“It tells you the gap doesn’t lie” Mikel Arteta reflects on Arsenal finishing outside the top six

Arsenal’s loss to Aston Villa means that they are now guaranteed to finish outside the Premier League’s top six for the first time in 25 years.

Arsenal has been on a downward spiral for some years now, but even in their bad seasons under Arsene Wenger, they still managed to at least finish inside the top six.

However, they have continued their steady decline from the latter years of the Frenchman and a poor start to this season has affected their end of season standings.

They have been a better team since Mikel Arteta became the club’s manager, but there is no denying that the Gunners are behind their rivals in terms of quality and Arteta has referenced that when asked about Arsenal having their worst position on the league table in over two decades.

Arteta said as quoted by the BBC: “It tells you the gap doesn’t lie. We have to make that smaller and smaller.”

Their position this season also means that they will finish below their fierce rivals Tottenham again in what shows a power shift, as the Gunners had been the dominant side until four years ago.

Mikel Arteta will now hope that the club backs him in the next transfer window to strengthen his team and challenge for the top four next season.

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  1. This is how I want our formation to b next season……… Going back to 433
    Bellerin Holding. Saliba. Tienery

    Coutinho. Partey. Xhaka/ceb/newCm

    Pepe. Laca. Aubmenang

    Bellerin. Holding. Saliba Tienery

    Partey. Xhaka/ceba/newCM


    Pepe. Laca. Aubmenang
    A 4 2 1 3

    1. That team ain’t gon do shît next season if we’re being honest.. Holding Saliba ain’t it..we need one established CB there to make things easier for one of them.
      The midfield is still weak either ways, a pairing of Ceballos-Xhaka/Partey and another creative midfielder is needed.
      Your attack, time over time, we’ve seen the Laca-PEA combo is hardly successful.
      We need a proper Left winger to make things easier.
      I’d say we need two more midfielders, apart from Ceballos, and a winger.
      Add the three to a world class defender.
      If only wishes were horses, it ain’t happening soon

  2. Bloody hell, finishing below them is becoming the norm now!! We now have an insight into how they felt for all those years…. and I don’t like it…

    The cup final kicks off at 5.30pm…. my hearts pounding at the thought of it now, thanks to last night 🙄

    1. Well Sue you know I really dont like the discussion of finishing above Spurs as success. I see finishing below Spurs is getting to a lot of fans.. Here’s something for you to keep you happy.
      If we win the FA cup, we’ll still have had a successful year compared to what Spurs has ever achieved, and this being our worst season still being successful compared to their normal season.
      At least you get to smile more now?

      1. I guess I wouldn’t class it as successful, Eddie… I think I just took it for granted all those years and now it hasn’t happened in what 4 (?) years, I’m kind of missing it 😂 Plus the pain of the NLD is still raw….

        But as you say, we’re in with a chance of a trophy…. only 3 domestic trophies up for grabs and we’re within touching distance of one…. so can’t be that bad….and I bet that lot would give anything to be in our shoes!! 🙂 – there you are, I’ve smiled haha!

        1. Lol… Not just you Sue, not Just You… We all took Papa Wenger’s top four years for granted

          1. Aint that the truth Eddie – aint that the truth in all aspects except your view as to next season!!
            Suddenly your showing the negative side that you complain about others.
            We cannot judge these players from their previous seasons, we have to judge them under Mikel Arteta and they most certainly are capable, with two or three stellar signings, of being good enough to bring back that so important top four place as a minimum.

            As an Arsenal supporter though, I just wish we had acted after the europa final, when it was perfectly clear that UE did not have what it took to manage The Arsenal.
            I wonder what would have happened in that summer transfer window and how would it have affected our league position at the end of this season?

            Sue, as for the spuds in the last 24 years?

            It was taken for granted that under AW we would always be a top four team, the problem being, some fans believed it was not only our right to be there, but it was viewed as a failure….even though we were told we had “dross and mentally frail” players and, of course, the really incredible statement that there were only four teams involved anyway!!!!!

            The last four years have shown just how hard it is to maintain that status (just ask manure), let alone achieve that status (just ask the spuds).

            As for our noisy neighbours, in those last 24 years?
            They last won a trophy in 2008.

            Last league title = 17th April 1961 (winners 2 in all their history).
            Last fa cup win = The 1990/1991 season ( 8 times in all)
            Years in the C.L = They have qualified 6 times
            Top Four place = 6, following on from the above of course.

            Since 1996, they have had 18 managers, one more than the total number of major trophies they have won in the league (2), fa cup (8), league cup (4), eufa cup winners cup (3).

            So, while it’s been galling the last four years, there is no doubt which club is the dominant NL club and, if we had the choice, who would we have as manager today? Mikel Arteta or Jose Mourinho?

          2. Well, Ken, when you put it like that, that smile on my face is even bigger!
            12 years since their last trophy and they have the bleedin’ cheek to mention how long it’s been since we last won the league!! I wasn’t even born when they last won it 😂
            I think sometimes I get carried away with the here and now and fail to look at the bigger picture…so thanks for that, Ken!
            I think you’ll know my answer to your last question – Mikel, hands down!!!!

          3. Sue, just think what it cost to get rid of seventeen of those eighteen managers and mourinho will probably cost them a fortune as well!!!

            Losing out on the CL next season, will be an enormous setback for them, as they pay off their stadium debts, especially when you consider we are still paying off the Emirates today.

            How on earth anyone can think that four years of finishing above us makes them a bigger club is mind boggling…”mind the gap” will be back next season I really do believe.

          4. I guess that’s all they have, Ken!! It doesn’t look like they’re going to win a trophy any time soon, does it?

            Yes, I think so too…. good times ahead!

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