It was never going to be easy to win at Burnley so let’s enjoy it eh?

There has been a very worrying trend on JustArsenal lately that has seen many commenters finding fault with the team and Mikel Arteta and bemoaning our rebuilding job which is now progessing well.

I know that the new fairweather Arsenal fans demand instant success and have no interest in trusting Mikel Arteta’s “process”. These fans are demanding immediate results, rather than be patient and wait for the new arrivals to at least get on first name terms with their new team-mates before being finely tuned into a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Well, despite being a completely new team, we are getting better and have actually won our second game in a row, and away at a venue where we haven’t won for the last two seasons, but this is obviously still not enough for the trolls that are trying to take over JustArsenal’s pages.

Well I, for one, am not going to let these moaners stop me enjoying the points and the wins, and I am very happy that the team is growing in belief and confidence enough to beat an agressive Burnley side on their home ground.

Mikel Arteta agrees with me and said after the game: “It was a hard-fought win, like it should be when you play Burnley away,”

“I think we started the game really well. We played some fantastic passes and you could see a lot of the things that we want.

“I think we should have scored more, we had some open chances to score and then we lost control of the game a little bit. It’s going to happen, the way they play, they just play a long ball, a second ball, a throw-in, to start to create promise, to bring you down.

“We could not really take our back line higher, we started to defend a little bit deeper to give away regains really quickly and that’s important because we had acres of space to run and finish the action.

“But I must say, the spirit of the team, the commitment of every single player – to block shots, to stop crosses, to defend the box, to track back – it was phenomenal.”

So, the Boss is very happy. The players are happy. The real Arsenal supporters are very happy. So why can’t the trolls be happy too?

If they want to moan today then they can go moan elsewhere as far as I’m concerned.

Who is with me?

Admin Pat

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  1. No sack Arteta!!! The guys eyebrows are way too thick!

    I just hate how the convo about our club needs to centre around 1 person when the strength and growth of our club is based on so many more people.

    Today, we saw that in the team that played. Why not enjoy the fact we are becoming more defensively sound?
    Why not encourage the forwards we have to score more goals and applaud the efforts in trying to do so?

    I agree Pat, how can you moan when we win?

    Alot still needing to be done, alot of improvement I am seeing needing to be done and alot of steps to be taken before we get anywhere respectable in this league, but I’m one for supporting our endeavours

  2. So we now have two sets of fans, “the real fans” and “the trolls”? 😂 😆
    Well, Burnley away was always going to be a tough game. They like to bully us a little, play those silly long balls and long throws and defend stoutly.
    We’ve kept two clean sheets in a row and that’s not bad. The team still needs some cohesion but they’re giving their all.
    For once VAR worked in our favour. Isn’t that great??
    Next is Wimbledon in the Carabao Cup and then the tiny tots.
    Onwards and upwards!

  3. I stand with you. Besides the great United sides of old under Fergie used to dig out ugly 1-0 wins when they go through periods of crisis to get the team’s confidence up.

    1. Yes, i agree.Good that Mikel has adopted the Fergie model of zero tolerance to non sporting nonsense rather than his predecessor who tolerated it. At last finally we have a team of real players on the pitch, a 1-0 is a testimony to their character. Have to add that our little master Saka needs a break, he seems to be overworked. Ben needs a little more games to adjust although he could have cost us the game.A big hug to Mikel for assembling an outstanding team of real talent, not some masquerade players like in the recent past.

    2. True. Winning while playing badly and not conceding is very critical part of any teams development if they want to do well in long term

    1. Yeppers. You are only a real supporter if you absolutely never question the decisions of the club. Makes perfect sense…… in North Korea.

      Now as a non-real supporter, I thoroughly enjoyed the win and Arteta’s team selection. And to be fair, I never expected Arsenal to score against a low-block team. Good on them and that is an actual sign of progress.

      But please, allow it with bashing the Arteta-out fans, we’ve got tons of proof that he’s not fit for the role but I’m sure we’d all love it to be proven wrong.

  4. Yes, the game in Burnley will always be difficult for Arsenal, but we shouldn’t be complacent. We need to get at least a draw against Spurs and two wins out of four games in October, to save Arteta’s job

    Odegaard seems to be the MOTM and Tomiyasu won all his aerial/ ground duels. Kudos to Arteta, Edu and the coaches for the physicalities of our new players

  5. Tbh mate, the fairweather supporters will never be happy because its not the players they want managed by the manager they want. All bought with the momey we don’t have because of the owners they don’t want.

    Today was a great result from a team that has barely played together. We were solid, matched Burnley’s aggression well and stuck to playing our game. The one thing that let us down was our final ball. We are fielding a very young team, but not 18-21 year olds like wenger era, but 20-23 year olds. Today we took off Partey, Smith Rowe and Tierney and brought on Lakonga, AMN ( who was outstanding when he came on by the way) and Taveres, and we didn’t look like we had been weakened at all.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what this team can produce after 6 months of playing together. We’re heading in the right direction so patience is what everyone has to have. We as fans cant change anything, apart from the way in which we support our club. No amount of whinging and moaning is going to change the clubs internal structure. So stop wasting you breath and start supporting the “project” cause it isn’t going away soon.

    Next we have have a club who has flattered to decieve this season in spurs. We had up to 10 first team players missing for our first 3 games. Take 10 players out of any first team in the league and see how they get on. Man City are shit with 1 billion worth first 11 so just shows money isn’t always the answer.


  6. Agree , but i get why they moan.
    We will always be Arsenal no matter the results , so support us or get lost.
    Saying that you are aloud moan if you like.

  7. Much as I agree with most of the sentiments expressed, you cannot expect a sudden change in attitude of the anti Arteta brigade, who in this free society are entitled to their views and opinions even if they differ from those of us who are no longer obsessed with winning at all cost..Only one Club can be top dog each season in the EPL, and in the absence of the financial clout of others,it will take Arsenal some time before they are in contention for the top spot regardless of who is managing the team.That said, as far as I am concerned, I would hope to see a steady progression in our performances and league position over the course of the next 2/3 seasons as the group of talented young players we have, develop and fulfil their potential.Qualification for the Champions League competition and good runs in our domestic Cups should not be beyond our current group of players and if we can make 2/3 quality additions next season, we just might win over some fans who are currently obsessed with getting rid of Arteta .They are of course entitled to their opinion and I can to an extent appreciate the intensity of their frustrations with Arteta and Edu, who have made a number of errors of judgement during their short term in charge..What I cannot understand however, is their relentless belief that our young Manager is at fault for our failure to sell on players who were acquired by arguably the greatest Manager in the history of the Club at a time of a Global pandemic and the economic ramifications thereof.At the end of the day ,as fans we all want Arsenal to be successful so to that extent we are singing from the same gym sheet.

    1. Well said Grandad. I thought gym worked quite well actually. I am not an Arteta fan but I try to see both sides, which some posters never do:
      Arteta gets heavily criticised for recent bad purchases, including those before he arrived, but not one iota of credit for this seasons signings by the boo boys.
      Last season we had several games when we played good football but lost. The trolls said only the result was important. The last two games the same people are saying who cares about the result, we were rubbish.
      Oh and White is a washout after, what, three league games?

    2. Grandad- think about it Pal. Does Arteta actually know who he is selling? Let’s face it , Kolasinac was being offered to whoever was interested. But has now been given a valuable squad place and played out of position away at Citeh. Why wasn’t he just left out of the squad znfcfrercuo a position if Arteta and Edu wanted him gone? What sorry sort of positive management is that? And if you actually read back what you wrote you seem to be supporting Edu and Arteta against critique when there isn’t any., yet overlooking the many many obvious mistakes these two novices are guilty of.
      AMN- Arteta couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Yet with solid performances, while likely still not 100% match fit, the player has shown promise of what he is able to bring to the club if opportunity’s are given. Bad bad management when the obvious is right there for all to see.
      Nketiah- it’s ridiculous a player completely obvious of bring not good enough to play for a top EPL club has been allowed to stay and dictate who he plays for when he leaves on a free next season. If we did not have Balogun ax back up o could possibly understand why he remained. But why did Arteta keep him and at the same time likely frustrate Balogun even more? Snd you support this type of incompetence?
      I detest this “real supporters” tag some are only too keen to throw out there. I also detest those who try to preach that their views are the only views because……. Yeah that’s it PAL. You are NOT as right as you believe most of the time. And facts are as much reality as performance Pal, remember that.
      This novice has just about been able to win games against two very very small clubs with pretty insipid performances that showed more graft than guile. We crawled over the line in both games Pal, and that is not too much to be singing praises over at the moment. Start watching games more closely. Stop preaching thoughts that have little real merit. And. As start to wake up and realise this novice is struggling big time. If he is still here at Xmas I will be very very surprised. You should accept this fact Pal. Reality is staring you in the face yet your blind obsession is blunting your judgement to the point of it being embarrassing.
      Other than that, I hope you enjoy your Sunday

      1. I am not allowing that Grandad!
        You need to provide a link or edition number for verification.
        That’s like me saying that I heard somewhere that anyone who reads the Lancet is an idiot!

        1. Grandad- perhaps you should read the chapter from the book for retired bank managers titled “How to get myself a life now I’m not able to rule/ruin everyone’s life like I used to”
          Might help you along the way Pal

        2. I will not be verbally abused by an individual who uses the word Pal to do just that.If you cannot see through his game which is symptomatic of someone who considers himself a “hard man”, then I am disappointed in you.If Phil continues to abuse me I will respond in kind.If he has the courtesy to refrain from so doing, I will respond accordingly.The ball is in his court .

        3. And man I thought we just won another game and everyone is supposed to be superexcited.. what do I know.

      2. Grandad, Phil has always used “PAL” against ANYONE – often me of course – with whom he disagrees and wishes to try bullying .

        Like you, I once used to react to his attempt to look falsely macho. I now think he simply looks rather sad and silly, esp at his senior age.

        So I disregard his use of PAL, in precisely the same way I would disregard a Jack Russell dog which always barks at anything and cannot help itself.

        BTW, I am a life long dog(and cat) lover and have walked and still do daily, dogs for disabled people through the Cinnamon Trust, which is an animal charity. I love Jack Russells and have had at least half a dozen, over the years, in bed with me and my Sue.
        For context in this debate!

        1. Thanks for the info Jon.I must confess I was under the impression that Phil was a relatively young man, which makes his attitude even more difficult to understand.With regard to your love of dogs, my wife and I are infatuated with two Cockapoo puppies acquired this year by our grandchildren..They keep us on our toes and we love taking them for walks.I can now understand why they become part of the family.

  8. 3 points in away game against Burnley? I can’t complain
    Kudos to the boys big up Ramsdale, I doubt Leno would get a place in this team .
    Look at the penalty shout, that was supposed to be the equaliser

  9. Yeah well done to the boys Burnley’s a horrible place with horrible fans lol any my only concern is Ben White, he was passive on the ball almost conceded a goal/penalty he needs to wake up…but he defended well, also like the Gabriel and White partnership 👌. Ramsdale was very confident and assured commanded the box, if I was Leno I’d be worried 🤞🤞

  10. About the new boys so far-
    1. Ramsdale- been really good, but he is taking risks, whether they are caculated or not needs to be seen. Was almost caught by a press once. But solid overall and commanded area well.
    2. Tomiyasu- today was good again. The guy seems like a steal. Now I just hope he can scale up his performance against the top dogs. Good aerial and ground performance. Alert in defending his side.
    3. White- dont wanna banter this guy but he gives me no choice lol. Been below average so far and committed almost two goal conceding mistakes. Sexy longballs as always, but needs to defend better. Its strange because in the game he was great one time then very bad the other time. I hope he performs consistently otherwise he might become a liability. Hope he has overcome his ball watching habits.
    4- Ode- nothing much to say. Great player but a little slow. He seems to be the closest among the current guys who can replicate the maestros of the previous era in midfield. Hope he forges a proper partnership with ESR and Partey and we see free flowing footie among these guys.
    5- Sambi- gem of a player. Needs a little more muscle to become a midfield general for our team. Lol getting ahead of myself but he shows good signs. Stamina and energy might be the issue with him. But he is been good so far.
    6- Tavares- almost bulldozed through Burnley’s defence to score a screamer, but lost his head. Seems to be lax at some points but recovered well this game. Provides aerial presence and an inside overlap on the left channel. Might be a great partner for a player like Marty, who usually likes to run along on the left side, leaving KT and Pepe to pair up? Anyways a little rough but decent so far.

    Overall game. Liked the perf. I am not one for a beautiful style or something but even in ugly defensive style football there is a definite structure which we seem to lack at the moment. Need to quickly sort out this issue because against better opposition we would be caught out. Good result yo build confidence for MA and co. Just hope we march on from here and don’t step back. Another thing I observed was that we have dropped overloading the left side to create a more uniform pingball strat, slightly skewed to the right side. But our crosses are not reaching our forwards that much. Need to look into that.

    Nice positive article AdPat! Now for balance want a negative one from Konstantin where he disputes your true Arsenal fans theory, 😂 😂

    1. Siddharth, so you think that yet another negative Konstantin article would “balance” out this one positive – and IMO realistic article – by PAT?

      Surely “balance ” would be better achieved by fans defending MA in equal numbers to all those who daily post “I want him sacked “posts”!

      Of course the anti MA brigade are not large, esp in actual numbers on here, BUT we get constant repeats from the same old weary names; Reggie, Logic, Dan Kit, HH, etc. So it appears more are against him than there actually are. Esp at Emirates against Norwich, where his many loyal supporters were obvious.

        1. Hear that your the minority get over yourself and stop whinging. Because we didn’t lose these people have nothing to whinge about so it reverts to the default MA is shit and should be sacked without any context

  11. What fair whether Arsenal fans. Most of us who expect better have been around for a long time. Forgive me for not calling a victory parade after yesterday’s game. It was boring. There will never be any fluidity to the attack while Arteta is in charge, and I worry that Saka is going to have one of those seasons where he will need a real personality manager to protect and guide him. Can’t wait for Xhaka’s return either.

  12. Agree with Joe. S, a person is not a “fair weather fan” just because they offer subjective criticism and want better from the Arsenal.
    A 1-0 win away to Burnley is not to be scoffed at, but the quality of passing from midfield (let alone White’s suicidal back pass) and lack of clinicality in front of goal should be a concern.
    Hopefully, improvement will occur as the bulk of this team get the opportunity to play together in a run of games.

  13. this whole ridiculous notion that there’s only two camps within our current fanbase is absolutely nonsensical and frankly stupefying…this is a nuanced situation where there’s functionally more greys than black and/or whites…I offered my support from the very onset of this largely experimental hire, even though I was logically skeptical of his ability to handle such an arduous task, due to his obvious lack of managerial/head coaching experience…I was of the mindset that a “rebuild” was a necessary evil and that I was willing to buy in so long as MA was able to coach-up our more youthful assets, clear out those who were no longer part of the plan moving forward and, most importantly, stayed the course and never tried to cheat the process by deviating from the original mandate…when he failed to adhere to the latter requirement and has likewise failed to raise the respective games of our most prized youthful assets, that is when he lost my support

    now, of course, some will suggest that he had earned a “mulligan” due to the fact that he has both offloaded several lesser lights, albeit anyone could have done so if you were willing to eat a considerable chunk of change, and picked up a trophy along the way, but I would suggest otherwise…as it’s my belief that the cred earned from our rather fortuitous Cup victory should have been used as means to massage the whole “rebuild” initiative to the fanbase…instead he wanted to be a “hero” and only once his poorly-conceived and selfish “retool” pursuits had failed miserably did he come back, hat in hand, so to speak, and ask us once again to take a leap of faith in his born again youth project reboot…so unlike many of you who have chosen to have selective memory and are attempting to cherry-pick those facts that best suit their particular narrative, I will remain ever vigilant in my outspoken contempt for half-measures, lifeless football and the glaring lack of accountability displayed by every member of our current hierarchy, including our largely absent and indifferent owner

    1. TRVL- and you have nailed it spot on with the “Selective memory” comment. Too many hide behind the fact that it’s impossible to recall every comment made by every poster to every article, but it’s obvious which ones you are highlighting as a general example. Dan Kit only recently hilariously called out Jon Fox by not only presenting JF with the date and time if a previous headline, but clearly showed the old codger that he had, once again, clearly forgotten sat he had previously posted. And this from someone who only preaches fact and reality, and of course the fact he plays bowls, does Pilates, had written professionally, gambles, sings in musicals, etc etc etc all points that are absolutely no cause to believe he has any right to feel his views are on football are more qualified than anyone else. As proven by Dan Kit because the embarrassment it caused to Foxy had him reverting to type. He did what he always does when caught out by his inconsistent preaching. He attacks the person who brought it to everyone’s attention. Pathetic. Nothing to do with football. Nothing to do with Arsenal. Nothing that is remotely worth viewing on JA other than mild amusement yet agsin to the many.
      Anyway. Yet again a very very good post that covers the issues perfectly. We are all Arsenal supporters. We all have different views. We are allowed different opinions.
      Have a lovely Sunday

      1. I ought to be flattered that you clearly follow my “career” so closely. When are you going to write my biography, I wonder!

    2. After 2 games with our strongest 11 (which we won by the way), we still haven’t yet got rid of Wengers and Emery’s dead wood cause their shit and no-one wants them. Laca refusing to sign a new contract cause we won’t give him top dollar anymore and he can’t get infront of Auba. You so quickly abandoned your belief in the project we are having to adopt with no other choice. The problem is alot of gooners are trying to control the uncontrollable at our club, things us fans have no effect on. When things don’t change in the way those gooners want, frustration and anger is the result.

      This team is going to take more than 2 games to gel and play the sexy football we all crave. Post wenger I said it would take 5 years to sort the mess that our club had become, Raul put that back a year. We are Arsenal and we should be at the top, absolutely no doubt. But this is a different era in global football, we opted over 10 years ago to do things the right way. It has hampered us massively but you have to realise this is the only way.

      Our owners adopted this approach and will never deviate from it, so accept it stop trying to effect something you can’t effect. We make alot more money than most who don’t fiddle the books. But we won’t spend billions on a squad that will never change, so stop worrying about it and trying to change something that you can’t change.

      We have adopted a project of longevity and development that includes our manager. I agree and think he could do with a David Dien type to stand by his side like Wenger had and a Pat Rice in the dug out when he came in like Wenger did. Things that should have been sorted before Arteta’s appointment and were non negotiables, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Edu is on the thinnest ice but again we have chosen the long term goal which may/will/has cost short term success.

      They will make mistakes alla Soares( who isn’t an awful back up tbh) David Luiz and Willian being inexperienced in the game but they needed to adapt quickly. To be honest they are doing everything they can to turn us around. They have shifted a hell of alot of dead wood and overpaid players reducing our overheads astronomically with still more to go. It was wise to give Xhaka a new contract cause next summer were not under pressure to sell cheap avoiding the Laca situation we have atm.

      Edu has brought in players like Ramsdale, Taveres, Tomiyasu, Gabriel, White, Partey, Odegaard, Lokonga and Martinelli. We have integrated youth like Saka, ESR and hopefully Balogun into first team players with more to follow.

      If you can’t see that we moving in the right direction, all be it not at the speed we want, your blind. We are still going in the right direction. Personally this is the most optimistic I’ve felt towards Arsenal for the last 15 years. All because I can see a plan and objectives that can be achieved with time. Hopefully we build on this, the players gel and stay injury free. We strengthen again through Hale End and young under the radar signings.

      We needed the strong foundations which are now there, we need to keep moving forward building on them.

        1. F@#k off mate, you read 2 lines and surmised what I was talking about was bollocks. your just a c&#t and should support Chelsea cause that’s what you want. You most of all have no idea what your talking about. Wanting managers like Dyche who is shit, Conte and Maureen who will never come cause we won’t give them 500m to spend in a window.

          Your so out of touch you think Arsenal are a City or Chelsea when we’re not. You need to wake up and smell the shit coming out of your mouth half the time fella. No matter how much you winge about it you just slag off with no context or intelligence to your abuse. The owners are not leaving, their not going to sack Arteta any time soon and we’re not going to be spending 100m on individual players.

          Accept it or f@#k off to the shed or the Tottenham stadium and support one of them, good riddance

        2. Oh great and now we see the ‘C’ word… what the hell has happened on here?
          All the petty arguments, insults being hurled, foul language… it’s pathetic!
          Haven’t enjoyed it on here lately….

        3. How is it even possible that I’m getting edited and/or deleted on the regular for little legitimate “digs”, which aren’t vulgar, yet this kind of blatantly rude chatter goes seemingly unnoticed…could it be because of what side of the fence he currently stands and/or who in particular he’s offending??? just wondering

          1. That is absolute rubbish. My question to you is why should you even want to “dig” fellow Arsenal supporters simply because they disagree with you.
            Are we not all wanting the best for Arsenal….

        4. that’s ridiculous…I’m talking about taking slight “digs” at others when they offer up things I believe are nonsensical, as they would do likewise towards me, which you certainly aren’t concerned with whatsoever…your policing is clearly skewed towards those whom you don’t agree with, don’t you think?

          1. Your problem with me is that I have finally had enough and am giving “digs” to comments that are “nonsensical “. But your opinion is different to mine as I am not quite so aggressive, but I am listening to your teaching grasshopper…

      1. “we still haven’t yet got rid of Wengers and Emery’s dead wood cause their shit and no-one wants them.” – can you explain why the dead woods helped Arsene to achieve 6th position and 5th position for Emery?

        For good managers, there is only 1 way, he knows the strength of all players and integrate the old and new players and play good soccer.

        1. Arsenal is top spender in this transfer window. Including pass investments, the owner supports MA all the way; more than Arsene and Emery. Please use top 6 or should I say top 4 at the end of this season to judge MA. Else, you are bias.

          MA is no longer rookie.

          1. James @
            After reading your post properly I came to the same conclusion that I said in my first post A load of cringe excuses .
            Btw nice language buddy 😂
            Some else who gets wound up when other fans don’t buy Into his opinions ,quite a few on here so your in good company.

          2. Kenny
            I disagree. Wenger was supported in his latter years but bought poorly.
            Some of the players he bought were ridiculously bad (for the money) and Arsenal are still suffering from his lack of understanding of how the world of football had changed
            It is partly as a result of his management that we are now in the midst of a complete rebuild.
            I understand that to so many it is anathema to criticize Wenger but it needs to be said and his halo needs to go.
            Emery’s case was different as he had much less control.

  14. A positive performance. Not polished or refined in any way but sturdy and strong. Against the likes of Burnley a performance like this can only be a plus. As their game is mostly about muscle and guile. Preferring a physical game battle rather than football. Was good to see Woods and Barnes withdrawn when Dyche realised his two advocates of Kick, B@#+ock and Bite football wasnt working.

    We came through that battle with a result but we should not rest on our laurels and revert to type and step off the gas. The players should keep this game always in their minds. So even when we’re playing a less aggressive side we should still put in a physically demanding performance as that’s 50%of the job. If we start to powder puff our way through games and rely on senseless slow passing and not fighting for every second and third ball, we’ll get turned over.

    Wasn’t a pretty game today but I liked the ruggedness and resilience of the team today. I still long for the rapier type football we used to play but happy to see us show some teeth and win ugly

  15. Well if being critical is considered moaning, I’m going somewhere else!so much for JA being a platform where every fan can express his/her opinion,just more lip service I see,I guess I’m not a real Arsenal fan.

    1. JA is renowned for intelligent discussion and criticism from every point of view, as you know from the hundreds of different views in our articles.

      My point is that it is NOT for inane schoolboy name-calling and insults.

      If you don’t understand the difference between ‘constructive criticism’ and idiotic insults, then maybe JA is not the right place for you.
      I thought you were more intelligent that that…

      1. Admin Pat:I agree with you,i should have made the difference between constructive criticism and schoolboy name calling…which I’m not part of!

  16. I agree. I was happy with the win as always ☺❤

    But we need to improve if we are going to play better teams like Spurs

  17. Wow
    AdPat you shook a hornet’s nest really hard to get such a collection of responses. A shame really as I fancied making a response to your post but don’t fancy being vilified for having an honest opinion

    1. Sorry Sue, I just cracked when some idiot starts slagging off our manager half way through a winning game. Too many idiots on here lately that will never be happy

      1. Ad Pat, the sad truth is that this generation of fans – not only Gooners by a long stretch either – are very different in outlook and expectation from the time when we older fans were young people.

        There has been a remorseless tide sweeping towards the cult of the individual above and beyond the good of the team.

        The ridiculous Ozil fan club was the obvious prime example of this “individual above the team” at its worst and most juvenile.
        These people were never going to see his constant laziness and uninterest in working hard EARNING his money.
        They had and still have no desire at all to see the plain truth, now matter how it bangs them in the face.


        1. Agreed mate, it’s the I want it now generation at its best. Seeing Utd Chelsea and City spending the money they do and thinking I want that one. Those of us who have supported the club for 40 years know that all through our history we have had lean spells. Then someone revolutionary turns up, I’m not saying that will be Arteta but who knows the guys hasn’t even been managing Arsenal for 2 years yet and he’s being called and experienced manager.

        2. I was a member of the Ozil fan club. I truly enjoyed his magic and hope he would come good again but no. Sad for me but that is the truth.

    2. First a manger is a rookie until at least 5 years fella, even then I wouldn’t class them and experienced. Secondly those said players are 2 years older now and on massive wages plus Emery let Ramsey and Wilshere go leving our midfield short. Thirdly yeah we spent 140-150m on strengthening the squad which we did.

      Plus what I’m saying in context is nothing anyone will say will change Arsenal football club. Fans are nothing mate everyone thinks that whingeing on here is going to change things. The owners are here to stay, the manger is here to stay for the time being and we’re not going to spend 140m on one player. Instead opting to spend 140m on 7 players

      1. James, you need a reminder that “Emery did not let Ramsey leave. Aaron Ramsey refused to sign the contract put in front of him, ran his contract down and left on a free transfer for the big money at Juventus.
        Jack Wilshere’s ankles were so fragile, he spent significant time on the treatment table. He was loaned to Bournemouth before going to West Ham United and is now without a club.

  18. There has been a level of unpleasantness regarding this article today which is embarrassing. Having a point of view and expressing it without being called names is vital. On the basis of what I have read today I’d settle at being called delusional which I’ve had previously levelled at me for believing that Arteta might do ok.
    We do apparently support the same team

    1. Lol agreed SueP it’s a shame when people make a comment thats different to the usual Arteta out, it’s jumped upon by the same old poisonous fans who hate anyone trying to see any sort of light at the end of tunnel. We will get there whether it’s with or without MA at the helm but it’s not going to happen tomorrow

    2. Apparently is the key word here SueP – I’m really not convinced. Some people seem to come on here with the sole intention of bullying and belittling others. They just seem to want to upset people so they get mad enough to argue back, and then their fellow bullies pile in with more personal abuse.
      It’s getting to be a dangerous place to say anything good about Arsenal.
      I haven’t seen any other fan forums with such a vicious anti-Arsenal element as this site, and that includes AFTV.
      TBH if I could find another forum as active as this one I wouldn’t come here as it can get very unpleasant. I don’t come here to abuse others or be abused, but it’s always a risk now.

  19. Give it a rest James
    you don’t know me dont pretend that you talk for the fan base as a whole ,your comments are as cringe as Ive seen on here and anyone that doesn’t agree you tell them to go support another team ,how many fans today have you told to go do that ?
    Regarding making comments on others yes but only on idiots that talk constant crap and try belittling other fans that don’t toe your line other fans for having opinion ,you being case in point .

    1. I think you should look at your comments mate because it’s you belittling everyone who has anything to say that actually means actually supporting the club. Yeah the clubs in a bit of a mess it has been for 15 years but that’s how it is. Try seeing the positives for a change than making derogatory comments to people who are trying to see the positives, that’s what supporting a team is about

  20. I can only hope you bring that mouth to the party next time you respond to one of my comments, as that’s clearly the only thing you bring to the table little Jimmy

    1. I’m just fed up of the negativity in our fanbase mainly created by the media and people taking that as gospel. The Arsenal fanbase has be spoon fed crisis crisis crisis for well over 5 years now and it’s creating poisonous fans amongst us and that exactly 2hat this club doesn’t need

      1. P.s I’m 16 St 6ft 4 so not so little but have supported Arsenal for over 45 years we’ve seen our ups and downs over that time but good times always come back. We’re too big to keep down

        1. Like I said, little Jimmy, both in mind and spirit…classic tall man’s complex…why would you feel the need to offer up your physical specs, unless you were hoping to get all chesty with me…btw, in my world I’d be looking at you square in your forehead

        2. This is what I mean about people getting wound up. Regardless of being pro or not keen on Arteta the level of vitriol gets out of control.

  21. Not exactly sure why you would intentionally delete all of my posts minus one…just when I thought we were coming to some sort of understanding, you went all scorched earth on me…hard to know how to feel about this exercise in overkill editing, especially considering the fact that it seemed both unwarranted and clearly agenda-driven

    1. I deleted most comments in that conversation. It was getting silly and overlaying the actual football posts…

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