It was great to see Arteta’s passion in defending his players against Klopp (plus video)

Arteta’s spat with Klopp was classic by Sylvester Kwentua

Hello family, Arsenal has played and lost to Liverpool and right now, talking about it would only bring back bad memories and I won’t want that; I want to maintain a positive attitude, especially as we prepare for our next game against Newcastle United.
However, inasmuch as I won’t want to remind myself of our match, there is a scene in the game I would like to talk about; and that is the scene where Arteta and Klopp had a little disagreement.
Okay, in our game against Liverpool, while the players were sizing up each other, the coaches of both teams allowed the emotions of the game get to them, and had a go at each other’s throats, and it was only the assistant referee’s intervention that saved a brawl! The rage Arteta and Klopp displayed at that moment, was classic.
I respect Klopp a lot, and won’t want to talk much about his own part in the spat with Arteta, but in Arteta, I can say that his reactions to Klopp’s words got me a little bit happy. Happy that Arteta showed how passionate he was towards Arsenal and everything related to Arsenal.
“Arteta is calm person, and for him to react to Klopp’s volatile words, means he was provoked beyond control”. This was the words of a friend that watched the Liverpool game with me. He was shocked to see Arteta fight! I share his feelings too, but while I am still recovering from the shock, I would like to thank Arteta for standing up to challenge Klopp, who obviously felt our players were intentionally doing things to get Mane carded or sent off! If Klopp feels he needed to stand up and fight for his player, then Arteta was right to also defend his players. Thankfully, Arteta seems to have let everything go, as he informed reporters after the game ended.
Watch what actually happened on the touchline….

Aksed about his comments on what happened between him and Klopp, Arteta had this to say: “He was defending his team, I was defending my team, that’s it. It doesn’t matter,”  Not only was Arteta’s actions justified, his response when asked about what happened, was also classic! Thanks once again, boss.
We are Arsenal and we are proud.

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  1. After that the team imploded so no not proud rather annoyed he let his emotions get the better of him when we quieting than Anfield faithful before the 1st goal. We were in the game, defending well then we let the 12th man get involved… the fans. Riled Liverpool right up!!

    We are a long way away from the Top3 which is City, Liverpool and Chelsea. Top 4 is wide open for Us, Hammers, Utd & Spurs!

    Long way to go also in the season. The silly losses to the lower teams will come back to haunt us, if we cant beat the big teams beat all the ones on our level or below everytime if we are lose at least 6games to the top3.

    Just where we are atm and still work in progress. Mikel got it wrong yesterday in alot of aspects, even HT should’ve made some changes with Martinelli for Auba, Tierney for Taveres etc… couldn’t of been any worse than these 2 yesterday, just wasnt our evening last night.

    Onto the next game we go!!

  2. what Arteta’s reaction and Klopps subsequent did WORKED AGAINST ARSENAL !!!!
    It spurred on the crowd and energised the Liverpool players.
    We were under the cosh from that moment on. IT WAS STUPID

    1. White was easily bamboozled for 2nd goal.
      Hopefully he will not be duped again in a one on one situation especially agai dt Tonaldo

  3. embarrassing display by a novice manager desperately hoping that this amateur hour ploy to inspire would help us overcome his piss-poor tactics…if only he had shown 1/10th the balls when coming up with a game-plan, as he displayed during his pubescent-like sh** fit, maybe things could have turned out a little differently

  4. I think Arteta should be sent out to Hertha Berlin on loan for fighting with Klopp because that’s what he did to Guendouzi when he fight with Maupay

    Justice must be served in Absolute!

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