It was just not the Arsenal players and manager that got hammered today

The repercussions have started following the 1-1 draw with Brighton on Sunday that effectively ended our top-four hopes, and as expected, the players and Unai Emery have come in for a lot of stick but that is only the beginning.

Absent owner Stan Kroenke has been attacked left right and centre on social media and rightfully so, as owners go we have been dealt a sh!t hand, and my fellow Gooners have not been slow to express their displeasure with American Billionaire.

Here is just a sample of the comments taken from Twitter ….

It is hard to fathom the way that Kroenke is running the club, we clearly need investment in players to stay competitive, you do not need to be a brain surgeon to figure that out and for some inexplicable reason, he simply will not inject the necessary funds into the club to make that happen.

We make huge chunks of money from TV, gate receipts, merchandise, sponsorship and much more but that is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what we can be making and for someone that has made himself into a Billionaire not to grasp that is beyond me.

Arsenal deserve far more than what the American provides and I am not just talking about money now, I am talking about his support, his presence and love for the club, none of which he has ever shown. You just have to see him with his American teams to realise how far down the totem pole we really are in his list of priorities.

The fans want him gone and right now we are staying loyal to the club but if this sorry saga continues then the supporters will start to react, attendance figures will drop, merchandise sales will slow down and the club will begin a slow decline which will really affect the bottom line.

Stan Kroenke needs to get real now if he wants to see higher returns on his investment and recover the support of the fans.


  1. We have just made the Spuds feel like they’ve won the lottery. They’re finishing above us with a brand new stadium, a squad younger than us and not having to invest last summer. Not to mention their sound wage structure.
    It is possible for managers to steady the ship under absentee owners. It is another thing to set the manager up to fail, by leaving behind a culture of, basically, being too comfortable. I would guess that letting Ozil and Mkhi go just by terminating their contracts would serve us better in the long run than letting them see out their contracts. In any other job this is a justified means of termination…

    1. Where would we get the money to pay off their monstrous contracts and get them to leave? Terminating their contracts is of no benefit to us financially other than freeing up 2 physical spaces in the squad. Already we have spaces being occupied in the squad by guys like Jenkinson, Lichtsteiner and El Neny who are utterly USELESS!!!! Maybe we could send these guys out on loan to Kroenke’s MLS side Colorado Rapids, they might be of some use there. Ultimately it is Gazidis and Wenger who put us in this sorry state by awarding such improper contracts to these imposters!

      1. I just don’t get this mental gymnastics. People will keep pointings to the likes of Elneny, Iwobi etc on £70,000 a week like some justification for keeping the likes on £350,000 and £200,000 a week.

        The likes of Ozil and Mkhi etc are as useful to us as the likes of Iwobi, Elneny, Jenkinson, Mustafi etc because they all are poor. They give the same inconsistent and sh!t output.

        It’s like basically owning a FAULTY BMW that keeps costing you £200,000 – £350,000 a year, On the other hand you have a FAULTY TOYOTA that keeps costing you £60,000 – £75,000 a year, both cars are giving you the save service. They Can both only get you as far as Watford from London and that is it, any more distance than that they break down.

        What would one do?
        A) To sell both of them as soon as possible?
        B) To sell the BMW first.
        C) To sell theTOYOTA first?
        D) To keep both?

        1. Didn’t take long for someone to blame ozil and his wages ????
          The usual suspects I see .

        2. @Goonster
          I understand what you are saying, but my response was to S who was suggesting we pay up Ozil and Mkhitaryan’s contracts to get them to leave early. That would only free up 2 squad spaces, and if space was the issue, we could find far easier ways of creating space like sending Jenkinson and El Neny out on loan rather than the very expensive option of paying up Ozil and Mkhitaryan’s contracts.

  2. I decided 3yrs ago never to spend any of my hard earned money to buy Arsenal merchandise or ticket until I see progress. Kroenke has been mugging us for far too long & I’m not gona be lining his pockets till he invests in the club or f**k off. I love Arsenal but I hate what we have become under his ownership.

  3. I have said this before, if Arsenal must change, then the fan must stay away, is as simple as that, the man Kroenke calls himself a business man but completely ignore elementary approach of sustaining his investment, naturally if u are a business owner, u invest money in your business to increase profits just like the teams that has gone past us lately and the ones we are struggling with too, base on this analysis, I find it hard to understand the kind of business man he is with Arsenal, what does he really want ?? If he want more money , he simply has to
    invest or else Arsenal will become less attractive for for investors and profit will start decreasing , but is he pissed of with Arsenal being poorly managed and the wasted fund s by Arsen Wenger and Gazadis the past few years, all the errors of letting players run down their contracts , huge contracts for less than average players etc

  4. Ever since i became a fan of arsenal no any player has yet bought to the club above £.7om & that tells clearly kroenke

  5. Arsenal suck right now… and yes Kroenke too and Xhaka…and he adds no value.

  6. Why didn’t he purchase shares elsewhere…… why did it have to be arsenal…… until he’s kicked out, it’s almost certain we are going to keep regressing….. I just hope we win the europa league, and we can call this season a good one.

  7. The rich are a different breed of people from the rest of us! Kroenke is worth 7/8 billion and his wife also a billionaire.. yet the man spends absolutely no money! I believe his takeover of Arsenal was also funded by bank loans! Not in 5 lifetimes will one ever spend that wealth! He purchased Arsenal for profit only and uses the club for collateral for even more loans! The man’s greed knows no limits, has no limits! Our squad is a mess and is in urgent need of rebuilding and the reported transfer budget is a bloody joke! He purchased total control of the club this season and I don’t think he’s attended one game.. whoever introduced this grubby little leech to the club should hang their head in shame… I for one will not attend or purchase any Arsenal merchandise as long as he’s in control! Paying hard earned money to watch Alex Iwobi running around like a headless chicken and Mustafi defending like a 3 legged donkey is almost criminal..

  8. this proves that most football fans are really short sighted. all through people have known what kind of person kroenke is yet they continue injecting their hard earned money to the club. The ones who benefit the most are these players who earn huge sums yet do nothing for it.
    kroenke is an intelligent business person and knows that this backlash is only due to disappointment which will erode after a couple signings to make the fans happy.

    there has also been poor investment by the likes of gazidis and Wenger which have turned arsenal into the mess it is today.
    how much have
    debuchy Chambers mustafi monreal
    elneny xhaka
    Mikki ozil welbeck

    cost this club? both in transfer fees and points?
    let me give you the order of people who should take most of the blame
    1-wenger 45%
    2-gazidis 40%
    3-kroenke 10%
    4 -players 5%

  9. 11m
    12m 16m 35m 10m
    7m 35m
    FREE 43m 16m
    Total: 197m
    We’ll be lucky to recoup 50m of that, considering that five of three of them have already gone or are going for free. Currently we’ve only made 6m on giroud

  10. When I thought my life as Arsenal fan can’t get any shittier, Thirdman dropped this line to rationalize Emery’s failure…I never thought in a million years that with one game to go we’d only be 4pts off 3rd, and 3pts off 4th, with the squad Emery inherited, coupled with the crippling injuries…. So because you never thought… it is ok for us to accept this failure. We had 8 shots or chances to finish in top 4 and in 7 (21 points) we took 1,1/2(4 points). It is not like in a final when you have on shot at the glory. Please, answer this, will you still think the same way if it were Wenger and not Emery. I don’t want to talk about Emery so that I won’t be called EOB but with that substitution he did yesterday I can’t help it. I was fooled by my likeness of him. So I’m prepared to wait. At least 4 out of his 6 players will be here next season, add another 4 or 5 to that it be almost a full team and see what happens from there on. But the hand writing is on the wall and he winning el will never sway me to his side. He has shown me he doesn’t have what it takes to move this club forward with the event of last few weeks. Ozzigunner, we don’t need to her high profiled manager what we need is a manager that can Organize this team. That is what I thought Emery is. Do you see sir how disorganized we are when playing ( win or lose ). You will find every of our players in opponent box or at the edge doing fcuking nothing. Defenders will not stay in their position, DMs, don’t protect his back 4, fullbacks no where to be found, the strikers don’t get as much supply of ball so they had to go back and get the ball themselves. So to answer your question further I will look at Nuno, Jadim , Silva, Watford coach, Valencia coach not because I think they are better than Emery but because they organize their team better.

    1. You cannot organize SHIT it goes all over the place as you should know you have to clean it out and start again

  11. Arsenal Fans are getting what they unwittingly supported, a lack lustre owner with no love for the club. A few years back, Nigerian Billionaire Aluko Dangote (a known Arsenal fan) expressed interest in buying the club, but received such a negative backlash from English fans, amongst which was to – take his money and invest in Nigerian Football instead, and cooled his interest. Seems ironic that an American businessman with no demonstrated love for the Sportsupport teams he owns is considered more apt. We got what we wished for, sadly.

  12. To be frank ,our coach is a mediocre also .I have no faith in his team selection process.Are ozil and Mikhi worth it ?How long has Mustafi ,Leichst and Xhaka cost the team during Emery era ???Why do u leave your captain when there is more to plsy for ??

  13. Nothing has changed. We are still as mediocre as we have always been under Wenger. Only difference is £70M has been spent. On players like effing Guendouzi. The new tough mentality evaporated as soon as everyone started fighting back towards the end of the season. 1 point out of 12? Unbelievable! Unacceptable! Underwhelming! What’s this excuse about injuries? Did we allow Wenger that injury excuse?

  14. No doubt Emery has squandered a lot of the currency he built up with fans after this insipid run in. The steel spine most of us thought was back turned out to be made of tin. But the Europa League buys a lot of that back if it’s in the cabinet.

    Next year though he needs to stamp a personality on this team. Pick a dominant style and, injuries or not, stick to it. Show us your can learn from this.There is a fine line between being a pragmatic manager and a headless chicken manager and Emery is in danger of crossing it.

  15. One crumb of comfort in this sorry mess is that fans are slowly, too slowly by far, BEGINNING to unite against the REAL club enemy which is Kroenke,. Before ANY action can ever be taken there has to be a force to MAKE it happen. Our too slowly mounting but essential anger against this parasite is finally taking a proper form and action will follow. Only question is WHEN , but it will happen sooner or later. Without which, our club is dead as a top achieving club. ALL realists have long known this; now the fantasists are having reality forced upon them. So there is the “crumb of comfort”!

  16. Can I take this and talk about players recruitments at Arsenal. ?? Where does the wolves, Everton, Leicester, Burnley etc get their players from when they can give every team in the PL a real Game?? Are we over looking certain players by scouting personnel ?? These players are bought for very reasonable amount, they come without anyone taking any notice until when they start showing their worth , can we not get these kind of player that shows so much guts , energy, hunger And desire than what we have be saddled with the past many yrs

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