It was great to see Nuno Tavares bounce back from Liverpool setback

Quick to recover! Nice one Nuno… By Sylvester Kwentua

Happy Sunday family. It is surely good to be alive and happy today. Friends, I want to ask, did we notice Nuno Tavares yesterday?

Did we notice how much happier he seemed bombing down the wings and attacking the Newcastle defenders? Nuno yesterday was a better version of the Nuno that played against Liverpool. Yesterday, he showed the world what Arsenal saw in him when they bought him.

Against Liverpool, Nuno was at fault for one of the goals conceded. I and a few Arsenal fans were concerned about whether he was going to pick himself up after the Liverpool game, but he didn’t just pick himself up yesterday, he had an excellent game. He and Saka connected well to make the left flank deadly, and luckily, our first goal came from there.

How quick he was able to recover is a testimony to the type of person he is. He is a fighter, always ready to learn from mistakes and make up for it in the next match. These are the qualities he exhibited in the game against Newcastle. These are the qualities expected of an Arsenal player.

Defensively, Nuno did well too. Several times he tracked back to help quash an attack or two. His pace down the wings was a problem for Newcastle and they found him difficult to deal with.

Nuno, unfortunately, may deny Tierney the opportunity to play in an Arsenal shirt in the English Premier League for a long time.

Tierney has a better work rate than Nuno but the unfortunate injury he suffered recently, handed Nuno the opportunity to lay a claim to the left back spot, and with yesterday’s game, I am sorry to say that his claim has been made stronger.

The good thing however is that Tierney will have his opportunity to play in the cup games, and will be ready to grab his opportunity when it comes, but for now, Nuno has earned the right to start.

We are Arsenal and proud.


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  1. Beast of a player and what an engine on the lad .
    Personally I would like to see him move into the centre along side partey but just my 2 pennies worth .
    I wouldn’t be surprised if KT comes back in against man Utd though .

    1. Said the same thing 2 weeks ago, could be an amazing partnership in the middle and allow KT and Tavares to both start.

      1. Over a month ago I suggested Tierney and Tavares could both be accommodated in the first eleven as follows:-
        Tomi,White,Gabriel, Tierney.
        ESR, Martinelli,Saka.

        The fact that I like Saka on his natural side will not go down well with certain contributors who have an obsession for things”inverted” but as he showed yesterday he can score and create from the left and looks far more at home on that side of the pitch.

        1. Tavares can’t play at midfield, his first touch and passing are mediocre. On the wing his athleticism compensates for his technical shortcomings, but at midfield it would be exposed.

          1. You may well be right at the present time but I do feel there is scope for Tavares to improve his ball skills and composure with good guidance and coaching.

        2. I like it Grandad – imagine Tierney, Tavares and Saka all on the same flank. That’s an overload every time we get the ball!
          It’s just that CF position… we need Auba out but is GM ready? Guess there’s only one way to find out!

  2. I eat a humble pie for expressing deep reservations about Tavares’ choice when the team against Newcastle was revealed yesterday. I said it was a travesty that he was preferred over Tierney especially given his outing against Liverpool previously. He proved me wrong yesterday.
    Yes, still a bit raw especially with his decision making in the final third. But with good coaching and more hard work, I see a world beater in the making
    Good to have two quality players in one position. Wish we could replicate that in all other positions. That’s what makes a great team.

  3. If only Arteta had given 2/3 players the freedom to move around against Liverpool, just maybe we would have gotten something out,

    I keep saying skill alone won’t work in the EPL, you need to add strength and speed, and that’s just what Tavares showed, I guess the errors against Liverpool was due to excess sideways passes,
    I’m really happy our defenders are strong but they need to be more ruthless,

    Hope we see Tavares and Tierney play against Man United, really would love a selection like this;


    Tomi,White,Gabriel, Tierney.


    Martinelli, ESR


  4. I could see Tavares with Lokonga in the middle of the park at some point in the future but as CorporateMan has said Tavares is still a bit raw at the moment as is Lokonga

    I don’t think we need to tinker too much for Old Trafford but I would join the call to have Martinelli up top instead of Auba for that one

  5. If Tavares, plays in the middle while Tierney joins, we will be unbeatable. I perfectly agree with these suggestions. We won’t need another Central or defensive midfielder’

  6. I too agree with Grandad. The combination of Tierney, Tavares and Saka on the left would be too much to handle for any team. The only thing is that Tavares must improve technically and ball retaining capabilities should be improvised. Also I vouch for Martinelli over Auba as our CF, Auba needs a rest and a break to refresh and recharge.

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