“It was a walk in the park for Raheem Sterling” Crooks savages Arsenal’s effort in City loss

Garth Crooks has savaged Arsenal for how they went about their 1-0 loss to Manchester City.

The Gunners allowed City to score early, a header from the unlikeliest of players, Raheem Sterling.

That set the tone for the game, with City defending their lead excellently and even causing more problems for the Gunners throughout the game.

Crooks said Arsenal made life much easier for their visitors and said it was such light work that Sterling will probably not need to shower after the match.

He said the attacker could have added two more goals if he wanted because Arsenal only looked interested in ensuring that the score wasn’t disrespectful.

Fans have not been to the stadiums in almost a year and Crooks says Arsenal’s performance is that of a team that needs their fans to get the best out of them and the earlier fans return, the better.

“This wasn’t a Premier League fixture or even a training ground match,” Crooks wrote for BBC Sport while analysing Sterling’s performance.

“It was a walk in the park for Raheem Sterling. Although that is not his fault.

“In fact, I would be surprised if he even needed a shower after this game.

“Having scored so early in the fixture he could have added another two later in the game with Arsenal seemingly happy just to get through this contest and finish with a respectable scoreline.

“It was another example of a team, who without their fans demanding they put themselves on the line, accepting that the opposition was too good and taking a defeat.

“The quicker fans come back the better. The game is dying without them.”

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  1. Wyoming says:

    Despite Arteta having a terrible first season finishing 8th by winning the FA cup Arsenal still ended up in Europe. Now despite having one of the most expensive squads in the league Arsenal under Arteta are labouring in 8th place again. Unlike good ebening Emery Mr Arteta has good English and like a politician has explained away every loss as simply bad luck, poor refereeing and being part of the process. Emery got to the EL final and was a point away from CL football from the league. Arteta is no where near a point off 4th. Yet a win in the EL even if we are 8th in the league will save him. Arsenal’s season now rests entirely on the EL. 8 games . Win it and Arteta will be feted. Fail to win it and like Emery the exit door beckons

  2. Vinnie2000 says:

    A good look@Arteta,, u feel he is or could be a Top Class Football coach like Mourihno, Guardiola, Conte, Ancelotti, etc..
    But several of his distasteful actions tell a different story!!
    *Bizzare or late substitutions
    *Slow and Boring football pattern
    *Always playing Pepe, Auba, Laca,etc

    And the biggest for me..

    *Full of Sentiments and Perhaps Fear. Did this by always playing Xhaka and then loaning out our younger and faster players,I.e.Nelson,AMN, and Willock!!
    Fear of Playing Balogun!! AW those days gave debut to Fringe youngsters such as Gibbs, Song, Aladiere,etc..

    He seems lost!! If he loses 2 of our next 3 games, he should Gracefully take a bow!!

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