“It was a big mistake” Racist abuser apologises to Saka

One of Bukayo Saka’s racist abusers has apologised to the Arsenal star after he was tracked down.

The man in Saudi Arabia was located by journalists who were investigating social media accounts that had not been taken down despite being reported for racially abusing Saka and other England stars.

Saka and the likes of Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford faced sickening online abuse after they missed spot-kicks in England’s Euro 2020 final loss to Italy.

The Three Lions had been the favourites to win the trophy and a packed Wembley Stadium supported them in the final.

They and the Italian national team couldn’t be separated after 90 minutes and extra time and the game had to be decided on penalties.

After misses from Sancho and Rashford, Saka had to score his spot-kick to keep England in the shootout, but he missed and that handed the trophy to the Italians.

Social media accounts from England and outside the country abused him and the other players who missed their spot-kick and when The BBC’s File on 4 tracked one of his abusers, he apologised.

The unidentified man said as quoted by The Guardian: “It was a big mistake, I was angry, and I didn’t know what, if he saw the monkeys, what he would feel,” 

“I really want to apologise to Saka, it was a mistake and I will not do it again for him and any black player.”

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  1. Take no notice if a Neanderthal racist ever apologises. It will only be to try to get the racist off the hook, not because that “person” IS sorry.
    Neanderthals are not fully human, except anatomically and only proper humans ever apologise.

    1. Agree 100 % Jon – if this “person” could even begin to think like he describes, he is a fully fledged racist and should be named, shamed and banned from any social gathering that involves thinking people.

    2. i will always accept an apology. Why not and why refer to the person as a Neanderthal isn’t that a bit racist itself?

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