It seems Thierry Henry was right to turn down Arsenal job

One of the biggest Arsenal legends of all time, Thierry Henry, sensationally turned down the job of managing the Gunners U18 team when Arsene Wenger insisted that he gave up working as a pundit on Sky TV and concentrated exclusively on his training duties.

Many of us fans had professed that we were hoping that Henry would have worked his way up the ranks and eventually gained enough experience to take over the reins at the Emirates when Wenger’s reign finally came to an end, but Thierry decided not to give up his highly lucrative job as a pundit.

Now it has been revealed that Henry not only has got a promotion to being assistant coach under Roberto Martinez to the very talented Belgium team, but he also gets to keep his job with Sky. Talk about having the best of both worlds!

Henry announced his new job on Twitter thus:

The Belgian team’s official Twitter account quoted Martinez as saying about our living legend: “Thierry Henry has been in the situation to change the spirit into winning something…

“I’m very satisfied that (the Belgian federation) has been able to create an impressive staff.”

I am sure most of us would have preferred Henry to continue his development at Arsenal before he moved into managership, but you can’t knock his decision when he ends up at a very promising international side instead, and will carry on getting his second income as a Sky Pundit.

Back Belgium to win the World Cup in two years time once Henry instills his “winning mentality” into the talent they undoubtedly have in the squad!



  1. Nothing wrong with coaching Belgium
    Its just a coaching job
    Its not like he is coaching at Spurs or United
    He needs a coaching job and wants to work on TV too
    I can understand Wenger not wanting Henry to criticise Arsenal while working for Arsenal
    And I can understand Henry deciding to take another job to keep his lucartive TV deal

    So it seems fine to me
    Maybe one day Henry will manage Arsenal
    He will always be a legend to me

  2. Theiry henry is a male diva, and divas need the limelight to be just that.. diva

    Henry for henry only and nobody else.. is he rick ross amean self made? No.. he was raised and bred by arsenal and wenger in particular.. however when he was given the chance to pay his dues to club, he chose the spotlight instead lol.

    1. To be fair Wenger also likes
      the limelight the prestige
      the power and the money.
      They are both Diva’s extraordinaire.
      Both are tall, athletic, handsome,
      intelligent, articulate, popular and rich.
      One was a great footballer and one “was” a great manager.
      If you combine the two you pretty much have MY profile 🙂
      I turned down the Managers job at Man U, the sky pundit job the
      FIFA President position because I wanted to continue on JustArsenal.
      because I am sooo “humble”
      Saint Divanz 🙂

      1. Nah, they’re two completely different species.. do you really think Henry would’ve turn down the glamour of madrid even if it was going to last fifteen seconds?lol

        See barca.. lol

    2. Mr. Manager hates to be criticized even if the whole world can see he is wrong. Henry will turn that Belgium forward line into something very lethal

  3. I’m sorry but I couldn’t care less about Henry, right now! Lol
    I can’t believe that only 3 fan’s join the JustArsenal mini league for The sun Dreamteamfc! ?

    Anyways.. They have opened the doors again and if anyone couldn’t get in last time around, the chance to enter this league is available again.
    The Pin number is … NDKYPV2

    Guess who’s Top ??

    1. Um who is top?
      Let me think.
      Three competitors?
      Still thinking.
      Youreeka (beer)!!!
      Well it can’t be you Fats.
      So it must be one of the other two 🙂

      1. Hahaha, You were close mate, hahaha
        There’s no prizes for being top at this stage,
        I was just trying to manipulate my haters, in joining the league, the more the merrier, as they say ??

  4. No I wont be backing Belgium for anything anytime soon, burned too many times. Gilberto was saying he’d prefer Henry took up the Arsenal offer, should be at Arsenal he reckons. He also says he’d love to go back there himself even though he’s already in a job. Vieira too mentioned something about this. We’re missing out big time not having these characters around. Henry had other ideas fair enough, but I think Vieira was right that we should be doing more about getting them back with us.

    1. Vieira said Arsenal does not give former players a coaching job like other clubs do such as Ajax, so yes may be Henry could have opted for the role and leave the other, but in fairness that chance is rare with Wenger in charge

  5. W lost Viera to Man City, Arteta to Man City, Henry now to Belgium. At what point do we start getting our legends with coaching ability to stay with the club?

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