It was a good transfer window for Arsenal apart from one huge flaw

When you consider where Arsenal was at the start of the summer transfer window then you would have to conclude that overall the club had a very good transfer window, however, it was not quite perfect.

That Shkodran Mustafi is still at the club and not only that, named in the Premier League squad is disheartening and then you add in the acquisition of David Luiz and you get a double dose of depression.

Mustafi should have been sold, Unai Emery wanted him sold and even the player’s father and agent accepted he would be better off gone but for some reason, he is still at the club.

But we could at least take some comfort from the fact that he would not be allowed anywhere near the first team again and then you find out his replacement is none other than calamity Luiz.

And there is the huge flaw in the Arsenal transfer window, failing to resolve the overriding problem at the centre of the defence.

There is the January transfer window to look forward to and hopefully, moves will be made to bring in a proper top quality centre half, not one that is a massive liability who is well past his sell-by date and certainly not one that is then loaned back to the selling club.

I do not want to be too harsh on the board, they did do a very good job overall but there is no point in denying that the weakest area in the team was not addressed, well, not adequately.


  1. GunneRay says:

    The fact no one wanted him confirms how cr*p he really is!

    I still feel the transfer window could have been much better considering..

    1. Kev82 says:

      Exactly GunneRay said that yesterday, and 2 fellas think he should be allowed to find the form he had that made us buy him in the first place.. they obviously haven’t watched him much

      1. Nonny says:

        Mustafi doesn’t have form what he has is statistic

        1. Kev82 says:

          I know mate, I was told he wants to stay and fight for his place which is odd given how Emery told him he won’t play it’s probably more him wanting to fight for his 90k a week because who else would pay Mustafi crazy money like that

          1. Nonny says:

            Yes in the league cup

          2. Kev82 says:

            Haha yeah well that’s about his level ?

        2. Nitsram says:

          Yes, he is out of form AT THE MOMENT. He wasn’t a bad player when we signed him- he is a World Cup winner after all, and did well for Valencia, which is why we paid around 35 million for him. My point was he decided not to leave (or didn’t have any viable offers), which is his prerogative, so rather than continue to slag him off why not hope that he recaptures some form. Or do you prefer having something to bitch about- are you just frustrated footballers maybe?

      2. Nitsram says:

        I’ve watched him plenty, I just don’t see the point in slagging off our own. He had a decent first season and he’s still with us so get over it.

        1. Kev82 says:

          Well if you mean what you say then you’ll never complain about any players individual performance including Xhaka, after all you did say “you don’t see the point in slagging off our own” you’ll be quite happy with Unai Emery’s team selection each and every game.

          1. Nitsram says:

            If you read any of the comments I’ve left I never go after our players on an individual basis. It’s one thing to criticize a player for a specific reason, and it’s absolutely fine to do so, but what I hate is the constant scapegoating and prolonged campaigns of abuse against our own players. Mustafi hasn’t made a single appearance for us this season yet many arsenal fans continue to have a go at him. It’s like we always need one or two players to pin all of our problems on- right now it’s mustafi and xhaka, and while I realise that we’re all prone to exaggeration, some of the comments are ridiculous. Maybe I’m naive and optimistic but I’d prefer to get behind our team than moan and bitch about them all the time.

        2. Abu adil says:

          The problem with Mustafa isn’t about his form but rather on the sabotage aisle a sympathiser of his fellow Turk ozil and also koscielny
          Have reason to believe xhaka is on a similar wave length

    2. Indian gooner says:

      How do you think it would have been better – we got players we needed, two wide players a central defender this year and one next year a left back a central midfielder and got rid of a lot of players

      1. Les Martin says:

        Well said,

  2. John says:

    Letting Kelechi go will come to haunt Arsenal…..they did the same thing with his Nigerian U17 teammate…..Chuk and the kid is wanted everywhere now including Arsenal.

    1. ceejay says:

      that kid is a complete box to box player in the mould of Wilfred Ndidi Leicester.

  3. Innit says:

    The window was the best window in years. Maybe even in a decade

  4. Isah Sym says:

    We have always criticized our defense season after season, but I beg to differ, our biggest problem will never be solved by buying a world-class defender, even Virgil Van Dijk, can’t. Our biggest liability is the defensive midfield, forget about Mustafi, Luiz, Chambers, Mr. Zhaka and UE are our greatest enemies. Without a defensive shield from the middle of the park, even the best defense can crumble.

    1. Abu adil says:

      That’s a point nailed home ?

  5. Sam says:

    Let us be patient with the team. we played against the two best teams in Europe. We are rebuilding, the team will improve as they continue playing together.

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