“It took Jurgen Klopp four years to win a trophy at Liverpool.” Arsenal urged to stick with Arteta

It has only been a year since Mikel Arteta was named the new manager of Arsenal and the Spaniard is already under pressure to get better results.

Arteta made one of the finest starts to a managerial career as he won the FA Cup and Community Shield within the first few months of being the club’s manager.

Those achievements have raised the stakes for him and now his team’s performance has dropped.

Although they have won all their Europa League matches this season and they have reached the quarterfinals of the Carabao Cup, the Gunners have been in dismal form in the Premier League.

Their recent 2-1 loss to Wolves is their fifth loss in ten league games this season.

Because he overachieved when he first became the club’s manager, some fans expected more and have now started to call for him to be ousted.

However, Paul Robinson reckons that Arsenal has to stick by him because he needs time to turn things around for them.

“I really rate Arteta; I think he’s one of the brightest managers in world football,” Robinson said, as quoted by Football London.

“But he needs to be given time to mould his own squad and give them identity.

“We’re starting to see it now; we can see what he’s trying to do, but I think defensively they’ve still got problems and things aren’t going to change overnight.

“Getting rid of him just because they’re in a poor run of form would absolutely be the wrong thing to do. Look at Jose Mourinho at Tottenham; he’s in his second year and that project is taking time.

“It took Jurgen Klopp four years to win a trophy at Liverpool.”

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  1. Defund The Media says:

    13 in 13 for big giroud 🤦‍♂️

    1. SueP says:

      Perhaps Auba can take a leaf or 3 out of his book tomorrow

      1. jon fox says:

        He’s got a book full of leafs then? Sorry Sue P, in a daft mood tonight!

  2. Wan says:

    Clueless robinson. It took klopp 4 yrs however a year in liverpool were back fighting for top 4. Arsenal are 14th

  3. David Rusa says:

    I am one of the many supporters who have been unhappy with Arteta lately. However, on reflection I think we have been too rash and harsh on Arteta. He needs to be given time to mould the team and then we shall judge him fairly. There is no manager who will perform miracles! Arteta’s criticism seems to be from the following categories of people: Those whose expectations were raised high after the FA trophy and the community shield; those who still doubt Arteta’s capacity due to his little experience as a manager; those who want quick success; the perpetual sceptics and pessimists. These categories are not unique to Arsenal but the Arsenal situation has been aggravated by constant frustrations ince the last days of Arsene Wenger. Some of our people want to behave like Chelsea which changes managers almost every two seasons! This may not be tenable for Arsenal because we are used to stability.
    What is the way forward then? My considered view is that we should lower our expectations because we have a young and inexperienced manager whom we should give our unreserved support and then see how far we go. The situation will get clearer by the end of the season and the next one. Patience is a virtue which we need as Arsenal supporters.

    1. SueP says:

      I’m a supporter of Arteta but expect him to be showing progress rather than stagnation by the end of the season. Something that’s good enough to work with next season and to bring dividends in 2021/22

    2. Yusuf Onega says:

      I totally agree with your analysis on how things are in Arsenal, we have to give Arteta enough time to build his own team, creativity player is key to his team building. Defenders has to tackle spot on, turning their back to strikers always costs us games.
      Nevertheless we are patient. Long live the Gunners!

    3. MICHELE DE LISIO says:

      I like MIkel.First of all he looks like one of my two sons.Team played well in some manner.But Mikel should have been more cautious at least at the first half.. Spurs have those two making counterattack very well ..and they did it..Mikel wanted to play in his way from the first moment.But we needed to win the game and not to play well.We are still in the garage fixing wron things .Against spurs tacthics should have prevail .But I still support Arteta hoping he and the whole team have learned this lesson. There are moments that you need sacrifice beauty in order to get the victory..GO GUNNERS

  4. Ayan says:

    Well said my brother!👍!

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