It was a great weekend for Arsenal despite disappointing draw at Southampton

Results Favoured Arsenal Despite The Draw At Southampton.
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Our draw at the weekend came as a blow to most Arsenal fans. It’s understandable when the boys have given us results against top teams like Spurs and Liverpool as well as a 100% record in the Europa League.
We still have a long way to go till the end of the season. The reality is that we won’t win all the matches. And what makes the Premier League more interesting is the chances of the lower teams to get points from top teams. What matters is how the top teams around us are playing when we drop points. Last weekend results in other games favoured us to an extent.
Apart from City and possibly Newcastle (theirs is the best expected outcome),  other top six teams dropped points at the weekend.
Liverpool lost away to Nottingham Forest. No one saw that coming after their recent results against City and West Ham. Chelsea and United drew. Spurs lost at home to Newcastle United.
Watching Chelsea versus United at the weekend, I was hoping that Chelsea should at least get a point against United because United have played most of the top six teams hence they are likely to get better results after the game at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea will face us, City, Newcastle and Liverpool. The draw was a fair result to both teams and it favoured us. City will face us and you never can tell.
Spurs’ result especially meant we increased our points against them by one after we drew at Southampton.
Let us hope that the team can manage to get a positive result at PSV this Thursday so that we can concentrate on the remaining league games before the World Cup break.
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  1. Still top so there shouldn’t be much to moan at like the author as written .
    But obviously performance wise we have dropped a little the last 2 weeks .
    Said earlier forget that silly EL competition and focus on the league ,we have not been in this position for years .

    1. Agree.
      EL should now clearly be treated as an opportunity to rest our preferrered starting players, and as such a chance for our fringe players to develop.

      1. Agreed
        We have 4 chances regarding league position where as one in a knock out competition to get CL football .
        It’s a cup yes but not exactly prestigious.
        I honestly Cannot see us dropping out of the top 3 this season after now being able to see what our competition have to offer .
        I would go as far to say top 2 ,which is welcomed and long overdue .
        No worries from me after yesterday’s performance,it was just one of those days.

  2. Yes, this is the first positive post after our draw yesterday.

    A Great work from the writer.

    I agree with you that apart from the 4 points gap over City that we reduced to a 2 points gap, we still have a reasonable points difference over the rest of the teams below us.

    So we just have to go back to the drawing board and try to gather some more wins again.

      1. It sucks, because Emery would likely be motivated to show Kroenke what he missed

        I was hoping Aston Villa to hire Scott Parker, Nuno Espirito Santo or Leonardo Jardim instead

              1. I’m sure he’ll be able to keep them afloat, because the season is still long

                Aston Villa have many talented players, so their low confidence, stiff movements and lack of understanding were baffling

    1. Am excited Unai is back in PL. He is a great coach and he has a point to prove here. Glad he is back. Would love to see how he marshalls tha villa squad.

      1. I’m not excited at all, because he is a very good manager and could punish us at Villa Park in February

        1. Gai, you seem to have this insane fear that Arsenal might crumble easily in certain features forgetting that all teams and coaches have their various weaknesses. EPL is no La liga. Mind you, Unai Emery has not only Arteta to contend with in EPL,. He has –P.Gardiola, J.Klopp, T.Hag, Conte,, G Potter, D.Moyes, E Howe’s to ensure he gets into Europe. can he?

  3. I am always entertained by GOI’s extraordinary posts and SueP’s awesome replies to him 😂😂😂

    What a great JA family this is. I love this family and my beloved Arsenal.

    1. SJ, Then you must find “entertainment ” in complete nonsense.

      If I want entertaining nosense , then I watch Harry Hill or other great comedians. GAI is lacking something vital. Intellect!

      I agree on Sue P and her great replies though.

        1. Siamois Assuming you can read, then you will find the answer to that superfluous question already given!

          1. believe it or not but i can read!!Iyou wrote if I want entertaining nosense”which by the way is “nonsense” , then I watch Harry Hill or other great comedians.
            i got it that you associate Harry Hill to nonsense comedy,but then you added”or other great comedians”.once again you associated great comedians to nonsense comedy.

  4. To top our group , we must get a draw in Netherlands, even if we play with most of the starters, because Nottingham Forest at our turf is not that big problem,so we can make full rotation vs Zurich to play Chelsea with fresh legs

  5. I rejoiced after the Leeds game but couldn’t see anything positive beyond the point gained at Southampton Other fans must have seen the game differently judging by the high performance scores given to Xhaka, White , Tomiyasu and Gabriel. If they were so good why were we played off the park.

  6. It wasn’t the result but the manner of it that worried me. We were utterly dominant for the first 20 minutes and it looked like it was going to be a long, difficult game for Southampton, but to Hassenhuttl’s credit he made a tactical switch that we didn’t counter and the game swung in Southampton’s favour from there.

    That said, we should be able to cope with the opposition moving to a back 5 and not capitulate, which is how it felt. It was the same group of players, who until that switch in formation, hadn’t been able to get out of their half. Yet, for some reason, our intensity completely fell away and we were left scrambling for the remainder of the match.

    There was some horrendous officiating in the match but we can hardly blame the referee for letting the win slip away from us. It seems to me that we still lack that killer instinct to go and put 5 or 6 past teams.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but in order to string a sentence together ) or to understand one, you need reasoning, you need intellect

  8. I would like to send my wishes to Unai Emery.the way he was ridiculed,mocked because of his accent was said a lot about our fans and nothing good.i didn’t hear Saints, Spuds….fans making fun of their managers for using translators/ traductors.the irony being that the majority of these fans do not speak a foreign language themselves,even worse some are still struggling with their English!!

    1. Siamois there will,sadly, always be those who mock what they perceive (wrongly of course) as an affliction. That is a lack of intellect.
      BUT. that being said,it is imperative that in a job such as managing a great club, in fact ANY club, THAT YOU COMMUNICATE WELL, SO THAT YOU ARE NOT MISUNDERSTOOD.

      The real fault lay in those who appointed Emery when they knew he could barely speak English at all.

      Unless he has much improved in the interim, I predict similar problems at Villa.

      1. Jon,one question.why not speaking English was not a problem for fans of other clubs?would you have preferred that he used a translator like Poch…..and others?
        you predict a similar thing at Villa,really?
        he might be doing interviews in Spanish from now on.lastly and be honest Jon,if the language barrier doesn’t become an issue at Villa,what would it say about Arsenal fans??

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