It makes sense for Arsenal to keep Elneny as a squad player

Elneny Should Stay. by AI

Rumours are that Guendouzi is been shopped to clubs in Europe and Lucas Torreira is going to move back to Italy. That leaves Xhaka, Ceballos, Smith-Rowe and Elneny as the only midfielders left at Arsenal. The rumours are also that Arsenal would move Elneny on if an offer came in.

We are set to play a minimum of 50 jammed matches next season between four competitions. Even if we added another midfielder, it would be imperative for us to have someone who is a squad player, on low wages, of good temperament and who is good enough to contribute off the bench. Elneny is the perfect example of such a player. While he is clearly not the future of the club, he is good enough to make a more significant contribution than, say, Joe Willock.

In a coronavirus-deflated market, the Egyptian is not going to go for much. He provides more value for us on the bench than otherwise sold. And what do you know, the more he plays the higher his value.

Squad players are important and when they are of Premier League quality like Elneny, with a good personality and on very low wages, they are become integral.

As his performance against Liverpool and Fulham has shown, Elneny is more than serviceable under Arteta, a very clean midfielder who does not offer too much but also does not take too much. Our lack of quality and quantity through the middle makes it all the more important that he stays.

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  1. Well, he’s not homegrown, 28 already, quite average. So if we want to raise some funds, this is the time to sell him.

    Seems like:

    Martinez £19m
    Torreira £22m

    Are the 2 first out the door. Shame on Torreira, couldn’t make a profit on him. I hate it when Italian sides rip PL sides off but never pay enough for their players.

    1. It’s not a rip-off McLovin unless you pay for it. Or, in this case, sell! Why do Arsenal do this to themselves?

  2. In the current 3-4-3 system deployed by Arteta, the two midfield cogs (currently Elneny and Xhaka) are used to recycle the ball and to protect from counter attacks when ,for example the likes of AMN and Bellerin are caught upfield .Their duties are fairly limited in terms of driving forward and being creative, but both are capable in a functional way.In the case of Elneny he is more alive to danger than Xhaka,and for that matter, Ceballos, Willock and Guendouzi and he is a genuine hard working guy who always gives 100%. I would certainly keep him this season as a reliable squad player.

    1. Agree that he would be a reliable squad player but we still need someone (Partey) who can give us a more dynamic midfield going forward as well as in defence. I would even have Ceballos in with Partey and drop Xhaka for faster paced games.

  3. Rumour has it W Ham want Holding on £5m loan. We should definitely do it for that price!

    Keep Holding for week or 2 so he can cover for injuries, then loan him. Same with Sokratis, keep him until the end of transfer window since Napoli is playing hardball.

    Luiz should be back this month, Mari/Mustafi are scheduled to return in October.

    This way we can get rid of 2 CB’s, make money, free up wages and still have enough CB’s through injuries.

  4. To my side I do not care about price tag on any body / to any player no matter how low nor how high is, because I knew arsenal want to rebuild the squad around the others players. Do not keep a player with no sense . if the player does not produce fruits. for now do think of loss of money / gain , but think of emergence rebuilding.

  5. “Holding is going nowhere” .A quote from the mouth of our Manager after the Fulham match and enough to dispel any unfounded rumours concerning the player.

  6. Really liked Elneny’s peformance on Saturday. Reliable and more able than Xhaka to protect the defence. Should not be sold. Also hope Holding stays.

  7. I told you long time that Elnerny is better than Xhaka. People thought that I’m crazy. I’m not gonna be brainwashed by the media, because I watch games just like them. Not long, he was called ‘Arsenal flop’. Today they say its good to keep him. Dont let the media dictate how you should think

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