“It was freedom” Mkhitaryan compares Wenger and Emery

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has compared the management of Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery and reveals that Wenger was unapologetically an attacking manager.

The Armenian spent one-and-a-half seasons at Arsenal having been signed by Wenger in January 2018.

The Frenchman brought him from Manchester United with Alexis Sanchez going the other way.

He was struggling for a playing time at United under Jose Mourinho and was expecting more playing time at Arsenal.

Wenger trusted him and gave him the freedom to play his game, but the Frenchman left six months after he was signed.

Emery didn’t like him that much and fielded other players ahead of him, which the Armenian says was ok, but he didn’t like to sit on the bench.

He reveals that Wenger was a more attacking manager who always believed that they just needed to outscore their opponents to win a game.

‘With Wenger, it was freedom, the freedom to move, to play with the ball. He always wanted to play with the ball,’ Mkhitaryan told the Athletic

‘He never wanted to defend because he was always saying if we score more goals than the opponent we’re going to win the game. It was a pleasing time. Unfortunately, after six months he was sacked. 

‘Then there was Emery, so a different approach to football, a different philosophy. It was quite hard for me because I wasn’t playing a lot of the time. Most of the time I was sitting on the bench and I never like sitting on the bench because throughout my career I always wanted to play and win something. Emery saw football differently and was relying on other players.’

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  1. @Ken1905- did Mykitarian say Wenger was “SACKED”? Is he. Sure? Just because he was a full time, first pick player, how would he know this do you think?

    1. Not sure Phil, but Per Mertesaker the club captain certainly said that Arsene resigned and quoted the EXACT meeting this happened.
      How do you think Per would know this Phil and why have you NEVER commented on that?

      Still, if it makes you feel good during this time of turmoil within the club, who am I to spoil your little piece of “personal pleasure?”

      Let’s see if Myk’s words have any effect on tomorrow’s game… after all, that’s what is really important isn’t it?

    2. PHIL, I LOVED KENS PREDICTABLE REPLY TO YOUR POST. He will never accept the truth that he was told “resign or be sacked”. To most people that amounts to a sacking but not Ken. Still, we can all let let him enjoy his refusal to admit this truth, even to himself, as it changes nothing now.

      I will be sending in an article this week on how all we fans are guilty of creating and fostering the environment where the likes of Kroenke, Glazers, FSG, etc came in and stole the clubs we love.

      1. Jon, it was just as predictable that you would also ignore one players take, but accept another one, simply because it suits your argument.

        So Jon, supply me with the evidence that AW was “told to resign or be sacked” and I will gladly accept it as proof infinitum.

        Better still Jon, why don’t you include it in your article… you know how to present FACTS of course… names, dates, actual words from those who you have first hand knowledge off.
        I look forward to seeing it and then we can discuss why the club let him stay on for a further six months and then gave him the send off that every other manager sacked has received – like Emery or Poch for instance.

        I guess you now DO BELIEVE what a player says… unless it’s Per Mertesaker of course.
        Looking forward to seeing your evidence my friend.

        1. It was clear to almost everyone, including Wenger, that he was shown the door…it was simply a courtesy, considering his lengthy history with the club, that they created the “resignation” facade…of course, Per would always stand by the very man who mistakenly enabled this has-been to extend his career far longer than any other “big” club would…btw, upon arrival Per become one of Wenger’s notorious “fine” cops/enforcer, so it’s clear they had an understanding from the get-go…it likewise highlighted the glaring lack of leadership skills that were cultivated under Wenger that a newcomer would immediately assume that role(the other henchman was none other than another new recruit, our current manager Arteta)

          1. VL. Once again, you believe that your opinions are those that are “clear to almost anyone” as being right… such arrogance is usually accompanied with the “vast majority” tag!!!

            You made a claim the other day, that in AW’s latter years, our attacking game and goals scored declined considerably – so give me the facts please…. like I suggested to Jon Fox, you could include it in your promised article that has been coming ever since you found this site – the vast majority are still waiting for it.
            Perhaps you could also include the “secret DEALS” information that you say he had with kronkie as well?
            All true Arsenal fans would love to know how you have access to such knowledge.

            So, let’s have your examples of how our goals and attacking philosophy dried up in AW’s second decade… let’s say from 2008, in order to give you as much scope to prove your point as possible.
            Over to you and let’s see that article as well!!!!

    3. Phil and ken, can’t we just let this go, please?
      Arsenal has so many problems at the moment, that arguing about whether a past long term manager was sacked or resigned, is a mute point and fails into insignificance compared to the current issues at Arsenal FC.
      Long term supporters like us need to stay united to get the Arsenal back on track.

      1. If you ask me he was sacked why else would he not come to the Emirates since his departure, his still talks about his love for Arsenal and how he made personal sacrifices for the club, all do at the end I wanted him out but I’m still waiting for his statue outside the Emirates after all it was him who built the stadium and the sacrifices he made was mainly selling his best players

        1. Taz, read his book – he explained his decision was because of the way a section of the fan base ( some on here of course) treated him so appallingly, with personal attacks.
          Remember the train station incident?
          Would you be interested in coming back to that kind of treatment after 20 odd years or
          f commitment to the club?

          Look where we are now and tell me where we have improved – either on or off the pitch?

          OG.. I refer you to my reply to Phil and my thoughts regarding the importance of his resignation and where we are today.

          1. ken I hear you and at the time it was upsetting for me that I wanted him out but he should of left three years earlier, whether it was his mistakes or the Kroenke’s he AW should of send a message to supporters and the management by stepping down, that last three years he wasn’t thinking best for the club and fans which set us back a decade, however I still think there should be a statue and a stand named after him and Im sure majority of fans will agree

            Ken the headlines at the time of his book released did not touch on the real issues and AW was not one to show his dirty laundry in public and I believe he signed confidence contract in his later contract, that’s my opinion

  2. Myki was unlucky he had injury issues at the time when Emery joined the club, we would of won more games with hard working Myki than lazy Ozil,

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