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It looks like Marouane Fellaini is going to be a Gunner…

So the latest Arsenal transfer rumours are upon us, and the first thing is that although the Marouane Fellaini rumours have gone very quiet lately, it is the Gunners that are one of the favourites to sign him. One thing is for sure is that he will NOT be going back to Man United, as he has had to delay his announcement until his contract ends at the end of this month. The Star reports….

Fellaini, speaking to the media ahead of Thursday’s World Cup Group G showdown with England, was asked whether the uncertainty over his situation had affected him mentally.

He said: “No, since a few months, I am used to it. I am strong mentally to deal with it and soon I will say where I will be playing next season.”

Asked further if that confirmation will come on July 1, he replied: “Yes.”

So I decided to check the betting from some top bookies, and I find that Betfair, the exchange, has Fellaini at an amazing 4/6 on!

He is 5/6 on with PaddyPower and the best price is from Skybet, who have him priced at 7/4. Surely that price won’t last much longer if the confidence is correct behind the other bets.

Wow We really could have a completely different line up next season!


30 thoughts on “It looks like Marouane Fellaini is going to be a Gunner…

  1. gotanidea

    I won’t believe any rumors unless they come from SkySports

    Arsenal definitely need some heights to defend and attack in set pieces, because I think our tallest players are just Aubameyang/ Xhaka and they are under 1.9 meters

    Any new tall player should be a CB or a striker, so Arsenal can handle towering striker like Andy Carroll and play with target man tactic. They had better chase Koulibaly or Sandro Wagner

    1. Nayr

      Andy carroll?

      i hope that’s a joke.

      we don’t need tall players.
      we need hardworking players full of energy to press.

      if height won the league then stoke city would win it every year.

    2. kev

      I read that the deal is a done deal but I hope I’m wrong.The Lucas Vasquez links are concrete and the offer of £150,000 a week is true.I’m however in anticipation of a “we were never in for him moment” from somewhere.

  2. Hayzed

    I hope we don’t sign him,I just hope, what exactly did we see in him and moreover why are we going for oldies this summer

    1. kev

      The interest in Vasquez is concrete and the offer is real.
      I read that Fellaini is a done deal but I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Martin

    I cannot believe that Arsenal would even consider a nasty lout like Fellaini. I pray that the link is all media rubbish

  4. Unai Emery

    See I’m friggin scared of trolls and memes… And this Fellaini signing would us a weekly target

  5. Amitosh

    If Arsenal is going to sign a 30+ old, go for Godin, drop Benatia/Sokratis ideas. Godin will cost almost the same, Benatia is more injured than fit these days and Sokratis is no way better than Godin. He can groom our youngsters and help Torriea settle. In the middle, we should keep Ramsey at any cost, and with Torriea in, dont know why we need Mr LongBall Fellaini. I would rather get Kovacic/Pavard(can cover multiple positions) along with Gaelson Martins

  6. Reyesorarsenal

    Watched abdou diallo… Very good defender..tall, comfy on d ball.. Could cover cb dm and lb… Mains got him just for 4.5m last summer.. Now was being sold for 25m to question is where was arsenal? Where were the scouts
    Now we are trying to buy some sokratis..
    There is God

    1. Godswill

      Can the wind blow away this rumour. I don’t want to see that guy Fella .. what here. It will be a disgusting sight. What does he has to offer now. Please we’ve passed that state of a joke.

  7. Ingleby

    Not at all keen on him as a player, but there is no doubt that he can be effective. Also, he could give us a Plan B when you need a big awkward yob with pointy elbows to frighten the opposition – particularly in the ninetieth minute. If he comes I would rate him as a ‘necessary evil’ who might just scramble us a point here and there against the ‘Stoke Citys’ of this world. Yes, I know they have dropped-and good riddance- but there are plenty of others who like a bit of the rough stuff to shake Arsenal up as we have seen countless times. Time to have the ability to dish it out instead of meekly sitting and taking it. If somebody kicks one of our lightweights up in the air I want to see their card marked and a Fellaini type go looking for them.

  8. Chiza

    Bellerin Mustafi Sokratis Kolasinac
    Xhaka Torriera
    Vazquez. Ozil. Mikhitaryan
    I have a feeling that Ramsey will be sold

    1. jon fox

      Are you crazy? Mustafi, Bellerin and Xhaka? PLAYING WITH EFFECTIVELY EIGHT PLAYERS ONLY? If these three start the seasson together , then I despair of our hopes. But they surely won’t!

    2. ACE

      The Socratis/Mustafi pairing would be an
      unmitigated disaster, but the rest of the squad
      I’d be content with. Mustafi will be sold if
      Arsenal are serious about Soyuncu or Pavard.

      If the rumors circulating about Lazios interest in Ramsey are true I’d gladly trade him for Vazquez
      and possibly add Benaga for depth.

  9. Kurt Dyer

    Will make a Decent squad player on a free premiership experience and an international what’s not to like 👍

  10. Ozziegunner

    Thank goodness it’s only a Star rumour, the the bookmaker odds are a concern. He is demanding too high a wage and I would rather Arsenal went for William Cavahlo, Isco or a winger.

  11. ruelando

    Actually felt we should have bought him when he was leaving Everton, to add a little more steel to our fickle player, we still have a fickle looking midfield, so why not since he his free

  12. nikkogunners

    What is this madness with arsenal trying to quickly become a retirement club – Fellaini, Benzema, Lichsteinner, Modric…These players may be good when you sign then they dont play soon as injuries come calling – We had Carzola…we should learn from that

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