really hasn’t got back to his best yet at Manchester United, and maybe never will.

  2. TongaBull says:

    Sell ASAP and get replacement. After all he is no TH14 or Ronaldihno

    1. gotanidea says:

      How can Arsenal sell if there is no good offer

      Suppose another club only bid for ten millions, Arsenal might as well keep him till the end of the season

      1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

        I’d rather sell him for 10m than see him in the Arsenal shirt for another season . I don’t know what the fuss is all about Ramsey . if he was any good, with a year left on his contract, clubs would be lining up for his signature. These players aren’t good enough

        imagine Kate, Dell Alli, Eriksen, etc with a year contract ? I don’t rate Ramsey at all .

      2. Things are changing says:

        If the price is right an offer will come. 10 million would be better than keeping a player around who doesn’t want to be part of our future.

        Sign or we sell you and if there is no interest from any club you spend the season training by your self and are no part of our first team efforts. That is the message we should send to all players who jerk us around.

  3. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Enough of the Ramsey article. we should instead be reading a post of the next world best for the next 5-7years Emile Smith Rowe. stop wasting articles on someone less important like Ramsey. I don’t even care if he signs or not

  4. Smith Rowe and Reiss Nelson should be well ahead Iwobi in the pecking order. Those two are electrifying! Rowe in particular was wreaking havoc in midfield. I would really like to see more of those energetic two and a lot less of Iwobi. As for Ramsey I have never rated him. Far too many times our counter attacks have ended with a bad pass from Ramsey or wayward cross from him. Sell him now for whatever we can get. 10 years at Arsenal we still debate whether he is world-class, definitely not the heir to the Cazorla’s midfield throne. Guendozi looked great but then again his dwadling with the ball in our area would have cost us a goal if it weren’t for Cech making a world-class save to pull our collective backsides out of the fire. Lacazette am sorry to say was diabolical. Certainly didn’t look match fit. I see him getting dropped for Aubameyang in future.

    1. Sheet head says:

      Really?!! Lacazette was in scoring position three times! That is what you want of a striker. Yes he didn’t score, but his scoring prowess has never been questioned. He will regain his class, form is temporary

      1. OzzieGunner says:


    2. Patrick_G says:

      Oblak is world-class. End of story…..Its not Lacazette’s fault…. No matter who the striker is, sometimes the keeper is too good to beat with simple attempts, it will take something special or a mistake from Atletico to concede a goal. Remember the United game last season? De gea did the same. Remember Europa with Oblak last season….. Surprised Liverpool never went for him, he’s better than Allison. HAHA

  5. Sheet head says:

    I like Emery, I truly do. But I don’t get his liking for Ramsey. But I am patient, atleast, unlike Wenger, Emery likes players based on team vision and not mere emotions

    1. snowden says:

      So writes Sheet head.
      ” unlike Wenger, Emery likes players based on team vision and not mere emotions”

      Who told you that Wenger likes ‘mere emotions’? Arsene Wenger himself or Donald Trump.

  6. McLovin says:

    If he doens’t want to sign, sell him. Rabiot’s in a similar position and he’s twice the player Ramsey is.

    With Torreira added to our squad and Guendouzi’s resurgence, what do we need Elneny in the squad for? Sorry but he doesn’t offer nothing really what Guendouzi cannot do. Egyptian international should fetch a nice transfer fee which could be used to fund ie. Bailey.

    Our midfield as of now:
    1st choice CDM – Torreira
    Back up – Guendouzi
    3rd choice – Elneny

    1st choice CM – Ramsey
    2nd choice CM – Xhaka
    3rd choice CM – AMN

    I think we are set there, AMN will probably pip Xhaka and maybe even Ramsey during the course of the season. But Elneny? We won’t need him!

    1. Rkw says:

      CM is a key position and we have at the moment … Over indulged overrated and one for the future … Ramsey is another Walcott situation … Fans go on about his quality and engine but despite being a potential target given his situation not even middling club showing an interest in his services … Accept barcelona ofcourse

  7. sunny says:

    Yes a Time Line has to be given may be another 3 to 4 days. Sign or Leave…
    No point in running down his contract… Lets have the Money and may be utilize in January..
    Our Owners will not give us extra money, so its better to sell rather than loose him for nothing

  8. ruelando says:

    I keep saying contract signing is not Emery’s business he is here to put a team together for the new season, so he is working with the players they think are available. I have long said if Ramsay goes he would be quickly replaced.

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